Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


27. Dobby's bludger

AN: Okay, so for this chapter Meadow's neck gets fractured… spoiler, I'm sorry. But I just want to explain why her recovery is so much faster than her troll attack. One: Madam Pomfrey can mend bones easily—the injury this chapter only had broken bones; the troll attack, Meadow had multiple injuries as well as internal bleeding (where she needed her body to fix itself as well as be magically sped up). Second: Due to the extensive injuries—like the mirror pieces embedded into Meadow's skin and multiple broken bones as well as internally bleeding, Poppy couldn't fix everything all at once… She had to fix Meadow's worse injuries and she had to spread out the healing (magically) throughout Meadow's body to not overwhelm it. Also, I'm just going to assume that one's body, the more magic healed it gets, the more accepting one's body is… like apperating or lets say, for a Muggle's sake, training for a half-marathon or a 5K… The more you run, the easier and less sore one's body is.

So, I hope you understand what I'm trying to get across. And enjoy the newest chapter!

Baby Miracle

For there was only one way to get a book from the Restricted Section: You needed a signed note of permission from a teacher.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Dobby's Bludger

As Meadow had checked, double-checked, and triple-checked for that potions book, every time coming up empty, she asked Madame Pince. Whom was still angry with Meadow because she left without checking out A History of the Four Founders and refused to help her. As Meadow's spent countless hours in the library looking, her classes continued and changed, such as Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Professor Lockhart had stopped bringing in live creatures to class, and instead, read passages from his book to them. He would sometimes make Harry join him to reenact some of the scenes that were dramatic. Meadow had to roll her eyes, she decided to bring in her own books to research DADA on. Such as what one would do in a situation if one would be out in the woods and a large group of pixies attacked (the answer was to distract them with something shiny, such as a lock, or a conjured chuck of metal).

The bell rang and Lockhart got to his feet. He helped Harry up, whom took a fair bit of time getting back to his desk. Meadow put her stuff away and walked out into the hall, "I'll catch up with you guys later!" She called to her Slytherin friends as she waited outside of the classroom.

Daphne rolled her eyes, Meadow had filled her in at night the other day, and started talking to Theo about the essay for Herbology that was due tomorrow. Terrance held back, "Do I want to know what you four are getting into this year?"

Meadow smiled, "Nope!" she popped the 'p', "Probably not. I mean, unless you have a thing for trouble," she winked at him and his face colored a bit.

"No," Terry replied, shifting on his feet, "If there's anything I can do, I'd want to help." He bent down slightly to look her in the eyes, Meadow was slightly shorter then everyone and could easily pass as a first year again. "I do care about your safety, believe it or not."

Now it was Meadow's turn to blush, "Thanks, but I think we have it covered."

"Can you at least tell me what you're up to?" the blue-eyed boy asked.

"I—" Meadow started but the door opened and out tumbled Hermione and Shane, Meadow turned away slightly, "I'll tell you later okay?"

Terrance rolled his eyes but nodded and walked off towards the library to finish his essays. DADA was the last class for them that day. Harry almost ran into Shane with how fast he walked out of the classroom.

"I don't believe it," Harry said as soon as the four walked down the hall after Terrance, "He didn't even look at the book we were wanted."

"That's because his head's full of air," Shane hissed.

Meadow agreed, "He's pretty useless as a teacher, I borrowed a copy of the book Quirrell was having the second-years read and he did a better job of teaching."

"He's not useless!" Hermione shrieked at her with wide eyes as she realized Meadow had brought of Quirrell.

Meadow gave her a pointed look back and then looked at the note, "Really? He doesn't even seem to care what kind of danger we get into as long as he gets to sign a paper that some fawning girl wants."

The Gryffindor girl glared at her but Meadow shrugged it off. Hermione knew she was right and that was all that mattered. "Just because he said you were the best student of the year doesn't mean you have to fall for his phony act, Mione," Shane added, which earned him a glare as well.

Terrance entered the library and disappeared from sight as the four went up to Madame Pince, "Moste Potente Potions?" She questioned suspiciously, trying to take the note from Hermione.

"I was wondering if I could keep it?" The girl asked hesitantly, but Shane ripped it out of Hermione's hand and basically threw it at the librarian.

"We'll get you another autograph, after we get this book."

Madame Pince looked at the paper through a light to detect any forgery, but it passed the test, she gave Meadow a hard stare before she stalked off to the Restricted Section. She returned a few minutes later with a moldy-looking book.

"You," The librarian looked at Meadow, "Take care of that book or else your father will hear about it. If it remains intact, he will hear not of a book you have requested."

Meadow saluted as she received the book and the four walked out of the library, trying not to look guilty or suspicious. Meadow skimmed the pages as they went straight to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, she found a potion of her interest, it helped one become an animagus, where they could turn into an animal form at one's own will. Meadow made note of the potion for later use.

Soon, Meadow found herself, Hermione, Harry, and Shane in the out of order bathroom. They had agreed in a previous conversation that it was the best place to brew the potion since no one would go in there anyways. Myrtle was crying in another stall, but the four ignored her as she ignored them. Meadow found the page she was looking for, The Polyjuice Potion. It had dawings of people halfway through transforming into other people, but they looked like they were in pain.

Hermione looked over her shoulder and said, "This is the most complicated potion I've ever seen. Lacewing flies, leeches, fluxweed, and knotgrass… those will be in the student store-cupboard, Meadow you could easily grab those. Oooh, look, podwered horn of a bicorn, shredded skin of a boomslang, and of course a bit of whoever we want to change into."

"My dad keeps those ingredients in his personal store," Meadow spoke up, "I can grab those as well. It's not too difficult of a potion, it just needs a lot of monitoring, and time."

"How much time?" Harry asked.

"A months' worth," the brunette replied.

"But Hermione!" Shane exclaimed, "Do you realize how many attacks could happen by then?"

"It's our only shot, and if Doe keeps an eye on Malfoy," Hermione replied, and eyes turned on the Slytherin, who smiled grimly, "There shouldn't be a problem."

"Back up a second, did you say bits of the person we're changing into?" Shane asked, and the two girls nodded, "I am not drinking anything of Crabbe, especially his toenails."

Meadow shut the book with a snap and Hermione glared at the werewolf, "If you two are too chicken to go through with this, fine, I'll return the book right now."

"I don't break the rules, but I find brewing a potion is less of a big deal than threatening Muggle-borns," Hermione added. "If you don't want to find out if Malfoy is the culprit or not, be my guest and leave."

"Never would I have dreamed to see Hermione Granger to persuade us to break rules," Shane commented to Harry, who nodded, "But alright, relax you two, we're in." Shane turned to Harry as the two girls planned how to get the ingredients without Professor Snape from noticing, "It'll be easier if you just knock Malfoy off his broom tomorrow."

"Let's just hope Meadow doesn't get pissed off when she loses," Harry muttered back, earning a glare from the Slytherin anyways.

"I heard that," she whispered dangerously towards him and he shrugged it off.

"You play your game, and I'll play mine," Harry grinned back at her. It was no secret that Meadow had become a chaser because of how she told off Flint and got him suspended from the Slytherin Quidditch team, during try-outs.


Meadow woke up early Saturday morning after a fitful night of sleep, she was nervous about how the game would go. She knew from the Gryffindors that they had wanted to beat her team because of Malfoy's spiteful comment about Hermione the other day. Sighing, she got up and went to the bathroom. Her appearance looked ghastly, her eyes had bags under them, face pale, and blonde hair ruffled up in places. She jumped in the shower and hoped it would help.

Half an hour later, she got out of the shower, dressed in her quidditch gear—Adrian had expressed some concern about her being the only girl on the team, hence why she had to get dressed before she went into the locker rooms. She carefully walked out of the room to not wake up Daphne and closed the door quietly. Meadow hadn't been paying attention and nearly walked into the other second-year quidditch player.

"Oh Merlin," Meadow gasped, a hand came up to her heart, "You scared the bloody hell out of me, Malfoy."

He grinned slightly, "Sorry about that, Snape." He was pale as well, barely any color was in his face (not that he had a lot anyways, but it was relatively worse). "Can't sleep either?" Malfoy asked, his silver eyes looking into her black ones.

"Something like that…" Meadow trailed off, "You know we have a slim chance of actually beating them, right?"

"I know, they have Saint Potter," Malfoy replied, his lip curling. "We do have faster brooms though, maybe you can score us enough points where it won't matter who catches the snitch or not."

Meadow rolled her eyes as the two walked up to the Great Hall, "Doubtful, you hear Pucey every time I do something… 'Snape! You're sloppy, clean that up!' Or… 'Snape! You're in the middle of nowhere! Get somewhere and be open!'"

Malfoy snorted, and earned a glare from his younger teammate. "It's not funny, Draco Malfoy," she said in a slightly dangerous tone.

"I didn't say it was," he retorted. As they approached the Great Hall, Malfoy spun around on his heel and grabbed Meadow's shoulders, "Look, you are a great flyer. Pucey is just trying to push you to be the best, better than him or Cassius—you are actually better than Cassius—but it's because of your last name—"

"Oh? And your last name wouldn't have anything to do with why you got on the team either?" Meadow retorted and the boy's face twisted.

"Higgs isn't as great as you thought about him last year," Malfoy snarled and dropped his arms. "Just because I have enough gold to buy everyone new Nimbus 2001s doesn't mean I don't know how to catch a snitch."

"Although I was in the hospital, I do remember hearing you had been flying wrong all your life," Meadow said narrowing her eyes.

"Do you realize how stupid you sound?" Malfoy asked with a sneer and Meadow's face was starting to get hot.

"Don't you realize you just contradicted yourself? 'Pucey is just trying to push you to be the best… it's because of your last name.'" Meadow responded, "And then! 'Oh it had nothing to do with my last name at all or buying my way on the team.' Noooo," she was furious, how dare he blame it on her last name, "Honestly, Malfoy, I'm surprised you're not as thick as Crabbe and Goyal. You out of all people should know I am nothing like what the last name and my house describe me as!"

She pushed her way through the doors and noticed there were a bunch of eyes on her, she flushed harder, and went to sit down next to Miles, their keeper. "Do we want to know what that was all about?" He whispered into her ear as the Great Hall doors opened again to reveal a very pink-faced Malfoy, he sat down on the opposite end where Meadow was.

"I don't know," Meadow said dryly, "Obviously you heard at least my last phrase."

Miles nodded and the conversation ended. Meadow started biting her thumb nail and Miles gave her a look, which she ignored. More people walked in to get breakfast and stayed there until eleven o'clock approached. Both Quidditch teams left first before the rumble of everyone else was behind them. Terry, Theo, and Daphne had managed a "Good luck" before Meadow had disappeared into the Slytherin locker rooms. Her anger had somewhat subsided and bubbled up nerves replaced it.

Pucey waved for everyone to sit down after they put on their silver and green Slytherin robes. This was the first pre-match pep talk, Malfoy and Meadow had received. "Alright you lot, we've got better brooms and better people," Pucey started, looking into everyone's eyes, "Wood makes them practice in every sort of weather to get them prepared for a game like this—" the weather was pretty muggy and there seemed to be thunder approaching, "—but that just means that their players are sick, they'll be slow. Malfoy, I need you to catch this snitch otherwise our chances of Quidditch cup goes downhill, if you can knock Potter off his broom, go for it." Meadow eyes widened as Pucey said that, he was all for fairness, maybe he just knew it wouldn't be fair against Gryffindor anyways, "Snape—" hazel met black, "I need you to stick in here, don't worry about things you messed up on. You get extremely distracted and don't play as well then. You are an amazing chaser, realize you don't need to be praised every time you do something right, and you'll be even better."

Meadow nodded, but her face paled even more, her nail was almost gone from her chewing it all morning. The team stood up and walked onto the pitch; and a roar from the Slytherin section and boos from all the rest. And then it changed when the Gryffindors walked out, the Slytherins booed and the other three houses cheered. Adrian Pucey and Oliver Wood walked up to Madam Hooch. She asked them to shake hands, and they did, not as harshly as one would have expected. Pucey was all about being fair to a point, as was Wood, but Wood wanted to win the Quidditch Cup at least once. Meadow held her broom tight and her knees started shaking.

"On my whistle," Madam Hooch said, "Three… two…. one…"

And with that they were off. "Adrian Pucey managed to barely nick the quaffle right from the beautiful Angelina Johnson's fingers. Pass to Cassius Warrington. Who ducks a bludger by one of the Weasley twins. Warrington throws and… BLOCKED BY OLIVER WOOD." Lee Jordan, the Weasley twin's friend shouted, he was a little bias, but Meadow found him quite comical.

"Snape! What in the bloody hell are you doing?" Pucey yelled, "Get in the match!"

Meadow pushed her broom forward, Pucey had taught her to match up with another chaser around her size to block. She picked Katie Bell, who was just about to throw the quaffle towards Miles. Meadow leaned forward, pushing for her broom to go faster. "Darker hits a bludger towards Bell! Snape dodges the near hit from her own team mate! Bell goes for the shot! –Oh! Snape came out of nowhere! Grabbed the ball and is heading towards the Gryffindor posts!"

Meadow dived under Angelina Johnson, her heart pumping, and she threw, "SNAPE SCORES, this is her first match, and gets the first goal! Congratulations, she's one Slytherin I actually like. Got quite a feisty mouth on her though—"


"—Only the facts Professor!" Lee called back as Professor McGonagall yelled at him. "And Wood tosses it to Alicia Spinnet, and loses it to Caption Pucey. The score is now 40-0, Slytherin," Lee commented lamely.

Meadow glanced up at Harry and Malfoy, Harry was dodging, spinning, and veering out of the way of a bludger, which seemed fixed on the Gryffindor seeker. Cassius flue next to Meadow, "What's going on? Get to Bell!" Meadow shook her head and leaned on her broom to re-enter the game. Adrian scored once again before Wood called a time-out.

Meadow dived down to the ground and joined her team at the far end of the field. "What the bloody hell is going on?" She demanded and Malfoy snickered. Meadow drew a finger at him, "I swear if you bewitched that bludger I will end you."

"It wasn't me!" Malfoy protested, "Seriously, as much as I'd like to get that snitch under Potter's nose, I want to do it without him being chased after."

Meadow opened her mouth and Miles cut her off, "Merlin's beard if I didn't know you two better I'd say you'd have a crush on each other." Meadow looked at him, then at Malfoy, and her face lit up.

"I do not have a crush on him," She responded and raised her chin up, as she turned away.

The group of boys chuckled before they sneered at the Gryffindor team. Meadow could barely see them through the rain that had started pouring. Madam Hooch walked over to the Gryffindor team and raised her arm up; she lowered in and her whistle sounded. Madam Hooch threw the quaffle and Alicia Spinnet grabbed it before Adrian could and raced off towards the Slytherin goal posts were Miles had just gotten in front of.

"Spinnet throws to Johnson, Johnson to Bell—Merlin's beard those girls are attractive!" Lee's voice rang out through the stadium.


"Facts, Professor! Bell to Johnson. Johnson for the goal! –Whoa what is going on with Harry Potter and that bludger?" Lee yelled distracted from the actual play. "It looks like it's been fixed on Potter! –Oh no! Watch out, Harry!"

Meadow looked up to see the bludger smash into Harry's elbow; Harry slightly dazed, lunged towards Malfoy with one arm dangling uselessly and the other outstretched. Harry pushed one knee on the top of his broom to aim downward towards the ground. Meadow streaked across the pitch to try and grab her friend from falling too harshly. She managed to nick his maroon jumper with her arms on one side of her broom, pulling her slightly off, but she wrapped her legs around the handle as she lowered him to the ground. He had fainted, Meadow saw his eyes roll back, before she too lost consciousness after something slammed into the back of her neck.


Meadow woke up in the hospital wing with something around her neck, it prevented her from turning her head. She started breathing really hard, her eyes had bugged, and she didn't understand what had happened. It was dark out and she hear voices, "Dobby was so shocked when he heard Harry Potter was back at Hogwarts, he let his master's dinner burn!"

"You nearly got Ron, Meadow, and me expelled!" Harry hissed, "You'd better get lost before my bones come back."

Dobby, the house elf Harry had told them about one of the days he was at the Lupins' home, was the one who used the Hoover charm that had Harry get into trouble with the Ministry. Meadow vaguely remembered the name, but still couldn't place it. "Dobby is used to death threats, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby gets them five times a day at home." He blew his nose. "Harry Potter must go home! Dobby thought his bludger would be enough to make—"

"Your bluger?" Harry said, his voice rising, "What d'you mean, your bludger? You made that bludger try and kill me? You nearly killed my friend over there!"

"Never kill you sir!" Dobby responded, "But Dobby is sorry about your friend, she was not supposed to be there. –Dobby only wanted Harry Potter hurt enough to be sent home!"

"Oh, is that all?" Harry voice was angry, Meadow could tell, but she had been able to relax a bit, Harry was with her in the hospital wing. Something must have happened between her putting Harry on the ground and landing. "I don't suppose you're going to tell me why you wanted me sent home in pieces?"

"If Harry Potter only knew! If he knew what he meant to us, the lowly, the enslaved, we dregs of the magical world! Dobby remembers how it was when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was at power. We house-elfs were treated like vermin, of course, Dobby is still treated like vermin…" He trailed off and Meadow heard the house elf sniffle. "But most lives of house-elfs have improved! Harry Potter shone like a beacon of hope to those of us who thought the Dark days would never end, but there Harry Potter was, just a baby and defeated the Dark Lord! But now Dobby cannot let Harry Potter stay here now that history is to repeat itself, now that the Chamber of Secrets is open once more—" Meadow listened for any sort of sound before all of the sudden, a loud twack, and "Bad Dobby! Very bad Dobby!"

"So there is a Chamber of Secrets?" Harry asked, his voice hushed again, "It's been opened before? Tell me, Dobby!" A pause were Meadow could only assume that Harry had grabbed the elf, "I'm not a Muggle-born, how am I in danger of the Chamber?"

"Dobby—must't—say," Dobby replied as he fought with himself to answer. "Someone's coming, go home, Harry Potter, go home!"

A loud crack, and Meadow assumed the house elf was gone. The next moment, Meadow heard someone open the Hospital Wing door, it was just slightly creaky, and she shut her eyes. "Get Madam Pomfrey," Meadow heard the Headmaster whisper to someone. And they raced off towards her office.

"What happened?" Madam Pomfrey gasped.

"Another attach," Dumbledore replied sadly, "Minerva found him on the stairs."

"We think he was trying to sneak up here to visit Potter," Professor McGonagall whispered. "He's petrified."

Meadow stomach lurched, another attack? Could it really be Malfoy behind them all?

"You don't think he got managed to get a picture of his attacker, do you?" Professor McGonagall asked eagerly.

There was no answer, only a click from opening something, and Meadow heard something steam. She smelt burnt plastic after that. "Good gracious!" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed, "Melted, all melted…"

"What does this mean, Albus?" McGonagall asked.

"It means," Dumbledore replied with a small pause, "that the Chamber of Secrets is indeed open, once again."

Meadow heard a slight gasp, "But, Albus… who?"

"Not who, Minerva, the question is how…"

Meadow had been wondering the same thing for quite some time. She moved her eyes over to Harry's bed, they made eye contact, and Harry just shook his head. He must have been just as puzzled as the adults by whosever body that statue was. Someone, Meadow assumed Madam Pomfrey, pulled the curtains around the bed, and the three disbursed.

Harry lay in bed for quite some time before he got up and slid over to the foot of the bed. "What—" Meadow started, but her throat was so dry she couldn't continue to speak.

"Colin Creevey," Harry whispered back. "How long were you awake?"


Harry nodded, "I thought so. Your breathing became really panicked…" He got up again and picked up something. It was clear liquid with a straw, "It's just water."

Meadow's whole body relaxed, not another slimy potion she'd have to take like last year, eagerly, she put the straw in her mouth and took a long drink. "What happened?"

Harry shifted uncomfortably and sat on the edge of the bed, "Well… from what I've gathered, after you caught me, Dobby's bludger, was still trying to send me home in pieces," Meadow blinked, she couldn't nod. "And you were in the way, since you caught me last minute, I guess Dobby didn't know what else to do other than allow for the bludger to hit you."

"But what—"

"You took a bludger to the back of the neck, Doe," Harry said and rested a hand on her knee. "You're lucky you're awake, let alone alive."

"Poppy can mend bones in an instant," Meadow replied, ignoring his last comment. Her voice was still raspy, "Why are you here?"

Harry rolled his green eyes, "Oh, that. Lockhart tried to fix my arm since Malfoy wouldn't let anyone near you until Madam Pomfrey saw you. Instead of fixing my arm, Lockhart removed all my bones, stupid git."

"He what?" Meadow exclaimed. "He removed your bones?"

"Yeah," Harry grimmest, "It was disgusting, my arm was basically rubber. After Madam Pomfrey cleaned you up—she was furious that I wasn't brought straight here."

"I bet…" Meadow acknowledged sadly. "And the match?"

"I caught the snitch, Gryffindor won by 50 points," Harry replied, obviously torn between saying it excited or not.

"That's good for you guys!" Meadow said, trying to smile, everything hurt, and she closed her eyes. She replied what he said to her, trying to make the pieces fit of what she was missing from being forced into unconsciousness. "Wait— you said Malfoy wouldn't let anyone near me?"

Harry gave her a funny look, "Yeah, I mean, as much as you claim to—dislike him, he sure seems pretty caught on being your friend." Meadow rolled her eyes, "He was here for a long time, managed to charm Madam Pomfrey into letting him stay after she kicked everyone else out."

If Meadow could, she'd shake her head, that boy was something different. "Do you know—"

"Just until tomorrow afternoon," Harry replied, cutting her off with a smile, "I get to leave after my arm is all fixed, Pomfrey said she'd check in the morning for me. Your spine was fractured, she fixed you up rather quickly and easily. Nothing like the troll incident, no worries."

"Who was all here?" Meadow asked, closing her eyes again, she felt herself start to drift off.

"Snape, Malfoy, most of the quidditch team, Greengrass, Nott, and Terrance," Harry replied, his voice got softer. "The twins wanted me to tell you to feel better soon, there's a lot of people worried about you. Lee was right in his commentary yesterday… You are one of the nicest Slytherins."

"You just need to give them a chance," Meadow mumbled and she allowed herself to be pushed into unconsciousness again.


Meadow woke up to see Madam Pomfrey bending Harry's fingers as he ate with his left hand. The neck brace was off and Meadow had been able to move her head. Harry looked up, passed the matron, and made eye contact with his Slytherin friend. He immediately smiled, "How do you feel?"

His question made Madam Pomfrey jerk from where she was sitting, "Oh, Meadow, dear. Thank goodness. Are you hungry?" A rumble from the girl's stomach told all, "I'll be right back, Potter." The healer bustled towards her little office before coming back with a tray. It was porridge and a few crackers. "I have a few potions for you as well— only for pain," she exclaimed when Meadow narrowed her eyes at the older witch.

"Which ones?" Meadow asked cautiously, eyeing Madam Pomfrey as she had returned to stretching out Harry's arm and fingers.

"Blood-Replenishing Potion-you lost just a bit, and it'll only replace what's missing," She replied, "Deflating Draught, your back is a bit swollen still, I checked when you were sleeping. And Pepperup Potion if you want it."

Meadow sighed and started with the deflating draught, it was green and went down like water. Next was the blood-replenishing potion, it looked disgusting, just like blood in a bottle, it tasted a bit on the coppery side as well. The look on her face told Harry she would try and avoid that potion again at all cost as Meadow scooped as much porridge in her mouth as she could. "I think for now, I'm going to skip the Pepperup Potion for now," Meadow told the healer as she stretched out her back.

"Okay," Madam Pomfrey replied, "All in order, when you're finished you may leave, Potter." She looked over at the Slytherin and pointed a finger at her, "You won't until tonight at the earliest."

Meadow pouted and spooned her porridge into her mouth. The Matron gave the two first years a look before she went back to her office. "So Collin Creevey, that first year who took pictures of you everywhere?" Harry nodded and Meadow just shook her head, "We need to start that polyjuice potion soon." The two let their eyes wander over to where Colin's bed was, it had been blocked with curtains surrounding it. Much like how every bed had them, they were just open.

"Let's hope we can start today, I know you're better at Potions than Mione, but she's not the one in the hospital wing," Harry said and Meadow scowled.

"I know that, if they started, let me know by owl. I'm sure Hedwig or Solo will find me easily and I'll just stop in to see how it's going," Meadow replied. "Potions is my expertise."

Harry smiled before he pulled the curtain around himself to change. "I'll owl you, promise!" He called as he fast walked out of the dormitory. Meadow sighed and looked around, snow fell last night, it lit up the whole room in white. It was quite pretty. Meadow got up and walked around, stretching her limbs as she did.

Meadow heard the Hospital Wing doors open and she turned around slowly. "Oh, good," a voice said, silver met black eyes, "You're awake."

"That I am, Malfoy," Meadow responded, her voice tight, as she walked over by him. "I heard you didn't let Lockhart debone my body," the boy smiled weakly and she surprised the both of them as she hugged him. At first, Malfoy just stood there stiff (like he had been petrified), before he wrapped his arms around her waist, "Thank you; I'd have to stay in here for weeks if my spin turned to jelly like Harry's arm."

"It's not a problem, Snape," the white blonde mumbled into her shoulder. "It was scary seeing you so lifeless… and broken…" Malfoy let go and turned away, but not before Meadow saw that his face was flushed.

"I'd say I'm sorry about that, but I don't have any control over that…" She trailed off and looked at her nails, she felt her face get somewhat hot as well. And then she remembered, "Dobby is your house elf, isn't he?"

Caught off guard by the question, Malfoy whipped around, "Yes?"

"Sorry…" Meadow said as she looked at her toes, "I just remembered that he would make us brownies after we ate dinner and our parents would send us off…"

"Oh," he replied, "Yeah… that's true."

There was a pause and Meadow opened her mouth to speak, but the doors opened again. Terrance, Daphne, and Theodore stumbled through. "I'll best be off, I only came to make sure you could practice Quidditch with the team on Tuesday. I'll let Pucey know you're fine," Malfoy said loudly and cleared his throat. His cheeks were still a tinge pink and he, too, walked as fast as he could out of the Hospital Wing.

Daphne gave Meadow a weird look, "What was that all about?"

"Oh, some child memories that were brought up," Meadow said, waving her off, and Daphne rolled her eyes.

"Righhht, that's why you're blushing too," she commented, making Meadow's cheeks flare with color.

"I wasn't until you said anything!" Meadow hissed at her friend. Daphne and Theo just chuckled as the four of them walked back over to Meadow's assigned bed.

"So how long are you staying here?" Terrance piped up, "And who's behind there?"

Meadow's face grew tired suddenly, "That's Collin Creevey, he's a Muggle-born who had been obsessed with taking pictures of Harry since he got here. Said it was proof to his dad that Harry was real and that he knew him."

"When did he get here?" Theo asked, he usually wasn't a very curious person, he kept to himself a lot. Meadow always thought that was why the two boys got along so well, Theo was quiet, and Terrance, well… hated talking to people unless it was his close friends.

"Sometime last night, I woke up to Harry and—" she stopped short, it wasn't a good idea to bring up Dobby the house-elf since he was the servant to the Malfoy family, "I woke up to Harry talking in his sleep. He was worried about another attack happening and people blaming it on him."

"Well, I mean… He could be," Terrance said cautiously, "You never know."

"And I could be as well too, just because Harry was caught at that stupid wall scene and Filch blamed him doesn't mean he's guilty for writing that himself," Meadow retorted, getting slightly worked up, "Besides that, Hermione and I were there as well. Why would Hermione of all people try and scare Squibs and Muggle-borns? How could I? So what makes Harry any different? Because he's survived the killing curse?"

"It's not that—"

"Then what is it?" Meadow demanded, she felt her heart pump faster.

"No one else was seen there," Daphne intervened, "It's not like we actually believe Potter to be the Heir of Slytherin. I mean, that would be pretty stupid for a Gryffindor to be a Slytherin. But people just want someone to blame, they know better to pick you as Snape's daughter and Granger is exactly what you said, a Muggle-born. No one but Harry really has the fame to be tossed around anyways."

As Meadow rolled over what Daphne said, she relaxed. "You two are like a bloody married couple," Theo commented, making Meadow's face light up in bright pink for the third time within twenty minutes, and Terrance gained a bit of color as well.

"Shut up," Meadow said threatening, but Theo just shrugged it off. The three had gotten used to Meadow's 'threatening' and 'dangerous' tone she used when she was embarrassed.

"When are you here until?" Terrance repeated.

"Oh, that, Poppy said until this afternoon-slash-tonight, it all depends on something or another," Meadow replied as she rolled her eyes, "Honestly I feel fine though."

Daphne snorted and she received a glare from her friend. "What? You look like hell," She had always been very straight forward with Meadow. Unless it was Theo or she wanted someone to do something for her, she was very blunt. "You're sweating, pale as a ghost, and your leg is twitching. You should sit down at least. You're pushing yourself too hard too fast."

As if she heard Daphne, Madam Pomfrey bustled out of her office, "Meadow Snape! Get back in bed! You were not supposed to walk until this afternoon." The other three snickered as Meadow gave the woman a glare with a slight pout, as the healer raised an eyebrow, "Don't make me get your father, he will not be thrilled you are straining yourself too early."

Meadow took a sharp intake of breath and hopped back in bed. "This is unfair treatment! I feel fine!" She called after the Hogwart's nurse.

"Unfair my babbling gaskets!" Madam Pomfrey replied, "You have visitors to keep you busy on this Sunday morning!"

"You really don't want to be here do you?" Terrance chuckled and Meadow pouted.

"Why would anyone come here voluntarily?" She retorted.

"Well… you really can't come here by choice," Theo spoke up, "What other way are you supposed to be admitted?"

Meadow became clearly flustered again, "It was rhetorical!"

"Just like you snogging Malfoy?" A voice popped up from behind the three Slytherins as two redheads walked into the Hospital Wing. Meadow's face dropped from angry to red.

"No!" She hissed.

Terrance, Daphne, and Theo stood up, "We'll come visit for lunch!" And her three Slytherin friends left her alone with the Weasley twins.

"Hello, Fred, George," She said with a smile, but her face was still flushed.

"Why hello there fair lady," one of them said and produced flowers from behind their back, Meadow assumed it was George.

"Thank you," She said and she grabbed the bouquet, they were Clivias, more commonly known as the Winter Lily, since they bloomed more often than not during the winter season. The ones she received were light yellow, a butter color almost.

"Get game yesterday," Fred said and winked at her, "Too bad how it ended. But, I wouldn't worry too much, most of the time bludgers don't do that."

Meadow raised an eyebrow, "So I have heard. Why are you two here?"

"Harry ran into us, said you were awake, so we stopped in," George shrugged.

"We couldn't have our favorite wittle Slytherin mope about all day!" Fred added.

She lowered her eyes slightly, "As cute as you two are ("Thanks!") I feel like I should get some sleep." Meadow smiled, "I'm sorry… I'm feeling a bit nauseous. Sleep should help."

Fred got to his feet, "Feel better, Miss Snape!"

"I'll be out in a bit," George said and clapped his brother on the back. Fred just laughed and walked out of the Hospital Wing, "So Meadow."

"So George," She replied and raised an eyebrow.

"My sister," He started with, Meadow knew there was a catch, "She's a bit shaken up from Miss Norris and now Collin, do you know how to cheer up a girl who's always crying?"

Meadow snorted, this is why he wanted to stay behind? "Well… I guess that depends, does your sister share the same humor as you?"


"Well… Honestly, I'd just try to comfort her. You're able to go to Hogsmead, are you not?" She waited for him to nod, "I'd just buy her some candy type stuff, you know, comfort food… and just try to reassure her nothing is going to happen to her. And if she knows anything about this person who is doing these things, to tell her to come forward. To at least you two. Make sense?"

George nodded, "Yeah, it does. Thanks, Meadow!"

"No problem," She said as she laid back into her pillows.

"Oh, and Meadow? ("Hmm?") I'm going to take you to Hogsmead when you're of age," He laughed as he watched her face turn red again.

"That's not fair! I was just about to fall asleep," Meadow complained and turned over to her side, facing away from George, the door, and Madam Pomfrey's office.

"Oh yes," George's voice responded with a smile hidden in it. "But it is way to fun to watch you blush," he called as he walked out of the room.

And finally, Meadow was able to sleep peacefully until the afternoon. Where Severus Snape woke her up gently for Madam Pomfrey to start her exercises and see how the healing was going.


So! The end of chapter 27.

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