The head masters daughter

This book it in the nararaters point of view. Masion dumbledore the headmaster's daughter has been trying to find out who her mom is. professor dumbledore never speaks about her. Will masion find out who her mom is before the battle of hogwarts begins or will she suffer from the death of both her parents?


1. 1

What!! Dad!! Are you working to hard? I, Masion dumbledore asked while yelling. I had just awoking because a cloud formed and candys were droping out like rain out of a rain cloud. When Albus dumbledore is working to hard it ether snows on him or sends the candy cloud to me. When i got out of bed my dad looked like he was thinking too hard it was snowing above him to. It looked like he had been crying. " dad are you okay?" I asked out of consern he was probably thinking of maddiline. Maddiline is my twin sister the older one and the sligtly more adventurous one. Bellatrix kiled her last year in the order of the phinox. I really miss her and dad cant stop crying when he's alone. "Oh masion, its you i was just about to wake you to tell you i have to leave for hogwarts earlyer than usual and you can't aperate to hogwarts just yet, so i have aranged for you to stay over at someone." He said in a hushed tone. We were going to aperate together like usual. "Were am i staying?" I asked kind of worried. He doesn't use a hushed tone like that since mom had to leave and never came back when i was 1 and a half. All i remember of her is that she was really nice and had red-ish hair like me. "Your god fathers place." He said calmly when there was no was to be calm.

I absolutely HATE my god father!!!

I alerady have to put up with him all year long at hogwarts evrey year. He is so strict, and anoying. He always failes me like his other god son, harry potter. I also HATE harry. I hate harry because dad treates him like he's son and forgets about me completely. Since i am a year older i had the fame and popularity for a year then harry came along and took it all. I mean like he's already the chosen one, does he still need the fame and popularity? Good thing i wont see harry at my god fathers house they hate each other too. So that means i won't be going to the weasleys where harry is. I like going to the weasleys but when harry aoround its a big no no. Me and harry have hated each other from the moment we layed eyes on each other but it was different for maddiline. I think they dated for a while before she died. the last few day of school for harry were very depressing because of the loss of Maddiline. Since than he's tried being nice to me because i remind him of her but its so not working. I already fell for Draco. In my forth year and some how my dad doesn't know or he's okay with it. I packed my trunk and things for the rest of the summer and aperated to my god fathers place. Oh my gods! Harry was there. "Hia Maddiline!" He came up to me and gave me a tight hug. "where Masion?" He akesd. He clearly forgot Maddiline died last year. "Umm Potter im Masion." I reminded him. "I know i just want a reson to hug you can we both go on first name terms?" He asked me. "Uhhh fine Harry." I said anoyed. "Shall we go down to meet the others?" He tried to be friendly and formal. "Ok" and with that i opend the door and was atacked. "Ron get off her she just got here don't kill her!" Said a girls voice, it sunded much like heromione. "Oh sorry Masion" ron said after he got of me blushing. "Yha rom I'm gonna stay for a while." I said as he let go of me . "How long?" "The rest of summer" i replied. I felt harry's eye's on me as ron blushed crearly embarrassed.

I turned to heromione. We both said "hey" in unsion amd huged. As we let go mr and mrs weasley came in. We greeted each other and than me, heromione, and ginny helped mrs weasley in the kitchen to make dinner. Round dinner snape (My god father if you didn't already know) mumbled some rules about staying at his place. " harry and Masion your sharing a room, ginny and heromione your sharing a room, fred, peurcy ,goerge your sharing, ron, molly, arthur you sharing the last room.(molly and arthur are mr and mrs weasley if you didn't know already) I could already tell me and potter were back to enemys. That means I can call him potter again!!!!!


Yhay first chapter done! I have wanted to start this story for about a year now and i finally did it!!!!! So any idea who Masion's mom is¿ leave your ideas in the comments below. Ans i also need ideas for more caracters so if you can leave the following below in the comments:




Complection(how they look like)

Any relation ship?



What is there family look like

What is there blood status


Do they have any particular power or somthing


Favorite teacher

Best friend

Any recent break ups?

And if you can think of any more important things to add

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