Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


19. End of Term

Baby Miracle


Meadow shrugged and they walked upstairs, "Let's just turn in for the night. I'm so tired." She yawned and Terry laughed. "G'night!" The two separated and went to their own rooms.


Chapter Nineteen: The End of Term


It was a normal Thursday afternoon for the Slytherin group, they sat in the library, which Meadow was allowed back into. They were all working on homework, except for Meadow, who was sitting with the other three, just with a big book opened up and she was skimming through it as quickly as possible. Daphne had asked what she was doing, Meadow had either not heard her or choose to ignore her. The little Snape groaned in frustration as it was another book that lead to nothing.


"Meadow? Can you help me with this quick?" Terry asked.


She looked over at him, "Yeah, sure what's up?"


"This charms paper doesn't look right, can you skim it quick?"


Meadow nodded and grabbed it quick, looking it over, it sounded just fine in her mind. She stated that and pushed her chair away, going off to find another book possibly close to Nicolas Flamel. The blonde was so engrossed with finding a book, she didn't even notice that Malfoy had come up behind her. He cleared his throat and Meadow jumped as she pulled her wand out. "Don't ever do that to me again, if we weren't in the library I would have screamed." She warned and lowered her wand, "What do you want Malfoy."


"I just wanted to help you."


"Thank you, but I don't need your help," Meadow replied and turned around back to looking.


Malfoy stood there, he turned the ring on his right hand with his left, as an act of nervousness, "Meadow, I want to help you."


She turned back around, an old book in her hand, "I don't think you heard me correctly, Malfoy, I don't want your help." Meadow then briskly walked back toward the table that Daphne, Theo, and Terry were at. Even more frustrated than before, Meadow opened the book to a random page, which to her surprise, had a picture of ruby red stone in the hands of a man. The man was very old, interested on who this was and what importance of the stone had, Meadow skimmed through the passage below it.


"The ancient study of alchemy… the Sorcerer's Stone… the stone transforms any metal into pure gold… produces the Elixir of Life… make the drinker immortal…The stone currently belongs to Nicolas Flamel… who celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last year." (page 220, HP1)


"Oh Merlin's beard," Meadow jumped up as she put the pieces together and raced out of the library. She ran to the dungeons, "Dad!" She yelled as she opened the potion's door, heads snapped around to her, she recognized Cedric Diggory, who gave her a quick nod, and Meadow blushed in embarrassment, she had walked in on a second year potions class! She quickly made her way to her father's desk and he pointedly glared at her. "Professor, I need to talk to you."


Snape held his hand out and looked at her with a bored face, Meadow leaned in "Privately." The potions master rolled his eyes and got up, the two headed into the potions ingredients closet.


"What Miss Snape, I'm teaching a class currently." He gave her a sharp look that said you're an inconvenience to me.


"Daddy, why does the Sorcerer's Stone need to be guarded?" She took a deep breath, and looked down.


"Who told you about that?"


"I'm not saying."


"Meadow Lily Snape, you listen to me right now," He pushed her chin up, so the two could make eye contact. "The Stone is safe, it is hidden, it is protected, and you need not to worry about it."


Meadow let her breath out, "Daddy, it's not safe, it needs to be moved to someplace safe."


"What gave you this crazy idea?"


He looked so surreal, Meadow spilled everything right there, how her Gryffindor friends saw Fluffy, Harry's broom getting jinxed, Snape being the one who they think is going to steal it, they know about Nicholas Flamel and the stone, but don't know what the stone does, even though she does.


"Meadow, I want you to tell them that you talked to me, I got mad and gave you a week of detention, but tell them about what the stone does. They can't be that stupid to go off after it well Dumbledore is around. And as long as he's around, it will be safe. I've also discovered that someone is trying to steal it, however, it isn't me."


"Who is it?" She asked.


Severus just shook his head, "I am not letting my daughter get mixed up in this."




"No, end of discussion." And he walked out of the closet, Meadow followed and quickly left the dungeons, to go call for Mino. Mino was Meadow and Shane's first owl, it is old, but it loves to fly and give messages, so around Hogwarts, Meadow will call for him.


Lost in her own world, she turned the corner she bumped into someone. "Oh! I'm sorry!" Meadow exclaimed.


"Hey Doe," Shane laughed and she smiled. "I was hoping I'd bump into you."


"I was too actually!" Meadow said excitedly, "Where's Harry and Granger? I need to tell them too."


"I'll go get them, I'll meet you by the Hump Back Witch on Third floor?"


Before Meadow could even reply, Shane raced off, and she sighed, slowly making her way to the third floor.




"Harry you need to eat something for this Quidditch match," Granger commented Saturday morning, as he picked at his food.


"I know, I'm just nervous. Why does Snape have to referee the match?" Harry muttered.


"Hey now, that's my father you're talking about."


Harry looked grimly up at her, "Sorry Meadow, I just don't feel like that's right, especially since he wasn't blinking when my broom got jinxed."


She smiled sadly, "I promise you, it wasn't him. Have you three ever thought to think of someone not so predictable? Most people, if and when they do something bad, they don't want to stick out like a hippogriff."


"And who would you say?"


"I don't know, honestly Quirrell seems like a person who is trying way too hard to be vulnerable, but it's not Snape, regardless of how much you protest that it is." Meadow replied, "But really Harry, Granger is right, you need to eat. You need some strength for this match, especially if you want the snitch right away."


The three Gryffindors looked at Meadow surprised, Shane spoke up, "How did you know?"


"Oh please, I know my father isn't well liked by the Gryffindors because of how harsh he is on you guys. I'm not blind. I can see how much of a rough time he gives Harry."


"Blimey Doe, you make it sound like you think we think you're stupid," Shane rubbed his brown eyes.


"No, I'm just observational."


"And I still am not hungry, but thanks for the pep talk." Harry frowned, "I'm going to go down and get ready." He pushed his food away, and got up, walking away from his friends.


"How's snogging Malfoy, Miss Snape?" George asked as he wiggled his fingers at her, and she spluttered, turning a cherry red, "I'll take that as good!" He and Fred followed Harry out of the Great Hall.


Granger rolled her eyes turned to Meadow, "Do you really think it's not Snape?" The blonde nodded, and Granger got excited "I didn't think so either! Like you said, he's making it a habit to be mean to the other houses except for yours. I know I saw him not blinking when Harry's broom got jinxed, but he's a Hogwart's professor, he might have been trying to save Harry."


"If anything, saving Harry would have been it," Meadow nodded, "I almost feel as though Quirrell might be the one trying to steal it."


"He's so jumpy and scared all the time though," said the bushy haired girl, "I mean, I heard he went to Romania to examine vampires and they tried to eat him. I feel like that would make me on edge too."


Meadow leaned in, "It's almost as if he's too jumpy, but it's just a thought, it could even be Dumbledore himself trying to steal it. I'm sure he's actually helping protect it. It could be just about anyone." She paused, gathering her thoughts, "I mean, anyone, you said Hagrid owns Fluffy right? There has to be other enchantments and spells and obstacles that has to be put into place before the stone. Think about it, Dumbledore himself wouldn't try and protect the stone all by himself. The professors must have some sort of talent that Dumbledore asked them to use. But I'm going to meet up with Daph, Theo, and Terry. I'll see you at the Quidditch pitch?"


Granger and Shane agreed, and Meadow got up and headed towards the Slytherin table. Leaving the two Gryffindors to have a lot to think about.


Meadow watched as the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff teams went out on the pitch, pale faced and nervous the players mounted their brooms and hovered in the air and watched for Professor Snape to walk out on the pitch. The Slytherins started cheering and clapping as their Head of House appeared.


Terry pinched her arm, "Meadow look, Dumbledore even showed up to watch!"


She whipped her head around, and spotted his silver hair and beard among the crowd of professors. "That doesn't seem good, and neither does my dad refereeing for this match. Something must actually be wrong."


"It's probably just another precaution that another broom doesn't get jinxed," Terrance replied, he started cheering as the quaffle was in possession of the Hufflepuff chaser, Maggie Jorgans, as soon as the game started. "You know, you might have more fun with your Gryffindorks. They're not that far away."


Meadow nodded and headed towards Shane and Granger. Surprisingly she found Malfoy and his two thugs of friends, Crabbe and Goyle, with Shane and Neville Longbottom wrestling under the seat Granger was standing on. All of the sudden Granger threw her arms up and screamed in delight, Meadow flinched with the sudden loudness and realized that all of the Gryffindor fans were celebrating, Harry had already caught the snitch. Meadow jumped up next to Granger and celebrated with her, the two girls hugged, but quickly let go and looked down.


Longbottom was unconscious as he had tried to take on both Crabbe and Goyle, and Shane and Draco were still rolling around fighting. Meadow hopped down and tried to separate the two boys before she wiped her wand out, "SHANE BLAKE LUPIN! DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY!" The two looked up surprised, "You two will stop fighting or I swear on Merlin's beard, I will knock the two of you out."


Meadow shook her head, "Shane I expected better out of you," she looked at Malfoy, "Can't you grow up. It's not okay to pick on them just because you wanted to be friends with Harry and he choose not to be friends with a slimy git like you. Stand up." The two did and looked down at their toes, "You two will get Longbottom to the Hospital Wing, TOGETHER. Start being civil to each other. We're still here for the next six years." Meadow shook her head again and rolled her dark eyes, "I can't believe you two." And she walked away, Granger giving the boys a disapproving look as well before she followed Meadow.


"How did you do that?" Granger asked, nodding toward the two boys, who were trying to get Longbottom's arms over their shoulders.


Meadow smiled slightly, "Shane knows me, I'm as stubborn as I can get when I don't like something, and Malfoy, well… He's just trying to be my friend. However, Malfoy does keep trying to pick fights with you three, because I do believe he is jealous that he was turned down by the-boy-who-lived. I mean, I could be wrong. But I'm also the only first year Slytherin that he doesn't know."


"I'm still lost," Granger commented.


"Shane and I are like siblings, and Malfoy just wants to know me better," Meadow shrugged, "If you cut something they care about off, people usually do anything you want. Which is why Voldemort is notorious, he threatens what people love and cherish. Whether that is their own life, or another's life."


"That doesn't seem very nice," the Gryffindor replied.


"No, it's really not, but it is very effective when things need to get done, I don't do it very often."


"How are things with Higgs?" Granger asked.


Meadow looked at her sharply, "Better, why do you ask?"


"I just remember our conversation before the troll attacked us," she said softly, "I wanted to make sure you were feeling better and that you an Higgs were getting along better."


The younger Snape's heart melted from its frozen state, she unconsciously rubbed her left arm, where the deep tissue scar was still visible. "Oh, that, I'm doing a lot better, most of my scars are faded and Terry and I are actually a lot better. During winter break we got close again."


Granger nodded, and relief flooded her face, "I know that we don't always see eye to eye, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to call each other friends in the future, but I do care about you Snape."


Meadow smiled, "I care about you too Granger. I'll see you tomorrow at noon in the library?"


Granger nodded and the two bid farewell to each other, Granger went to see how the boys were managing with Longbottom and Meadow went to find her Slytherin friends.




After dinner Shane came and found Meadow in an empty classroom in which she was practicing her charms, transfigurations, and spells.


"Meadow! There you are," he said as he walked in. "Don't have it perfect?"


She ignored him and turned several needles into matches. "Doe please, this is important. I'm sorry okay? Malfoy just had said some vial things about Harry, I can only take so much crap from him about my friends. And it's painful to see you two together, I know you don't really like him and that you harp on him for bulling us. Harry and Granger told me on how much you try and get him to stop. But Doe, you can't make everyone get along with each other. I'm sorry that I disappointed you, truly I am, but I'm not going to lay down so Malfoy will have an easier time walking all over us Gryffindors."


She rolled her eyes, "I'm just reviewing and making sure that I'm getting ready for exams at the end of the year. Those are coming up soon, didn't you know?" Meadow teased him, as she muttered a spell and easily matches turned themselves into silver needles. "I forgive you."


The two hugged, and Meadow continued to practice, Shane joined in only to receive pointers from the younger girl. It was effective and their hard work seemed to pay off for exams. In the next few weeks, Meadow had breezed by her Charms, Potions, and Herbology, Transfiguration gave her a harder time, but she still found it easy, and Flying Lessons had stopped ages ago. Meadow felt bad for Harry, she noticed that he kept rubbing his forehead. She couldn't imagine having to go through constant pain in her head.


Malfoy had also tried to make up the Quidditch episode to Meadow, offering to carry her books, or study with her. She had declined both, however after a few days she allowed Malfoy to come with, but after exams he switched over to teasing the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws about how easy exams were. Some people just never change.


Meadow spent most of her free time outside by the Lake with Daphne, Theodore, and Terrance, although sometimes she stayed in and read second year books from the library. The break they had was due to the professors grading everyone's exams. The year was slowing down to an end, and soon, Meadow would be back underground, where no one except Severus could find her, Shane, and Uncle Remus.




Andd chapter 19 is done. I hope you guys are enjoying it!

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