millie and ashton are best friends. millie's a normal teenage girl. she loves music, drawing, singing, writing. one thing about millie, is that she doesn't care, as long as she's passing her classes in school, she could care less. ashton decides to bring millie to a bar to let millie meet his friends. millie bonds with one of them and then they become friends as well... well, a little more than friends. did ashton make a mistake?


4. 3.


luke giggles "i think we're gonna be really good friends." he says before pulling away from my grasp. 

i nod with a grin "i think so too, luke." i agree, intertwining our hands. 'truce' by twenty one pilots turns on and i jump up and down. "i love this song so much!"  i giggle. 

"me too," luke smiles "wanna dance with me?" i says while blushing and looking down nervously.

"of course i do." i smile as he leads me into the crowd of other couples dancing together. i wrap my arms loosely around his neck and he places his hands on my waist, swaying back and forth to the music.


i walk into the bar. not bothering to show the man my ID. i've been here so many times, they know who i am. "hey," some girl says to me as i walk in. she places her hand on my bicep. 

"hi." i say quickly, pushing her off of me and walking to where ashton and michael were. ashton told me that luke was already here but i didn't see him with them so i firgure he went so the bathroom or something.

"luke definitely likes her." michael says while looking at luke who was with some girl. i looked at ashton with wide eyes.

"hey calum!" he exclaimed with a smile on his face. i shake my head at him.

"why is luke dancing with a girl?" i ask him, knowing that luke was super sensitive and not wanting him to get hurt in anyway.

"don't worry," he starts "that's millie." he finishes, taking another sip of his drink. 

i make a confused face, not having any clue to who millie is. "who?" 

"millie." he responds again. probably thinking i didn't hear him, because he didn't say anything other than that. i look at luke and the brown haired girl dancing together. i go to say something else to ashton, but he was already talking to some random chick.

since i wasn't getting answers from ashton. i decided to get answers from luke. i start walking over them, making sure i had a serious face because, i didn't want luke to think i was joking around. he thinks everyone's joking with him. even when you say something that would make no sense whatsoever to joke about.

"luke," i say with a straight face. he turns to face me, when he does he puts a huge smile on his face.


i hear a familiar voice say my name. i turn to see who said it. "calum!" i cheer with a small smile, not taking my hands off of millies waist, enjoying dancing with her, even though the song was over.

"who's this?" he crosses his arms and glares at millie. i didn't know why though. millie had such a friendly face, how could anyone even think that she wasn't friendly.

"i'm mille." she responds, taking her hands off of me, i do the same to her.

"does that answer your question?"  i raise an eyebrow at calum and he looks down and shakes his head.

"no. why were you dancing with her?" the black haired boy asks almost sounding angry. which scared me, i hated when people were angry. especially angry at me. i take millies hand, squeezing it three times.

"i was dancing with him." millie corrects him and finishes by saying "he asks me to dance because there was a slow song and luke and i are friends." 

calum sighs and nods. "i'm gonna let it slide. just because you're a pretty girl." then he walks away. leaving millie with pink cheeks.

i let go of millies hand and roll my eyes at calum "he makes me mad." i huff.

"how come he makes you mad?" millie asks me. tilting her head to the side in a 'i'm listening' manner.

"because, whenever i'm holding hands with a girl, walking next to a girl, or even talking to a girl, he always ruins it by asking all these questions and telling me i'm not aloud to have a girlfriend and stuff." i explain, my eyes tearing up.

"luke," she sighs, just like calum did "i think he's just trying to protect you. he doesn't want you to get hurt." she says, sliding her hand down my arm, trying to calm me down.

i frown and quiver my lip "i hate him. he's so mean." i burst into tears. feeling like a complete baby. i open my arms up and she engulfs me into a hug.

"shh, don't say that. he's a good friend. be glad." she smiles against my shoulder.

i shake my head "n-no. he's a m-meanie." i say once again. this time crying harder.

she lets out a breath and whispers quietly "do you wanna go back to my house and we can watch a movie?" 

"c-can we?" i pull away from her hug, wiping my eyes and sniffling. millie nods and grabs my hand, once again.

we walk over to the boys. "ashton, luke and i are gonna go back to my house and watch a movie together. i'm telling you because i didn't ant you to be looking for me and your car." she explains, our hands still together.

"um... okay. yeah, have fun." he nods slowly, "i've only had a couple drinks so i've got my fill." he chuckles. "drive safe." ashton pats millie on the back as her and i walk away from them.

"luke, do you know how to drive?" she asks me while biting her lip, taking the keys to ashtons car out of her pocket. playing with them.

"yeah, i know the basics. why?" i ask her with a shrug.

she clears her throat "because i don't." she says, her face turning red. i didn't really know if she was embarrassed. i couldn't tell. figuring i was gonna drive, i took the keys out of her hands.

"i'll drive. no need to worry." i smile brightly at her and she nods.

"thank you, luke." she whispers, her voice cracking slightly. i furrow my eyebrows and look at her facial expression which was a mixture between embarrassment and sadness.

"are you okay millie?" i ask worriedly. which was kinda funny, considering i just told her not to worry.

"yeah, uh, i'm fine. it's just..." she chuckles nervously "i've never told anyone that i couldn't drive and it's just scary." she shrugs lightly. i nod, not really understanding in what way was that scary at all.


hello reader,

                              i would usually start off this note by saying 'congratulations,' or something along that line but i've decided to mix things up a little bit. so i just wanna say, i know no one's reading my story except for maybe one or two people, but if anyone else ever reads this, i just wanna say thank you so much, have a great summer by the way.




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