Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


28. Increase of Attacks

Baby Miracle

And finally, Meadow was able to sleep peacefully until the afternoon. Where Severus Snape woke her up gently for Madam Pomfrey to start her exercises and see how the healing was going.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Increase of Attacks

Once released from the Hospital Wing, Meadow found herself in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom to check the progress done by Hermione. Shane had decided to meet her there since he knew what Hermione did in the morning. He hugged her as soon as she arrived in the depressing bathroom. "Glad you're safe," he said and she rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, you'd think the Hospital Wing would be my bedroom with how everyone has been acting lately," Meadow scoffed.

"You'd be surprised how many times you've been in there already," Shane responded. "So Hermione pretty much just copied right out of the book until here—" he pointed at a spot halfway down the page, "It just has to set until we figure out how to get the horn of bicorn, boomslang, and the hair. We were talking about a distraction in class that way you wouldn't have to steal anything either. If you could just tip a cauldron over or something to cause a distraction in class, Mione will do the rest."

Meadow nodded, it seemed much more plausible to steal the ingredients when they were already in the classroom rather than her going a separate time to take them. "I'll think of something, but leave it to me," She said as she looked at the color of the potion, "She forgot to stir it counterclockwise." Meadow picked up the spoon which laid on the side of the toilet and stirred it once. It turned a moss green, "There, now once those last ingredients get added it should turn either a puke green or a brown, before the hairs are added… Then it turns whatever color the person's aura would be."

"Sounds disgusting," Shane commented, he was stuck with Crabbe's hair. Malfoy told Meadow the other day that him, Crabbe, and Goyal were staying behind at Hogwarts this year as well.

"I'd offer to see if Terry would hid for a bit, but Malfoy would never tell him anything. The two butt heads for no reason now," Meadow replied.

"I wonder why…" Shane said, rolling his eyes.

"If you think it's because Malfoy likes me—"

"It's exactly because Malfoy likes you, Doe!" Shane fired back, "The boy has something for you, and I don't like it."

Meadow forced her breath out in annoyance, "Well I am so sorry that Malfoy has the bloody hots for me. It's not like I planned it that way, besides, I don't even want to think about anyone dating me right now. That thought it too—" she shivered, of course, Meadow and Daphne have had plenty of late nights talking about whose dreamy. Daphne had fessed up that she liked Theo, which wasn't obvious at all—of course, Meadow was using sarcasm at the time. Meadow on the other hand, was torn between liking George Weasley and not liking him more than just a friend.

"Right," Shane said as Meadow peaked her head out of the bathroom door. She waved for him to hurry out, "So, we were thinking mid-December for the distraction. Can you do that?"

"Of course I can, do you think I'm this crazy to not be included?" Meadow retorted as the two walked upstairs, towards the Gryffindor common room, Meadow had a tendency to walk with the Gryffindors now for sake of time, "Besides, tell Hermione that she can turn into me. I'll nick a hair or more from Parkinson. I cannot wait to knock that pig out!"


As December came around the corner, Meadow had buried herself in her school homework once again as the Quidditch season was on break due to the cold weather. Gryffindor had won against Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw was beat by Slytherins. Which left a few matches for the Spring: Gryffindor against Ravenclaw, Slytherin against Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were already scheduled. The final match, most people were betting on Slytherin and Gryffindor to go again. The Weasley twins told Meadow that the majority of the student body were betting Harry would catch the snitch and Gryffindor would win by 10 points, due to the Slytherin team having the best chaser in the four teams. Meadow had blushed at that but told them they had it wrong, she was simply there at the right place and the right time to be open for Pucey and Warrington.

Professor Snape came around with a sign-up slip for students who were staying for the holidays, Meadow and Terrance were the only returners, along with Sage, the Prefect who still popped in to see how Meadow was doing occasionally (but that was due to one Prefect from each house was required to stay). Other than that, there were a few first years Meadow had failed to pay attention to, Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyal, and Parkinson—she had only stayed to see if she could get closer to Malfoy and to stop his protectiveness/friendship with Meadow. When the younger Snape heard about that she sighed, some people never changed, and apparently Pansy Parkinson was one of those people.

Harry, Hermione, and Shane had found Meadow in the library working ahead of classes. Shane called her mad for thinking about doing such a thing. She managed to throw him a glance which said 'can you please not today' and her (close enough) brother had shut his mouth.

"We'll do it today," Hermione whispered, "Just a tip of the cauldron and I'll be able to get in and out in no time. Just make sure Professor Snape doesn't look over there at all."

"No worries," Meadow said waving a hand, "I've got it covered. And this way, you, Harry will keep out of trouble and not get expelled."

"Hey!" The black-haired boy exclaimed and Meadow gave him a pointed look, Harry was more on her father's list than anyone right now, apart from Weasley and Neville Longbottom. "I guess your right…"

The bell rang, Meadow gathered up her stuff, and the four headed towards the dungeons. They were making a simple Swelling Solution, but were put in one of the bigger dungeons because Professor Snape wasn't lecturing the class. About halfway through, the two girls made eye contact and Meadow stood up. She started to walk over to her father's desk, who was glaring at all of the Gryffindor's, on her way up she 'tripped' over her own feet and knocked over Goyal's cauldron. Meadow fell to the ground and the potion splashed just about every Slytherin. Goyal had gotten splashed in the eyes, causing them to turn to the size of dinner plates. Malfoy's nose became huge, causing his head to droop with the weight. Meadow, herself, had potion splashed on her cheeks, causing her to have a rough time breathing. Parkinson's back swelled up to create a hump, and there were many more scenes of horror as Meadow tried to look around, but she just felt like a fish, her lips were squished between her enlarged cheeks, giving up, she just laid on the ground, causing someone to trip over her and spill another potion.

Professor Snape was trying to restore calm before he had lost it, "SILENCE! Anyone who has been splashed, come here for a Deflating Draft, anyone who cannot move—" she felt his eyes on her, "—crawl." Meadow, as she turned over on her stomach and dragged herself into line, saw a flash of bulging robes, and was glad that her face had paid the price for a smooth get away.

After everyone had returned to normal after taking a small gulp of the antidote, her father pulled her aside. "I don't know what you and your Gryffindor friends are doing, but it better be good," He hissed at her, "One thing missing from my storeroom, I will be looking for you."

Meadow swallowed, she should have known he knew what was going on. "Dad?" Meadow whispered, "We just wanted to try a potion outside of class… Hermione and I are trying to teach Harry and Shane how to brew potions correctly… They just get a tad nervous with you breathing down their necks."

Professor Snape gave her a pointed look, which said 'I'll try to believe you' and he dismissed the class early, for there was no reason to stay with two potions ruined, if not more, due to the neglect of potions when everyone had been swelled up.

"I'll catch up later!" Meadow called to her Slytherin friends, who rolled their eyes. It had become accustom to Meadow dashing off randomly throughout this semester with her Gryffindor friends. Daphne, although will never admit to it, had started to become quite jealous with the time Meadow had spent with her out of house friends.

As the four made it to the out-of-order lavatory, Meadow measured out the boomslang skin for Hermione to cut into shreds and she poured the leeches in before stirring clockwise as Hermione dropped the shredded boomslang into the cauldron as well. Hermione measured out about a cup of the powdered bicorn before that was added as well. "Good," Meadow said as it turned a gross looking color, "Now it just has to sit for two weeks and it'll be perfect!"

The four walked out of the bathroom and parted, Meadow off to the Slytherin common room and the other three of to the Gryffindor common room.


Just about a week later, Meadow had found out that a Dueling Club was getting started up and the first meeting was tonight, or rather, in five minutes. Daphne had pulled her out of the library for "Something important" and the club was it.

"I just hope Lockhart isn't teaching it," Terrance whispered to the other three. Theo nodded as Daphne hit Terrance. "Oi!"

"I'm sure he knows what he's doing!" Daphne shot back and Meadow rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Oh please, Lockhart couldn't even transfigure a ladybug to save his life," Meadow replied and groaned as the dreaded professor took the stage.

"Gather round, gather round! Can everyone see me? Can you all hear me?" He paused to throw his robe off into the crowd, it seemed that Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Alicia Spinnet had caught it, "Excellent! Now, Professor Dumbledore has granted me permission to start this little club, to train you up a bit in case you ever need to defend yourselves as I myself have done on countless occasions. Allow me to introduce my assistant, Professor Snape!" Lockhart beamed, "He tells me know knows a tiny bit about dueling himself and has agreed to the demonstrations before we begin. Now, not to worry! Your Potions professor will be just fine once I'm through with him!"

Meadow snorted, "That's because he won't even be able to touch my dad with any sort of spell."

She noticed the Professor had his lip curled, he must have been thrilled to be forced into this club. Meadow didn't understand why Lockhart was so smiley, she'd be gone if her father ever gave her that look. The two turned to face each other and bowed; or rather Lockhart did with much twilling of his want for show, and Professor Snape just looked down for a second. They raised there wands, and Lockhart explained, "We are holding our wands in the accepted combative positon. On my count, we will cast our first spells. Neither of us will be aiming to kill, of course."

"I wouldn't bet on that with the look on your father's face," Terrance commented, looking at Meadow.

"I wouldn't either," she replied with a small smile.


"Expelliarmus!" Professor Snape sneered, and with a flash of red light, Lockhart was blasted off his feet, off the stage, and into a wall before he slid down on the ground.

"Do you think he's alright?" Daphne whispered.

"Who cares?" The boys responded together and Meadow snorted at the horrified look Daphne gave them.

Lockhart got up, "Well, there you have it!" His hat was knocked off from the fall and his wavy hair was messed up, "That was a Disarming Charm –as you can see, I've lost my wand –thank you Miss Brown –yes, it was an excellent idea to show them that, Professor Snape, but if you don't mind my saying so, it was very obvious what you were about to do. If I had wanted to stop you it would have only been too easy –however, I felt it was necessary for them to let them see it. Let's put you into pairs!" Lockhart said as he received a murderous look from Professor Snape.

Lockhart went one way, paring up Neville Longbottom with Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Professor Snape went the other way, yanking Harry out of the group and putting him with Malfoy, Hermione with Millicent Bulstrode, and Shane with Blaise. Daphne grabbed Meadow's hand as the professor came over by them, he nodded at the pair and had Terrance and Theo pair up together as well.

"Face your partners!" Lockhart called, Meadow and Daphne looked at each other with a smile, "And bow!"

The two girls giggled slightly as they bent down, "Wands at the ready! When I ocunt to three, cast your charms to disarm your opponents –only to disarm them. One … two… three—"

"Everte Statum!" Meadow yelled as she raised her wand. She was a slightly faster than Daphne's Expelliarmus, and Daphne was thrown backwards, twisting in the air as she lost her wand.

Meadow glanced over at Terry and Theo, the two had been going back and forth with Protagos and disarming spells. She looked over at Harry and Malfoy; the Slytherin was on his knees laughing and the Gryffindor's legs were crazy dancing. "Stop! Stop!" Lockhart screamed, "I said disarm only! Okay stop!"

Meadow watched as her father took charge, "Finite Incantatem!" Harry's feet stopped dancing, Malfoy stopped laughing, and every single pair of eyes was on Snape, except for a few. Weasley was appoligizing for something his broken wand had done to Seamus Finnigan, and Hermione was wimping in pain was Millicent Bulstrode had her in a headlock; both wands lay on the ground forgotten. Meadow and Harry reached the pair at the same time. Harry and Meadow pulled Millicent off Hermione, who was very unwilling, but Meadow smashed her fingers for her to let go.

"Dear, dear," Lockhart said, ignoring how everyone was looking at Professor Snape, he was wandering through the crowd, "Up you go, Macmillan… Care there, Miss Fawcett… Pinch it hard, it'll stop bleeding in a second, Mr. Boot.

"Let's have a volunteer pair to show everyone how to block unfriendly spells! How about Longbottom and Finch-Fletchley?"

"Bad idea, Professor Lockhart," the potions master said, "Longbottom causes devastation with the simplest spells, we'll be sending what's left of Finch-Fletchley up to the hospital wing in a matchbox." Meadow rolled her eyes, she hated when he was so rude to non-Slytherin students. "Perhaps, Malfoy and Potter would be a better pair."

"Excellent idea!" Lockhart said, gesturing for the two to take the stage, and Professor Snape sneered, whispering to Malfoy to do something.

The two walked forward, "Scared, Potter?" Malfoy whispered, but most front row people could hear the pair.

"You wish," Harry said back out of the corner of his mouth.

Lockhard clapped Harry on the shoulder, "Just do what I did, Harry!"

"What? Drop my wand?" He replied and laugher spread throughout the hall, but the dimwitted Professor wasn't listening anymore.

"Three! Two! One! Go!" Lockhart shouted.

"Serpensortia!" Malfoy yelled, as he raised his wand rather quickly. The end of the wand almost exploded, shooting out a large, black snake. It fell heavily and raised itself up, ready to strike. There were some screams in the crowd as everyone forced their way back a few steps.

"Don't move, Potter," Severus Snape said lazily, smirking as he watched Harry stand motionless, eye to eye with an angry snake. "I'll get rid of it…"

"Allow me!" Lockhart shouted over Professor Snape. He waved his wand and pointed it at the snake, a large bang sounded, and the snake, instead of vanishing, was just thrown up into the air, and landed on the stage with a hiss. It was a furious snake, and seeing the first person closest to him, Justin Finch-Fletchley, it raised itself up again, fangs exposed, ready to strike.

Meadow watched as Harry moved on his feet, and yell at the snake, hissing. It dropped to the ground, and was watching Harry as if for another commend. Harry looked up at Justin, grinning, but soon that was whipped off his face as the Hufflepuff yelled, "What do you think you're playing at?" And then stormed out of the hall.

Professor Snape stepped forward, giving Harry a particular look, and vanished the snake in a cloud of smoke. Meadow waited until Shane and Hermione tugged Harry off the stage and out of the hall before she too disappeared. Harry was a Parselmouth, and with everything going on with the castle, people drew away from him.

Shane and Hermione dragged Harry up to the Gryffindor tower, they knew Meadow was behind them, but it didn't dawn on them until they were facing the Fat Lady. "You won't tell will you?" Hermione asked hesitantly.

"Of course, I won't tell!" Meadow hissed back.

The girl said the password, and with some trouble with the Fat Lady the four were allowed into the Gryffindor common room. "Why didn't you tell us you're a Parselmouth?" Shane demanded as Meadow looked around, it was cozy and comforting, unlike the Slytherin common room. However, it was very bright on the eyes decked out in maroon and gold painted walls, furniture, and wooden tables.

"I'm a what?" Harry asked, confused.

"A Parselmouth!" Weasley said as he opened up the door into the common room. He sneered at Meadow, but the look didn't fit his face causing her to snort slightly. "It means you can talk to snakes!"

"I know," Harry responded, giving the redhead a weird look, "I mean, that's only the second time I've every done it. I accidentally set a boa constrictor on my cousin Dudley at the zoo once –long story –but it was telling me it had never seen Brazil and I sort of set it free without meaning to –that was before I knew I was a wizard."

"A boa constrictor told you it had never seen Brazil?" Hermione asked faintly.

"So? I bet loads of people here can do it," Harry replied without blinking.

Meadow shook her head, "No they can't, Harry, it's not a very common gift. It's actually bad—"

"What's bad?" Harry said, his fists clenching and his jaw locked slightly as he put his teeth together, "What's wrong with everyone? Listen, if I hadn't told that snake not to attack Justin—"

"Oh, that's what you said to it?" Weasley cut him off, which caused dirty looks to be thrown at him.

"What do you mean? You were there! You heard me!"

"We heard you speaking Parseltongue," Shane said, "You know, snake language. You could have been saying anything!"

"It did sound like you were egging the snake on…" Hermione added timidly.

"I spoke a different language?" Harry gaped, "But I didn't realize, how can I speak a language without knowing I can speak it?"

The other three shook their heads, no one knew. Meadow watched as Harry touched his scar briefly, she had noticed he did that when he was annoyed. "D'you want to tell me what's wrong with stopping a massive snake biting off Justin's head? What does it matter how I did it as long as Justin doesn't have to join the Headless Hunt?"

Hermione and Meadow locked eyes. "It matters because being able to talk to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was famous for. That's why the Slytherin House symbol is a serpent," Meadow said, since she was the one and only Slytherin the three talked to.

Harry's mouth fell open.

"Exactly," Weasley spoke up again, "Which is why the whole school probably thinks you're his great-great-great-great-grandson or something—"

"But I'm not!" Harry responded.

"That'll be hard to prove, Harry," Hermione said, "He lived about a thousand years ago; for all we know, you could be."

But at that time, Percy Weasley walked into the common room, saw Meadow, became furious and kicked her out of the Gryffindor common room, complaining about how the Head of Slytherin house's daughter didn't realize she was going against school rules. Meadow retorted that she didn't believe there was a school rule banning other houses from entering different common rooms. This causes Percy's neck to become red, he demanded for her to leave now before he took away house points as he reminded her he was a prefect.

Before Meadow could reach the Slytherin common room a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into an empty class room. "Oi!" She yelled and turned to see her group of friends, meaning, Daphne, Theo, and Terrance.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" Terry demanded.

Meadow, alarmed, eyes wide, blubbered, "What did I do?"

"Harry Potter that's what!" Daphne yelled at her.

"Oi! Relax! I didn't know he was a Parselmouth!" Meadow shouted back at her brunette friend, who cringed at the loudness of Meadow's voice. "He didn't even bloody know he was a Parselmouth! He thought it was normal, for once he was hoping he was normal. He's never fit in, not with the Muggles and not here. He's famous here. And now you lot are off to blame him for something he didn't even know he could do." Meadow shifted on her feet, she was never one for confrontation, "I am not going to stop being that boy's friend because he's not normal. Look at me, I'm not very normal either."

"Wait," Theo spoke up, "He didn't know he was a Parselmouth?"

Meadow looked at him, eyebrows furled, "No."

"How didn't he know?"

"This was the second time he talked to a snake," Meadow said slowly, trying to figure out how the heated conversation become more common talk.

"He did it before?"

"He accidently set a boa constrictor on his cousin before he knew he was a wizard," Meadow said off-handedly.

"He did what?" Daphne squeaked in surprise and Meadow frowned at her. "Right, sorry. You really didn't know?"

"No! Of course not! And now Harry's freaking out about the fact that he might be Salazar's many-greats grandson or whatnot," Meadow replied slightly annoyed, she clenched her jaw.

Her response seemed to relax the three, however, they still didn't seem thrilled about Harry's new ability. As Daphne and Theo walked out of the classroom, Terrance held Meadow back, "What exactly are you getting yourself into this year?"

"Oh the usual," Meadow responded airily, causing her to receive a glare from her best friend. "Oi! Alright, we're looking into the Chamber of Secrets. Aren't you a tad bit curious at all?"

Terry sighed, "A bit, yeah, I suppose so."


"What all are you doing?" He asked.

"They think Malfoy's the one behind everything," Meadow snorted and Terry hid a chuckle behind a cough. "So we're making a Polyjuice potion for this winter break."

"You did not!"

"Yes we did," Meadow looked at him and blinked, "Why do you think I 'tripped' during potions that one day and splashed everyone with that Swelling Potion." The Slytherin boy just shook his head, "They're turning into Crabbe and Goyal, Hermione into me, and me into Pansy."

Terrance raised his eyebrows and blinked a few times, "And why are you turning into Pansy Parkinson?"

"Because I get to knock her out then," Meadow responded with a sly smile.

"Oh, you are horrible!" He exclaimed with a grin, "How come you didn't ask me to be used?"

"That's easy," Meadow said, "You and Malfoy… Well, you don't exactly get along!"

Terrance spluttered at the way she just said it so naturally, "That's not true!"

"It really is though," She said seriously, her voice low.

"Is it that obvious?" He asked.

Meadow looked at him eyebrows raised, "Are you serious?" He nodded, "Yes!" She walked out of the classroom and flipped her hair.

Terrance just shook his head and walked after her. If only she knew.


The next morning Meadow woke up to the Black Lake starting to slowly freeze on the surface, it was very cool to see the ice from the bottom view. The two girls had gotten into the swing of things in the morning since they share a shower. Meadow usually woke up early and showered, by the time she was out and dressed, Daphne was just waking up for her shower. Meadow would fill up the two cats' bowls and give Daphne's owl a small mouse in her cage when she'd fly in through the owls' window above the lake, they had their own tunnels to get into the rooms. When Daphne was changed and ready to go downstairs to the common room before making their way back upstairs to the Great Hall, Terrance and Theo would join the two.

As they ate their breakfast before their double-charms class with the Ravenclaws; they found out that Professor Sprout canceled their last Herbology class for tomorrow since with the blizzard going on outside, she wanted to put socks and scarves on the Mandrakes. It was apparently a very tricky operation she wouldn't trust anyone but herself to do, especially with how important those Mandrakes were to grow quickly and revive Mrs. Norris and Colin Creevey.

As the four finished eating and headed to Charms with the Ravenclaws, Meadow pulled out her final charms essay to reread it. Terrance groaned, "Seriously, Doe, it looks fine! You get high marks from Professor Flitwick no matter what."

"I just want to be sure it looks okay," she responded, her eyes darting back and forth, "I haven't touched it in a week."

"That's because you finished it by November," her friend responded, rolling his ice blue eyes.

"I did not!"

"Basically," He retorted.

"Quiet down, quiet down!" Professor Flitwick said loudly, but it was hardly necessary, the bell rang and everyone's attention had already turned to their small professor as he stood on his desk. "Alright you lot, we will be having a bit of a fun period today!" He cheered and many students smiled and relaxed. No exam, no new material, no charm testing, just fun. "Well, sort of, it's a review of first year and this semester! But, we will be using them in a practical way.

"So I have a few categories here, you'll pick one, and I'll read you a situation I came up with! If you can reply with a charm and a way to use it; you'll get house points!" Professor Flitwick said with a smile, he was a very bubbly man, who was always seen smiling.

As the game had started, Crabbe and Goyal had already failed while the Ravenclaws had already pulled ahead with six points, some questions were worth one point, some two, some three, some four, and the highest was five house points. Meadow was frustrated with the two Dumbbells of the whole second year class, it was a simple situation! What charm could one use where an object is too heavy to carry or move? What charm could one use where one would need to create light? Easily there was Wingardium Leviosa where one would be able to charm the object to float and be place where ever necessary to be out of the way. And then there was Lumos to create a light to see. There were all sorts of possibilities with each question, and the charms professor was very easy to please as long as the charm and response made sense for the situation given.

All of the sudden Peeves, the Poltergeist, his voice bellowed, "ATTACK! ATTACK! ANOTHER ATTACK! NO MORTAL OR GHOST IS SAFE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! ATTAAAAAAACK!"

Meadow was on her feet and she raced to the door, she wasn't the only one though. Every single class down that hall slammed open their doors. People ran into each other, it was such a confusion of mess, as many students ran around with their heads cut off like chicken. Meadow had forced her way over to Harry, whom was pinned up against the opposite wall. "What the bloody hell happened?" Meadow shouted over the mess of students screaming and running.

"That—" Harry pointed to the middle of the hallway, where Justin Flinch-Fletchley and Sir Nicholas lay immobile. Justin was stock still, a look of shock on his face, and blank eyes stared at the ceiling. Nearly Headless Nick, was no longer pearly-white and transparent, but black and smoky, floating ix inches off the floor horizontally. His face equally as shocked, but his head was half off, attached by the string of skin (which had him denied for the Headless Hunt every year). People were walking through him and shrieking as they realized what had happened.

Professor Flitwick was yelling for everyone to calm down, but it was useless. A loud bang sounded from somewhere, which caused everyone to stop what they were doing. Professor McGonagall, with her class behind her (one girl had black-and-white-striped hair), she ordered everyone back to their classrooms and walked forcefully towards Harry and Meadow. She opened her mouth to say something but Ernie Macmillan arrived, red-faced and panting, he yelled, "Caught in the act!" Pointing a finger dramatically at Harry.

"That will do, Macmillan!" Professor McGonagall snapped at him and bent over Justin. Some other Professors had joined her.

Peeves who was still floating overhead, was enjoying the chaos he had started. Peeves broke into song, grinning madly:

"Oh, Potter, you rotter, oh, what have you done?
You're killing off students, you think it's good fun—"

"That's enough Peeves!" Professor McGonagall barked and the poltergeist zoomed backward, sticking his tongue out at Harry.

"Just ignore him, Harry," Meadow advised slowly, but Harry's face was white, it's hard enough to convince people of a mistake the first time, but a second and third time? It was hardly likely.

Professor Flitwick called off the rest of class as he and Professor Sinistra of the Astronomy department, carried Justin up to the hospital wing. The professors were at a loss of what to do with Sir Nicholas, but Professor McGonagall had conjured up a large fan out of thin air, which she gave to Meadow and Ernie, to waft the ghost upstairs. The two did, Meadow's temper flared, his comment about Harry was rude, and it portrayed that there was a conversation before that. She walked with her jaw clenched shut and she held her side of the fan so tight her knuckles turned white.

Ernie seemed happy and carefree, despite his friend being Petrified. "What are you so happy about?" Meadow asked gruffly.

"Potter was caught in the act of petrifying a student, but Justin knew Potter was after him once he mentioned that he was down for Eton instead of Hogwarts—" Ernie Macmillan said with a smug look on his face.

"Oh yes, because Harry Potter would actually try and kill Muggle-borns, you do realize his best friend is Hermione Granger?" Meadow retorted stiffly.

"Erm… Yes, but who else could possibly be behind all of these attacks? Seriously, Potter speaks Parseltongue; that is Slytherin's known language. They did call him Serpent-tongue," the stout boy replied, not catching on to the fact that Meadow was making fun of him, or that he was pissing off the girl.

"Of course I bloody hell know that Salazar Slytherin's bloody language was Parseltongue, I'm in his bloody house," She snapped and nearly dropped the fan as she tried to use her hands to talk; the more mad she got, the more she seemed to use her hands.

"I'm just saying! Who else would open the Chamber of Secrets apart from someone who could speak the language?" Macmillan replied.

"You don't seriously believe that Harry opened it, do you?" Meadow said shortly and rolled her dark eyes.

"Remember what was written on the wall? Enemies of the Heir, Beware. Come off it, Potter had some sort of run-in with Filch, next thing that happens is that the man's cat was attacked. The first-year, Creevey, annoyed Potter like no other and he was attacked shortly after he was taking pictures of Potter laying in the mud with a rubber arm. Now he's gone after Justin twice, once with that snake—"

"Excuse me, but do you even know what he was saying to the snake?" Meadow hissed at him and tried to inch away from the boy as far as possible.

"Of course I do!" The Hufflepuff responded "He was chasing the snake towards Justin!"

"Bullshite!" Meadow snapped, "You don't know half of what you've seen and haven't seen! Harry walked towards the snake, spoke Parseltongue, AN OH SO FRIGHTENING THING," She raised her voice to speak over Macmillan's protests, "Told the snake to back down—we will never know if this is true or not—but guess what? The snake curled up and watched Harry. Under no circumstance did Harry ever tell that snake to bite Justin."

"It was a very near miss," Macmillan retorted. "Besides, why else would You-Know-Who want to kill him as a baby in the first place. He obviously didn't want another Dark Lord competing with him."

Meadow shoved the whole fan into the boy's arms, and shrieked, "If you're so blind to see that Harry Potter is a good person, have it your way!" She stormed away, only to duck into an empty classroom, and slam her wand down. She looked at the wall, simply steaming (Meadow was sure you could fry an egg on her neck), she started punching the bricks. After a couple hits, she stopped feeling her knuckles, by the time she had stopped, or rather, by the time someone had hear her shouts and grunts and pulled her away from the wall.

Meadow didn't realize she was crying until she sobbed into the person's shoulders, "It's not fair! He's innocent."

"Relax there, Meadow," a familiar voice said as he picked her up bridal style. "Not everyone believes Harry's the Heir of Slytherin."

George Weasley. Meadow had gotten quite good at realizing which one was who. George was the quieter one, he was also more caring, whereas Fred was loud and less observant. The fact that George had found her made her cry even harder as he carried her somewhere. To the hospital wing no doubt. All of the sudden the pain kicked in from her abused knuckles and she started to sniffle. "Wher-where are you ta-taking me?" Meadow asked as she hid her face from view in his chest.

"Somewhere more private," the twin offered.

"Not a-a broom cupboard?" Meadow said a bit sarcastic.

George winked at her, "Not today."

Her cheeks pinked up slightly, but not as rosy red as usual, she began to examine her hands. She imagined she broke a couple fingers in her process of punching the wall. They were bloody, most of the skin had been pealed back to reveal younger, less developed skin or the occasional muscle. He had taken her to the hospital wing quickly at first, to get her hands healed up. Madam Pomfrey did, alarmed at the damage done from 'slipping onto the Black Lake.' She didn't quite believe the story as Meadow looked confused for a split second before she too went along with the story. Only minor scars were left, they glinted in the light, but otherwise were unnoticed.

And then George Weasley swiped her off her feet again and carried her away. He deposited her onto a couch in some room Meadow had never seen. "So tell me, what were you doing?"

"When I was punching the wall?" Meadow asked and the redhead nodded, "I was punching the wall…"

"Why?" George rolled his blue eyes, they had green flecks in them

Meadow shrugged, and tried "Because I was mad?" He gave her a pointed look, "Some Hufflepuff thought Harry was petrifying everyone just because he is a Parselmouth. Honestly though, Harry friends with a Muggle-born. It doesn't make any sense."

"Some people realize that, others are just too thick to have their own mind," George responded as he took a seat next to her. "Just don't take it to heart, you can't change what people think, or how they act. Just embrace it and you'll be a lot happier and relaxed."

"How do you know?" Meadow asked looking at him with tired eyes.

"Most people don't take too kindly to pranks, but since they know it would be Fred and me, they just kind of accept it and have fun with it as well," George said.

She blinked, "Where is your twin?"

"Causing chaos with Lee to frighten any more first years," the redhead replied waving her off.

"What do you think about Harry being Slytherin's Heir?" Meadow asked him.

George nearly chocked, "I don't believe that smock at all. Like you said before, Harry's friends with Hermione and with a family who's 'blood traders' or at least with Fred and me, and possibly Ginny. Ron just is not a fan of you, he'll come around eventually."

"Hardly likely," Meadow snorted, "He's hated me since he knew me. Sort of, he warmed up on the train ride here, but when I was placed in Slytherin… downhill from there."

"Trust me, he'll come around, maybe not this year or the next year, but he wants to be friends with Harry, Shane, and Hermione again. In order for him to do that, he has to like you before any one of those three allow him to get close with them again," George replied, he was being insightful, something Meadow never thought she'd see because he was always so carefree and pranking with Fred. However, the two were fourth years, although some might say they were stupid, they were street smart and observant.

"You think so?" She asked hopefully; yes, that is correct: she asked hopefully. Meadow was never someone who enjoyed conflict, and the youngest Weasley brother always had time to argue with her, over anything. She was someone who wondered why someone might not like her, except for Pansy Parkinson, whom made it quite clear why she didn't like Meadow. The blonde hated it when she felt like she failed her friends, from either house, lately it's been her Slytherin friends, she's neglected them lately. Meadow Snape was quite unlike her father in many ways, she cared about others, hated conflict and unfair treatment, worked hard and ahead in classes, and she had a charismatic personality; but in some ways she was a lot alike with Severus Snape, she inherited her curiosity from him, as well as the need gather information and to put it all together, her ability to sneak around unnoticed, and her short temper was from her father.

"I know so," George responded with a smile. "Besides, what's life without some adventure in it?"

Meadow laughed, "You have no idea." She remembered fighting for the stone with Harry, after she and Hermione figured out the potion's table, before that Shane sacrificed himself with the game of chess so those three could move on, the chase of the keys, fighting the Devils Snare, and getting past Fluffy. And now this year with the Chamber of Secrets she was helping the trio figure out what was going on, about to break even more school rules when everyone left for the Holidays.

"Why don't you tell me about it?" George replied and twisted his body to face her, he was sitting sideways on the couch, one leg up, knee touching the back of the couch, the other leg was still touching the ground, and chin on his palm. Meadow laughed before looking into his eyes, he was on the more serious side for George, so she launched into the story of her near death experience with Harry, Hermione, and Shane.


By the time break came along, very few people were still staying after the double attack on Justin Flinch-Fletchley and Sir Nicholas. The atmosphere turned from a nervousness into real panic, people wouldn't walk around by themselves at all anymore, and even Meadow started to feel jumpy with more students becoming nervous. It did seem as though most people were worried about Nearly Headless Nick's fate over Justin's, what could do that to a ghost? What terrible power could harm someone who was already dead? It wasn't the greatest thing to realize that really, no one was safe at Hogwarts.

Harry had mentioned to her that he was glad for most of the people going home, he wouldn't have to be stared or pointed at as he passed by, and then the muttering, whispering, and hissing happened after he passed. Meadow had to agree with him, although she wasn't the one, she was slightly annoyed with all the chaos people were making just to blame it on someone without any true evidence. However, Fred and George found the situation quite funny, marching ahead of Harry as they shouted, "Make way for the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through… Harry Potter is just about to have a cup of tea with his fanged servant, make way, make way, he's in a bit of a hurry here." And other comments or actions which caused Meadow to smile slightly, one of which was when Fred would ask loudly who Harry was about to attack next and then George would creep around him with an enlarged clove of garlic, to 'ward him off'.

However, whenever this happened, Meadow so happened to be next to Malfoy, who was as sour as ever this year. Meadow, who had thought about befriending him earlier in the year, mentally smacked herself. Malfoy complained about how everyone thought Harry was the Heir of Slytherin when he was in Gryffindor, it didn't possibly make sense in his mind. And the Weasley twins were just making it worse by doing all of that stuff to get Potter more attention, it was just ludicrous in Malfoy's head.

"My mother wanted me to come home this break," Malfoy told her once as they walked together in the hallway, "but with everyone leaving, it'll be easier to find out more information about the Chamber, don't you think?" Meadow nodded, little did he know, in one week, her, Harry, Hermione, and Shane would be talking to him to make sure he was or wasn't the Heir of Slytherin. Meadow had her doubts, of course, since he would always talk her ear off about how he wondered to the Heir of Slytherin was. There was just no stopping the trio from being too stubborn to admit when she was right, so instead Meadow just helped them.

As the term ended, exams over, and students gone on the train destined for home, Meadow and Terrance hid in an empty classroom they had claimed over their first year, it was an abandoned classroom, it had a chalk board (which was very dusty from all the times Meadow, Terrance, Theo, and Daphne wrote on it to review), the desks were made of wood, some were falling apart, but Meadow had been able to teach/practice Repario on some of the desks. Her spells weren't very strong yet to repair some of the more damaged desks due to her magical core still being expanded and used. There was also a cupboard which, none of the four would opened, so it stayed shut, and its inside stayed a mystery.

After playing many games of Exploding Snap, the two finally returned to the Slytherin common room, where Professor Snape was waiting. "Meadow, we are going tonight. The Headmaster would like every staff member and student here for the rest of the week due to the attacking going on."

Meadow furled her eyebrows, she was a bit confused and shut her eyes, and then she understood, they were going to visit her mother at St. Mungos. "Okay, let me grab a heavier robe and I'll be right now," She dashed up the stairs and into her room where Bee was laying on her bed, the lynx tended to stick around the dormitory at night, but snuck out during the day. Meadow threw on a heavy, black robe, a green, knit hat, white mittens, and she grabbed her cat. Who mewed loudly at the sudden movement, but curled up in Meadow's arms anyways.

Terry caught her on the way down to the common room, "Where are you going?"

"St. Mungos, my mum!" Meadow called as she continued to race down the stairs. Her father walked with her out of the common room and into his private rooms.

Meadow jumped into the fire place, causing Bee to slightly dig her claws into Meadow's shoulder because the cat relaxed. "St. Mungos!" She threw the floo powder down and she spun away, her cat hiding in her robe.

As she shot out of one of the fire places at the hospital, she got up and went over to the receptionist, Violet Bognold.

"Hiya, Violet!"

"Meadow! You've gone so much!" The witch gushed, "Where's your father?"

"On his way, we took the floo over today," Meadow responded as Violet whipped her wand out and cast a cleaning charm on Meadow, it took the soot off of her. "Happy Early Holidays!"

The black-haired witch laughed, she switched her hair color almost every time Meadow saw her, "Happy Early Holidays to you as well! I'm sure Sadie will love that you're here, she's been able to start to move her arm from the elbow down."

"Has she really?" Meadow asked in awe.

"Would I lie to you?" Violet smiled, "Oh! Here comes your father, say hi to him for me will you? Lots of work to do!"

Meadow nodded and met her father as they walked upstairs, there was a line for the elevator. The two had stopped giving presents to Sadie after the locket Meadow gave her when she was five year old. As they walked into the room the curtain was pulled, dividing the room into two halves, another family must have been there for Alice and Frank, Meadow thought to herself.

As they got closer, Meadow dumped her cat on the foot of the bed, and jumped on to hug her mom. "I missed you mum."

Her voice, it was there again, "Meadow! Meadow, my baby! I miss you too. Every day, Love!" Sadie called to her daughter.

"Mum, I'm in my second year at Hogwarts now, it's Winter Break… We had to visit you earlier than normal," Meadow said quietly, "Daddy, can you go get a glass of water?" Sadie heard a door open and shut. "Mum, Hogwarts is in danger; there's this thing called the Chamber of Secrets…" And Meadow went on a long rant about the happenings at Hogwarts. Sadie was listening, but she was also running towards the light in her head to become free of whatever was keeping her inside her body. She just knew catching up to that light would help her wake up. "Mummy, I'm scared, what if Hermione is next?" Hermione, Meadow had explained, was her Muggle-born, Gryffindor friend. Last Christmas, Meadow came to tell her that she had been sorted into Slytherin, like her father. Her friends included two different groups, Shane Lupin, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger, the other is her Slytherin group of Terrance Higgs, Theodore Nott, and Daphne Greengrass. Sadie knew none of them accept for Harry Potter. The boy who was being hunted at the time she was alive.

"I don't know, baby," Sadie answered her, even though her daughter wouldn't be able to hear her.

"I don't want Hermione to die," Meadow said her voice was small before Sadie heard her sobs. She wished she could hug her daughter, more than the world.

In Sadie's mind, a small blonde materialized in front of her, her dark eyes were blood shot, and a confused look was on her face. "Mum?" She asked, her voice was light.

"Meadow," Sadie breathed, "My baby." And she hugged the girl, whom burst into tears even harder.

Little did Sadie know, her body which was lying in the in the hospital, wrapped her arms around Meadow. Severus had walked in to watch the wonderful slight of Sadie lifting her hands, her elbows, and her shoulders even rolled up over Meadow, who was crying for some unknown reason to him. He pressed a button to get a healer to come to the room. Sadie was starting to come back.


And that is the end of chapter 28!

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