Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


8. Birthday Surprise

Baby Miracle


The blonde threw herself on her bed, she laid on her stomach with her face in her pillow; she always hated getting into disagreements with her dad. He was just too stubborn for his own good sometimes. Maybe by the start of the next year she would be able to work on small potions, like the one her and her dad made together when she was really little. Meadow racked her brain for the name of it, Pepperup Potion? It sounded right. She opened the book titled Beginner's Knowledge for Healing by David Perkinpop. She read he was some famous healer working at St. Mungos, his specialty was in the Spell Damage Unit. Little did she know, he was caring for her mum.


Chapter Eight: Birthday Surprise


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Meadow, Happy Birthday to you!" sang the small group of people. Her father was there, of course, along with only two/thirds of the Malfoys (Draco and Narcissa), two people she vaguely remembers, Remus and Shane Lupin, Albus Dumbledore, Professors McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout, Madame Promfrey, and (surprisingly) Madame Pince.


They had gathered around a big cake the house elves prepared for her, requested by Severus, it was decorated in green and silver (of course, she had started to get sick of the colors and started wearing black and white lately), with big, bold letters saying "HAPPY EIGHTH BIRTHDAY MEADOW!" and it had eight candles surrounding it. Meadow held her breath and thought of a wish, "I wish… I wish I could see my mum and dad together," she thought and blew out all eight candles in one shot.


The group cheered and she smiled, her dad quickly cut the cake into pieces and gave everyone a slice, despite Madame Pince's refusal, she got one as well. Most of the adults left after they had finished cake, biding Meadow a great birthday, they had lessons to plan for the beginning of term, which started in just two days. The only people who stuck around for presents were the two Lupins, the two Malfoys, her father (duh), and Madame Pince and Promfrey.


Her dad had three presents for her, the Lupins had one, the Malfoys had one, Madame Promfrey had one present which Meadow eyed, it was shaped like a book, and Madame Pince had a card for the girl.


"Oh go on Meadow. Open it!" Shane said excitedly as Meadow had eyed her father's first present. Meadow, Shane, and Draco had played a bit before they ate cake, the two boys didn't seem to get along very well due to Draco's bold-headedness about purebloods; Meadow had to roll her eyes. He had gotten more bigheaded ever since his father became a big deal at the Ministry of Magic. Draco had also displayed his hatred towards half-breeds (which in Meadow's opinion, was a horrible name for those who was part magic creature and part wizard), Shane had taken non-too-kindly to that bit of information (which Meadow didn't fully understand), and before anything dramatic happened with their accidental magic, Meadow stepped in to save the day. Demanded the two better get along for the day and then hate each other any other given day, but on her birthday, they had to deal.


She gave Shane a small smile, took off the bow, and unwrapped the green paper to revile a long, white box. She opened that to show a small charm, it was a small, lean, bronze doe with a small dog tag attached to it that had engraved a small heart with 'Always' written on it in cursive. Meadow smiled up at her father, she knew the symbolism over this. Most days, her father called her Doe and whenever she would ask him a question like "Will you still be here for me?" And he would reply "Always." Meadow caught on to her father saying "I love you Meadow. Always."


"I love it," her big eyes showed some water before she blinked them away. Her father was too sweet to her even if he was a scary potions master at work.


Severus gave her a small smile before he nodded to continue on with her presents. She grabbed the letter her father wrote her.


'My darling Meadow,


You are still so very young, but you don't act like it. You are now eight years old! I remember when I first saw you, I admit, I was not happy at first but when you are older I will tell you all about it. Your mother would be so proud of you, you are a lot like her. In this envelope there is a picture of her. One of the only pictures I have. Keep it safe Meadow.


I love you. Always.'


He would never sign anything to her, she noticed this pattern a year ago when she took out her other birthday cards from him. Meadow smiled, realizing her wish just came true, before she looked in the envelope again and took out a picture of her mother and father. They were in Hogwarts robes, she had on Hufflepuff's yellow and black colors and a hat with a small rolled up paper clenched in her fist (she must have graduated Hogwarts, Meadow mused) and he had on just black robes. Sadie's head came just past Severus' shoulders, she was a bit on the shorter side and was built like a Quidditch player, and she looked very confident compared to Severus' tall, lanky stature. Severus' hair was shaggy and a healthy looking black, whereas Sadie's was loose, pale blonde curls that hung down to her elbows, the left side was pulled up with clips, and her part was off to the right, giving her more hair on the left side of her head then the right. Her full, pink lips were smiling, showing her white teeth and she waving at the camera and he was smirking looking down at her, slightly waving but it looked awkward. Sadie's eyes were light up and pale yellow, they were almond shaped, and had long, thick lashes. Her nose was small and slightly pushed up. Both looked like they were in their late teens or early twenties.


"She's so pretty," Meadow said in awe.


Severus nodded sadly, "You look just like her, except your eyes."


"I have your eyes!"


The adults exchanged a glance and Severus looked uncomfortable before replying, "You have your father's eyes."


Meadow looked at him in confusion, "But-"


"No more questions, open your next gift."


She gave him a weird look, her eyebrows scrunched in and her mouth in the form of a small pout. The now-eight-year-old dropped it and reached for the longer rectangular box of the two. She opened the wrapping paper, and pulled off the top of the box, unfolding the tissue paper inside, to show an army green robe, she took it out, a plaid maroon and white dress was underneath, she picked that up and saw a scarf, colored army green, maroon, white, navy blue, and brown, she picked it up, it was soft and smelt fresh, underneath the scarf there were black leggings. Meadow gave her father a pointed look, "Is there more?"


"Just keep looking," He smirked.


Sighing she picked up the last piece of clothing to show boots, they were brown moccasin boots. It was a bit of a change for Meadow, but she liked the change in style, once she turns 11 she's having her dad take her shopping for new clothes. Most of her clothes were black, silver or white, and green, it's not like she hated only having those colors, she honestly didn't mind it, it was structure and it made her style, hers. However, she defiantly wanted a change of pace and this was giving that to her.


Severus handed his daughter the last box, she took it and smiled shyly, hoping she knew what was in it. Meadow felt it and the bumps of letters ran across her fingertips.


"Doe," Shane whined, he had already picked up on her nickname from Draco, "Just open it already!"


Remus smiled in amusement at his impatient son as Meadow stuck her tongue out at her friend. She unwrapped her gift, the huge piece of paper fell to the floor to reveal a potions book. The girl seemed to have a knack for potions, ways to improve them just by looking at them, she knew if she could read the instructions, she'd be able to brew the potion. Meadow flipped through some of the pages, recognizing some of the names and others being novel.


"Thank you Daddy," she said sweetly before giving him a hug.


"Go, you have more," he replied after a tight squeeze.


Meadow giggled and continued to open her presents, she opened Madame Pince's card, scrawled neatly on the paper, it said: "When in doubt, go to Flourish and Botts." Within the card there was a small opening which the librarian had placed a few, or ten galloons in, when Meadow looked up at her, the strict woman just gave her a wink. It looked almost misplaced on her stern face, but Meadow realized that Madame Pince was probably only so strict so she would get all books back by the end of the year.


Next was the Lupin's small gift, it was an empty notebook with quills and ink attached, Meadow smiled at the two, realizing it was very generous for the family to come to her birthday, let alone give her a present, yet, she knew it would come in handy, she had a few ideas about how to improve potions or create a few of her own.


Meadow picked up the school healers present next, she knew it was a book, but of which kind, she was unsure of. As soon as the silver wrapping paper was off, the blonde felt herself smiling, it was A Healer's Guild to Common Accidents by David Perkinpop, the same author as A Beginner's Knowledge to Healing.


Lastly, the Malfoy's present was a potions kit for the Calming Draught, since Meadow had expressed an unusual thirst of knowledge towards the healing section in the past year. This was also a way to allow Severus to let Meadow start brewing potions when he was teaching a class so she didn't "kill herself from boredom" as she once owled Draco in a letter, who had went straight to his mum about it. She had later talked to Severus, who was very adamant she would not be allowed to brew potions until she was of age. Narcissa had a surprise for her son's godfather, she was a Slytherin, known for being sneaky and sly.


The girl gave hugs to everyone as a thank you, Meadow then ran to Shane and Draco, she asked to play a game of 'Go Dragon' much like the card game 'Go Fish.'


"That girl, I tell you, she is something special."


Severus jerked his head up to the voice of Remus Lupin. Severus spoke, "Yes, she is... I hope her house reflects who she is; she is such a puzzle." The man paused before he continued grumbling, "It's too bad the days in the year are moving by quickly." He remembered when Meadow said her first words, her first steps (more like a run), him helping Meadow brew her first potion, her curiosity expanding beyond her years, Meadow's eyes getting darker by the year... Severus forced himself to stop thinking and focus on the conversation going on.


"-11 sooner than you'd think," Remus said looking at Severus.


"Ahh.. Yes, sooner than you'd think..." He shifted uncomfortably and the other man gave him a strange look.


Lupin laughed, "You weren't even paying attention to a word I was saying."


Severus sneered at the other man before going to find his daughter. "Sweetheart," Meadow looked up, "Don't forget to look in your journal later, your long-lost uncle decided to pay a special man a visit."


She looked confused before she went back to the game of Go Dragons, "Draco! Do you have any… Merpeople?"


"How did you know!?" the other boy groaned and handed over a Merperson card.


"Haha! Because Snapes always know who has what they want!" Severus just had to roll his eyes at that and Narcissa let out a small laugh, boy she wished Draco would marry that girl. However, it was up to him to decide who would be the perfect woman for him, and he had a long ways to go before he even started dating.


Irma Pince snapped her fingers in front of Severus's face and he scowled, "What? I've been trying to get your attention, Poppy and I are headed out; we have some shopping for the beginning of term to figure out."


"Thank you for coming, really, it means a great deal to her, as well as me," Severus responded, taking the women slightly off guard. They knew Severus was getting soft because of his daughter, but never in their wildest dreams would the two ever think they'd get a thank you from the man.


"It's no problem really," Poppy recovered first, "She's such a delight to have around, trouble-maker, but delightful all the same." Irma agreed and the two walked out of the dungeons, probably on their way to Diagon Alley.


Severus turned his attention back on his daughter, she had continued to grow, both physically and emotionally on him. Even if he was unsure what the blood tree would have said, he was happy he didn't find out. He was able to love her without knowing the rejection he might have felt if she wasn't his after all.




So… Shane and Draco met, already not liking each other. And now Meadow is eight years old. Narcissa is such a dreamer. She wants what's best for her son, there is no doubt about that. She has and always will be loyal to her husband and son. It's too cute in my mind. Because I already know small parings.


Onward with the Summary:


It was Meadow's birthday, and there were some people who showed up: her father, the Lupins (whom she didn't really remember), Draco and Narcissa Malfoy, Madame Pince, Madame Promfrey, and Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout. Meadow got a few presents for her birthday, one including a notebook which she was very eager to write in, a small doe charm with a dogtag which said Always on it, and a potions kit (the Calming drought this time) in order for Severus to relax about his daughter brewing potions, curtesy to Narcissa Malfoy.


Draco and Shane didn't really get alone due to Draco picking up his father's close-minded ideas about everyone who was not pureblood. As the adults talked about Meadow, Severus found himself thinking about how he wished he could be there more for his little girl, he's only been though bits and pieces of her life, only seeing her every so often. Then Remus had said it would be interesting if her house truly reflected on who she was considering she was such a puzzle to them.


It ends with Narcissa smiling about how Meadow's personality had started to develop more as well as thinking about her son's future. And then more of the adults going off on their own since the party was mostly over.

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