The Hound and other poems by Jessica

this is a poetry anthology I started in my English class. My poems are pretty random and mostly G-rated but there is one that might be pushing that rating a little, so I'm just putting a warning about that here. If you don't like death/Implied suicide, don't read the poem titled 'The Fall'.

Now let's do this poetry thing!


10. Ode to my Bookshelf

It waits in the corner of my room

Joints straining, creaking

Holding the weight of hundreds of stories

That I collect for fun.


Over times the weight comes and goes

As new books join the pile and old ones leave.

As I need things to read

Offering it's wares.


It's put up with a lot

Things piling high

No longer just books

Gracing it's shelves.


I love my bookshelf.

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