step brother

alot of my books the girls name is going to be Payton cause i love the name its also a percy jackson one too


4. finding out

Payton's POV

i woke up with Izzic slapping my arm 

''WHAT'' i screamed sitting up

''mom wanted me to wake u up come meet people i guess i dont know who'' he said and left

I walked into my bathroom to take a shower i let the the water heat up and i got my clothes.

I stepped in the shower and stood there thinking who are the people are they friends of mo that she never told me about and stuff like that.

I did my shampoo conditioner and body i washed my face and shaved my legs it was hard because my hand was not quite broken but something like that.

I got out and dried off i didn't get dressed yet cause I'm going to dye my hair purple.

*after the dyeing stuff* 

"PAYTON GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM" my mom yelled pounding on the door

''mom im almost done i need to rinse the dye out of my hair and get dressed'' i said 

''okay but hurry up'' and with that she left

After i rinsed and dried my hair was a light purple and blue i added blue.

i got dressed into a crop top shorts i didn't put makeup on cause i didn't need it not to brag i stood there looking at my hair its so pretty.

i got out and went down stairs to see a man maybe in his mid 40s and 4 boys and by the door was my mom and izzic

''finally Payton that was like 2 hours'' Izzic said fidiling with my hair

''like it''

''yea its pretty''


''alright kids um im getting married'' mom said out of no where 

''WHAT SENCE WHEN'' me and Izzic screamed i could not believe my mom we just lost dad and shes already getting married

''i thought u guys would be happy'' mom said sad that we werent 

''i mean yaaaaay'' Izzic said i can tell her tried hard to put a smile on 

''you know what this was a bad idea just go up to your rooms we'll talk about this later'' 


''no Payton GO''  

Me and Izzic were half way up stairs when there was a knock on the door 

''ill get it''

i opened the door and Jason Alayna and Percy were standing there


''hey can we come in'' Percy asked

''yea go upstairs i need to talk to mom'' i said and let them in i walked over to my mom

''look mom im sorry i am happy for u but its just we lost dad and i did expected this i was shocked im sorry'' i said 

''its fine we'll talk about tomorrow after u get home from school now go up stairs''

i went up stairs and sat on my bed next to percy i only let him and Izzic on my bed no one else well my mom but still

''soooooo what ya want to do''

''go to the mall'' i suggested 

''yea and i like your hair'' Jason said 



''thanks lets go'' i grabbed my wallet and bag and went down stairs

''MOM WERE GOING TO THE MALL'' i yelled and put my flip flops on


''OKAY'' after i said that the 4 boys came and put there shoes on 

''name'' i asked

''hi im liam'' one with brown eyes said ''and im 19''

''im louis and im 21'' one with a squeaky voise said

''im harry im 18'' one with short hair and green eyes told me

''and im niall im 19'' one with blonde hair and brace said he was kinda cute

''okay im payton this is Izzic Alayna Jason and Percy'' i said ''lets go''

we walked outside it was hot and sunny

''were walking?'' Percy asked

''yea we have to theres no room in any of the cars'' i said

''we can take seperate cars theres enough'' Niall said

''okay um u boys take whos ever dad it is car Izzic Alayna and Jason take moms and me and Percy can take mine unless anyone doesnt like that idea'' i said

''i like it we will go with that cause im not walking'' Alayna said

''okay lets go''


*in car* 

Percy and I sat there in silence 

''so are u going to bye anything'' i asked

''i dont you''

''maybe more shirts and flip flops'' i said


know it got more akward. We sat in the parking lot on our phones waiting for the others


(so i thought this i guess im not good at writing stories but hope u liked the first chapter it was long but there will be more)



































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