What if you saw your mother die? What if it was your father's fault? What if you are different? So different it makes your life terrible? That is me. Olivia. A common name to a special girl.

I would love if you will comment if you like the story, and I would also like any kind of feedback :) Sorry, I misspell words, but I do not speak english normally


1. Chapter 1

Olivia. Such a common name. But me, common? I do not think so. My mother lived in a small town in a country far away, named Faledjin. There was war in my country. Terror. Terrorists basically controlled the city, but the government denied everything, and kept saying they fought terror. Fools. Soldiers came and hid in our little town. Long story short, my mother and a soldier fell in love, and I came along. My father traveled away, but he visited us as much as he could. I hated him. I did not understand his way of thinking, and I never had. Since I was a little girl, I have known I was different. But it was not until I was about 14 I thought about it, and found out what it was about me. I had telekinesis. I could control things with my mind! I had never thought about it. I just did it. But none other than me could do it. I immediately ran to my mother, and told and showed her.

I imagined how proud she must be. But she was not. I had forgotten the one rule to survive; Blend in. Do not stand out. I had failed that terribly. Of course my mom told my farther, and he became obsessed with the idea of telekinesis as a weapon. He told his commanders about it, and they liked it. One night, under cover of darkness, they came in our house. As soon as my mom heard them, she ran to me, and tried to protect me. I did not understand anything at the moment, and it all happened so quick. My mother would not let go of me, no matter that they did, so they killed her. Just like that. Just because she was in the way. Suddenly I sat in my bed with my dead mother in my arms. I realized it too late. They did not care about her, all they thought about was me. They grabbed me, threw my mom aside, and pulled a bag over my head. They were smart; I cannot use telekinesis, when I cannot see anything. Dang it. Then they knocked me unconscious.

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