Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


24. Big Trouble

Okay, so I know you all are like, how is this going to happen with all of these OCs, especially with Harry's little sister, Dell. Well… I'm actually not going to have her play a huge role on anything, I might write a bit, here and there on her, but she's not a main character by any means. So I'm leaving you in the dark with Dell's school life.


Also, you might not be too big of a fan of me with how I portray Meadow in part of this chapter.


Baby Miracle


"Are you okay to walk?" Harry asked Meadow and she nodded, Harry grabbed both his and her trunks, and Weasley grabbed his and his rat. Meadow gripped Bee's cage, and the three walked over to the castle.


Chapter Twenty-Four: Big Trouble


Harry and Weasley set their trunks down next to the big pile of other students' things, and Meadow put the cage right on top. She didn't see Bee since she fell out of the car and hoped that her cat wasn't going swimming.


Harry peaked through the crack in between the two big doors, "The sorting is going on, but Snape isn't there."


As Weasley got a big grin on his face and started boosting, Meadow paled, "What if he's been sacked! Or if he quit because he didn't get the Defense Against the Dark Arts post again."


"Oh no," Meadow whispered, "He's coming for us."


Harry had a small smile on his face when he turned around, but it soon was wiped off when the potions master was right behind the other two. Snape raised an eyebrow, "Or maybe he's right here waiting for you three to hear why you didn't arrive on the train like everybody else.


"Follow me," He stated and smiled in a way that told them they were in very big trouble.


Not daring to look at each other, the three followed the potions master down to the dungeons, leaving the warmth of the Great Hall and the smell of food far behind. Meadow recognized that they were going to his office. It was always colder because her father hated being warm all the time, with his clothes and robe on, mixing potions or grading as fast as he can, and with heat to add, Snape would be sweating. In that case he limits the heat and keeps his office cold.


"So, the train isn't good enough for the famous Harry Potter, did you want to arrive with a bang?" Snape said as he pushed them into his office. Meadow was shivering even harder now and her father just ignored her. "And faithful, neglected sidekick Weasley, just went along with it so you could finally be in the spotlight."


"No, sir, it was the barrier at King's Cross-"


"Silence," Snape said in a horrible voice, "What have you done with the car?" Meadow looked up to look into her father's eyes, however, he was avoiding her. "You were seen," He hissed and help up a newspaper with the title, FLYING FORD ANGLIA MYSTIFIES MUGGLES. "Two Muggles in London, convinced they saw an old car flying over the Poster Office tower… at noon in Norfold, Mrs. Hetty Bayliss, while hanging out her washing… Mr. Angus Fleet, of Peebles reported it to police… Six or seven Muggles in all." Snape looked at Weasley, "I believe your father works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. My, my, his own son…"


Meadow and Harry gulped, they hadn't thought of Mr. Weasley, he bewitched the car… if anyone would to find out. Weasley got red in the face but he didn't say anything.


"I noticed, in my search, that considerable damage has been inflicted to the very valuable Whomping Willow," Snape went on, and Meadow's teeth started to chatter as she remembered drowning in the Black Lake.


"That tree did more damage to us!" Weasley yelled, furious with the potions master. Insulting him, his family, and not even listening.


"Silence!" Snape snapped, "If I were your head of house and had the decision to expel you, I would. I will go fetch the people who do have that happy power. Wait here."


Meadow and Harry looked at each other, neither were hungry anymore, and both were sick to their stomachs. Weasley on the other hand, got up from his chair and started pacing. "He has the power to expel you, but he won't because you're his daughter. So Harry and I get to be expelled but bloody Snake doesn't," the redhead glared at Meadow.


"Like it's my fault you forced me into that stupid car," Meadow whispered back.


Weasley sneered at her and sat back down, not even a minute after that, Snape returned with Professor McGonagall. Her wand was raised as she entered; Harry and Weasley flinched as Meadow tried to make herself even smaller than before, but all McGonagall did was point it at the fireplace and flames erupted.


"Explain yourselves," she said with a high voice, either very angry or concerned or the both together.


Weasley decided it was he who should tell the story, Meadow and Harry stayed quiet the whole time, except for the occasional chatter of Meadow's teeth from the cold. The fire did help, but she didn't know if she should embrace the warmth or if the heat of the fire made her feel colder because her frozen clothes started to thaw.


"Why didn't you send us a letter by owl? I believe you have an owl?" McGonagall directed towards Harry.


The three gaped at her, it did seem obvious, but Meadow remembered something, "Hedwig's cage was empty, we decided to send her and Shane's owl ahead of us so they could stretch their wings from being locked up in the Leaky Cauldron the last week."


Professor McGonagall's lips went even thinner, processing this information, "You could have just waited for Weasley's parents or your Uncle. Even calling for an owl isn't that difficult."


Meadow looked down and nodded, "I tried, but Weasley and Harry were set on going, I wasn't about to leave myself in the middle of London."


Meadow's teeth chattered one more time, and McGonagall looked at her, "Why are you so cold?"


"As we drove over the Black Lake, the car started wobbling and I got tossed around in the back seat, then a door opened and I fell. A long way, might I add, into the lake."


"Severus!" Professor McGonagall yelled, "Did you not even ask your own student what happened?"


Snape who had been smiling over Harry and Weasley getting in trouble never even thought about his daughter once. "I- I was going to after your students were taken care of."


"Never mind my students! They are under my control, your students are under your control," McGonagall said.


Before anything could happen, a knock on the door and Professor Dumbledore entered. The three's stomachs dropped even lower. Meadow wished she was still being sunk in the Black Lake rather than here.


After a long silence, Dumbledore said, "Please explain why you three did this."


It was a terrible feeling to hear Dumbledore voice with so much disappointment, Meadow wished he would have yelled rather than that. With even Weasley silenced, Harry spoke up and explained everything all over. Meadow noticed that he made it seem like they just found the flying car, both of them knew Dumbledore would see right past that. But there were no questions asked about the car. A little alarm when Dumbledore heard about Harry falling out of the car and then when Meadow fell into the lake.


"We'll go pack our bags," Weasley said.


"What are you talking about Mr. Weasley?" Professor McGonagall barked.


"You're going to expel us, aren't you?"


There was a small twinkle in Dumbledore's eye, "Not today. But I do hope you know the severity of your actions." The three nodded and he continued, "I must get back to the feast for some last minutes reminders. I will be writing to your families tonight, although, Meadow, I believe your father already knows. If you do something else like this again, I will have no choice but to expel you."


With that he walked back through the door, and Snape knelt down in front of Meadow, slowly she lifted her eyes to meet his and she felt his mind ender hers. He took the trip though her memory, afterwards, he looked at her without anything else. "Are you okay?" Meadow nodded and Severus hugged her, not caring that the stupid Gryffindors were watching, he realized he almost lost his daughter as her teeth chattered again.


"I'll see you in detention next week," Snape said to Meadow and she nodded. He left the room.


"You two will also be serving detention with me," McGonagall said to her two Gryffindors. "You three best get to the hospital wing, two of you are bleeding and the other drown in the lake."


"Professor, my sister-" Weasley started.


"-IS in Gryffindor as well. Potter, your sister caused quite a shock, and she is in Ravenclaw," McGonagall smiled softly, "She will do well in that house, your mother was almost put into it, she told me herself."


The transfiguration professor waved her wand and three goblets appeared with a bottle of pumpkin juice and a plate of sandwiches. "Eat up and go straight to your dormitories, no wondering around. I too must return to the feast."


When the door had closed behind her, Weasley let out a whistle, "I thought we'd had it," he said as he grabbed a sandwich.


"So did I," Harry replied, taking one as well.


"I can't believe that my brothers could fly it without any Muggle seeing them ever," Weasley said and stuffed his face with a second sandwich, Meadow wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Why couldn't we get through the barrier?"


Harry shrugged, "We need to watch our step now, or at least I do, I don't understand why you're such a prat to Meadow. She's done nothing to you, and all you do is hold on to your misunderstood conception of all Slytherins."


"Because my dad told me no wizard or witch comes out of that house good!" Weasley protested.


"I don't give a damn what your father thinks, Weasley, he's the one who bewitched that car to fly. He's the one who gave you the thoughts that the car was fine," Harry roared. "I've met your father, he doesn't seem like the type to hold grudges against Slytherins just because they were in Slytherin. He seems like the type to hold grudges against people who don't know how to respect one another. Malfoy for example, is a fine person to dislike because he is a bully. Meadow is not."


Weasley looked like he had been slapped in the face, shocked that his housemate would scold him, especially after all they had been through. Slowly his ears started to turn red with embarrassment, "Blimey, Harry, I didn't know you started to feel that way; we had all those talks about how you thought Meadow was just playing nice so she could still be friends with Shane."


Meadow, who had been nibbling on a sandwich, stopped chewing as she heard those words. Harry stood firm, "That was all for you, so you could stay off my back. I know you're jealous, Ron, jealous that you can't be as good, as pure, as Meadow Snape. Even with who her father is. You can't see past that. You are so blind."


The blonde stood up suddenly, she believed Harry, but wanted to play into that, and have the redhead boy relax. "Don't worry, Harry, you're completely right."




"You're right, all those doubts about me being nice, I guess you did catch on. Go ahead, tell the Gryffindors that I'm only nice to them because I only want to stay friends with Shane." Meadow sneered shivering, and looked at Weasley, "Do you know how stupid you sound? EXTREMELY stupid, I don't know someone so obviously oblivious to their surroundings." She threw her nibbled on sandwich at the Gryffindor and raced out, not caring or knowing if she hit him or not.


Meadow ran through the corridors, the familiar path to the Slytherin dungeons, and she found the patch of wall with the small snake on it. Only then did she realize that she didn't know the password. "There you are," A girl's voice said, "People have had a lot to talk about over the feast, between Harry having a younger sister and you, Harry, and Weasel flying a car here, and you and the Weasel boy even being in the same room together."


Sage Flint. The Prefect last year who mentored the first years. "Sage!" Meadow smiled, her teeth still chattering, seeing a familiar Slytherin face set ease to her.


"Hello! How was your break?" The strawberry blonde smiled. "By the way, the password is 'Watpurt', I have no idea why either."


"It was good," Meadow responded as the wall opened up to the common room, "It was eventful too, but really good. How was yours?"


"Just as boring as always," Sage laughed, "That was quite an entrance you pulled today."


Meadow giggled, "It wasn't my idea, although Harry is my friend, both him and Weasley are idiotic Gryffindors."


"Right," Sage rolled her green eyes, Meadow was told once that she looks more like her Irish mother than the Flint's side of the family. "But you so happen to choose to be friends with Potter, Lupin, and Granger."


"That's different!" Meadow exclaimed as the two walked up the stairs for bed.


After the second flight of stairs, Sage bid the younger girl goodnight, and went into the sixth year dormitories. When Meadow got up to the where the second years live on the second to last flight of stairs all of her housemates were sitting, waiting up for her. Meadow got a bunch of questions and congratulations all at once from Terrance, Theo, Daphne, Blaise, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyal.


"What the bloody hell was that about?" Malfoy asked as Crabbe and Goyal slapped her on the shoulders causing her to fall into Malfoy. "Ick, why are you wet?"


"What about what?" Meadow said, hiding a smile.


"Why were you with them instead of on the train?" Terry piped up, earning a glare from Malfoy.


"The barrier sealed itself for some reason, for some other reason Harry thought it would be a good idea to go along with Weasley and his flying car," Meadow shrugged and shivered slightly.


"Are you alright?" Daphne asked, her hazel eyes concerned.


Meadow nodded, "I was thrown into the Black Lake on the way here. I'm just cold, that's all."


"You were what!" Daph yelled, "Come on, you need a hot shower." The brunette grabbed Meadow's arm and tugged her away from the boys. They walked to their room that was in the exactly like the one last year, same place, same drapes, same everything. Daphne pushed her into the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. Meadow was shoved into the water, clothes and everything.


After Meadow was washed up and dried, the two second-year Slytherins changed into their pajamas and climbed into bed. Their cats curled up on the ends of their beds and Meadow giggled. Daphne looked at her with a questioning look, "I just can't believe we're second-years, and I made it here by flying in a car."


"I wouldn't be too proud of that Meadow," Daphne replied before pulling the curtains around her. Meadow frowned, and tears stung her eyes, she didn't think Daphne would disapprove so much of the car. She pulled her curtains around herself as well and drifted off to sleep.






Meadow tried to make it seem like she never heard her name or the Howler. But it kept going and her eardrums throbbed.




A silence fell, all except the red envelope, which burst into flames after ripping itself up. Meadow's face burned with heat, Daphne gave her a pointed look that said 'you deserve this' and slowly talk broke out again. Meadow was burning with guilt and pushed away her toast and orange juice. Professor Snape soon walked by them with their class schedule, however, this time they had the names of which houses were with who for classes. Up first with the Slytherins were the Ravenclaws with a double Charms class, when the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs had double Herbology. After that potions with the Hufflepuffs. A lunch break before double Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Gryffindors. Many of the second-years groaned when they saw DADA, but most girls had a small smile due to the professor.


Meadow, Terrance, Theo, and Daphne went back to the common room and piled their books in their backpacks. Little talk was said as they walked to the Charms classroom, they were the first Slytherins, but most of the Ravenclaws were already there. Meadow waved at a few, Cho Chang smiled back, Terry Boot waved back with a wink, and Padma Patil nodded at her. The three were all sitting next to each other, and started whispering. Meadow made a mental note to catch up with them more later; they never were friends last year, but the four did talk on occasions for the classwork they had together.


As more of the Slytherins trickled in, Professor Flitwick made rounds with the students to see how their summers went. After getting by to quickly talk to everyone, Professor Flitwick started the class. He started by going over the charms they learned last year before teaching the basics of Freezing Charm. Since the Slytherins were with the Ravenclaws, they actually had to focus to not look bad.


After Charms, the Slytherins had Potions with the Hufflepuffs. Professor Snape made them take notes on all the potions they learned the past year to see where they were at. Not that it really mattered, he wasn't going to go back over any. When the lunch bell ran, everyone got up and went to the Great Hall. The four ate relatively quickly and went outside to soak in some sun. "Hey Higgs! Quidditch try-outs tonight an hour after dinner," Marcus Flint called.


Terrance gave the Quidditch caption a nod and called back "I'll be there!" He turned to Meadow, "You should come try out too; you got really good at flying last year."


Meadow sighed but smiled, "I guess I could try, I can't really see Flint accepting a girl on the team though. He seems a bit on the man-power side."


"He just wants a strong team, just like there's no guarantee that I will be seeker again," Terry said.


"I heard Draco's going after seeker this year," Daphne spoke up.


Terry spit out his water, obviously he hadn't heard that, "Bloody hell, really?"


Before Daphne could reply there a loud click in the courtyard, which caused to four to sit up and see what was going on. A first-year Gryffindor was holding a Muggle camera and had taken a picture of Harry. He was babbling on about pictures and Meadow rolled her dark eyes, she tuned out until she heard another voice join the conversation.




"Signed photos? You're giving out signed photos, Potter?" With him, as always in public, was Crabbe and Goyal. "Everyone line up! Harry Potter's giving out signed photos!"


"No, I'm not," Harry replied angrily and Meadow sat up, seeing his fists clenched. "Shut up, Malfoy."


"You're just jealous," The small first-year squeaked.


"Jealous?" Malfoy said, and he laughed, it wasn't very pleasant. "Of what? I don't want a foul scar right across my head, thanks. I don't think getting your head cut makes you very special. I certainly wouldn't flaunt it around."


"At least I'm not a huge arse like you, Malfoy," Harry replied, his temper rising.


Meadow went to get up and cool the situation down, but Daphne grabbed her wrist. The blonde looked at her roommate, and Daphne shook her head, and pointed.


Professor Gilderoy Lockhart was walking over, turquoise robes trailing behind him, Meadow smiled slightly, she's read about everything he's done, and his stunning smile was heart melting. "What's all this?"


Harry opened his mouth to speak but Lockhart cut him off, "Harry, I should have known! We meet again, Harry." The Professor took a burning red Harry under his arm, "Come on Mr. Creevey, a double portrait, you can't do better than that, and we're both sign it for you."


The Gryffindor fumbled with his camera and took the picture just as the bell rang, signaling the start of afternoon classes. Lockhart held Harry back, and Meadow 'dropped' a book, so she could listen in on the conversation. The Gryffindors and Slytherins had DADA together.


"A word to the wise, Harry," Lockhart said as they entered the building though a side door, and Meadow slipped through the door and into the shadows. "I covered up for you back there with young Creevey—if he was photographing me, too, your schoolmates wouldn't think you're setting yourself up so much…" Meadow heard Harry try to protest but Lockhart kept talking, "Let me just say that handing out signed pictures at this stage of your career isn't sensible—looks a tad bigheaded, Harry, to be frank."


Meadow started to like the DADA Professor less and less with him talking to Harry like he's a child when Lockhart won't even listen. "There may well come a time when, like me, you'll need to keep a stack handy wherever you go, but I don't think you're quite there yet."


They reached the classroom and Lockhart let Harry go, who yanked his robes straight and headed for a seat at the very back of the class, and buried himself in his books. Meadow slipped in the door and grabbed the seat next to Harry. Leaving Terrance with Pansy Parkinson, and some funny looks from her classmates. Normally Meadow wouldn't sit with the other houses during classes, only some meals, free periods, and the library.


"I don't like him anymore," she whispered. "He seems like the one full of himself. Not you."


Harry nodded towards her and was about to speak, but Weasley swaggered over and commented, "You could have fried an egg on your face, better hope that Colin and Ginny don't get together and start a Harry Potter fan club."


"Shut up," Harry said back and Weasley smirked and walked away, knowing full well if Lockhart heard 'Harry Potter fan club' Harry would have another talk about fame.


Once everyone was seated, Lockhart cleared his throat and the class fell silence. He picked up Neville's copy of one of the books, and held it up, a portrait of him winking was on the front.


"Me," he said as he pointed at it, "Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award – but I don't mean to brag about that, I didn't get rid of the Bandon Banshee by smiling at her."


He chuckled at himself and slightly waited for the class to laugh. There were some weak smiles, but barely any laughs.


"I see you've all bought a complete set of my books –well done. I thought we'd start today with a little quiz. Nothing to worry about –just to check to see how well you've all read them." He started passing out the test papers, "You have thirty minutes –start –now!"


As Meadow read through the text she saw all the questions were about him, all fifty-four questions were all about him. Meadow grew a little hot-headed, her temper could be worse than her father's if she didn't agree with something. As she took her quill, she wrote in big letters:


Can you get even more full of yourself? Teach us Defense Against the Dark Arts not yourself.


Meadow was the first one up within minutes of him handing out the test; basically stomping as she walked up to the front of the class, her curls bouncing slightly. Everyone looked up. Meadow held out the test and waited. Lockhart took it, flipped it over, and almost chocked. "And who are you with the spunky attitude?"


"My name is Meadow Snape. And frankly, this is a class about defending yourself against other spells and charms, not about our oh-so-famous professor. I'm sorry, but what are you actually doing here? You're not teaching us anything."


The class stopped writing any sort of answer they were doing, although not looking up, the whole class was listening. Lockhart started laughing trying to ease the tension, but Meadow started tapping her foot. "You see Miss Snape, Professor Snape's daughter, is it?"


"What other Snape do you know," Meadow snapped.


Lockhart cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable, "Right, well. As for your question, after this little test, I was planning on a little challenge for you second-years." He addressed the class, since everyone except Hermione abandoned trying the test. Lockhart tapped a cage, and it started giggling and shaking, "Now—be warned! It is my job to arm you against the foulest creatures known to wizardkind! You may find yourselves facing your worst fears in this room. Know only that no harm can befall you whilst I am here. All I ask is that you remain calm."


He waved for Meadow to sit down; however, she didn't show any sign of moving, she crossed her arms and stood there. "I must ask you not to scream," he said and continued as he lifted the sheet off the cage, "It might provoke them!"


A cage of blue pixies with them reaching out and trying to grab anything. Seamus Finnigan snorted, even Lockhart couldn't mistake it for a scream.




Finnigan snorted again to try and contain his laughter, "They're not very dangerous, are they?"


"Freshly caught Cornish pixies? I wouldn't be so sure! Devilish tricky blighters they can be!" Lockhart said waggling a finger at Seamus, Meadow rolled her eyes.


The pixies were electric blue and about eight inches tall. They had pointed faces and three points on their ears. Their voices were a very high pitch and it was horrible to listen too. They were zooming around in the cage making faces at the people nearest them.


"Let's see what you make of them!" Lockhart said as he opened the cage.


Meadow ducked as pixies shot out of the cage like rouge bludgers. Hermione looked up to see what was going on and she screamed. Meadow turned and saw two pixies pick up Neville Longbottom by the ears and drop him on the chandelier. Several pixies shot through the windows, showering most of the Slytherins in glass. A yell of "JUST WAIT UNTIL MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS!" and most of the Slytherins abandoned the classroom. What was left of the class was splattered with ink bottles that some of the other pixies grabbed. Everyone else seemed to take cover under their desks.


"Come on now! Round them up, they're only pixies," Lockhart shouted above the screams, he laughed as he pushed his sleeves up, "Peskipiksi Pesternomi!" That had no effect on the pixies at all and one grabbed Lockhart's wand and threw it out the window, only after riding the bone dinosaur from the celling to the ground causing even more screams.


Lockhart dived under his own desk as Neville came crashing down with the chandelier. The bell rang and with any remaining students there was a mad rush towards the exit. Leaving Meadow, Terry, Harry, Shane, and Hermione. Lockhart stood up and straightened his robes before he spotted the five of them, as he was walking out he said, "I'd hate to ask you, but nip the rest of them back into their cage."


"SERIOUSLY!" Meadow bellowed after him, and Lockhart slammed the door. "This is bloody ridiculous, a Professor should know how to get his own problems in sort."


"He just wants to give us some hands-on experience," Hermione replied as she used the Freezing charm Meadow and Terry just started to learn how to do.


"Hands on?" Harry replied, "Hermione, he didn't even have any idea what he was doing."


"Rubbish," She huffed, "You've read his books look at all the things he's done-"


"He says he's done," Terrance spoke up, surprising everyone.


Hermione cleared her throat awkwardly, "Let's just get these back into the cage." With lots of groaning, the five started to get the pixies back into the cage, mostly with the help of Meadow and Hermione using Immobulus.




Meadow was still fuming about the class they had with Lockhart, every single question about him and then him not even knowing how to take care of his own pixie problem. Terrance and Meadow headed down to the Quidditch field for try-outs. Both wore the white Quidditch pants and dark green shirt. Terrance had tried to get her to relax, but nothing was getting her to relax. Meadow was both angry and nervous, adrenaline had been pumping through her body for the majority of the afternoon.


"Meadow, you need to relax if you're going to do any good trying out for this team," Terrance whispered, but she shook him off.


"I just need you to stop badgering me about relaxing, that's not going to help me," Meadow replied and she walked with her Nimbus 2000. She took a deep breath, but it hardly helped.


The two joined fifteen other people on the field, Flint, Meadow believed, was smiling, but it looked more like a half sneer with his crooked teeth. "Alright you lot, if you're a first year or a girl, leave the field," no one moved, "NOW."


Meadow's heart dropped, but she stood firm, however, all the rest of the first years and girls left, which left Flint with his team of last year and twelve other students. "That applies to you too, Snape," Flint sneered at her, pointing her out in front of all of the guys.


She raised her eyebrows and pushed past the male students, "No, you see, I don't believe that applies to me at all, Captain." Meadow stood right in front of him, "I am a Snape, and if you do anything to me I can go straight to my father and get you kicked off the Quidditch team.


"I understand that you want a strong team, especially since you now have to go against THE Harry Potter as the youngest seeker in a century. But you will allow me to try out because you need a variety in your team to actually do well. You can't have all males on your team, you guys strategize terribly, that proved last year when you lost to Ravenclaw, you need fast players, not just fast brooms, the smaller the player the faster that broom can take you.


"So I do believe you're giving me a chance to try-out," Meadow stated, daring Flint to try and say different.


"Alright, Snape," He replied, "If you want this chance so badly, I suppose the least I can do is let you try out. And you can go first. What do you want to try out for?"




Flint smiled, it was a terrible smile, "Of course, and you can go against me, since I'm a chaser. Who's our keepers?" Two people raised their hands. "Wand, Paper, Potion. We all know the rules, paper covers potion, potion smashes wand, and wand burns paper."


Miles Bletchley, the keeper last year, won, "Okay Miles, pick between me and Miss Snape."


"Sorry, Marcus!" Miles laughed, "I'll put my money on Meadow, that speech and all, she'll have to be good enough to make the team."


Flint grunted and went over to the third year, Harper Black, to start a game plan. Miles walked over to Meadow, "I hope you are one hell of a flyer, Snape." He was tall and muscular, had short, black hair that he spiked up in the front, he had brown eyes and a bony nose. Miles was a fifth year.


Meadow nodded, "I hope so too, I was told I was."


"Yeah? By who?" Miles's voice was husky.




Miles laughed, "That's because he's fond of you."


"He's what?"


"He likes you, only ever talked about you last year," he replied and switched the subject, "So I'm assuming with everything you saw last year, you know how Marcus flies right?" Meadow nodded, "Look out for his left arm, he likes jabbing people, I'd suggest driving under him, or throwing your whole body weight into a turn. Marcus is fast, even if he's dim-witted. You just have to play tricks around him, and watch out for when he tries to shove you into a wall."


"I saw that with Katie Bell last year," Meadow nodded, "I know Flint is really good at Quidditch, but what if he beats me? Am I just done then?"


Miles smiled sadly at her, "Even if you beat him, what are the chances of him actually picking you to be on the team?"


Meadow's face got hot, and through clenched teeth she said, "You mean to tell me that Flint is so bloody blind to talent, that he won't even allow a girl to be on the team because he wants a strong team?"


"That's exactly what I'm saying," Miles said and clapped her on the shoulder, "Go show him what you've got."


The four mounted their brooms, and Flint ever so gratefully said "Lady's first," and threw the quaffle at her.


She caught it in the middle of her chest, but Flint drove at her, she forced her broom straight up to avoid him and rocketed towards Harper at the goal post. Meadow glanced down and saw that Flint was rising right below her, she swooped to the right, diving down below him, and continued to get closer to the goal post. She faked throwing it to the bottom left and Harper dove for it, but Meadow threw it in the center hoop. And scored.


Meadow smiled up at Flint, who was just catching up to her now, but he sneered back, "I let you do that, and that's the only goal you'll score."


Meadow's smile wavered but she called back, "At least I'm not afraid to get down and dirty. Just because you might be scared to hurt me doesn't mean I won't steal from you."


Flint stopped and turned around, "Do you really think I want Professor Snape's daughter on my team? No one would touch you in fear of Snape punishing them afterwards. I'd love it, we'd win easily. But this game, isn't about being easy, it's about winning."


Meadow stopped flying next to him. She never had thought about other students not wanting to hurt her because of her father's anger. Which it did nothing to really calm her down, especially since she saw Flint call for the next chaser. Meadow pushed her broom down right in front of Flint. "Just because I'm Snape's daughter doesn't mean I'm anything like him. And it's not just about me being related to a Professor, it's because I'm a girl. If you won't give me a fair try-out, let someone else who isn't afraid to hurt me, because I deserve this chance. JUST like any other girl who came here to try out."


"You want a fair try-out? Fine," Flint got back on his broom and called two other people up, Adrian Pucey, the Perfect who showed them where the Slytherin common room was, and Cassius Warrington, the biggest guy on the team, who is also a fifth year. He's got blonde hair and pale skin, with brown, dead eyes. "Miles, replace Harper. Harper, you're finished with your try-out, and you're not on the team."


Miles switched sides and a very disappointed Harper walked off the field. "Here's the rules, Snape, if you can score three goals without one of us touching the ball, you'll take Cassius's spot on the team. If one of us touches it before you score, you're out, just like if Miles stops the ball. You're done." Flint sneered again, "Best of luck, Snape, and we're not holding back."


Meadow caught the quaffle and drove up towards the clouds, the three other Slytherins raced after her. She shot forward, closer to the goals, and then dove down, dodging Flint and Adrian. The two turned around, right on her tail, and Cassius swerved in front of her. Meadow veered to the left, surprising him, and letting Adrian run straight into his teammate. Those two lost altitude fast before getting untangled. And Meadow did another fake shot at the lower left and scored on the center. Miles smiled at her encouragingly, one down, two to go.


Meadow quickly scored the next goal, however, instead of faking like how she did the last two times, she just threw the ball straight threw the goal. Miles, who thought she'd actually go for the left goal, wasn't guarding the center.


Miles threw the ball back to her after retrieving. And off they went again. Meadow got slammed in between Marcus and Adrian, she tried to wiggle up and down but the two wouldn't budge. Then Cassius came up in front of her. Meadow halted her broom and pulled it up, shooting straight up, over Cassius, breaking free from Marcus and Adrian. They weren't quite finished yet and tried to grab the ball as she went to shoot, but she tucked it under her arm quickly and zig-zagged around to try and lose them. Meadow drove herself upwards once again to try and get the three to follow her, but they didn't, they waited for her to come down.


Meadow huffed to herself and dove down at the three. She kept diving down past them as evened herself out to rocket towards the goals. Marcus went to jab her with his left hand and he managed to jab her in the ribs. Meadow cried out, nearly dropping the quaffle, however, she recovered and pushed her body closer to the broom, trying to get faster. Adrian was on the other side of her and tried to punch the quaffle out of her arms. Meadow managed to hold on to it as she wheeled away from it. As she spun on her broom, Cassius popped out of nowhere, and she swerved the other way. Looking up, Meadow noticed that the right, lower post was open, she made to throw it, but Miles was there. She switched courses, and threw it in the center again.


Miles darted back up to try to stop it, but it was too late. Meadow scored her third goal. The other people who were trying out clapped, and Meadow turned with a smile on her face towards Flint. "I guess you have a girl on your team!"


"Actually I don't, Cassius was already on the team and I'm not losing a good player just to a girl who thinks she's good enough to be on the team," Marcus sneered.


The clapping had slowed down, Adrian went up to the Quidditch Captain and started whispering to him. However, before Marcus could start arguing, slow clapping started, and everyone looked down to see their Head of House. "Flint," Snape beckoned him to fly down. After a few whispers, and an angry Marcus stormed off the field. Snape looked back up and called for Adrian.


After a few minutes of talking, the potions master walked off the field and Adrian called for everyone to huddle. "Alright, Slytherins, we'll have only a few more try-outs, anyone interested in being seeker please stay, everyone else leave unless your part of the team—" Meadow sighed and turned to leave with the rest of the Slytherins, "—That means you too, Meadow, you're staying here."


Meadow's eyes grew huge, "You mean—"


"Welcome to the team," Adrian said and clapped her shoulder.


As Meadow watched the seeker try-outs, she winced as Malfoy made the first catch. It was hardly fair, Terrance was on the complete opposite end of the pitch, but that's quidditch. Once seeker try-outs were done, it didn't look promising that Terry would make the team, but Adrian was still going to think it over about who would be the seeker and who would be back up.


Adrian called for a team meeting, this included Cassius, Miles, the two beaters, Neil Darker and Stuart Vanity, and Meadow, the only one missing was the new seeker, which wouldn't be found out until it was posted on the board.


"Okay team," Adrian started, "Just because I'm the new caption does not mean I'm going to change everything. You guys know how I feel about rough play, but if the other team starts it, we finish it." He paused to make sure everyone was paying attention. "Professor Snape always comes down to quidditch try-outs to make sure they were fair, upon seeing this one's try-out (Meadow pouted as all eyes were on her) he decided that Flint could not get over his bias of girls. And no, Snape, it's just because you're his daughter. Next practice will be Saturday morning, no matter who gets picked for seeker, we will have a back-up," Adrian looked hard at Meadow, "And they will be required to come to practices."


"Hey Adrian!" Miles spoke up, and the new caption raised an eyebrow, "I think this is going to be a better year for us."


"As it bloody should be!" Adrian barked and the guys laughed, Meadow gave a small smile, she didn't know the team well enough to share the same humor. As the meeting was dismissed, Adrian held Meadow back, he bent down to looked into her dark eyes with his brown ones, his dark brown hair was matted from sweat, "Snape, you are going to have to work harder than ever to prove you are on this team for a reason. Just because you are Professor Snape's daughter, it doesn't land you a spot on the team for next season or even all of this one. I'm going to be hard on you, those little tricks you preformed during your try-out… those will have to be perfected, you were sloppy. Cassius will help you control better, and if need be, I will make time for privet flying lessons for you." Meadow gulped thickly, she knew this was bigger than her, no one would ever see her as just Meadow, they'd always see her as Professor Snape's daughter, "Do you want to be on this team?"


"Yes," Meadow nodded, her voice small.


"Good, I'll see you bright and early on Saturday morning, the time will be posted with who's all on the team by Friday," Adrian clapped her shoulder and walked out with Cassius and the two beaters. Miles stayed behind to look at Meadow.


Her face had lost any color it had and her eyes looked more tired than normal. "Rough talk?" Miles asked, his deep voice had traces of concern in it.


"Just a bit…" Meadow replied and rubbed her hand on the handle of her broom.


Miles smiled and sat down on the bench across from where she was standing. "He just wants to make sure the school knows it's not because of who your father is." Meadow nodded but her eyes were still on her toes. The older boy sighed, "Come now, stop moping, it doesn't make you look as pretty as you are."


Meadow's face lit up, the heat of her blush made her feel like she was sweating, "I am not pretty."


"Yes you are," Miles said and rolled his eyes, he stood up, and pulled Meadow's chin up to meet his eyes. "For a twelve-year-old, you have been the center of attention for many conversations among the guys."


"That's not exactly encouraging for Quidditch practices," Meadow responded, trying to change the subject.


"No, I suppose not," Miles murmured, "Come on, I'm sure you have homework, and I have my OWLs to study for. I'll walk you back to the Common Room."


Meadow sighed, no one would ever leave her alone, she always had to have someone with her. It was a bit too much and she believed her father was the one who put the upper classmen to be with her. Miles, however, had no problem talking her hear off about how horrible fifth year was with all of the exams and faster-paced learning. Meadow groaned internally, how fast could these professors push their students?




Okay! So, I know I've added a lot of Meadow getting flirted with or told she was pretty… But in my honest opinion, J.K. Rowling avoided the lust/love/flirtiness of teenagers, even ones as young as Meadow. Let's be real, that's were most people started having crushes, and if you weren't one of them well... obviously your brain was smart and like 'no child, you do not need to date until you understand what love actually means' because I was not one of those people.


So… I'm not trying to make Meadow like this big thing, but since she is Snape's daughter, it's hard for her to not get talked about anyways, because people are scared she'll go and tell on them to Snape (even though they-Meadow and Severus- do not have a strong relationship anymore-at least during school session).



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