step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too


23. New room

Payton's POV

So today we are making my room new and by that i mean we are taking out the loft and redecorating my room.

''ALRIGHT LETS GET STARTED'' My dad yelled we took every thing out of my room and put in  my parents room.

We smashed the loft intell we got to the wall not on that part all we got to do is paint the wall so we dont se any scratches and stuff. 


We are finally done after 6 hours of working.

Ok so were my loft was is now my new bed and nexted to that is a night stand and pictures.

We painted my wall a  white wiht blue stripes and then theres a desk were my laptop is and on the wall is my TV with a couch infront of it.

My bathroom has a big bathtub and a see through shower the walls are baby blue.

Next to my bathroom is my walk in closet.

And thats it oh and theres a book self with books yea thats it.

''Wow we did good i love it'' i said i flopped on my new bed witch is white

''yea we did now go to bed u have school in the morning'' my mom said and everyone left but percy stayed 

''good night'' he said and walked out


(sorry for the short chapter if u have any ideas please comment i have an idea for the next chapter but idk after that so if u do plz share them thanks byeeee)















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