who you are ♡ Shadowhunters [Slow Uptates]

"You wait for me to start believing in this bullsh*t, but all you do is the constant remindes that I'm too freaking dangerous. Well, sorry for being who you are and more."


Cover by @HateULuvU


4. chapter two

"Who the hell are you people?" I asked, sounding angry. In reality I was far from angry, I'm scared an bad thing's happen when I'm scared. As alway's somebody ignore's me, but that doesn't mean that I'm out of that thingt grip on my waist. No, it's only more strong. "Oh God," I mumble and try to wiggle out of the guy's iron grip as he talk's to the curly blonde.

The man behind me spoke, "So, why did we take her, Jace? What good we can get from an teenager."

"She's the one. The Angel Queen." Jace smirked and looked me up and down and all I could do was to grimance by that pervert infront of me, watching my everybody cell. I sighed and wished that I could be out of that grip, to just be.

And as magic, I felt somebody grunt and cuss, I opened my eye's to see I wasn't in that man's grip anymore, but at the entrance of the allyway. I could make out the outline's of my captivator. His black hair and stormy gray eyes could have made every girl swoon over him. With the plus of an amazing body, wouldn't it for he being in love with this 'Jace' guy.

You could see that in his glance at him. Adoration and looking up at him was evident and I could understand that Jace didn't know it. Just like my sister Clary doesn't know about Simon's feelings, that 'Jace' doesn't know that guy's feelings.

As I got out of that little day-dream I was in, I turned and ran toward's my house, not looking back once.

As I got there I locked the door, closed my eyes and sat down, sighing a breath of relief - compleatly not seeing Luke and my mom watching me. As I sat there for sometime, I opened my eye's and saw Luke and mom looking at me questioningly.

"Umh, dog raced me?" I said, probably it sounding more like a question. Obiously, I'm not a great lier in situation's like this. Heck, I'm not good of a lier, at all. God, I'm feeling more stupid each day.

Luke raised an eyebrow,"Dog raced you?" He asked and I quite believed that they were hard pair to make the story believable. I could think of a lie abour Radolf - the dog in the neighborhoog. But I can't, his eyes are too cute to lie about being evel and angry.

"Yeah," I said. "Dog raced... So, I'm gonna go to my room and take a shower, now. I think. Bye- bye, yeah..." And I totally akwardly stumbled out of the room. To make thing's more awkward, I had to stumble by the door and make a fool out of myself. I could imagine my mother's laughing at me at the other side of the wall and Luke smiling. His brown hair swinging side by side and the glasses resting on his head.

Luke is my mother's best friend, from forever. Luke is funny and caring, just like a father, but Luke doesn't want to be called 'dad', because he says that only our father has that priviledge.

Our father is dead. He died when we were very small and we don't remember anything about him. I know that he died in the military as a hero. My mother has a box of pictures and a lock of blonde hair in her room. On the box there is carved the initinal's 'J.C'. It stands for Jonathan Clarke. Our mother never let's our look into that box, she never let's us even if we begged - which we once did - she kept it too close to heart.

I take a towel, panties and a bra, walking into the bathroom. I stripped down and took off all of my make-up, getting into the shower I moan out of the pleasure of hitted with warm water. As I swim in pleasure, I hear again something, but this time its from somebody else.

'I wonder how much she know's? Valentines on me for quite for sometime. I can't let him find out about Perrie, I just can't.'

It sounded like my mother and now I'm sure - I can hear thought's. But that's the least of the problem. What did my mother mean about how much do I know? Of course, I think their talking about me; they could talk about Clary too. For they didn't say our names. Who's Valentine? Why is that name so familiar? And why can't he find me?

As much as movies has teached me, is that usually somebody hide's you from a bad person, but how could I be sure? Last time I checked, this is the reality. Not some action movie, trying to get millions. It's just not possible, I might just be crazy. It isn't the first time I hear someone's voice that nobody else has heard. Somebody said, that the first sign of crazyness is when the person sees or hears something, nobody else has heard.

I walk out of the shower when I'm all washed and clean. I look at the mirror at myself, remembering all the dark times. But as quickly as I saw them I shoke them off - I couldn't deal with them today.

I put on my bra and panties, covering myself with a towel. I walk out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth, once again. As I made my way toward's my closet, I dropped the towel on the bed and walked inside the humongous closet.

I looked at every rile, but nothing caught my eye, until I saw the perfect dress and everything came to me. I chose shoes and a purse, topping it with my fouvorite cardigan. I looked for blue hair dial and appleyd it to my hair, braiding it.

As I finished dressing, I looked at the clock and realized that I got only thirty minutes before the show begun's. I quickly left my room and ran toward's the door. I stopped when I heard my mom calling my name.

"Yeah?" I asked, clearly annoyed by the sudden attention seeker. I love my mom, but sometime's she's just too much to handel. I mean - she did raise us alone - but that woman could give us some slack. We're almost adult's, it's time for her to give us some alone time.

She come's into the room, fingers laced with color. She painted just now. "I need to tell you something, please call Clary and I'll begin." She said.

I shoke violently my head. We can't.

"Mom, we can't, not tonight. I'm performin with Simon, remember? I really can't today. Bye!" I openend the door and ran out. I almost jumped off the stpe's of the stair's as I made my way outside. It would take twenty minutes to walk here from there and looking at the watch, I have exactly fifteen minutes.

I cuss and start to run toward's the shop, but faith had other plan's as I saw the same blond guy driving his motorcicle and stopping it beside me. "What the hell do you want?" I grumpily spit out and try to keep a straight face. It's so funny for me to try and be mad at people. It's impossibe. I end up laughing out loud or embarrissing myself further.

"Can't I offer an pretty woman as yourself a ride? Or you want to walk the way there." He asked and pointed at the direction I'm going. How he'd know it, was beyond me.

I scoffed, quite humoursly may I add, "Are you, like, stalking me?"

"Maybe" he aswered. "What are you waiting for? Get in, I swear I'm going to get you there."

Because I'm really stupid and because I'm going to be late if I don't sit on the bike, I nodded and jumped on. I know, really stupid move. He could be a serial killer or an pedofile, but me being, me had to just jump on and wont think about the consecuentses.

He started the black bike again and drove the way to the place I'm performing and all the way there, I held on to his torso. His muscles were flecsing and I could feel everything - including the eight back on his stomach. Yes, and eight pack. Of course I counted, that kid of thing happens once in a lifetime, so live when you can.

"Thanks," I said when we got there, I climbed off and made my way to the place, not really caring if he come's too or just drive's off. I walk in and see Simon stressing over me in the corner with Clary. It's alway's like this, I think. But this time, I'm onSimon's friend's place.

"I'm here, I'm here!" I call when I get to them, making the both of them surprised. Simon sighed dramatically and placed his arm's on my shoulder's and hugging me. What was totally unexpected by Simon's side.

Simon sighed once again, "Thank God you came. Let's go to the back, we're first." OMG. We're on the stage first. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm tots freaking out right now.

I nod and follow Simon and as we wait for it to begin, I watch the crowd and find out that Jace is sitting on the farest seat to the stage and he's looking at my sister. Typical. With her amazing strawberry hair, amazing personality and captivating eyes, she's the perfect girlfriend material, but me - I'm plain and nothing against Clary.

We don't look anything alike and sometime's I wonder if I am adobted, but I shake that thought out. Why should I worry about things that are compleatly untrue?

"Ladys and gentlemen, Let's start this show by the first performance," Someone said. "Flying Pandas!" And everyone claped, but I knew it weren't for that they were famous or somthing like that. They were clapping out of courtesy and nothing more.

We walked onto the stage and I started to sing with the band playing on the background. I felt the rythmn and the feeling's when I sing this. It's just incredible.


As we finished the crowd clapped for real this time and some even standed up. So we bowed and walked off the stage. As we neared the exit I called them all over to me and hugged them all, and in the end we did a bid group hug.

I really love to sing.
  And nothing could stop me from that.
    Not even that arrogant prick named Jace.


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