Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


18. Sleepwalking

Baby Miracle


Meadow sighed, "Can I go tell Terry I'm alive?" The potions master rolled his black eyes, "You are dismissed."


Chapter Eighteen: Sleepwalking


Daphne threw her arms around Meadow, "I missed you!" The two girls laughed and the boys looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Daphne then tackled Terrance in a hug and Meadow smiled at Theo before she too threw her arms around him.


The four sat down at one of the empty tables in the Slytherin common room and caught up on their Winter Holidays. Daphne was wearing the small necklace trinket Meadow bought for her, it had a small rose on it. Her holiday went well, she was surrounded by family, cousins, both younger and older, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, and nephews. Her family was huge and oddly close to everyone. Theo's was quiet, it was just his mum, dad, and two older brothers, whom are already out of Hogwarts and working. However, they had also made an appearance at Daphne's family reunion, both had found it normal, but Meadow thought it was strange. Meadow said what happened between her and Weasley and how her father handled it.


"He just was so pissed off! But I told him, I said "Daddy, no, you are not making that boy's life hell because he'll know I went straight to you."


"You did not!" Terry exclaimed suddenly and Meadow's eyes got huge with surprise.


"I did too. I'm not letting Weasley know I went to my father to complain about him," she replied with a frown. Meadow thought Terry would understand out of the group but he wasn't approving at all, neither were the other two.


Daphne patted the other girl's hand, "Meadow, you should have let your father take care of it, after all, he is the Head of Slytherin House, he should show students not to mess with any of his, even his daughter."


"Especially his daughter," Theo added.


"What do you guys want me to do? Be labeled Snape's Little Princess?" Meadow questioned accusingly, "Maybe I should have let him take care of it, but I'm not being labeled as Daddy's little girl. You don't understand from my angle. You don't have a parent as a Professor. It's embarrassing beyond belief, and I have to make sure I don't get favored over others."


"Snape favors Draco, and Draco is his godson," Daphne pointed out, "Why can't he spoil you a little bit?"


"Because I don't want to be spoiled, I was raised in a shack, not in some huge house with a bunch of family where I have to act all high and mighty," Meadow blurted out. She was mad, these were her friends, why couldn't they support her and see her way? She looked at Daphne sharply but quickly turned into alarm. The brunette's eyes were tearful and her cheeks were red. Meadow replayed what she said in her head and shame spread across her face, "I'm so sorry Daphne... I didn't mean it like that. I just wanted to point out that we come from two different homes. I never meant to insult you. I just..." Meadow struggled for words, "Being a Slytherin is difficult when you're brother is in Gryffindor, when you're friends with a lot of people outside of Slytherin... I'm looked down upon, like I'm some freak mess up, I don't want to be known as a Daddy's girl as well." She tried to suppress the tears that welled up and looked at the floor.


"Meadow, no one looks down on you when you go hang out when the Gryffindors. Actually, a lot of the first years look up to you because you go do what you want, when you want, and you don't care what others think. Most of the older students respect you for it, I mean, they're not thrilled because now Slytherins seem more approachable..." Theo said after a long pause.


Tears started to run down Meadow's cheeks, "Daph?"


A long pause again, "It's okay Doe," the other girl sighed, "I'm just not to happy you said that."


"I know, I feel so bad," Meadow rushed out. The two witches hugged and the subject dropped.


"I'm not looking forward to classes again," Terry sighed, and the other three groaned.




"Doe!" Shane yelled as he ran to catch up to her. They just had potions together and Meadow had bolted as fast as she could do to her partner being Draco. She liked him, but could only stand so much of his personality.


"Yes?" She smiled.


"I have to tell you something."


"Do tell."


"Not here, meet me in the trophy room at midnight," Shane responded and squeezed her hand. "Harry will be there with me, but don't bring anyone else." He dashed away towards Harry and Granger.


"That was strange..." Meadow muttered to herself.


"What was strange?" A voice asked and made the girl jump and frown, the person she was trying to get away from.


"Oh just something my brother said, Malfoy, not any of your business."


The blonde boy huffed and rolled his grey eyes, "Oh please, he's not your real brother, why bother saying it?" He paused before he said "Get it? Brother... Bother..." By the look on Meadow's face he quickly added, "I'm only joking, what did he want anyways?"


The young witch giggled, "Since when do you joke around Draco Malfoy?" She was trying to change the subject, but he was having none of it.


"That's not the point," Malfoy said and pinched her arm slightly.


"Hey, ouch, how about that doesn't happen again," Meadow said and rubbed her arm. "The point is that it doesn't matter what he wanted anyways, it's my business."


"So you're not actually going are you?"


"Going where?"


"To the trophy room at midnight."


Meadow's breath caught but she tried to cover it up, "Why on earth would I go there so late at night?"


Malfoy rolled his eyes again, "I'm not stupid, you know, I have ears as well. Who do you think got them in trouble by going out late to Hagrid's to sneak that bloody dragon in the castle?"


"And who's the bloody stupid one who was in the forbidden forest for turning in the bloody Gryffindors?" Meadow teased. The two pushed through the doors to outside. It was free period and most of the first year Slytherins were outside throwing snow balls. Meadow scooped up some snow and pushed it into a ball.


"Let's not talk about that," Malfoy muttered and followed Meadow to the fountain that was frozen over.


Meadow tossed the snowball up and caught it again, "Oh wait, I think the name is coming to me..." She smiled before she giggled, "Oh yes, I remember..." She looked into the snowball and pretended it was like Divination some of the third-year Slytherins were taking, "The name is, Draco Malfoy." Meadow laughed again and Malfoy managed a smile, a real smile. "Did I just make THE Draco Malfoy smile?"


"I'll be sure it won't happen again Meadow Snape," He replied. Meadow huffed and smiled, she threw the snowball at the boy and hit him square in the chest. "Oi!" He exclaimed, "That's freezing! It got down my shirt!"


"Poor baby!" Meadow laughed, and jumped around him. He scowled, bent down to make a snowball himself, but another hit him in the head, "You'll have to be quicker than that Malfoy!"


"I'll get you for this!" The rich boy responded and tackled her to the ground, he rubbed her face in some fresh snow. "How do you like me now," he demanded.


Meadow pushed him off of her and pouted, "I don't like you, you're so mean," she flicked snow off of her face and frowned at him. "And just when I think we can be friends, you go and remind me that you're a bloody prick." Meadow got up from the ground and stalked inside.


Blaise came up to Draco, "What's her deal?"


"She's a girl," Draco scoffed and Blaise shrugged.


"It's because you hurt her feelings, you prat," Terrance said from behind a bush, "Believe it or not, she keeps trying to give you chances to make up for being so mean to Harry and Shane. Honestly, I don't even know why, I wouldn't want my two close friends getting bullied by a different friend. But Meadow has a soft heart, she keeps waiting for you to change." Terry shook his head, "I'd at least try to make this time up if you want to be her friend, mate. Usually you just harass the two Gryffindors but now you humiliated her in front of all the first-years."


"And how do you know all this, Terrance," Draco spat.


"I did spend the Winter Holidays here with her, and you went home to precious mummy and daddy. You'd be surprised how much you'd pick up from her if you paid attention," He replied and shook his head, "You really don't have a clue." And Terrance jogged in the castle to find Meadow. He found her on some steps that no one ever used. She was just sitting there with her elbows on her knees and her chin on resting in her hands. Terry sat down next to her and she leaned and rested her head on his shoulder.


"I'm having a rough day," she said, and closed her eyes. Soon her breathing slowed down and got extremely quiet, almost like she wasn't breathing at all, Terry knew though she was just sleeping. He had gotten used to her funny sleep pattern, silent, then she starts dreaming, she flinches, grunts, and cries when she starts dreaming. The boy closed his eyes and rested his head on hers. Not planning on falling asleep, but soon, he too fell asleep.




"Terrance! Meadow!" Someone whispered, "Wake up."


Meadow lifted her head up slightly and looked around, she shook Terry awake and he mumbled, "Who's there?"


"Oh Merlin's beard, its Shane and Harry," Shane whispered. "Get up, we have to talk to Meadow."


"Where are you?" Meadow asked and started to stand but Terrance grabbed her hand and shook his head, the two had a silent argument over if they should or shouldn't find them.


"At the top of the stairs, behind you." The other boy whispered again.


Meadow pulled free and walked up to the top, "I don't see you."


Shane's messy, brown hair poked out of thin air, Meadow squeaked, but Terrance's hand was around her mouth, "Be quiet," he hissed, "We don't want Flitch coming after us."


"It's too late for that," Harry's voice said and his head also popped out of thin air, "His cat saw heard us already. Get under here, we need to leave."


The two Slytherins scrambled under the cloak and Harry led them to an empty classroom. He took the cloak off and shoved it in his robe, "You never showed up in the trophy room, Shane thought you fell asleep in the Slytherin Common Room, but I just knew that you weren't. So we set off searching for you."


"You were invisible!" Meadow exclaimed awestruck.


Terrance piped up, "It's an invisibility cloak isn't it? Those are extremely rare."


"Some people make invisibility cloaks but the charms wear off eventually and they don't last very long," Meadow stated, "But how did you ever get your hands on it? You, no offense Harry, don't even know those charms. Bloody hell, I don't even know the charms for invisibility."


"Someone gave it to me for Christmas," Harry stated. "It had a note, but all it said was 'Use it well.'"


Meadow frowned and snuck a glance at Terry to see his reaction, "That's odd, isn't it?"


"Very..." Terry locked eyes with Meadow before turning back to Harry and Shane, "So how come you two needed Meadow so badly?"


The two Gryffindors shifted on their feet and looked at each other, a silent conversation between the two, "Well... It's about Nicolas Flamel," Harry said hesitantly. Meadow perked up immediately. "There's this dog, Fluffy, as Hagrid calls it, it has three heads and it's guarding a trapped door," He added in for Terrance's benefit since Meadow had known this already. "Snape, was bleeding when the troll came, we thing that he was trying to slip past Fluffy but was caught, the reason why we also suspect Snape is because when my broom was jinx he wasn't blinking."


"But they don't know for sure that it's Snape," Meadow butted in.


Shane sighed and Harry rolled his eyes, "Doe, I know he's your dad and everything but the evidence is not looking very promising, during break I overheard Snape threating Quillell about being on his bad side."


"It's not my dad," she persisted.


"If you say so, anyways, we still haven't found out anything and Meadow refuses to ask Snape about anything. If Fluffy's guarding something, that something being the Sorcerer's Stone, someone is trying to steal the stone," Shane said, and looked at Meadow.


"We didn't want anyone overhearing us," Harry explained, "We can walk you two back to the dungeons."


Meadow shook her head, "It's okay, I think we can manage to not get caught." She hugged Shane quick and kissed his cheek and looked at Terrance to go back to the common room. "Ready?" He nodded and the two set off back towards the dungeons.


They walked side-by-side, without talking, it was a comfortable silence. Meadow took Terry's hand in hers and she let their fingers entwine. Terry squeezed her hand gently, "Everything okay?"


"Yeah," She whispered back, "Just a rough start getting back in the swing of things for school."


Terrance sighed, he wished she didn't take things so close to heart, "I know. It'll get easier, I promise."


"I suppose, tomorrow will you come out to the Quidditch pitch with me?"


"Shouldn't you work on homework?"


Meadow giggled softly and slapped her free hand over her mouth, "Terry." She said and he looked at her, "Tomorrow is the weekend, did you forget?"


"I guess I did," He smiled. They were almost back to the Slytherin Common Room. "Don't forget this is-" But before the wizard even finished his sentence Meadow fell into the trick step with a high-pitched scream. "Meadow!" Terrance hissed.


"I'm fine," She replied, her voice cracked, she had fell in the step up to her waist. "Pull me out Terrance," she pouted.


He rolled his eyes and retorted sarcastically, "No, I figured I'd leave you here for Flitch to find you."


"You will not!" Meadow whispered, "Pull me out, I'm sinking!" The two found each other's hands and Terry started pulling Meadow up, but she slipped from his grasp. "Grab under my arms," She said, trying to not freak out any more than she already was, and he obeyed and moved to the step lower than the trick step. He pulled backwards for him and when he went to rewrap his arm slipped into the trick step. Meadow fell back down to the waist, she groaned in annoyance, "We were so close."




The two looked up to see Mrs. Norris perched at the top of the stairs, the looked at each other in alarm. "Oh no," Meadow let out in a whisper, Mrs. Norris hissed and streaked away. "Now we're done for it."


Terrance tried to shift and pull his hand free, but it was futile and he rested his head on Meadow's shoulder, "At least we can get out of this step now."


"But Flitch will have to get Daddy. And he will be an unhappy man."


"He can't punish us too hard, we're in his house," Terry pointed out and Meadow only sighed.


They heard wobbly footsteps and knew Flitch had arrived, a lantern lit up the staircase, "And what are you two first years doing out this late," He sneered.


"We were-"


"I was sleep walking," Meadow cut Terry off with a sharp look. "Terrance heard me and followed, trying to stop me. I didn't wake up until I fell into this step."


"You're facing to go towards the Slytherin Common Room," The caretaker grumbled.


"That's because we thought it would be easier for him to grab around my ribs and pull me out."


Flitch's eyebrows were raised, "So that so."


The two nodded, and the lantern and Flitch left, leaving an angry Mrs. Norris watching their every move. Neither first year dared say a word while Flitch showed up again only with a very livid Professor Snape.


"Explain yourselves," He said, his voice full of venom.


"I was sleep-walking," Meadow started and glanced at Terrance to continue.


"I was still up in the common room studying when I saw her walk out of the room so I followed and tried to get her attention. She didn't snap out of it until she fell through the step." Snape raised his eyebrows and the gesture had Terry continue again, "We look like this because when I tried to get her out I slipped and my arm got stuck in the stair as well."


"Enough, both of you will serve a detention with me tomorrow night," Snape snapped a reply before whipping his wand out and both students were on the floor landing. "You two are dismissed, now get to bed." The potions master turned his back on them and was whispering to Flitch, feeling unwanted and not wanting to get in more trouble the two first years turned and bolted for the Slytherin Common Room.


"I can't believe that's all we have," Meadow whispered as the two entered the common room.


"Are you serious? I can't believe he didn't question us more! He obviously knows if you sleepwalk or not!"


Meadow shrugged and they walked upstairs, "Let's just turn in for the night. I'm so tired." She yawned and Terry laughed.


"G'night!" The two separated and went to their own rooms.




So it continues. Have a good night everyone!

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