who you are ♡ Shadowhunters [Slow Uptates]

"You wait for me to start believing in this bullsh*t, but all you do is the constant remindes that I'm too freaking dangerous. Well, sorry for being who you are and more."


Cover by @HateULuvU


3. chapter one

Perrie's P.O.V

"C'mon, Ri just wake up, c'mon! We're gonna be late for meeting with Simon," Clary complain's. I shift and start to dose off, but before I do, I take in what she said. Usually, I really don't care what she say's in the morning's. God, it's the morning and they are made for sleeping. Wait, wait!

Wake up.


Gonna be late.

Coco buffs.

I open my eye's and jump out of the bed, pulling the cover's off me. I almost run to the walk-in closet and before I open the door, I turn to Clary, "Are you going to that art thing today?"

I walk into the closet and calculate every clothing on the rack and which I would wear today, which I would totally not. I'm feeling quite beautiful today and my happy mood is a plus. I just hope I can get the best outfit for today... yes! I found the perfect outfit.

"Yeah, mom said that you could hang out with Simon when I'm gone, y'know practice the new song's. I know, Simon's pretty nervous." Clary say's from my bedroom. She doesn't come to my closet, at all. She's like a tomboy - not caring how she looked. Anything she does, it doesn't matter - I would still love her like my older sister.

I grab out of my closet a pair of ripped jean's with an short dress and big gray bag. Where are all my nesserietes. I grab my boots from the last row at the left and walk out of the closet.

I sigh, as I put my make up and take out my ear-rings with big balls. "Why would he be nervous? We'll be singing only one song, there's nothing to be nervous about." I state. Why would Simon get nervous, we know eachother from kindergarden and then he goes all nervous about one singing. Well, c'mone he asked me and now he's getting cold feet?

"I don't know Ri, I really don't know." Clary said and looked at the pictures I have drawn. "Y'know, you're good at art too. Why don't you learn that?"

I sigh, "I thought about it, Clary, I really did. But something tell's me there's eunough painters in this family, I need to become a singer. That's why I wrote that song and told Simon to peform with me - to show the world I'm more then what they think."

Clary smiled at me and I smiled back. I put my boots on and grabbed her hand, pulling her into the living room. As we step in I could smell the delecious sent of the pancakes and I started to jump up and down. Pancakes are my favourite and I like to eat them every saturday morning with Nutella. Mmmmmh.

"I love you mom, so freaking much right now," i exclame and run towars's my stool at the table. The plate that is put there is with a big delicious looking pancake with Nutella on it. I quickly ate it and thanked my mom as I made my way toward's the front door.

I whisper to Clary as we make it out, "Is Pandemonium still on?"

Clary shrugged and thought about it, "I think so, Simon hadn't had any cold feet about it so we could go after you're singing at the bar." She smirked at the thought of hearing me after all these year's. I stopped singing in front of anyone at the age of six, because other children made fun of my voice and I my selfesteem was low at that time.

But as time goes on, people's emotion's change too and I made a proposal to Simon, which he was not so sure about until I showed him how singing goes. He then was all in for me singing and we trained for a month - without Clary - and now we're ready.

The most ridiculous thing is that they put their band name Flying Pandas and it's embarrissing, but i'll make it, hopefully.

"About time when I can go forget about my problems, " I smirk, as we turn the corner to the little coffee shop. I love to go there and order their Cappuchino, Its delicious. Like the world's bestest drink ever, and also, Simon's aunt work's there and give's us discount everytime we order. You gotta love that woman.

Clary raised an eyebrow, and points out, "Like you have problems, all you do is learn in school and that's it. How can you complain and I don't?" I smirk, go past her and turn away, starting to walk back wards. How dare she?

"Because I'm awesome and you're not." I point out.

Clary take's out her phone and start's texting Simon, because he is the only friend to her. Clary play's to not notice and mumbles a silent, "Whatever." As we step in the coffee shop, she blasters on an bight smile as she notices Simon.

Simon is sitting on one of the couches in this store. His glasses are on his nose, their thick frame as ugly as always. Simon is wearing an band T-shirt and blue jeans, also his face light's up as soon as he sees Clary, too. I swear that boy's love for my big sister is too obvious and I can't believe that Clary has not noticed it.

"Hi, Simon." Clary greets and sits beside him, looking at the clock on the other wall.

Simon smiles and shows his dimples, "Hey Clary, still up for tonight?" I bit down a chuckle at the question. Me and Simon - I think we're telepathically bonded. We think the same thoughts and we ask or say the same thing's at the same time, sometimes.

"Not you too," Clary sighed.

Simon creased a brow, "What do you mean?" He asked clearly confused. Oh poor boy, clearly he had forgotten about me, being here. But I'm so used to it, so I don't mind it at all. You see, a girl like me couldn't even get a boy like Simon: a nerd. I have dark brown hair, in waves and I have normal brown eyes with a small hint of blue in it. To but it simply - a normal teenage girl.

I'm plain. That's the truth.

As they talk I watch people walk outside, as I sit on one of the stools, compleatly ignoring Clary and Simon while their talking about something. A man passed by, his unruly long curly hair was hidden in the hood. His blue eye's found mine brown one's and we stared at each other.

His defined cheekbones and the bad boy vibe could make anyone swoon, but I get this feeling about him, that his bad news. The look in his eyes tells me everything - he's shocked. Amazed and captivated, but as I stare at him more, I hear something.

'Who is she? How can she see me? I bet she's a shadowhunter, I have to tell Hogs.'

I breake the trans I'm in and look around, nobody was at my earshot to hear that. Everybody was so into their own conferstations and nobody made me any mind. A couple in the corner were fighting and A couple by the bar were makeing up. A boy around my age was sipping his coffee and reading a book. As far as I could see, everybody is busy and nobody paid me any mind, so who said it.

Wait! If i couldn't see anybody saying it and nobody else said it, then could that be someone's thought? I mean, this has happened before, but why haven't I thought about it? And who is a shadowhunter? Who is Hogs? And more importantly, who was that boy?

Okay, I'm going cracy.

I'm hearing thing's and thinking I could hear somebody's thought's. I'm an lunatic, I think I need some time, and I have to try and not get cracy. I know, I have to get to home, I can't stay here any longer.

"I'm going home," I stand up. Simon and Clary stop talking about a new band name and look at me confusingly. Of course, they don't know why I'm so jumpy right now. I bet they would be too if they found out that, their hearing thing's that they couldn't hear. It's not rational.

Clary asked, "Why?"

I lied, "I need to look for the right outfit to wear tonight, bye." I told a lie and stormed out of the shop, praying that Clary wouldn't follow me, but my luck wasn't on my side today, as Clary walked out of the coffee shop and right after me. I stopped for her to get to me, and as always, she got to me.

"Now tell me the real reason," Clary demands, clearly seeing right throught my lie.

I sighed, "My head hurts and I really need to search for the right outfit. I can't go on the stage looking like that." I exclaimed, pointing at my clothes and lieing again, but this time the lie seemed to be working, as Clary laughed and hugged me.

"Yeah okay, I'll see you at home when I'm back from the collage, kay? I'm going to be with Simon and keep him company." Clary smiled and I nodded. I turned and started to walk away from Clary on the familiar street.

I hate lieing to Clary, or anyone for that matter, but sometime's you just have to do it for them to stop worrying for me. I'm not a kid, but they keep forgetting it and I get a kick for it each time. They don't trust me.

But to be honest, I don't trust myselt most of the time too.

Why should I? I'm not the most favourable person in the world, and I'm not the nicest too. I'm just on the between - hate me or like me.

As I walk, somebody pulls me into a alleyway and it's dark. As I insest to my system that it's dark and scary, I start to panic, fast. I look for possible exits, but as a hand is againtst my eyes I can't see a damn thing.

Then a man's voice whispers into my ear, "Be quiet and don't scream, or I swear I'll-" The man's sentence was cut out by a familiar voice.

"Don't scare the poor girl, she's afraid as it is already." familiar voice said. I couldn't pin-point where I heard it, and to be honest that was the least of my worries. My top piority was to get the hell out of here as fast as I could and get away from these men.

As the other man who is holding me takes off both of his hands, I see the same man who I saw by the coffee shop, looking at me and then I knew.

I'm so freaking screwed.

¤1828 words¤

Little bit of a cliffhanger, isn't it?

SO, let me know if you are confused about this book or sh*t about this and, yeah.

Hope y'll liked it and are waiting for the next chappy.

Lots of love!

Alex ;)


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