18 Again ||Ziam A.U

Liam Payne is a 40 year old man who is tired of being 40 years old. He works a 9 to 5 job to support him and his wife Cheryl and their not yet expanded family. Though he thinks he would never regret marrying the love of his life and the decisions he's made in high school, he imagined a life back then , with no priorities except to score the team to victory, party, and bang the most girls. What would it be like to meet new people ..What would it be like to be 18 just one more time


P.s This story is available on Wattpad @WhutEvzz . Its created by me so I didn't steal it lol!! . Btw on wattpad the chapters of this story will be updated more frequently , I did it this way to be enjoyable to people who don't get on movellas and people who don't get on wattpad
Thank you , ALeXiS♥


1. Before I turn 40 ||prologue


 "Payne kicks the ball, Nice kick into the goal, and that's the match!"

The crowd goes wild over me, We just won the biggest game in Lake-view history, prior to the graduation of 1994. Us being a close team, Join in our celebratory hugs. I was so busy celebrating with the team I forgot she was waiting for me. Cheryl Versini. She stood on the sidelines with the rose I left in her locker waiting for me. I remembered what I needed to do to complete my life , and make it whole. I told the guys I had to go so they wouldn't be confused of my sudden departure, Even though Harry and Louis are the only ones who knew why I had to leave.

"Hey Liam , You got this bro" Harry shouted out towards me. I smiled holding a thumbs up towards him before he made his way tot he rest of the team. I quickly ran over to Cheryl. "Liam you did a good jo--" I interrupted her with a kiss "No time for that , follow me" I said grabbing her hand and pulling her along. Cheryl and I have only been dating a few months. 6 months to be exact, however it felt like I've known her for a lifetime. She's given things up for me that I couldn't be grateful enough for, Because if she didn't we wouldn't be so strong.

 We finally made our way behind the bleachers where the rocks and gravel laid and the fences laid on each side of  a dark tar sidewalk. "Liam ! what are we doing?" She giggled . It was obvious I was dragging her feet to the first place Ive seen her. I never told her about this spot though.  "I don't have time to explain , I need to do this now, while I'm not scared to confess my love for you Cheryl" I said. She looked at me . I had never told her I loved her , but inside I wanted to shout it from the roof of the school so everyone could hear me.

"Liam .. I'm - I'm flattered .. I love you too but , but there is .. something I have to tell you" She kept stumbling over her words. " Can you tell me in a second . I have to do this--" "Wait Liam " She gasped as I got on one knee. I pulled the velvet box out from under the big pile of rocks. I took her hand and I took the diamond ring out the box. I saved up every pay check I got at the diner for it. It was worth it "Cheryl , You don't know how lucky I am.. How lucky you make me. And for that reason I feel that I don't want you to ever leave me--"

"Liam please --"

"It's pretty obvious that we are meant to be and you love me --"

"I do but Liam wait--"

"Cheryl will you marry me---" "Liam I'm leaving" She chuckled until her chuckles were tears . She wiped them away from her face . I got up slowly shocked at what she said . "Wait what ?" I questioned. "Liam .." She began. "I got this one time opportunity to go to UCLA for acting . I have a free ride to college in front of me and you know how much I wanted to get into this school --" "But California?!! ... the U.S.A what about you're family --" "They're gonna move too .. Liam I'm sorry but .. I can't stay here knowing that this is what I've always dreamed of.  I can't let the opportunity pass up after all the theater classes and leading roles and school plays , and that one time I was called out as "Making the show" when we did that play on broad way in New York for our school trip. Its time I start doing something for me.. and I love you but --"

"If you love me you'd marry me .. You'd wanna be with me I can't live without you" I pleaded. She began to cry "Liam please--" "Cheryl I love you ... I love you more than anything . I don't care if I'm homeless and broke as long as you are in my life I will always feel like the richest man in the world ....  I gave up a scholarship for you ..."  Her eyes became wide . "Liam I told you not to do that" She covered her mouth. "I did .. Because I was thinking of my life with you ." I tell her .  She chuckled lightly "Liam you're crazy .."

"I may be crazy... But what matters is I did it because of what we could have together " I told her . She shook her  looking away. I got on my knees and took both of her hands for her to look at me. "I will work make ends meet for us. I get us an apartment and I'll work to make sure we are okay as a couple ... Cheryl I love you and I'm not gonna let you leave me " I tell her . It was quiet between us for a second . It felt like she had given up on us . But that was until she said "Well marry me then" . "You're serious?" I asked. She chuckled "Yes I'm am , silly" She smiled. I smiled back jumping up and picking her up . I spun her around . "IM GETTING MARRIED !!!!" I SHOUTED . A few people clapped but they didn't matter . I wasn't gonna waste a second making ends meet with Cheryl. and if I have to work til the day I die to support my wife and her hopes and dreams. That's what I will do.


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