Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


12. Hogwarts

Baby Miracle


Remus treated the kids to ice cream from Florean Fortuescue's Ice Cream Palour before checking in with Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, the inn that they'd be staying at overnight before heading out the next day to King's Cross Train Station.


Chapter Twelve: Hogwarts


Meadow tossed and turned in her bed that night, she was too excited for Hogwarts, everything she had read in 'Hogwarts, A History' was racing through her mind. "Shane?" She called softly, not wanting to wake Uncle Remus.


"Yes?" His voice responded equally as quiet.


The blonde paused, debating on if she wanted to ask, "Can I come sleep with you?"


She heard her best friend sigh, "Yeah, come down here." Meadow creped down the ladder from the top bunk bed, she thought she was at the bottom and dropped two steps to the floor, she smacked her head on a step and lost her grip of the side rails. Meadow dropped to the floor and grabbed her head, the bottom bed creaked as Shane got up. "Doe, bloody hell, could you make more racket?"


"Shane," Meadow said, trying to hide the pain in her voice as tears ran down her cheeks.


He sighed and let his eyes adjust to the darkness, having a slight advantage in sight due to being part werewolf, Shane spotted his friend on the floor, scooped her up in his arms, walked back to his bed, and placed her on the inside. Shane cradled Meadow like an older brother would to his younger sister, and wiped her tears away. "Shh... Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, soon you'll drift off," He advised before doing the same, and soon the pair were fast asleep.


"Wake up you two!" Uncle Remus called early in the morning. It was still dark outside, the inn quiet, as well as the rest of Diagon Alley. "I brought breakfast up since we're in a hurry. Do you have everything packed?"


"Uncle Remmy," Meadow said, voice full of sleep, "Come back later."


Lupin laughed before waving his hand and the blankets ripped off the two, "No..." Shane groaned as he tried to find the covers.


"Do you two not want to go to Hogwarts anymore?" asked Uncle Remus. That got the two eleven-year-olds to wake up, Meadow climbed over Shane as he struggled to open his eyes in the bright light.


"I'm ready!" Meadow claimed.


The young man chucked, "You need to change into muggle clothes, brush your teeth, comb your hair, pack your things in your trunk, and eat breakfast. You are nowhere near ready."


Meadow let out a whine of frustration before she beelined for the bathroom. By this time, Shane was sitting up with his feet dangling off the bed, "Dad, why did we have to get up this early?"


Remus knelt down beside his son, "Shane, there is something you will learn in life about girls and women. They will always take as much time as they want to get ready as they feel the need."


"Gross Dad," Shane made a face, "I don't like girls."


"But when you're older you will!" He laughed and slapped Shane's shoulder. Remus got up and started to walk towards the door, "I expect you and Meadow to be downstairs with your trucks within the next hour," and he left.


Shane checked his trunk to make sure all his books, robes, ingredients, and school supplies were packed, he changed into a pair of dark blue jeans, a blue long-sleeve shirt, a tan zip-up, with a dark brown jacket. He shook out his shaggy hair and ran a hand through it, flatting it. Shane walked over to the door and knocked, "Doe! I need to get in there."


"In a second!" A muffled voiced replied. Shane heard something clatter to the ground, a grunt, and shuffling, he rolled his brown eyes before sliding down the wall to the ground with a muffin in his hand.


Five minutes later Meadow walked out in a just-above knee-length jean skirt, a white t-shirt, and a green flannel jacket. Her hair was braided into two braids and she had already put on black ballerina flats. "All yours!"


"Thanks," Shane muttered as he stood up to enter the bathroom.


Meadow walked over to the table with breakfast on it, muffins, sweet rolls, and toast; she picked up a sweet roll and munched on it well she checked her trunk for her things. Everything was packed and ready to go so Meadow moved both her trunk and Shane's over to the door. "Shane! What's taking so long?" She called.


"Ah... Nothing Meadow! Go down without me," Shane responded, his voice slightly shaking.


Meadow frowned and licked her fingers, taking away the icing that stuck, "I thought we'd go together."


"Nono!" He quickly replied, "I'll be out right after you. Please Meadow just go."


"Okay..." She hesitated, "But if you're not down in five minutes I'm coming back up." She turned the knob and dragged her trunk outside the room, but instead of leaving she slipped back in the room and let the door slam shut.


Meadow then heard sniffling, it sounded as though Shane was crying. She willed herself to just stay on the bed but she couldn't let her friend suffer by himself. Meadow crept over to the bathroom and turned the knob silently, opened the door to find herself looking at a very tear-stained Shane. His eyes were red and puffy, and his chubby cheeks had tear stains.


"Doe, it hasn't been five minutes yet," he said sadly as she walked in.


"Silly, I never even left," Meadow looked at him with sad eyes. "What's on your mind?"


Meadow knew that Shane had bad anxiety, she figured it would be that he was nervous to leave his father for the first time and he said just that. To comfort him, she replied that she'd be there and maybe they could stop by and get an owl so Shane and Uncle Remus could send letters to each other. Their first owl, Mino, had retired after the long flights from Severus to Meadow and back many, many times. The hope of getting a new owl seemed to cheer him up, and Meadow gave her best friend a hug, she told him to wipe his face and take a couple minutes to relax, she'd take the trunks down. Shane agreed and started to run the water. Meadow kissed his cheek good-bye, and walked out of the bathroom.


Meadow ended up dragging both trunks down one flight of stairs before leaving one at the top and taking the other down to the bottom by Remus. By the time Meadow got to the older Lupin she was huffing and puffing as she tried to catch her breath. "I... left... theother... trunk..." Meadow inhaled and huge breath, "Upstairs somewhere."


"Lets go get it," Remus suppressed a laugh. The two climbed up the stairs, back from where Meadow just left and walked into Shane. Meadow searched his face but all signs of stress were gone, she nodded in approval.


"Morning," Shane said, he hesitated then asked, "Hey Dad? Can we stop at Eelops Owl Emporium or Magical Menagerie before we leave?"


Remus gave him a funny look but had agreed, he took the trunk from his son and the three walked back down to the main level. Soon they found themselves at Eelops Owl Emporium, Shane was looking at the different kinds of owls, mostly a small Screech Owl with feathers in browns, blacks, golds, and white, but he had the huge white markings around his yellow eyes and on the eyelids was black color, giving the little owl the markings similar to a raccoon. The tag had him marked at 15 gallons. Meadow went on to look at the cats, she knew if Shane was getting an owl, he'd let her borrow it if she needed to. She looked at a small, black cat with green eyes, pet her, and moved on to look at the others, a ginger cat was close by, then a tabby and Siamese cat, but both looked older and didn't catch the eye of Meadow. Instead she went to the back of the store and looked more, in the back corner, hidden by the toads was a very small, white with light gold, short-haired, female kitten with pale yellow eyes and black tipped ears. Meadow almost tripped over herself as she took a step backward when her eyes met the kittens, quickly she regained control and stepped forward. The kitten blinked up at the girl and pawed at her through the cage; Meadow's heart melted for the kitten and she knelt down beside the fluff-ball. Meadow took the top off the cage and picked up the kitten, she started purring as soon as she was picked up.


"Okay kids!" Remus called, "Let's go!" Shane was holding the Screech Owl (in the cage) Meadow had seen him eyeing earlier and in her own arms was the kitten, the cage dangling in her left hand. "So 15 plus... Meadow?"




"How much is that kitten?"


Meadow forgot to look at the tag, nor could she find one on the cage, "It doesn't say."


The shop keeper saw the kitten "Put that thing in the cage, she's not very nice and is very untamed."


Remus and Meadow gave the man a weird look, the kitten was simply snuggling closer to Meadow's neck as it hid under one of her braids. Meadow shrugged and put the kitten back in its carrier. The shop keeper leaned forward, "I'll tell you what, since that cat likes you I'll only charge you 5 gallons. Every customer that comes in and looks at her she takes a swing at with her claws. Would you like any owl treats or cat nip? You two are on your way to Kings Cross, right? I'll take off 7 gallons if you buy some food."


A few minutes later Remus pulled the trunks from the store and out followed two happy kids with their new pets. As they passed through the Leaky Cauldron's bar, Tom said goodbye and wished them luck at Hogwarts. A rental car was waiting right outside on muggle London, Remus tossed the two trunks in the back of the car as Meadow claimed back seat and Shane claimed front. An hour later, they arrived at the train station, a large opening to the platforms, big, white letters of KING'S CROSS were spread out on the wall. Within that hour Shane had decided to name his owl Solo, and Meadow had named her kitten Bella, but quickly changed to plain Bee.


Remus checked his watch as he grabbed two trolley carts, "Come on kids, we'll be late if we don't hurry up." Shane and Meadow put their pets on the top shelf of the cart as Remus moved the trunks, "If they're not right, it's fine, once you get in a cabin check which belongs to who." The older Lupin took Meadow's trolley and started speed walking towards a certain platform.


"Dad?" Shane called after him, as both eleven-year-olds ran after Remus, "Where do we go exactly?"


"Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, of course," Remus replied as if it was the most natural things. "The train leaves at exactly eleven o'clock, we've got five minutes to get there."


Remus slowed down towards Platforms Nine and Ten. "Right, you two first, Meadow hold onto Shane's trolley, you two need to run straight through that wall, don't worry, it won't hurt, you'll pass right through."


The two children exchanged a look of worry but Remus pressed on "Go kids!" The two ran forward, Shane kept his eyes open, leading a blind Meadow, who was frightened and shut hers as soon as they started running. The crash never came, Shane yelled in excitement causing Meadow to open her eyes. There was a huge platform with many other families of witches and wizards. Meadow felt a pang of jealously as she spotted some families. There were two parents with one kid, the father and son had white blonde hair where the mother had black and white blonde hair; the three were dressed to impress anyone but the look didn't go well with the cold frowns on their faces. The name Malfoy popped into hear head, but she quickly forgot as she spotted another family. A family closer to the two all had flaming red hair, both parents smiling, but the mom's eyes were sad, the kids ranged in years, there was one that was thin with glasses, he was holding a book, a set of twins, laughing and joking around, a small boy, Meadow guessed around her and Shane's age, and a small girl, she was holding onto her mother's hand and silently crying while smiling at her brothers' joke.


"Shane! Meadow!" A voice called. Remus. "We need to put your trunks on the train."


The two turned towards the voice and followed but couldn't see Remus through the sea of people. As they neared the train they found him taking Meadow's trunk off the trolley and putting it on the step of the train. "Meadow grab your kitten and Shane's owl. Go up the steps and wait there."


Remus and Shane heaved both trunks up on the train, and Shane dragged them into the hallway. The train whistled, signaling it was about to leave. Meadow put Bee and Solo down quick before she ran to hug the man who took after her when her father couldn't. "Thank you Uncle Remus, for everything. I'll take care of Shane for you," She smiled and Remus laughed. Meadow raced up the steps to give the other two some time together, she wiped her eyes from the tears that were forming.


The train whistled again, signaling it was taking off, the breaks came off, and the train rolled forward. Shane joined Meadow in the corridor, both picked up what was theirs and started walking to find a compartment together. They walked a for awhile finding no empty rooms, and finally settled on a room with two boys about their age, one was the red-haired boy Meadow saw earlier with his red-haired family, and the other had black hair with glasses. "Harry," breathed Meadow.


"What?" Shane asked, but Meadow had already knocked and walked in, getting the attention of the two boys.


"Hi," Meadow said softly, losing her courage, "Hm.. Do you two boys, ah.. mind if Shane and I sit here? Everywhere else-"


"-is full, we know," Harry smiled, "But you're welcome to join us." The red-haired boy looked grim at that, but the three other kids didn't notice. Harry got up and helped Meadow with her trunk and Shane dragged his trunk in the compartment.


A hoot came from an owl, Meadow looked around and saw a Snowy owl on the shelf, Harry followed her gaze, "That's Hedwig, hopefully she'll get along with yours."


"I bet they will," Shane smiled and put Solo up by the snowy owl, both hooted softly. The boys lifted both trunks onto the shelves above the seats, "I'm Shane by the way, Shane Lupin."


"Harry Potter," He smiled, his green eyes lighting up, "You look familiar, do I know you?"


Meadow smiled, but she ignored the question, they went to the same Muggle school when she lived with Miss Figg, but that was ages ago. "I'm Meadow Snape," she noticed the red-haired boy was looking uncomfortable, "Who are you?" She asked softly.


"Ron, Ron Weasley," He replied tightly.


"I was wondering who you were with your family. They look so nice," Meadow tried to make conversation with the boy. He grunted in reply. As she tried not to roll her eyes, "Fine, don't talk to me, I was only trying to be friendly but if you're just going to be a great prat about it." She huffed, sat down, and looked out the window.


Ron narrowed his eyes at her before he said coldly, "You're a Snape."


"What about me being a Snape? So what?"


"You're Professor Snape's daughter then, aren't you?"




Ron snorted, "You'll get favored by him."


"Enough!" Shane said just as Meadow opened her mouth to reply, "Just because she's a Professor's daughter doesn't mean she'll get favored, just like because you have older brothers doesn't mean you'll get to be popular."


Ron looked disgruntled at that thought, crossed his arms, and glared out the window, Harry went and sat by him, "You know Ron, he has a point, and just like I'm the boy-who-lived doesn't mean everyone will like me. Back at home my cousin and his friends played a game called Harry Hunting, and would bully anyone who tried to talk to me."


Meadow stood up suddenly and picked up Bee's kennel, unlocked it, put the kitten on Shane, and replaced the cage in its spot. Meadow took her pet from Shane and placed Bee on her lap, the kitten started purring as soon as Meadow tickled behind its ears.


"Oi!" A redhead popped his head in the compartment, "How's our-"


"-Ickle Ronniekinz doing?" Another redhead who looked exactly like the other one finished.


Ron's face just about lit on fire it was so red, "I'm fine!"


"Well someone is a little grouchy, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or what?" One of the twins asked as the other looked around in the compartment of the train, realizing their brother wasn't alone.


"Hey Fred, there's some other first years in here, should we introduce ourselves?"


Fred looked around as well, "Oh I suppose, I'm Forge, and-"


"I'm Gred," the other laughed and the three who weren't related to the twins smiled.


George made eye contact with Meadow, "So you know our names, what's your's?" He directed it towards the three but he seemed fascinated with Meadow's eyes.


"I'm Shane," the werewolf said, pulling the attention off Meadow for a split second. "Shane Lupin."


Harry smiled at the twins, "Harry Potter."


"Harry Potter! Blimey George, we've met a celebrity!" Fred said and pretended to faint as George 'worshiped' Harry, who turned red.


"You guys can stop, really, I'm just Harry!" the boy protested, but had little effect until George once again made eye contact with the little Snape.


"And you are?"


Meadow felt a blush pull up on her cheeks, she wasn't used to getting any kind of attention from anyone except Shane, Remus, and Severus (or any of the healers at St. Mungo's, but she didn't really count that). "I'm Meadow," she managed to squeak out, she had pulled back into her shy-shell.


"Meadow what?" Fred pushed for conversation.


Meadow looked down, uncomfortable with the situation, they're brother just blamed her for being a teacher's pet without thought. "She's Snape's daughter," Ron bit out, glaring at her, she peaked up from under her eyelashes to see a bit of surprise from the twins.


"No matter!" One of them said.


"It's personality that counts, don't let anyone tell you differently," The other said, Meadow assumed it was George.


"Nice to meet you lot!" Fred said and waved off.


And George straightened up as well, "We heard Lee has a spider a few compartments down if you want to join Ronald!" The two walked off laughing.


"What was that all about, Doe?" Shane asked and she shrugged. The four started small talk, Ron joined rather grudgingly, still not able to get over Meadow's last name.


A trolley came later with a bunch of sweets and Harry bought the lot, sharing with the three other kids. Ron loosened up to Meadow after a while and the four first years laughed and talked. A boy named Neville Longbottom dropped by to see if his toad was in their room, but he wasn't so the boy apologized and ran out calling for "Trevor." Soon after the pump boy ran off a bossy girl named Herminone Granger asked about the toad as well, but walked in right when Ron was going to perform a spell his brother, Fred, made up to turn his rat yellow. She pointed out that it wasn't a 'real spell' and knelt in front Harry, said a spell and fixed his broken glasses. The know-it-all then pointed out that they'd be arriving soon and they'd want to change into their robes. Meadow was slightly roughed up about the girl, just because one read all of the books and history of Hogwarts, didn't mean she'd have to shove everything down another person's throat. She left the compartment, clothes in hand, to find a bathroom while the boys changed in the compartment.


When she found one, it was surprisingly empty, so Meadow walked in and locked the door behind her. She looked into the mirror, her blonde hair pulled back into her braids were falling out, she pulled the pony holders off and undid the braid, her hair left crinkled instead its natural curl. Meadow sighed, turned the sink on, got water in her hands, and proceeded to comb the water through her hair, getting it damp enough to curl normally. The small girl then pulled off her muggle clothing and put on her uniform: a white dress shirt, a black, pleaded, mid-thigh skirt, white stockings, black Mary-Jane shoes, a plain black tie, and a black robe that pulls overtop. Meadow folded her other clothes right when somebody knocked on the door.


"I'm almost done," she called as she looked at herself in the mirror again. Meadow nodded, approving of her tie's tie, unlocked the door, and ran into the white blonde haired boy. She lost her balance, threw her arms backwards to catch herself, her muggle clothes dropped to the floor, but she was caught. Strong arms wrapped around her middle back, pulled her back to her feet, and steadied her. Meadow had expected that someone to ask "Are you alright?" Instead she got "Watch where you're going," a sneer appeared on the boy's face, "Or are you just like Longbottom, blubbering about your toad? 'Trevor! Trevor come here!' as if the toad could actually hear him." The boy scoffed and added, "What an idiot." He let go of her, allowing her to stand on her own, and looked at her. Frozen to the spot by the reaction the boy, she just stood in his way and looked at him with big eyes under long lashes.


"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to move," the boy said rudely. "I have to change you know," he indicated his uniform in his hands. Meadow squeaked an apology and lowered her eyes, "Hey wait! Do I know you?" The boy grabbed her arm as she tried to walk away.


"N-no… I don't think so," Meadow said not looking up.


"Alright, fine, have it your way," The boy responded before he pushed through her to the bathroom. Meadow ran back to her compartment, praying the boys were done changing. She burst in, the siding door jarred open, the three boys looked up at her.


"Why do you look like you saw a ghost?" Ron asked.


Meadow recounted what just happened to her with the blonde boy and groaned, "I forgot my stupid muggle clothes on the floor outside the bathroom."


"That bloody git," the three looked at the red-head. "What? It's Draco Malfoy, he's a git. He'll be in Slytherin for sure. His father's a-" Ron lowered his voice to a whisper so they had to lean forward, "-Death Eater."


Harry looked at him in confusion, "What's a Death Eater?"


"A follower of You-Know-Who," Meadow replied, surprising herself. "But let's not forget the real reason he came up! My clothes..." She trailed off when she realized the boys weren't paying attention, Draco Malfoy, she thought to herself and remembered. They had met a couple times over at his mansion, they would play with Dobby the house elf, and then he and Shane didn't get alone due to Draco's narrow-minded father.


"Oh, so this Malfoy guy, who Meadow ran into, his father is a follower of Voldemort?" Asked Harry, and Ron flinched at the name.


"Yeah, the bloody git," Ron said, "His family, along with a lot of other purebloods-ah, full wizard blood, where everyone in their family is a witch or wizard- follow You-Know-Who. Most of those wizards were in Slytherin, just like Malfoy will be."


"The train will be arriving in five minutes," the speaker announced, the four looked up.


Meadow looked down and bit her lip, "I take it as you don't like Slytherin's then."


"No Slytherin ever comes out good."


Shane took the chance to change the subject, "So anyone know the other houses?"


"There's Gryffindor, that's where all my brothers are," commented Ron.


"And there's also Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff," Meadow added, "The four houses were founded by the four founders, two wizards, Godic Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin, and two witches, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. Each house has its own... Hm… Specialty based off of something." She frowned, "I can't remember how it's decided which house you're in."


"Fred and George said it was a task!" Ron piped up.


"Anyways!" Meadow continued, "Gryffindors are known as brave, Slytherin as cunning, Hufflepuff as good-hearted, and Ravenclaw as brilliant."


The train started to slow down and the speaker came on, "Leave everything on the train, your things will brought to your room."


Harry, Shane, Ron, and Meadow stood up as the train halted to a stop, they basically ran out of the train, happy to breathe fresh air. "'irst ye'rs! F'rst ye'rs follow me!" A giant man rose up out of the crowd of people walking everywhere.


"Hagrid!" Harry cried and raced over to the large man, the three hot on his feet, not wanting to get separated from each other.


"'arry!" Meadow presumed to be Hagrid said in a gruff voice. "Are ya excited for your' f'rst day?"


"I'm a bit nervous actually," The boy responded, "I've made some friends! This is Ron Weasley-"


Hagrid chuckled, "Another one? Are ya a tr'uble-maker like yo'r twin brothers?" Ron shook his head, his ears turned pink.


"-Shane Lupin-"


The man, eyed him up, "Will you be havin' some problems like your father did?" Shane nodded and frowned, his eyes dropped to the ground. Meadow reached out and grabbed her friend's hand with her own and squeezed it, he squeezed back.


"-and Meadow Snape."


"Snape's kid?" Hagrid looked at Meadow, "Mus' be a mistake, she don't look like a Snape." By this time a crowd of first years had gathered by the large man, "Oh! Foll'w me f'rst ye'rs. We're goin' to Hogwarts on boats. Hope no one's fraid of water."


Hagrid lead the first years down a hill towards a lake and Harry updated him on his muggle family. Ron and Harry started talking about Harry's home life, Meadow saw that Harry was looking very uncomfortable with the topic.


The group of first years got into the boats by fours and unfortunately for Meadow, the bossy Hermonie Granger took the last seat with Harry, Shane, and Ron. Meadow pointed out that she was stepping into the boat when Granger practically jumped in the boat with them. But the girl repeated what Hagrid said, "No more than four to a boat," and added "So scoot."


Meadow's eyes watered up but she stomped away, only to find that the next boat she came to was the one with the blonde boy, whose name she recalled Ron said was Draco Malfoy, a darker skinned boy, and a girl with brunette hair. "Hm... Excuse me," Meadow voiced softly, she cleared her throat to get their attention, "Excuse me, would you mind if I sat with you three?"


Meadow silently cursed herself for asking as they just looked at her, but the girl slowly nodded, "Sure, come in!" Gratefully she took a seat next to the girl, the boat started moving right away, "I'm Daphne Greengrass."


"I'm Meadow-"


"Hey!" The blonde said, turning around, "You're the girl who forgot how to talk!" He started laughing and so did the other boy.


Daphne rolled her eyes, "Don't pay attention to them, what did you say your last name was?"


"I didn't say," Meadow muttered, but Daphne raised an eyebrow at her, "I'm Meadow Sna-"


But the two boys burst into laughter again, covering up the last part of her name. "And to think, I actually thought she was normal until she squeaked like a scared puppy and ran off, forgetting her disgusting muggle clothes behind."


"Boys!" Daphne yelled, "Introduce yourselves."


"You already know me Daph," The darker skinned one said, but one look from Daphne and he quickly said "Blaise Zabini."


"The name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," the blonde said as if he rehearsed it, he stuck out a hand for Meadow to take, and she did. Malfoy had a firm handshake but was also soft from his hands. "What was your name or are you going to forget how to speak?" He smirked, it might have been attractive to Meadow if he wasn't such a jerk already. "Are you sure we don't know each other?"


"I don't know…" Meadow lied, and their boat made it to shore and Hagrid took them up the Hogwarts stairs, the four in the boat didn't realize Hogwarts came into view because they were talking, and it was too late to see the whole school. Meadow gasped at the breathtaking sight, even not seeing the whole castle it was a beautiful scene, but soon the first years were inside walking up more stairs to a stern-looking woman. She introduced herself as Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor House, professor to Transfiguration, and Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. She promptly then walked away, leaving the first years by themselves.


"So, the saying on the train is true than," Draco Malfoy walked on the steps in front of the four friends on the train, "Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts." The crowd gasped. Malfoy swaggered towards Harry, Ron, Shane, and Meadow. Meadow grabbed for Shane's hand, who squeezed her hand to calm her down. "I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," he said it just like he said his name to Meadow moments earlier. "You'll learn that some people are the wrong sort to hang out with," He looked straight at Ron, "But I can help you there." Ron snorted, which snapped Malfoy's attention back to him, "Let me guess, red hair, pale completion, freckles, and hammy-down robes. You must be a Weasley."


Ron's ears turned pick again, but Harry looked into Malfoy's eyes, "Thanks, but no thanks, I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself alright."


Professor McGonagall walked in and tapped Malfoy on the shoulder with rolled up parchment. "Follow me."


The first year's piled into the Great Hall and lined up by twos before bunching together at the front of the tables. "The sorting will being shortly," Professor McGonagall walked out with a hat, who then sang a song about the four houses.


The first person got called up and was sorted into Hufflepuff, "Abbott, Hannah", and soon more and more students were getting sorted, "Greengrass, Daphne" was sorted into Slytherin, and "Hegland, Beau" was sorted into Ravenclaw. "Lupin, Shane!" The Professor called, Shane squeezed Meadow's hand one last time before climbing onto the stool and allowing the hat to be sat on his head. A few moments later the hat called out "GRYFFINDOR!" And that whole table cheered. Draco Malfoy was sorted into Slytherin without the hat barely touching his slicked back hair, and that table roared. When Harry was called up the entire Great Hall went silent, Meadow squeezed his wrist in reassurance but she could see Harry was nervous, the hat covered his eyes. Harry was close to being one of the longest sorting ever, the hat yelled "GRYFFINDOR!" And Harry relaxed in relief, the Gryffindor table was ecstatic, screaming and whooping, the Weasley twins even stood up and chanting "WE GOT POTTER!"


"Oh thank Merlin he made it to Gryffindor," Ron commented to Meadow. A few more kids went before "Snape, Meadow." And the crowd went silent once again, Severus leaned forward, and then slouched against his chair.


Whispers filled the Hall, "Did you know Snape had a daughter?" "She looks nothing like him." "She doesn't look like the Slytherin sort." A few "I remember her!" And more and more whispers. Meadow glanced towards Malfoy and Daphne's way, Malfoy's mouth wide open and Daphne smiled as she made eye contact.


Meadow stood, stunned, and Ron pushed her forward, making her stumble up the steps. She sat down on the stool and Professor McGonagall lowered the hat onto her head.


"Ah!" The hat whispered in Meadow's ear, "A great mind you have, intelligent, curious, puzzle-solving, so much like your mother's own, she was put in Hufflepuff you know, she would have done great in any house, but she insisted on hard-work is the best way to go. You're father, now, that's more difficult, I see you even have a difficult time believing Severus Snape is your father or not. Snape was put into Slytherin, he was cunning, just like you, and sneaky, always 'over-hearing' things from others. Do you have any pick of house you would like?"


"Just put me where you think I belong most," Meadow thought to the hat.


"Very interesting, most beg to be placed into a house, but you, you want to know where you belong. You're brain works like a clock, ticking and tocking while finding out things to increase the tick tock."


"What does that mean?"


"You'll find out in time," the hat laughed and before she could ask anymore questions the Sorting Hat yelled out "SLYTHERIN." And that table went nuts again, McGonagall pulled the hat off Meadow's head, and she saw Daphne wave her over to a spot by her, but Malfoy made Daphne move over to make more room in between them. He forced Meadow to sit between him and Daphne, Meadow rolled her eyes and the other girl stifled a laugh.


"Congratulations!" Daphne said and hugged Meadow, "You're now part of us, we Slytherins stick together."


The sorting went on, but the first years introduced themselves to the newest member of the house, all of them had known each other from play dates when they were younger.


"Theordore Nott," A boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes said as he held out his hand.


"Crabb," A bigger boy said gruffly and knocked into the other larger boy.




"Tracey Davis," A girl with black hair and brown eyes behind glasses.


"Terrance Higgs," A boy with black hair and blue eyes, his left eye looked slightly discolored, but Meadow didn't have time to pay more attention to it.


"Pansy Parkinson!" A girl with brown hair and eyes cheered happily, but was slightly glaring at Meadow.




"And last but not least," Malfoy started. "Blaise."


As the dark skinned boy walked over, he had black hair and dark milky chocolate eyes. He sat across from Meadow, pushing Pansy over further from Draco.


Pansy pouted, "Drakey, Blaise is being mean."


"I told you never to call me that Parkinson!" Malfoy barked, as the rest of the first years laughed.


Professor Dumbledore stood up and waited for everyone to quiet down, said a few funny words before a large amount of food showed up on the table. Meadow took this time to try and make eye contact with Shane, but no luck, he was talking to Ron and Harry along with some of his housemates, and she tried to do the same.




So yeah… Obviously a lot longer than chapters 3-11 due to being introduced to everyone. Chapters will vary on length, it's not entirely my fault.



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