Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


3. An Answer And A Moment

 AN: Since I am going up in years now, the chapters will be a lot shorter since I can't really write a whole lot about one day in the mind of a youngster, and I did go back and forth between Meadow and Severus's mind.


Baby Miracle


"Well you do that I'm going to see if they turned back yet, it's getting light out," Severus muttered and set Meadow in her booster seat, with a kiss on her forehead, he was gone.


Three: An Answer and a Moment


"And this precious little girl is yours?" Narcissa asked, as she took Meadow from Severus's arms and whispered how cute and adorable she was, causing the toddler to giggle.


It had been one year since Voldemort caught the Potter's off guard and murdered Lily and James, before disappearing himself in an explosion caused by Harry surviving the killing curse. Adella Lillian Potter, Harry's sister, was born on July 21, 1982. Just ten days before Harry's two year birthday. She had suffered from the explosion as well, losing eyesight in her left eye as well as having a long, jagged, white scar covered half her face from her temple to her chin. However, she was placed within another home, with her godmother, in fact, Hestia Jones, who was apart of the Order of Phoenix. Severus didn't realize how close the two were. After the death of Lily and James, the Lupins disappeared underground, most likely the Shrieking Shack, Severus had no intent of finding out. And Sirius Black, distraught had been captured and without a trial, sent to Azkaban for the murders of Lily and James Potter (even though Sirius himself was neither involved nor murdered his best friends). Severus and Remus knew better than that; but with the Lupins' both being werewolves and the Ministry not a fan of any half-creatures, Remus was unable to speak the truth. And Severus, still not fully trusted by the new Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, as his Death Eater mark was still upon his left wrist, he would not be a proper advocate to step forward for Sirius Black.


Dumbledore had this brilliant plan to turn the two over to Lily's estranged sister, Petunia Dursley, her husband, Vernon, and their two year old son, Dudley. Note the sarcasm. Meadow, well… there was a problem, she couldn't stay with Severus during the school year, it hadn't worked out in the best way when she was two. She was always sad, moping about, wondering where Shane and Harry were.


"Yes, I officially adopted her just last month," Severus replied, "I am now the guardian of her as Sadie gets better; since she had no records, we made a birth certificate, Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape, born August 21, 1980." Narcissa raised an eyebrow, "Poppy said her immune system was relatively advanced for her age, something about a new break though about some sort of pregnancy potion or spell which allows for the baby to stay within the womb for a year rather than nine months. Most women aren't keen on it, but apparently Sadie either wanted to, or she was getting paid for the study." Sadie Beckard, Meadow's mother, was still in St. Mungo's in the Spell Damage floor, she had started twitching her fingers whenever Severus was there talking to her. He had gone to her every other weekend during the school year and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday during the summer. He took Meadow on Sundays with him, Sadie was the most active during Meadow's visits, however with Meadow's immune system not fully developed the healers had recommended Meadow visit her mother less often until she was older. She still remembered her mother, curling up next to her on the hospital bed, and creating a huge tantrum when they would leave every night.


"But you except to be Draco's godfather, still?" Lucius asked nervously, why Severus was unsure of, Riddle had been unheard of for a year, and multiple Death Eaters had been captured. The Malfoys, were part of the group to protect their family, as well as being purebloods and Slytherin graduates, basically they had no choice in the matter.


"Of course, there would be no one else who would be better, I can keep an eye on him at school and I don't plan to get sent to Azkaban anytime soon," Severus looked at the man with silver white hair and grey eyes, Narcissa had had silver eyes and half black, half white hair, showing she was a Black and also a Malfoy, they made the perfect couple with only one son, Draco Lucius Malfoy, the spitting image of his father with his mother's eyes.


"Good," Narcissa put Meadow down next to Draco, Meadow touched his pale nose, and Draco snorted, taking Meadow's little hand in his. "I think Meadow could get along with just about anyone Severus."


"She is defiantly just like her mother then, Sadie hated it when people didn't like her, she beat herself up about it, wondering what she had done wrong," Severus agreed.


"When do you go back to teaching at that damned school?" Asked Lucius coolly, causing the two little ones to look up.


"September," Severus raised an eyebrow, "As usual."


"And you're bringing Meadow with?" Narcissa questioned.


Severus sighed, "I'm trying to have her every other week, and see how it works out. I've just got to talk to Albus about it." He frowned, it was difficult to have her at school, as he had thought earlier, yet, he would feel bad about leaving her with some random family, although it wouldn't be bad if he had placed her with Miss Figg, a squib just down the block from Harry and Adella…"


"She might miss her daddy if you were gone from her for nine months out of the year," Narcissa cooed and the two men rolled their eyes at her. "We'd be happy to take Meadow, that way she could grow up knowing magic and a friend before school starts."


Severus smiled briefly, "Tempting offer Cissa, however, I believe I'll have to turn it down. I would like it if we could get together with the two often so they would know each other."


The woman smiled sadly, "Yes, I suppose of our background we wouldn't be the first pick of the bunch for her temporary guardians."


"It's not that," Severus frowned again, "It's just, you two have your own son to care for, why would you want the trouble of a little girl, who might not even be mine?" Severus had opted out of doing a blood potion after he started it, unable to finish the final steps of adding his blood and Meadow's blood to it.


As the three adults continued to talk, Meadow and Draco played, and as they raced around the house, a man appeared, his hair was long and black, his eyes were silver like Narcissa's, he was very skinny, and the two thought he was extremely tall. He raised a finger to his lips, before he disappeared into the night, and he dropped a letter on his way out. Draco picked it up, turning it over multiple times. "I keep this until I reed," he said, mispronouncing read. The two walked to his room which they passed a few doors down.


His room was large, furnished with a large bed, bigger than Meadow had ever seen before, a chest was at the end of it, the room had white carpet, and the colors in his room were silver and green, much like her own. He had two other doors in his room, Meadow, being curious, asked "Where do these go?"


"Bathroom and closet," Draco responded.


"Draco? Meadow?" Narcissa's voice called, "It's time for lunch!"


"Wait!" Meadow squealed, "My and you name on the paper!"


The two found a crayon and wrote their name sloppily on the letter before they raced to the smaller dinning room and sat on chairs right away, ready to eat. After lunch, Draco and Meadow went off on their own to play and the three adults talked about a lot of different things.


Lucius had been able to find his way apart of the Hogwarts Board of Governors right after Voldemort had disappeared, he had not been imprisoned like a lot of the other Death Eaters because he had said he'd been under the Imperious Curse. Little evidence was shown for it, but even less evidence was shown against, therefor the Malfoys had been saved from Azkaban. However, Narcissa would have been saved anyways, she doesn't hold the Dark Mark on her wrist, unlike the two men with her. She is just devotedly loyal to her husband and son, she would do anything for them to protect them.


Severus had noticed that Narcissa had been more relaxed now that her sister had been incarcerated. With the Malfoy's social standpoint of being close to Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, many wizards and witches feared them. Not many people had actually believed Lucius's tail of the effects of the Imperious Curse, yet with their high standing of being by Fudge, no one would speak out against them. Perhaps Harry Potter would in the future.


"Did you hear that Sirius Black was put into Azkaban for the Potter's death?" Lucius drawled.


"It's a bunch of rubbish, he hated the Dark Arts even more than he hated his own family," Narcissa responded sharply, glaring at her husband.


"I did, yes," Severus said, "I don't believe anything the Ministry say about him, I did get to know him for a slight time. He always wanted the best for Lily and James. He was there at the end, he showed up right before I had left."


"They didn't even give him a bloody trial," Narcissa spat, clearly having some harsh feelings about how one of her cousins was wrongly accused.


"Oh Merlin's beard, Cissa," Lucius said, rolling his eyes, "You get upset about the one cousin who is a disgrace to the wizarding world, but not about Bellatrix who actually had been doing the right things to rid this world of Mudbloods and traitors."


"Oh shut up, Lucius! Just because your son is the only heir to the Malfoy name doesn't mean you have the right to be snappy at me because you don't have any cousins or siblings!"


"Alright, that's quite enough," Severus cut in, he wasn't going to listen to the two bicker all night. "It was unfair that Black didn't get a trial, but no need to so vicious about it. Both Bellatrix and Black are in Azkaban for life, there's nothing we can do about it."


As the three continued to have meaningful and sometimes mindless small talk the two children were up to no good. Meadow, who was new to a lot of things at the Malfoy's house, was unsure of the house elves the Malfoys owned. One of which was sort of the rebel of the three they owned, his name was Dobby. He had large tennis ball sized, green eyes, large floppy ears, pale grey/pink skin, and he wore a very dirty pillow case. "What is this?" Meadow had asked Draco.


"A house elf, you don't have them?" Meadow shook her head, "They do all the cleaning and cooking. All of the servant stuff. See?"


Meadow frowned at his tone for servant, she didn't even know what that was, and she thought is mispronounced the word. "Okay…" she responded, pulling on a strand of her blonde hair, it was a bit darker than then Draco's white blonde hair. Her hair was tinted more golden then Draco's.


"Dobby the house elf can assist you in anything Miss! As long as Dobby's Master says it's okay," the house elf looked at Draco for an answer.


"Yeah, yeah," Draco responded, "We can make him do anyfing!" He said, saying anything wrong.


Meadow raised an eyebrow, "Like what?"


"We could make him iron his hands," the boy responded and Dobby's ears drooped.


"NO!" Meadow responded. Why would he have any fun watching that? She thought to herself. "What if he makes us brownies?"


Draco was taken aback by his friend's sudden outburst and thought: wasn't she raised the same way as me? But he quickly forgot about that when she mentioned brownies, "YES! Dobby, make us brownies!"


Half an hour later the children were munching on a whole ban of chocolatey gooiness. Dobby had brought them out two tall glasses of milk and vanilla ice cream to put on top. Meadow just about died with delight, she never got sweets except on her birthday and holidays. Draco hand found her relatively interesting, not knowing what to think, she was different from the other children he played with. There was Crabbe and Goyal, the two never left each other's sides and were about as thick as one could be. There was Terrance Higgs, a boy who was very quiet and only had an abusive father, he would always show up with bruises over his body. Theodore Nott and Daphne Greengrass would always tend to hang out together with Terrance. Theo and Daphne never left each other's sides as well, their families had a contract between them that the two would be married (not that any of the children actually knew that), the two children were often together anyways due to their families coming together to discuss the contract even further and get the two to know everything about the other's family. It was an engagement in the making. There was also Blaise, who Draco was closest to, they had shared many of the same interests, and would spend the most time with each other. There was also Pansy and Millicent, neither girl really held Draco's attention for very long, Pansy would always be whining about one thing or the other and Millicent, well… she was the female version of Crabbe and Goyal.


The two finished as many brownies as they could and retreated to Draco's room, with their stomachs full from a late lunch and lots of desert. They flew around on the toy brooms Draco had, he got the better, faster broom and Meadow got his slower, older broom. They played chase on the brooms, making a mess in the youngest Malfoy's room. After what seemed like an hour the two children climbed up on Draco's bed, they talked for a little while before Meadow had fallen asleep, curled up on one of Draco's pillows. They originally started out a foot away from each other, but once Draco fell asleep as well, the two unconsciously scooted closer together, and reached out for comfort for each other.


As it got darker out, Severus stood up and called for Meadow, no reply and no tinny footsteps could be heard running down the hallway. Severus sighed, she'd always do this if she didn't want to leave.


"Shall we go find them?" Severus said to the couple, sitting with them and seeing the two exchange small symbols of love was painful in a way. He was reminded of his terminally ill fiancée (should he call her that? They had broken up, yet she would always wear the ring he put upon her finger twice. Once when he was on his knee asking for her hand, and the other when he was still on his knee, asking for her life as she lay in the hospital bed at St. Mungos). He was also reminded of Lily and James Potter, he never noticed how much they would hold hands or look into each other's eyes for comfort or an answer.


Narcissa smiled, "I have a hunch." She led them to Draco's room, and the two were laying on his oversized bed. Both sleeping, Meadow was curled up in a ball, her knees almost touching her nose, one hand was holding Draco's as he slept on his back all stretched out, and the other hand was under her head, she wasn't even using a pillow. Severus went to pick her up, but Narcissa grabbed his arm, "Don't, just leave her here for tonight, you can go get her birthday ready at the castle."


Severus nodded towards her, he had almost completely forgot his daughter's fourth birthday was tomorrow, August 21, 1984, he would send a patron Lucius headed out of the bedroom first followed by Severus, and finally Narcissa, who slightly smiled at the idea of the two toddlers going up together and maybe having a future.




There you go! Unfortunately a very short chapter, but I figured I could get some other characters involved other than my own. And I thought it would be kind of cute to see little Draco and Meadow interact, like I said, I'm planning on changing things, so we'll see if they remember in the future!


Summary of chapter three:


Severus and Meadow went to visit Narcissa, Lucius, and Draco Malfoy. Narcissa offered to take care of Meadow in the school year, but Severus had politely refused incase Voldemort returned once again. Small talk among the adults happened, they had brought up the unfair treatment of Sirius Black, he had been put into Azkaban for life without a trial, and Bellatrix Lestrange, had been captured after the tortures of Alice and Frank Longbottom. Narcissa seemed more relaxed with Bellatrix in Azkaban, and with the new Minister of Magic, Lucius had placed himself in a good position to be among first-name bases with Fudge. Hence, why Lucius escaped being incarcerated along with his wife's sister, as well as telling a lie that he was under the Imperious curse, something that couldn't be proven or disproven. They had also brought up Harry being put with Lily's wretched sister, Petunia, and her husband and son whereas Adella was placed within protection of the Order, with a woman named Hestia Jones.


The children on the other hand, Draco and Meadow, had wandered off to play some games, and also wandered into a man who gave them a letter. Draco decided to keep it hidden until he could read, but only after Meadow and Draco signed it so he wouldn't forget she was involved as well. The two ate a late lunch before making Dobby, the house elf, bake them a huge pan of brownies. Meadow was excited because she never got any sort of sweets except on holidays and her birthday. The two fell asleep, unconsciously holding hands.

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