Under that is a Human

This is not real, but I want you all to know that bullying is not ok and there is always help and that death is not the only way out. This story is based on Amanda Todd, who shows that you can get bullied for your body, skin colour, race, gender, etc. I want anyone to ask me for advice or just someone to talk to. This is my way of trying to change the world. God bless you all.


4. Chapter Four

Sorry, I haven't been writing because this last week was finals and I was so stressed out. And on top of all that I have lacrosse playoffs this weekend.


After a month my mom knew what was going on so she decided for me that I was going to move schools after this week. Thank God it was Friday, because on Monday it was when I would go to my new school.

"I let you sleep in." Mom said.

"What?" I said dazed. I checked the time, but when I turned my phone on I saw a bunch of Facebook notifications, I logged onto Facebook and blocked his account. Then I actually checked the time, 8:45AM and school starts at 9. "Mom I missed the bus!"

"I know, I can drive you." She replied calmly.

"Well then we kinda have to leave like NOW!" I said. With that I hopped into the front seat, and mom got in. She blasted the speakers full of pop music. By the time I got to school, I was already late.

I walked into class, "She finally decided to show up!" Said Mr. Aarons. I went down to sit at my normal seat and sat down at the back. The rumour of me leaving spread quickly through out the school, even though I had not told anyone about it.


"Your leaving us, just like your father left you!' Someone yelled across the lunch room. The room went dead silent.

"My father died of cancer." I said.

"Did you ever think that your father just killed himself to get away from you?" They screamed back. Of course I was crushed that someone would say that.

The day went on as it normally did, people hitting me, get books hit out of my hands, rude notes from Dylan and Lizzy and all those other people. The thing that kept me going was that fact that on Monday I wouldn't have to be in this horrid school any longer. Finally I got home, and I was happy as ever.

The weekend seemed to have gone by so quickly, I was so excited that it was Monday. I don't think I have ever been this excited for the weekend to be over and for it to be Monday. Mom offered me a ride to my new school. I took the offer.

As I walked in no one really paid attention to me, well all but one. He was there right when I walked through the door.

"Hi. My name is Brandon." He said.

"Hi, I'm Amanda, but my friends call me Mandy." I replied.

"Hi Amanda, well considering I'm the only person you know at the moment, you can put you locker beside mine." He led me to my new locker, which was right beside his. As the week went on Brandon and I have become really close. Everyone talked to me and everyone talked to me nicely. For once everything in the world for Amanda Smith was right. But of course it didn't last long, because Dylan had found my new school and new friends. He created a new Facebook account, friended everyone from my new school. Once again his new Facebook profile picture was my boobs. His first post once again, was my boobs, with the caption 'Guess who tried to get with me?' then he tagged me in the photo. Once again my life had taken a turn and life was horrible again.

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