Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


22. No Answer

Baby Miracle


The three walked out of King's Cross Station, ready to start the holiday.


Chapter Twenty-Two: No Answer


"Daddy, you need to do something," Meadow said, stopping her foot, "This is the five-thousandth time I have tried to owl Harry, but Solo keeps coming back empty handed. This isn't like Harry to not reply."


"Meadow Snape," Severus replied, "I'm sure his relatives won't allow him to respond, you know how awful they are. Stupid hag."


"Who's a hag?" Remus walked into the living room with Shane trailing behind.


"Lily's sister, Petunia," Severus said, "Always has been, especially after whining about how Lily was always the favorite because she had magical powers."


"I don't care if Petunia's a hag, I care about Harry James Potter!" Meadow yelled, and Severus flinched. "And his sister, of course, but I don't know her, nor is she with their aunt and uncle. Shane, go on, haven't you been worried about Harry lately? It's nearly the end of the summer."


"Come to think of it, yeah. You've been so busy in and out of this place I can hardly keep track of the time," Shane replied and scratched his head. "It is very weird how none of our letters are getting answers."


"I asked Hermione if she was sending letters the other day as well and she said that she hasn't gotten any answer either," Meadow said. "And how can just a few muggles stop an owl? Harry would have to know that we're trying to send him letters."


"Stop it, Meadow," Severus said, "You're over thinking this. His relatives might just be stopping him from opening them."


"Then how come we haven't got anything back? Nothing?" Meadow persisted, "You need to find something out."


As Meadow said that an owl flew into the room, dropped a letter in front of Severus, and flew out of the window. It was sealed with a purple stamp and began to shake. It blinked its eyes that were made from the envelope and spoke:


"Good morning Severus Snape. I'm here to inform you about a student you have, Harry J. Potter. Last night we received notification that a Hover Charm was used at the place of residence around twelve minutes past nine. As you know as a Hogwarts Professor, underage wizards are not permitted to perform spells outside of school. Harry J. Potter broke the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, 1875, Paragraph C and also section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks' Statute of Secrecy by performing the Hover Charm in front of non-magical folk (Muggles).


"Enjoy your holidays!


"Yours sincerely,


"Mafalda Hopkirk, Improper Use of Magic Office, Ministry of Magic."


The letter than tore itself apart and fell to the ground, Meadow looked up at her father impatiently, "I told you." She stormed away to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Meadow took out her journal that a man who went by Padfoot gave to her for her seventh birthday. She flipped through the number pages that were filled with Potions, last year's adventure, drawings, and then some. The girl flipped to a page were she had picked up on some Muggle tricks, one was for picking locks, which she figured might come in handy for the holiday, or for a door that might not open to a typical unlocking charm.


The door opened and Shane walked in. "We go tomorrow night," Meadow stated, "Either you come with me or you don't stop me."


Shane nodded, "I'm with you. Anything useful in there?"


"Actually yes, a Muggle trick for opening doors," Meadow pulled a bobby pin from her messy hair, "And all you need is this."


"Great, now what."


Meadow buried her nose in her journal and stated, "All it says is that you stick the side with the two prongs in the door and jingle it around. You try and 'feel' the doorknob and get the bobby pin to act like a key."


"Wait, does that mean there's magic involved?" Shane asked confused, "How can Muggles do this without magic? They don't even have magic to use it with."


"No, no, no," The blonde replied, "No magic involved, we'll just have to try it and see. Is Dad gone?"


"He went to Hogwarts to find out if Dumbledore got the same letter," Shane nodded.


"We'll practice tonight, I'll try and find anything else, but I'll doubt it, what else would we need to break into the house then to unlock the door?" Meadow said and put her nose back into her journal.


When it grew dark out, Meadow and Shane tried to unlock the bathroom door with the bobby pin. It took Shane only a couple times before the door clicked open, Meadow relocked it from the inside, and it happened again. It seemed to click with Shane. The two switched and Meadow was up next to try. Hours later she had only managed to get the door open twice, on accident. She sighed and had Shane try again and immediately he got the door to unlock.


"I think I've got the hang of it, Doe," Shane said and handed her the bobby pin. "I'll be able to pick the lock to get to Harry."


"Yeah I guess so, let's head to bed," Meadow responded and yawned. They had a long night ahead of them for tomorrow.


"How far away is Little Whinging anyways?" Shane asked the next night, both had went to bed early complaining of feeling sick to take a nap before they left.


"Not too far, maybe an hour," Meadow replied and climbed out of bed, "We'll find it, have faith." The two had head Remus make his way into his room a while ago. They got redressed and spoke more about the plans in hushed tones, but when ready to leave their room became quiet. Meadow was dressed in a pair of quidditch pants, Malfoy had snuck in her truck one of the times that she was in the Gryffindor compartment in the Hogwarts Express, and a green jumper. Shane was dressed similar, just with his own pants and a maroon jumper. Both wore sneakers and a pack to carry Harry's things in (Remus had put spells on the packs in case they needed to move so everything fit into it), Meadow put a hand up to her pulled back bangs to make sure there was a bobby pin, and the two preteens snuck out of the small house with borrowed broomsticks only to find themselves in another problem.


Meadow rolled her eyes, "Come on, we're wasting time. We've got a lot to cover." Shane joined her in the air.


"Ready?" He asked.




The two had prepared a plan of action the night before, looking at muggle maps Meadow had nicked off of some guy when they were grocery shopping. When they hit King's Cross Station an hour and a half later, Meadow slowed down to speak to Shane. "We need to find a map," she said.


"I take it you mean down there then?" Shane replied, but Meadow already dived down to the Muggle part of the station. By the time Shane got to her Meadow had pulled a map from the stand and figured out where they needed to go, which was about half an hour south of where they were.


"Almost there," Meadow said cheerfully, and took off towards the direction where they needed to go. The closer they got the more times Meadow slowed down to check the map and would speed off again. "It's this one," The blonde said as she landed on the front step. "Let me check first," she went to check the first window, it had bars on it, like someone was being caged in like an animal in a zoo. Sure enough Harry was sleeping on the bed facing the window. He must have fallen asleep reading because there was a book open on the floor and his glasses were askew. Meadow looked at Shane and gave him the thumbs up, she reached through the bars and knocked on the window. She looked around the room: there was one dresser with Hedwig caged up inside, a wardrobe, and a cat door attached to the door.


Meadow knocked on the window, the noise woke up Harry from his sleep and he jumped up, brushing his glasses back on his nose. Meadow waved at him and he beamed at her, "Meadow, what are you doing here?"


"Coming to rescue you of course," She whispered, "Obviously you need some rescuing, you have bars on your window!" Meadow glanced down and saw that Shane had been waiting for her to look down. "What should we look out for? Any squeaky stairs?"


"Yeah, the very bottom one, stick to the edge," Harry replied, "My trunk and all my Hogwarts things are in the cupboard under the stairs."


Meadow nodded and ducked down to the main entrance. She told Shane what Harry had said, he went straight to the cupboard and started packing things in the pack he had. Meadow skipped the first step, and tiptoed up the rest. She came across the first bedroom, and noticed that it had a cat flap on the door, a simple lock, and a key that hung on a nail. Meadow shook her head in disgust, unlocked the door (they keys were hanging up on a nail which had been pounded into the door frame), and slowly pushed it open. The door easily swung open and Meadow launched herself into Harry's arms, "I've been so worried about you."


"I'm sorry, I have so much to tell you."


Meadow nodded and placed her hands on Harry's shoulders, "But not here, we have to get back before it gets too light out. Most Muggles don't find broom flying normal, right?"


Harry nodded and Meadow continued, "Come on, you need to change. If you have anything up here that you need put it in this pack, everything will fit I promise."


"Hedwig, otherwise they locked all my stuff up in the cupboard," Harry replied as he threw normal clothes on over his pajamas. Meadow nodded and went back downstairs to check on Shane and his packing.


"I'm good, this is really light," Shane said, "Everything packed up there?"


"For the most part, all Harry has is Hedwig and some Muggle clothes I suppose," Meadow responded. "Are you all good down here?"


Shane nodded, "I'll wait for you outside."


Meadow raced back upstairs, accidently stepping on the creaky stair, she paused, horrified, thinking someone was going to hear her. After a second of nothing coming after her, Meadow raced to the Potter's bedroom, "All packed?"




"Perfect, let's go."


As Harry grabbed Hedwig and she hooted in being scared.




"Now we're done for," Harry whispered.


"Oh no we're not." Meadow replied and dashed down the stairs and out the front door. Harry grabbed the pack they had used for their clothes, followed, and grabbed his broom from the front step. Shane, hearing the man's voice, was ready to leave. "Let's go!"


"HARRY POTTER!" The beefy man thudded after the four, Meadow glanced back and saw that he fell down the stairs. "Petunia! He's getting away! HE'S GETTING AWAY!"


However, it was too late, Harry, Meadow, and Shane were already off into the night sky, and porch lights started turning on around the block. The three on thebroomsticks stayed in a line. "Hey Harry! Happy Birthday!" Meadow yelled over the wind, and Harry lit up with a bright smile.


After about an hour, they slowed down, the sun was coming up and Meadow was trying to figure out where they were. "This way!" Meadow called as she turned to the left, "Let's go, if we get back soon enough we can say 'Look who showed up in the middle of the night.'"


She took off again. Harry and Shane weren't far behind the blonde.


Meadow ducked lower to see any landscapes, she saw that they had come across a town, it was full of color and signs were giving off sparks as if it was magic. "Come on! It's this way!"


The boys followed once again, and Meadow lead them straight to the driveway of their new house, the three landed and pushed through the door. The familiar sent of home engulfed Meadow and she sighed.


"We're back."


"Indeed you are, I see you've brought a friend with as well," Uncle Remus said as he crossed his arms over his pajamas.


"We had too! They put bars over their window! They had a cat flap on the door for food! They were starving them, Uncle Remus!" Meadow rushed out.


"Just be happy I don't lock you up and put a cat flap on your door," another male voice said. Her father, Severus Snape.


Harry looked down, uncomfortable with the situation, it was known that the Professor hated him. Meadow looked up at her father, "Daddy, you might be mean, but you're not that cruel!"


"You could have been killed! You could have been seen! What were you thinking?" Severus said as he knelt down in front of her.


"I was thinking about my friends."


Severus nodded, "Obviously. Go to your room, all of you." He looked up and saw Harry, his face twisted before he turned around to his guest bedroom in the shack.


"It's this way," Shane said as he led the two Potters to the shared room. "You can share my bed, I'll sleep over with Meadow for the rest of the summer."


"You two share a room?" Harry asked awed.


Shane and Meadow shared a look and the brunet spoke up, "By choice though, all we always had was each other; we grew up like we were siblings. Besides, sometimes she gets bad nightmares and climbs in bed with me."


"Oi!" Meadow smacked Shane on the forearm, "That's personal!"


"You get them too?" Harry asked and Meadow nodded. "I do too," the boy responded, "A man with red eyes…" Meadow's jaw dropped slightly in shock, why did the two have the same nightmares?


"Off to bed, all of you," Remus called. The three shut their mouths and climbed into bed; Meadow snuggled up next to Shane, who put his arm about her, and the two fell asleep almost immediately.




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