who you are ♡ Shadowhunters [Slow Uptates]

"You wait for me to start believing in this bullsh*t, but all you do is the constant remindes that I'm too freaking dangerous. Well, sorry for being who you are and more."


Cover by @HateULuvU


5. chapter three

"You didn't tell me you could sing like that." Jace said right beside me, sitting on seat and drinking something blue, from a martiny glass. To be honest this is the funniest thing in the world.

I shrugged,"To tell you the truth, you really didn't ask anything realated to it." I have to yell over the loud music in the club Pandemonium. When we finished our concert, we called a taxi and drove straight to the club. I have sit here with Jace for half a houronly talking. My siter and Simon are dancing on the dancefloor. Jace asked me to dance with him, but I decline. For all I know, he's a stranger still.

"Well, I hvae to go now, but I'll see you soon....?" He asked for my name, which I didn't want to aswere, but as that would've been inpropriate I gave him my middle name.

I smiled, "Rihanna." I chuckled as he started to walk away, but as if he heard it he turned around and cocked one of his perfectly curved eyebrown as to say what.

"It's funny," I started. "You tried to kidnap me, but turns out you don't even know my name, but I do know yours Jace. Isn't that a little odd?" I stand up and make my way towards the dancefloor, swinging my hips seductevly.

As I get on it I start to swing and dance at the steady beat of the song. It wasn't long until I felt someone clamping their hands around my waist and the familiar cologen of the guy who tried to kidnap me, but something told me he wasn't here to do that.

"What the hell do you want?" I ask, not stopping dancing or lifting my eyes to look at him. The lighting in this club is poor, but I could make out the outline of him and I could see that his gorgeus. But Jace is more sexier than him.

Jace with his curly hair and the best body struckture is like of a god. It wouldn't be a surprise if his made by god himself and nobody else, but his personalaty is far from perfect. He need's to work with his communtcation skills.

I could feel him smirk behind me as he presses his hot lips on the skin of my neck, teasing me. Well, two can play that game, I thought and started discreetly grinding against his manhood. I felt him grunt and I turned around.

I asked, "Are you going to aswer?" As I played with his perfectly styled hair.

"I'm here to kidnap you again," he said and start's to speak again after the look I gave him. "I'm kidding, cupcake! I'm here to take you with me, I will only kidnap you if you don't come on your own freewill. And by the way I love your new hair color, it fit's you."

I'm dumstruckt, "Wha- what? You can't fUcking do that!" I whisper-yelled. I started to walk away, but that guy had different thought's as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward a back exit. I quickly looked around to see if I can point where Clary is, but I couldn't in this see of drunk and waisted people. I tried to wiggle out of his grip, but it's hard as iron.

As soon as I could see Clary I ran toward's her without looking back. Good that I got out of that grip. As soon as I got to Clary, she look's at me with crazed eye's and I knew - something is not right. "Let's go!" I yelled over the music. "Now!"

We all scrambled out of the club and the first thing I did was call a taxi, which Simon didn't come on. He said he will catch another one.

"What did you see?" I asked Clary as we were alone in the taxi. I ddin't care about the Mexican driver - only about what happened to Clary. She look's so scared and vournable, It's just sad.

Clary sighed, "Because you're my sister, that I'm trusting you with it and I'm begging you for not thinking that I'crazy. I beg you, Perrie." I wince when she uses my name. I hate my first name truly. I feel like it doesn't go with me, but naturally I let people call me by my middle name Rihanna or Ri.

"I'll believe you, Clary. I'll alway's do." I say and hug her. I sighed and hoped it didn't involve those guys that I met. It's not that I don't like them, No, I do like them. Well - I only like Jace. But something's got me feeling that this night wouldn't be the only time I would meet them.

Clary looked into my eyes, "I saw a murder tonight. Simon didn't say that he saw something, but I swear on my life I did. A long curly blond headed man killed a boy. I swear I saw that, but then the boy turned into ash and dissapeared."

I knew that Jace was involved, that's why he left me in the club. But why would Jace kill a boy? An innocent one at that. I didn't even know that he was capable of killing an innocent who haden't done anything wrong in his life. But... he turned to ash? How's that possible?

"I believe you, Clary."  I played with her hair as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"No, there's no one else's eyes

That could see into me

No one else's arms can lift

Lift me up so high

Your love lifts me out of time

And you know my heart by heart" I sung quietly Clary to sleep.

As we started to get to home, I dialed mom's number. "Yeah, Rihanna?" Her soft voice replies and I coould hear the Tv playing something on the background. I rolled my eye's.

I spoke into the phone, "Is Luke there? If he is send him down, I'm with Clary on the way to home, but Clary fell asleep. I can't carry her home, she weight's like one thousand pound's. It's heavy stuff." I whine and my mother laught's at the other side of the line.

"Sure thing, sweetie. I'll send him down." My mother gently says, trying to hide her tireness, but when you're as best as me - you could hear the smallest of sounds far far away.

"K" I said and hung up.

We made it to our house and Luke was waiting at the front door. As the taxi stopped Luke opened the door and took Clarissa to his arm's. "I'll handle th bill." I told him. He nodded and walked inside the house.

"Thank you," I told to the driver, when I paid and he nodded, then drove off. I sighed and looked at the sky again. I thought about Jace for a minute. Who is he truly; what does he want with me and can I in the end help him? I'm normal, I'm even overrated. What could you wat from someone so unsecnifical?

But, as much as I denied it - I was growing feelings for him. You couldn't denie the goodlooks he posessed, but the way he was - how he reacted to anything - he did it like he knew what he did. And as I thought about him, I could feel his presence, so I wanted to try something.

I immagined a little flame on my pointing finger and as I thought that, it grew into flames.

I laughed.

I laughed like I was going crazy. Soon my eye's were watering from my unexpected laughing fit and I called out, "You know, Jace. You can get out, don't have to hide. I could feel you even when you were ten miles west."

He walked out of the shadows.

"You're here to drag me with you, aren't you? Just like your fried tried in the club, but you know what? I'm tired." And as soon as I said that I started to fall. Something's not right. Something's not right at all.

But before I could fall, Jace got me and I held onto him.

"I'm so freaking stupid for trusting you Jace, but I feel like I can. Oh gosh, I'm a too trusting person, mhmmm." I sleepily grumple before closing my eye's and letting sleep take over compleatly, but not before seeing a small sile appear on Jace's face.

Just like that, I knew I was falling for the devil.

And I knew, the devil wouldn't let me go, once I do.

But it's alright, as long as the devil loves me like he loves Hell.


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