Fortis: The Aftermath

After returning to her home, Fortis wakes up to a familiar face, and lots of answers.


8. Lunchtime

"I'm hungry" I say. Ami stops, then I stop

"Hmm... its half 12, let's call for a lunch stop"

"Sounds good" she sits on the sand, then I follow again and sit down. She takes the bag off her back, opens it, and pulls out two boxes. She hands one to me. "Thanks" I take the lid off, sandwiches in tin foil, walkers salt and vinegar crisps and a twix bar. I take the sandwich out, and take the tinfoil off. A wrap, I admire it, and see tuna. "Hmm, tuna"

"With anchovies and grated cheese, your favourite" I look up at her and smile. 

"I love you"

"I know babe, eat your food" I take a bite, the taste of salt and cheese melts in my mouth. I squint looking ahead, and can make out shapes of buildings. 

"I see buildings ahead"

"Yeah, this is where I got to before, should just be a couple hours now, we'll get there before it gets dark, we're walking quicker than I think"

"That's good" the first half I've eaten, I take the second half out and indulge the sweet taste of tuna. "So you know the route..."

"Yes, for the last time, it's fine. Just trust me babe"

"Okay" I'm eating quickly, but I cant help it, the taste is amazing. I open the crisps and start to eat them. Now I'm enjoying the taste of salt and vinegar, my favourite flavour. We sit in silence for a while and stare at the buildings ahead. I feel so much positivity and hope right now, I've never been this happy since I woke up on that rock. "I'll save the twix for later"

"Me to babe, let's go, and carry some water"

"Okay" and we set off for the buildings ahead. 

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