Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


15. Blame

Baby Miracle


Last Chapter: "My dear child, you need to go to the hospital wing," McGonagall conjured up a stretcher and motioned for Meadow to lay down, as soon as Meadow tried to stand up, she fell, passed out from the pain in her arms and shoulders. Severus' eyes widened as Minivera rushed over to Meadow and Shane. Ron, Harry, and Hermione all watched as their head of house took care of the Slytherin, whom was again limp. Shane held his friend's limp hand as Professor McGonagall levitated the girl onto the stretcher. Harry glanced at Professor Snape, and noticed blood on his leg, and Snape covered it up, slightly limping after his daughter as she was rushed to the hospital wing for the second time that day.


Chapter Fifteen: Blame


Meadow opened her eyes, blinking quickly to adjust to the small light in the room, it was dark out the windows and the only light source was coming from the lantern on her nightstand. She sat up and found a sleeping Professor Snape in the chair pulled up next to her bed. The girl stretched, arching her back as she took in a deep breath, her ribs were sore but it felt good to expand them, she realized both hands were covered in a wrap and her left arm was in a sling. She tried to shake her sleeping legs but was unable due to something that restricted her, Meadow looked down and realized her father's arms were resting on her shins. Also at the end of her bed Meadow saw a small, white kitten, Bee. The girl smiled slightly as she pet her kitten once on the head, her fur soft under Meadow's finger tips.


"Daddy?" Meadow's voice was small and horse, but it seemed to wake Severus up as Meadow's cough shook her from her dry mouth. Madame Pomfrey, nightgown and all, was busy as she poured potions to the right amount, and Snape slowly stretched from his sitting position, his little girl saw how vulnerable her father looked.


"Yes Pumpkin?" Severus yawned, the first time he talked to Meadow since the summer.


"What day is it?"


Severus paused, unsure of how to answer that question and Meadow pressed him again for a reply, "Today is November 5th; you've been in and out of consciousness for five days..." He trailed off and hoped the truth hit his daughter gently. Of course, that didn't happen, Meadow's dark eyes became huge before she lost it: hysterical crying and screaming until Madame Pomfrey slipped a calming draught into Meadow's mouth. Meadow's sudden outburst awakened both adults and wondered why she had such a high-level reaction to her waking up.


"Five days gone, and I won't ever get that time back," Meadow sniffled as the draught started to work, "What if my friends don't want to see a loser like me anymore?"


Severus looked at his daughter confused, "Meadow Lily, your friends have been at that door," he looked at the Hospital Wing door, "Between every class and in their free time. You're friends care, in fact, they left these flowers and left this," He gestured to a card with a moving Quidditch game going on. Meadow opened it and read little notes from Shane and Harry, and Daphne, Theodore, Terrance, Malfoy, and Blaise telling her to get better soon and that they missed her in classes as her and Granger would fume at each other.


"Wow," Meadow breathed and gathered her flowers, she smelled them and they smelt of spring. "It's too bad Spring is so far away," Meadow thought to herself as she drank the potions Pomfrey put on her tray.


"Dear," the matron called for Meadow's attention, "What was your little episode about?"


Meadow pouted as she heard Madame Pomfrey's question, "I... I guess," she struggled to find words to describe her emotions earlier, "I guess I just had a little episode because that's a long time-frame to not remember anything, I'm mad at myself for getting hit by the troll, because of that I've missed more classes, I haven't seen my friends, I'm probably going to fall behind in classes..." Meadow trailed off and paused, she put on a brave face and looked Madame Pomfrey in the eye, and she noticed the matron's eyes were a light blue, they were very close to Terrance's own blue orbs.


A pang of sadness rushed though the girl as she wanted her friends nearby, another pang after remember what Terrance said to her about Severus. The matron nodded accepting Meadow's answer for her outburst, she wrapped her robe around her tighter and mentioned to Severus he should sleep in a bed. He refused of course and continued to sit in the chair pulled up next to Meadow's bed. The girl smiled gratefully at her father, the closeness of him bringing comfort to Meadow as she missed the nights sleeping in the protective arms of Shane. Soon both Snapes dosed off into sleep.




Meadow woke up to something warm on one of her left hand, and she noticed her legs were able to move. The witch blinked sleep from her eyes as they adjusted to the light. Her father was gone, and Terrance held her hand. Meadow jerked her hand away, startling her friend from his nap. Blue eyes met black eyes, and Terrance's face lit up, "You're awake!"


"Morning," She said as she turned her eyes to the night stand next to the bed.


"I- we were so worried about you," Terrance shook Meadow's hand. "Madame Pomfrey said you might be able to leave tonight and rejoin the Slytherins." He paused, "Meadow, did you hear me? You'll be able to come back!" Terrance smiled and squeezed her hand, but slowly his smile faded. "Meadow what's wrong?"


She glanced into his eyes before looking away, "It's nothing, my stomach just hurts..." The witch trailed off softly and removed her hand from the black haired boy's and placed it on her stomach.


"I'll be right back," Terrance got up and Meadow closed her eyes. She felt guilty for lying to Terrance, even though he lied to her about being her friend. She sighed and opened her eyes to see Terrance and Madam Pomfrey come back with a tray of food. Pomfrey helped Meadow into a sitting position to eat. Terrance smiled, "I thought you might be hungry, you haven't eaten real food since before..." He trailed off and winced, "I'm sorry."


Meadow looked at him, "It's fine, that's probably what happened. I've been unconscious for five days... I think it was that long. It happens." She puts her left arm behind her to adjust, no pain shot through her arm, and she looked at it, it was still wrapped up, "What- What happened? I know there was a troll and then Shane was with me. Shane." Meadow looked at Pomfrey, "Where is he?"


"He's around my dear," the matron replied, as Terrance shifted uncomfortably. "Drink this," Madame Pomfrey gave her two glasses potions and walked back to her office knowing full well that Meadow would drink them.


She glanced at Terrance, "What day is it?"


Terrance looked for Madam Pomfrey and spoke up, "Meadow, it's November 8th." Her eyes grew huge and tears sprung up, and the boy reassured her, "Meadow it's okay, I promise, most of the professors are giving you all the days you missed to make up the work."


She shook her head, blonde curls hung in her face, "You don't get it, I want to remember everything in my life, and I've been in and out of consciousness for ei-" her voice broke, "Eight days." Terrance reached out to grab her hand, but Meadow jerked away, "No! Don't touch me! You lied to me! You lied about our friendship!"


Terrance's face was crushed, his blue eyes drooped, his lips pouted, and his whole figure slouched, "Meadow I-"


"Don't waste your breath," Meadow snarled and pushed her food away, she wasn't that hungry anyways. "You never wanted to be my friend! You only used me for Snape, and you think I wouldn't find out about it?" She slapped her wrapped hand on the bed like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, venom laced her voice, "And I thought you were my friend."


"I- I am your friend," Terrance tried, "Meadow I swear-"


"You swear to nothing, you said you were my friend. Where were you that night? Eating your heart out, I bet. Is that what the others thought as well? That they'd be my friend just to get on the good side of Snape?" Meadow sneered, "I think it was just you Terrance, the others didn't care about my name. Bloody Malfoy doesn't even care I'm a Snape!"


"Meadow I never meant to hurt you!" Terrance's voice got loud, Meadow cringed, "At first it started out like that yes! But I was wrong! Merlin's beard, Meadow, I was wrong," tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes. "The more I got to know you, the more I forgot about why I was befriending you and just became your friend. You're my best friend at Hogwarts, Meadow, why would I be here if I didn't care about you?"


Her pale cheeks had tears stream down her face, guilt took over her but a broken heart from a friend who lied over-powered her guilt, "How can I trust you?"


The doors to the Hospital Wing opened up and the two first years jumped, quickly wiped their faces and tried to hide their puffy eyes. Daphne raced in with Theodore on her heels, the brunette threw herself around Meadow. The girl responded and hugged her friend back, she started crying again, but this time it was out of both happiness and sadness. Meadow was happy to see Daphne, she had missed the girl so much, but she was still sad from her and Terrance's fight. "Don't cry Meadow, you'll make me cry."


"I'm sorry," Meadow choked out, "I- I can't help it."


"Oh Doe," The other Slytherin suppressed a small sob before she started crying as well.


Theodore looked at Terrance and shrugged, "Girls." Terrance got up, and Theodore looked at him, noticed his eyes were red, and made a mental note to ask why later. "Where are you going? We just got here."


"I've been here since five this morning, you two just got here," He shifted uncomfortably, "I've got essays I need to finish." Terrance turned on his heel and walked out.


Theodore looked at the two girls hugging and shrugged at his friend's odd behavior and gave Meadow a squeeze on her arm. She looked up at him with teary eyes, he smiled at her, "It's great to see you awake again Doe."


"Thank you, Theo," Meadow looked at him gratefully and went to grab his hand but noticed her right hand was wrapped as well. "Wha- What?" Her eyes grew wide as she realized both hands were wrapped in bandages.


Madame Pomfrey peaked out of her office and hustled over to the young witch, "Take deep breaths, Meadow. The bandages are only on your hands and arms because I wanted to make sure the injuries are healed. When I release you I'll take the bandages off. Drink those potions!" She hurried away and Meadow looked at the two potions: a calming draught and pepper-up potion; she took the smaller portion of the two, the calming draught, the slimy potion was gone in three gulps. Meadow made a disgusted face, Daphne wrinkled her nose, and Theo grunted.


The effects of the potion were immediate, Meadow felt extremely relaxed and her breathing and pulse slowed down. She grinned lazily up at her two friends who laughed at the look on Meadow's face. "So what have I all missed at Hogwarts?"


The two looked at each other, "Everyone's been wondering what the bloody hell happened to you," Theo said. "Everyone knows, of course, that you were attacked by the troll, but why were you with the Gryffindor's again?"


"I wasn't," she smiled, "I was in the loo. Granger was there as well because Weasley called her a nightmare. The three boys showed up because they remembered Granger and went to go get her but the troll was there as well. I tried to run, but I couldn't..." She took a drink of the pepper-up potion and didn't feel as groggy, although the effects of the calming draught were still there.


Daphne gave her a look of sympathy, her hand reached out and tucked Meadow's blonde hair behind her ear, "It's okay, it's not your fault. No one's mad at you, Meadow, just concerned on why you talk to other houses. Slytherins..." She trailed off, "You know, aren't the nicest people around."


Meadow nodded and squeezed Daphne's hand, "I know. What about class work?"


"You'll catch up, I kept track of all the assignments for you," Daphne smiled. "I heard Pomfrey might let you out today, are you excited?"


"A little. I'm more excited for things to go back to normal, and flying lessons!" The blonde's cheeks started to become rosy from the pepper-up potion's effects, "Hey, do you- do you have any of the work I need to catch up on?"


Theo raised a bag, "Yes we do," he smiled, "So have fun with this work today, we should get going."


"Tell me one thing," Meadow made eye contact with both Theo and Daphne, "Did you know Terrance was using me to get on the good side of Snape?"


The two shifted and looked at each other, Daphne spoke up, "We'll see you later, Doe. We've got to go or else we'll be late, we'll come back when we can!" Theo and Daphne walked away and went through the hospital wing doors. Meadow was alone again in the large room, different students popped in and out from what she could remember unless she was dreaming, it was hard to tell in-between consciousness and unconsciousness.


Meadow picked up the bag from the floor next to her and set it on her thighs, she finished the pepper-up potion, and pushed her food further away, her stomach still full of guilt. She unpacked the bag and shifted her pillows around her so she was sitting up. Meadow went to reach into the black leather bag but realized the wrapping on her hands made her unable to do so. Frustration rose in her throat. "Madame Pomfrey!" She called for the nurse, "Madame Pomfrey!"


The witch bustled over to her, "What do you need Meadow?"


Annoyance crossed her face but Meadow replaced it with a smile, "I need these things off, I'd like to do some of the work that I've missed."


"I was just about to come take a look," Pomfrey smiled back, "I do warn you, my dear, it won't be pretty."


"What do you mean by that?"


The matron gave her a sad look, "Miss Snape, you broke both your arms and several ribs, mirror pieces imbedded itself into your arms, ribs, and legs, a few deep bruises everywhere but the worst on is on your right leg. Your head was also hurt, I believe a concussion, where the brain is shook in the skull. No one noticed all the blood because you were going into shock."


Meadow's eyes widened, "Please, I just want these off."


Madame Pomfrey nodded and started unwrapping the cloth on the young girl's hands, the left one was first; Meadow watched as the cloth became loose and slowly reveled her arm. An ugly, long, pink, puffy scar stretched from the top of her wrist that wrapped around to the bottom of her elbow. The young witch's breath caught as she looked at the rest of her arm, purple bruises, and smaller, white scars speckled her arm. She was so caught up looking at her left arm she didn't notice Madame Pomfrey unwrapped the right arm, it was similar to her left arm, just no big ugly bruise or scar, and multiple scratches on her hand. Meadow took a deep breath in and held it, she tried to hold the tears back, and she rolled her eyes to the candles floating above, she blinked back the tears.


"It looks really bad, doesn't it?" Meadow bit her lower lip on the left side.


The Hogwarts nurse lowered her hands into her lab, "It will heal Meadow."


"Not this scar!" The blonde's lip started to quiver, "I know scars when I see one, this one will be here forever. Just like Uncle Remus's scars on his face."


"Meadow," Pomfrey said calmly, "It will heal, let me check your ribs and legs." She pulled the curtain around the bed and she had Meadow lay back and pull her shirt up. Her ribs were also bruised and had some cuts on them but not as many as her arms. "Take a deep breath." Meadow took a breath through her nose and let her ribs expand, there was no pain when she did this and she let her breath out through her mouth. "Roll to your stomach and take another deep breath." The girl did and Pomfrey nodded to herself.


"Everything looks good so far, my dear," She smiled as Meadow rolled back over to her back, "Now your left leg."


Meadow pulled her shirt down and her pants slid off, leaving her in her white underwear. On her leg there was barely any skin that was skin-colored, her whole leg was the colors of black, blue, green, purple, and yellow from the different stages the bruises were in. A small, yet pink and puffy scar sat just above her knee on the outside of her leg just visible from her bruises. Meadow whimpered as she saw it, she laid back down and let a small tear come out of her yellow-speckled eyes. Madame Pomfrey examined her leg with her wand, checking for any fractures again before she let her fingers feel the sore muscles. "Does anything hurt when I do this?"




The nurse nodded and let her pull her white hospital pants back on, "Meadow, my dear." She looked at Pomfrey's light blue eyes, waiting for her to continue, "Everything will heal, a few scars left over, yes, but if you come back every day before dinner, I can give you a salve that will allow the scars to fade. How does that sound dear?"


Meadow smiled and her face relaxed, allowing the calming drought to start working again. "Thank you," she said sincerely, "That means a lot."


Madame Pomfrey nodded, squeezed the young witch's hand, and went back to her office. At first Meadow tried to get some work done, but before she knew it, she drifted off to sleep.


"Why didn't you heal me by magic? I wouldn't have so many bruises."


"I did heal you by magic, dear, and potions as well. But your head trauma was too much for just me alone, you needed the rest to repair yourself," Pomfrey replied, her kind eyes rested on Meadow's face.


"You mean I had to stay unconscious to heal? My body did that to me?" Meadow's eyebrows crinkled together in thought.


Madame Pomfrey gave her a stern look, "That's exactly what I mean. You need to be more careful Meadow. You won't always heal as fast as you did with your injuries."


Meadow just shook her head, "This isn't a fast recovery, I've been in here eight days, almost nine. This is getting ridiculous." The stubborn eleven year old held her chin high in defiance.


"You'd be surprised on how many witches and wizards spend their lives in Saint Mungos," the older witch pursed her lips. "You're lucky your injuries weren't worse, in most troll attacks no one lives."


"I know exactly how many witches and wizards spend their lives in St. Mungos," Meadow spit out, "In case you've forgotten, I visit my mother there." The healer winced, of course Meadow knew, "It's just not fair," the girl continued, "I'm the only one who got hurt."


Pomfrey smiled, "It's okay, no one blames you. Now finish up, you can work on class work then."


A couple hours later, Pomfrey woke her up for lunch, the matron told Meadow that Daphne, Theo, Malfoy, Zabini, Harry, and Shane had showed up while she was sleeping. Meadow struggled and the two ate together and younger witch changed topics by asking a bunch of questions. Personally, Meadow was still feeling guilty by the way she treated Terrance and wished he'd come see her. Meadow sighed and ate the rest of her grilled cheese sandwich and chicken noodle soup, she got down to business with her endless amount of class work. Her class work consisted of three charms essays, each a foot long, five transfiguration essays, ranging between a foot to two feet long, three potions essays, each a foot and a half long, two herbology essays, half a foot to a foot long, and two weeks' worth of charting in astrology. She sighed again, this was so much work.


Granger stopped by and asked how Meadow was doing, she replied fine but Granger saw the ugly pink scar on her left arm. The bushy haired girl pointed that out, Meadow quickly slid her arm under the covers.


"I'm sorry," Granger apologized, "I didn't mean to offend you."


"Well you did," Meadow grunted.


Granger shifted uncomfortably and noticed the blonde was working on the essays, "I'll help you catch up, I'd would hate missing so much work."


By the time dinner came around Granger helped Meadow finish her astrology charts, one charms essay, two herbology and transfiguration essays, and all three potions essays. The two didn't fight but heatedly debated over the potions essays and they came to compromise over a few things after each girl had pointed out something the other forgot or didn't know. Granger stayed and ate with Meadow as Pomfrey served two trays of turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, and an apple on each plate.


"You're not so bad Granger," Meadow commented.


The bushy haired girl looked at her surprised, "You're not so bad either Snape."


"Let's get some things straight," Meadow stated, "First, we aren't friends."


"Agreed," Granger responded curtly.


"We don't talk in public, nor do we insult each other as much."


Granger nodded, "We should still meet to go through classwork, the boys are not on my intelligence level and it's difficult to keep them on task."


"An empty classroom, we'll owl each other," She thought about what else Granger had said. "The boys?" Meadow asked, confused. The last she remembered Granger was a nightmare and had no friends.


"Erm, yes. Shane, Harry, and Ron," Granger shifted from foot to foot, "After the troll and you getting hurt, we got really close because they saved us... They've been here every day, Snape. But you're always sleeping, Shane talks about you a lot; you two are like siblings right?"


Meadow nodded, "I live with him in the summer holidays."


"He's super protective of you, after you pointed out that he's been pushing you away because of Ron, he's started to stick up for you, especially after the troll attacked you." Granger went on and on about Shane talking about her, but Meadow wasn't really listening, just looking for any outside information that stuck out. "Harry made the Gryffindor Quidditch team."


Meadow jerked her head up, "Really?"


"He's the seeker, the youngest Quidditch player in a century, according to Professor McGonagall and the trophy case." Granger rattled off some other quidditch players names whom Meadow didn't recognizes.


"That's amazing for him," Meadow said with a smile. The two talked for a little while longer before Granger bid Meadow goodnight.


When Granger left, Madame Pomfrey came out and told Meadow she wanted her to say one more night to get a good night's sleep. Pomfrey put a small amount of salve on Meadow's deep scars before telling her to stop doing class work and had her take a sleeping draught. Meadow drifted off into a deep sleep.




"Madame Pomfrey!" A boy hissed, "Madame Pomfrey I need you're help!" Meadow twitched in her sleep and woke up to hearing that voice. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Pomfrey, in her nightgown with a robe overtop, hurried out of her room and she lit her wand.


"What is it?" She asked in a hushed tone.


"Madame Pomfrey, it's me, Shane," The boy's face, freckled, and chubby-cheeked, was pale and sweaty, "It's the full moon. I can't..." He trailed off.


Pomfrey paled, and rushed around gathering various things, "Shane did you take your potion?"


"I- I forgot today, I didn't realize it- it was the full- moon," He stuttered and groaned in pain.


"Here drink this," Pomfrey shoved a glass into his hands. "All of it, it will help until we get there."


"Go where?" He downed the potion.


"You'll see when we get there," She responded as she transfigured her nightgown into her matron uniform, she grabbed the bag full of potions and medical tools, and slipped under Shane's shoulder, half dragging him out of the Hospital Wing. Meadow watched, curious on where the two were going, her mind still slightly foggy from the sleeping draught she had taken.


The full moon.


It hit Meadow; Shane forgot his potion, it's the full moon, he's a werewolf. She sat up, threw off the covers, and swung her legs off her bed, she slipped on the slippers next to her. Meadow was in her own pajamas, she had asked Pomfrey earlier that night if she could start wearing her own clothes; green and silver plaid shorts and an old shirt of Shane's, one with the Chuggly Canons on it. Meadow grabbed the white, light-weight robe on the nightstand, and hurried after the direction Madame Pomfrey took Shane.


She jogged to the door and slid past it, she tried to keep her breathing slowed but it was difficult with all the adrenaline pumping though her veins. She walked slowly at first, trying not to make a sound but the noise from Shane and Pomfrey was gone. Meadow ran to the next door, pushed it open and into the hallway, keeping in the shadows, she made her way to the Grand Staircase. Meadow peaked over the railing of the staircase, she saw Pomfrey and Shane dart past the doors that led outside to the court yard. She tapped the railing and raced after, down the five stairs and around to the front hall. The blonde glanced behind her before opening the big door and slipping out into the night.


The court yard was empty but Meadow saw two figures stumbled their way down the bridge, she quietly stepped into the shadows of the bridge and followed. Her footsteps barely making any noise, but one wrong step cost her, the bridge floor creaked and Pomfrey glanced behind her. Meadow quickly threw herself behind a pillar, she was breathing heavily, and she tried to take deep breaths but again fell short so she panted, leaning against the pillar. She slowly looked around the pillar and saw that Pomfrey and Shane were gone; Meadow panicked and stood in the middle of the enclosed bridge. She looked behind her, in front, and to both sides, she saw the two on her left heading towards a tree. It was a moving tree. Large vine-like branches whipped back and forth.


Meadow had to warn Madame Pomfrey, she was running straight into a death-trap, a death-trap by tree. She started sprinting down the rest of the bridge, not caring if her footsteps echoed. Meadow's shoulders started to ache, her side started to cramp, and her legs burned, but she pushed on, stumbling to the point of almost falling from missing the two steps at the end of the bridge. "Bloody hell," she muttered. But took off once again towards the tree, she saw the tree freeze and Madame Pomfrey and Shane slip into it. Shane was vividly shaking as he held himself together, his face was long and halfway snouted, he was nearly twice as tall as Pomfrey due to his legs were long, more dog-like then human, and the same with his arms.


"Oh no..." Meadow groaned and pushed harder to catch up with the two, Pomfrey was going to get hurt. The tree unfroze as soon as the two disappeared under it and whipped Meadow off her balance. The young witch fell with a thump on her stomach, she grunted, her ribs felt like they were on fire now and her hands had little cuts on them. "How in the world did the tree freeze?" Meadow asked herself as she dodged a branch that was aimed towards her feet. "Shane!" She yelled, "SHANE!"




Right, soo… cliffhanger! Please note I know it's not actually the full moon in this story.

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