I Never Was

Darker night than usual, more silent as well. A normal day can quickly turn into an unusual night. Wendy, a nineteen year old introvert, realizes that everything seems different, and feels different right when she opens her bedroom door.



My e-mail is probably blowing up like crazy. I have not been in contact with my online friend, Elanor, for four days. I'm still stuck inside of my bedroom with this tall creepy being. I nicknamed him Drear, though. Sorta like the word "dreary", except without the y. The reason I haven't been in contact with my friend, is because Drear broke my computer. He smashed his long claws into the screen four nights ago. I could smell the smoke from the computer monitor. I think I angered him when I tried to make fun of him and I told him I wasn't scared of him. He instilled fear in me after I made those remarks. I have tried putting my hand on my doorknob so I can escape my bedroom, but he always catches me and slams the door shut, if I even have it cracked open just a tad.


Fear was always my biggest weakness. It has stopped me from doing a lot of what I want to do in my life. I tend to tell myself that fear itself stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real". But fear seems evident to me. Its evident that I'm feeling fear itself, and that the feelings I have are very real. Drear still hasn't said a single word to me. To be honest, I'm actually scared of what his voice may sound like. It could be severely scary, or it could actually be calming. 


"When are you gonna let me out of my own room?" I asked Drear. He was still standing by my computer monitor, prior to that night. 

"Okay..guess you're not talking to me again then?" He twitched his head slightly, before lifting up his hand. Drear walked over to the wall where he wrote "E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T". I think he was going to write another word. 

As I suspected, I was right. The sounds of his claws were worse than screwdrivers or knives to a chalkboard! I covered my ears with one of my white pillows, until the muffled sounds of his claws stopped. Curiously, I looked over at what he has written into my wall. Beside the previous word he carved, it said something different. "E-S-C-A-P-E, W-E-N-D-Y". I tilted my head in confusion. "Escape what? You never let me leave my own room. I don't get what you mean by that". Drear didn't have a smile on his face today. He was quite serious. His face was considered his tone of voice, because he certainly never talked. I scratched my head, thinking harder. "Hmm..escape. Escape myself? Escape you?" He nodded when I asked him those two questions. The problem was, I didn't know which question he actually nodded to. 

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