Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


13. Morning

I open my eyes and look at the white ceiling ahead. I feel happy and full of energy, I sit up and look at the bed ahead, Ami is up.

I run into the bathroom with some clothes to get changed. Dark jeans, grey t-shirt and a grey hoody, I walk out of the bedroom and see Ami, Frank and Alice at the table, I smile and walk over. A space set out for me, bacon, eggs, beans, hash brown and fried mushrooms I sit down and eat.

"So..." Frank says looking at papers. "You girls are set out for Spain, I've got some bags ready for you, flight is at 2, so we'll go when you're both ready"

"Really?" I ask perking up.

"Yup, the guy picking you up on the other side is called Sergio Ramos, good friend of mine, he'll have a board with your names on, he won't be hard to miss, he'll probably have girls hanging on his arms, you girls will have a great time out there. There's girls your own age there, it'll be great for you both....... you were hungry Fort" I look down, I'm finished.

"Erm....... I was hungry"

"You're always hungry, now go bathroom, then we can go" Ami smiles"

"Okay" I walk into the bedroom, then the bathroom to the toilet.


Moments later I walk out and to the front where the others are putting there shoes on.

"Wear these babe" Ami says, black vans shoes with a white stripe down them. I like. I sit down, put them on and then stand up

"Comfortable" I say.

"Yup, let's go" we walk out of the flat, then down the corridor to the lift, Frank presses the button, the doors open, we walk in and he presses a button for the ground floor.

We arrive, the doors open, we walk out and then outside. A grey flash Mercedes sits in front of me. Frank presses something, and lights flash on it. He gets in the drivers seat, I then get in behind him. Then we set off. Here's to a new life!

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