Baby Miracle

Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality traits. As she hops household to household before she finds a stable one: Hogwarts, where she meets some people of her past.


2. A Get Together

Not too much happens here; but still should read. Severus ends up not finding any records of Sadie's daughter, Sadie's condition is explained very little, the Potters, Lupins, and Snapes are finally together, and the full moon part was added to this chapter. So I'm going back to condensing chapters as of right now, and I will start to write Meadow one year older each chapter. So she was almost two in this chapter (I'm counting it), and next chapter she will be three.


Baby Miracle


Severus nodded and walked into the bathroom to change, his heart beat started racing the closer he became to seeing Sadie and her daughter again. With each ring of the elevator Severus stepped into after he was done changing, his hands started to sweat. Never had he been this nervous before. The elevator stopped on the eight floor, the doors opened, and the machine beeped at him to get off. Step by step, his legs felt like they were getting even heavier as he came closer to Room 821.


Two: A Get Together


"Severus!" A woman's voice said and he couldn't misplace it anywhere; it was Lily Potter's voice, "Severus Snape!"


Severus looked up from feeding the baby in the Great Hall to see a green eyed and fiery redhead looking at him from across the table. "Yes?" He replied coolly as he looked for James Potter and their son Harry.


The baby looked up at Lily and giggled, spitting up a bit well doing it; Lily laughed and picked up a little towel and wiped the baby's face. "Why didn't you tell me you had a baby? What's her name? She's so precious! Oh Merlin's beard Severus! It's a miracle!" Lily pressed quickly not breathing. "Wait. Why didn't you ever owl me that you had a wife?" The two had started to talk again after Severus turned spy for the Order of Phoenix, they would keep slight tabs on what was new and what wasn't.


"She's not mine," Severus said quietly.


The smile on Lily's face melted into a glare, "What do you mean she's not yours! Did you steal her?"


"No, I didn't steal her; her mother was…" Severus trailed off, "She was tortured, much like how the Longbottoms were."

The redhead made an 'Oh' face, and James came over with Harry, "Snivellus," James inclined his head.


"Will she be okay?" Lily asked, not specifying which 'she' was meant.


"Sadie? Or this one?" Severus responded.


"Is Sadie her mother?"


"Yes," Severus responded, and the redhead raised an eyebrow at him. "She's still very unstable with her vitals, once she's more stable she'll get moved to the Long-Term Care Unit." Severus's voice was hallow and tired, but Lily could tell from the dark bags under his eyes.


She looked at him with sad eyes, "Was she the one you were with for a while?" Severus's eyes turned cold and nodded his head jerkily, "I'm so sorry, Severus."


Lily took Harry from James and started to tickle him, whispering soothing words as baby Harry giggled. "So why haven't you named her? Actually, why don't you know her name? I thought you said Sadie was the one you were with for a while and this is her daughter," Lily asked cautiously.


Severus sighed, Lily had endless questions and now the baby girl was squirming to go see Harry. He set her gently down on the table and watched her crawl with only her arms over to Lily, James, and Harry. Lily then put Harry on the table also and for a while they just watched to two babies poke each other and giggle.


Finally Severus replied, "I don't know what I'm going to do with her, I guess I'm going to keep her since she was Sadie's… I need to take care of her for Sadie."


"Name her! We need to go to the Ministry to get those papers," Lily gushed with a small smile. She decided to forgive Severus after all these years, and he did manage to find another girl without too much trouble… and pain.


"What should I name her?" Sev asked clueless.


James snorted, and Lily gave him a look, "What? I've thought about names I'd like for my kids before, doesn't everyone?"


"Lily…" Severus said with a question hidden in his voice as he ignored James. Lily looked at him with her emerald green eyes, "What did you say about her before?"


"She's precious?" The red head replied confused.


Severus shook his head, "No, after that."


Lily still looked confused, "It's a miracle?" She guessed.


"Miracle…" Severus let the word roll off of his tongue; he looked at the baby girl, "Is that what you are? A miracle?"


The babe crawled back over to Severus with a smile on her face and giggled; she poked his cheek and giggled again. "I guess you are a miracle," Severus muttered with what looked like a small smile on his face.


"I bring a baby book everywhere because I love looking at the names," Lily said quietly turning the attention back on her. She slips the book out of her purse and hands it over to Severus, "You can look up names that mean 'miracle' in the back of the book and it gives you the number of the name."


Severus took the book and thought 'Well, the name Lily is out of the question and since I have to live with them it wouldn't be a good idea to get on the bad side of Lily either.' Severus Snape flipped to the back of the book and looked up 'miracle' finding several pages. Lily pointed out a couple excitedly but Severus gave a small frown at most of them.


Severus picked out a few that he liked: Circle, was the first name, Mikalla, was another; there was also Meadow that he had liked. It had multiple meaning to Severus, it meant miracle, and it also brought back memories of when him and Lily met in their meadow, as well as Sadie's favorite flowers were Meadow Lilies.


"I'll have to think about it," the potions maker said after a while, even though he knew what name he wanted for her. "Besides, Sadie has already been calling her something, what if she gets confused with the different name change all of a sudden?"


"We should go to the Ministry and to St. Mungo's to see if they have any records. Most witches and wizards are put down for a trace of their magical core when they are either have that much of a powerful core or when they start to show signs of magic," Lily said thoughtfully. "By the way, I have a surprise I'd like to share when we get everyone together!"


"I see everyone is here and in order," Albus Dumbledore said, Lily and Severus scoped Harry and the babe off the table, "Let's start dinner, we have to talk about where Severus and his little girl will be staying." He waved his hand and a small feast appeared, there were mashed potatoes, prim ribs, and soup for the adults as while as wine and pumpkin juice, also there were little chopped up pieces of vegetables and fruits for Harry and the little girl due to the two already teething.


Lily had put Harry in her lap and started to feed him little carrots, as he munched on those she had put some mashed potatoes on her plate with prim ribs and chopped up carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, and green peppers. Severus helped himself to dinner; he bounced his little girl on one knee and clumsily fed her, he had watched Poppy feed her last night and this morning before she made him try for lunch. James and Albus had started talking about how Hogwarts' quiddich teams, Gryffindor and Slytherin were very close for the Quiddich Cup.


Lily bugged Severus about her name though out dinner, he didn't give anything away, Albus finally brought up where Severus and the baby were going to stay. Lily and James would have to care for the babe well Severus was out teaching.


"Well couldn't he just stay here with the baby?" James asked.


Lily rolled her eyes and ignored him, "He is more than welcome to stay with us!"


"Or he could stay here!" James insisted.


"Oh! It will be perfect! Harry and… and…" She waved her hands uselessly then kept talking, "And we could have a happy life together! Oh we would be delighted to have Severus stay with us!"


James muttered something but it wasn't herd, Severus carefully bounced the baby as he thought, he looked at Dumbledore, who nodded approvingly. "I would be honored to stay with you three. And Lily-" she looked at him with her emerald green eyes, "-I have decided a name-" Lily's emerald green eyes instantly grew huge "-IF she isn't in any records at St. Mungo's and the Ministry."


Her eyes got wide and she started to bounce Harry on her knee quickly, "Tell me, tell me, tell me!"


"Her name is Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape," Severus said very sure of himself.


Lily cooed but James' face was red with anger, "You're not naming her after my wife," He had said though gritted teeth.


"James its fine," Lily started.


"No, it's not fine Lily!" Her husband had argued, "First you let him into our house when we don't even agree to it, then you let him name his daughter or whatever after you! I don't like this." He glowered at the redhead and crossed his arms like a fat kid who didn't get his cake.


The redhead huffed, "James Potter, never in my life have you ever thought a fit like a little kid with anyone else but Severus. You need to grow up in your life and realize that you won't get everything in your life. Severus is here to stay with us in OUR house, not just yours. And if Severus wants to have Meadow's middle name be Lily that's just FINE because we had Harry's middle name be JAMES. After you!" Lily had raised her voice so it echoed in the Great Hall, James had stopped protesting, Severus had looked down at the ground, Albus was watching intently with those blue eyes, and Harry and Meadow had stopped giggling and had fell silent.


Meadow started to cry, piercing, high-pitched wails, Severus started to bounce her gently, he had seen Poppy do this earlier. Once Meadow was crying Harry started to wine and tears weald up in his eyes too. Lily started to rock him in her arms and mutter soothing words in his ear. Harry had fallen asleep almost five minutes afterward. The baby girl's pale yellow eyes that are speckled with black were bloodshot by the time she had finally calmed down; Meadow too, had fallen asleep after her tantrum. Lily looked embarrassed with her outburst since she had thought it was her fault Meadow had started to cry.


Quietly Severus said, "I was actually thinking of the Meadow Lily, more commonly known as the Canadian Lily. It's Sadie's favorite flower, and it's used in a love potion…" His voice trailed off, Lily looked grim before Severus added "I was also thinking about the meadow we meet in, Lily, there were Meadow Lilies there too."


Both James and Lily turned red with embarrassment, and Dumbledore stepped in, "Also, when Severus is away at Hogwarts, you two would care for the girl. Is that alright?" He paused to see the Potter couple silently talk through their eyes, before both nodded, "I believe that there will be no more problems for now on, and if you do seem to have a problem with each other," His eyes rested on James and Severus, "Then you will say nothing and move forward in your life and wallow away in your hatred or you will find to work things out between the two of you. You three will be very busy with two little ones," Albus stood up, "Good luck to you all." And with that he had walked out of the Great Hall leaving surprise and shock within the adults.


Lily was the first to recover, "I guess that was that. We'll have to put you in the guest room with Meadow until we add on."


Severus nodded, suddenly felt nervous, he was an outsider, he was a Death Eater, also a spy for Voldemort and Dumbledore, and he was going to go live with the Potters, the most wanted on the Dark side. He knew that deep down it wasn't a good idea to spook them now; he needed to figure out how to start taking down some of the Death Eaters. The Malfoy's didn't want to be with the Dark anymore, he could easily convince them to go into hiding until there was a way to take Voldemort down.


"Lily?" James's voice questioned. "What was your surprise?"


"Oh that," Lily laughed, "We'll have to get Moony and Padfoot with us."


Since Severus had turned spy, he revealed Peter Pettigrew for who he really was, a traiter, a no longer welcome man within the Order. And was never given the opportunity to allow James and Lily walk into their murders, as well as Sirius Black not have been framed.




A month later the Potters and Snapes had moved into a new home that was bigger rather than adding on to their smaller home. It was official, there were no records of Sadie's daughter's name, time, or place of birth. Hence, why Lily was ecstatic to take care of girl whose new name was Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape.


Harry was starting to walk now more often everywhere, unsteady on his feet but walking all the same, and Meadow still crawled most of the time, her steps were very unsteady and she was not yet able to grasp the motor skill. The two had become close and their rooms were right next to each other; Harry's room had red and gold walls, the colors of Gryffindor's house colors, which hung upon the walls were moving pictures of mostly Lily, James, and Harry himself, his carpet was white and the blanket in his crib had broomsticks on it. Meadow's room had silver and green walls, the colors of Slytherin's house colors, and moving pictures of her, Harry and Severus were mostly hung, the carpet in Meadow's room was also white, while her crib's blanket was just green and silver tie-dyed.


Severus went to visit Sadie multiple times within the weeks, whenever he was able to get away from Hogwarts. He was giving out few detentions so he wouldn't have to stay. She was improving very little, her fingertips would twitch if he traced her hands. Sadie was able to change floors, to a less serious section of floor four, Spell Damage. She was still unresponsive, but was no longer internally bleeding and was breathing on her own.


As summer rolled around the corner, Severus was able to go to the Potter's home for the weekend, exams were over and classes were no longer in session, students were just waiting for the exams to be graded.


"James! Severus! Can you come here for a minute, will you?" Lily questioned, the two men wandered over to the redhead who was sitting on one of the couches in the large living room, she had started to show for the second time, her surprise she revealed was she was pregnant, "Remus is coming over for dinner with his little son, Shane, don't mention Sofia at all or else."


"It's about time he comes for a visit!" James exclaimed as Severus had said, "Remus Lupin as a son? Who's Sofia?"


Lily then explained that Sofia was Remus's girlfriend who had died giving birth to Shane, who was their 'accident' Shane wasn't planned, he also had taken after Remus's werewolf genes. Severus had nodded and then Lily went to go make dinner, leaving the two of them alone. They have gotten along better for one thing, and have both created a sort of bond with Harry and Meadow and have even stopped with insulting one another.


Severus nodded and went back to watching Harry and Meadow laughing and giggling as they played. "They'll be great friends when their older, best friends, maybe even brother and sister relationship." He observed quietly.


"Yes," James replied, shocking the both of them, "And a Potter and Snape actually getting along."


Severus chuckled, "Never would I see the day."


James smiled and looked at Severus, "I didn't actually think we'd ever talk to each other and not insult the other."


The potions master smiled as well, a genuine smile, "I didn't either, Potter." There was a small understanding between the two men before a knock on the door got them out of their trance. "I'll get it," Severus offered and stood up.


"Yeah, go do that," James replied, and the warm air that was once there was gone.


Severus opened up the door to a brown haired and eyed thin man who carried a toddler who also had brown hair and eyes. "Severus," Remus tipped his head in welcome, "What are you doing here?"


"Er…" Severus started awkwardly, "Lily will explain later," he stepped out of the way of the other man.


During dinner, Remus was filled in on everything that happened, "So, Severus has his ex-fiancée's baby, whose records were unknown so he renamed her Meadow Snape?" Remus looked at the other adults who nod, "And Dumbledore placed Snape with you guys knowing that his not Dark anymore so he had him stay with you two-" He paused and the adults nodded again, "-and now Meadow and Harry are inspirable and Snape and James aren't insulting each other. And you two trust him in your house and not to turn you two in to You-Know-Who."


"Oh would you just call him Voldemort already, Moody," James interfered, "We've been over this a dozen times, Snape is with us because Albus had to test Severus because he wanted to make sure his double agent spy was still on his side because of the fact he's a spy for Dumbledore but in order to be a spy he had to be on Voldemort's good side so he then had to act like a spy for Voldy but in return Voldy got double-crossed by Snape. So, yes, Snape's with us, Lily trusts him and I trust her judgment, therefore I grudgingly trust Snivellis. And yes Harry and Meadow have been great friends since they first met and it will be difficult for them if they aren't in the same house."


Severus and Lily nod at James's explanation, "Really Remus, it's okay; we're coming along just fine now," Lily adds, "It was a bit difficult at first because those two set an awkward environment in the house, but if your still unsure you could always move in for a while. We have a huge house now I'm sure we can transfer one of the guest bedrooms upstairs for Shane and you can have the den."


James's eyes widen and Severus's mouth just about falls off, but both wizards quickly recover, "That would be a great idea, wouldn't it Snape?"


"Herm, yes it would be, Potter," Severus said in a monotone voice, clearly trying to hid his displeasure, I mean excitement.


Remus looked uncomfortable before he announced, "Well… maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to stay here for a while." Lily and James's faces turned into a smile, "Alright we'll stay, it will be good for Shane to have some other interaction," Remus said with a smile lingering on his scarred face. "But, ah- Prongs will need to help us when my darkest fear comes about." James nodded and a small smile reached his face.


Severus pinched his nose in thought and research raced through his brain, there was a herb that tamed werewolves, wolfspane, and then the potion that had to be brewed correctly. The potions master then nodded to himself, "You will need to find somewhere to change and not run off, we can figure that out in the morning, and until I find more research on wolfspane and the potion that will tame you for the night you will have to go there with your son and Potter will stand guard in his… animal form."


"Sounds like a plan Sev," Lily smiled, "Now, I'm going to take the children to bed and start getting Remus's room fixed, Shane can stay in Harry's room for tonight."


As she bussed out Severus stood up, "I'm going to go help her. Although Harry can walk he might want to be picked up."


The other two men nodded and stood up as well, cleaning up the table and such.




Once school was let out, Severus found himself locked up in his room surrounded by books, cauldrons, potion ingredients, Meadow's toys, and Meadow herself. She had been watching him for a week with pale yellow eyes that had gotten more black specks each day, she had giggled and cooed as he had either found something of importance or had started to mutter to himself about how sane he really is. Lily, James, or Remus had brought down food for both Snapes and occasionally had commented on how much Meadow was really like Severus. Lily had come down the first night and had tried to get Meadow to go up to bed, only the little girl had different ideas and threw a fit worthy enough for even the redhead to bring her back by her father.


The potions master looked up to Meadow playing with a rat tail, he took it from her with a smile, "No Meadow, that is not a toy, it's a potions ingredient to make things." Meadow forced a giggle but her eyes were wide, she knew she did something bad. It reminded Severus of when he was a kid, when he got into trouble he always widened his eyes but smiled none-the-less. "All right Meadow, Daddy has to make a potion for Uncle Remus and Shane."


She giggled and wrinkled her nose as she smiled; Severus started to prepare a potion that has long been due for brewing, he had researched and tested the effects of wolfspane with other possible potions ingredients on many sleepless nights. Meadow picked up one of her toys and started to chew on it, she still had a few teeth coming in, although she was over a year old, she was slightly behind on both the boys, whom had already had started to walk everywhere and also had their baby teeth for a while now.


As Severus began chopping, adding, heating, and checking the potion, Meadow stopped chewing on her toy and let it sit in her mouth, she was transfixed on watching Severus. Finally, he looked at his adopted daughter who was watching him.


He discovered that the potion he had started creating calls for attention for two weeks, it was a good thing he started as soon as his research was completed. He had created multiple possible potions which he had started two of highest possibilities. As Severus worked on the potion from his most trustworthy book, he made little adjustments to make sure the first potion turned out the right color. After a few hours of Severus working carefully and cautiously yet frantic and hectic, the book called for a break with the potion, 'to not stress it, brew for four hours' it had stated.


Severus stood up and Meadow's eye instantly locked eyes with his, she lifted her little arms and he picked her up, swinging her around before he carried her on his hip. She giggled, and wiggled slightly as the professor put a charcoal gray, light coat on her along with a silver and green hat, the baby girl then started to play with a part of his black hair, which caused Severus Snape rolled his eyes. He then started up the stairs of his 'dungeon' (which it's just the cellar of the house in case of a violent storm), Severus then thrust the door open with one hand to revile James and Remus laughing and watching their sons play with the fall leaves under the warm sun.


James and Remus had also opted out of wearing robes since it was a hot day, Severus, being sneaky hadn't been spotted by either men so he sent a tickling charm toward them. When the charm hit both faces were shocked, then they doubled over laughing which caused both of the toddler boys to look up and spot Severus and Meadow.


"Sn-Snape! S-stop thi-this ji-jinx!" James yelled hopelessly while laughing and Remus was clutching his side and laughing slightly, his face frozen with a huge smile while his body was shaking with laugher.


Meadow wiggled to get down and Severus obliged, putting her down as he looked thoughtful, "Should I stop the charm Harry?" The black haired toddler had a glint in his eye and shook his head, although Severus was sure none of them could really understand what he was asking, "One no, Shane should I stop the charm?" Shane laughed and shook his head no also. "Two no! Meadow?" She wrinkled her nose and smiled, before she stood up and ran to Shane and Harry, Severus caught a small flash from above and looked up, slightly canceling the tickling charm, to see Lily holding a camera in her hand. James and Remus collapsed in relief but was then tackled by the three toddlers. Lily was holding her hand over her mouth as she laughed, and Severus smiled with not only his eyes but also his mouth curved into a natural smile.


All was perfect in that moment.


Then the next was nothing like the perfect moment at all. The three families are still like one, except two are big into potions, two are werewolves, and three where on the run from Voldemort for their lives. As May was coming to an end the moon was approaching fast, Severus wanted them to try the first potion he had created to see if that would work. Remus was nervous, not wanting to put his friends and family in danger, although Lily had whipped out her wand and out of the earth, made a room with only one way to get out with magic barriers all around it, and James as a stag would guard. They had practiced multiple times to get the routine down, just to be sure no one was scratched. The room Shane had was to protect him from Remus, werewolves often fight because they're not in their real minds, and Shane's room was smaller, because he was still not full grown. Everything was planned out perfectly by Lily, Severus, and Remus. James was only there to get told what to do. So as the week went on everyone was on their nerves, well… everyone except for Meadow and Harry. Meadow had even stopped going to the dungeon with her adopted father to watch him make potions, which would have shocked the adults if it had been any other week. Day by day the full moon got closer and closer, until finally it was upon them.


"I'm not sure, but I think you three should head out…" Lily said tentatively as she fingered her necklace she had on. Remus nodded as the two finished the potion Severus brewed. Shane had a hard time not coughing it all back up.


James caught Lily's eyes and nodded, "Come on Remus, we shouldn't wait any longer, we don't want you and Shane running around as angry wolves."


Remus grimmest but nodded, he picked Shane up from the booster seat he was in, and the three walked out. Severus was sitting at the dinning room table silent, worried but not wanting to show any emotion, and so he didn't. Lily began passing around in the kitchen muttering to herself, out loud she said, "Oh, I'm going to write to Sirius! Then we have one more…" but she waddled towards her bedroom before she finished. Her stomach had enlarged quite a bit, she was due at the beginning of July. Once again, a July baby for the Potters.


Severus then found himself thinking about the last meeting with the Death Eaters, being the best spy for the Dark Lord, when really, he was just their under the Order's business. He would have loved for Remus to be dark, Remus is a good talker, and he's always calm in any place at any time. Voldemort was adamant on finding the three to kill of Harry Potter, the so-called boy in the prophecy, 'neither shall live well the other survives'. However, with the reveal of Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort had yet to succeed to find the Potters. Riddle had turned to Severus, pulled him aside to see if he knew anything, which the potions master simply replied, "Dumbledore won't tell us anything."


"I have learned of a prophecy that has contained my death with a boy born at the end of July. I've had my sources tell me the Potters and the Longbottoms have had a son born at the end of July, the 31st even. The only difference is the Longbottoms' boy was born before the Potters. Both parents had been in Gryffindor, the wives were friends in school, yet, the Potter woman is a Mudblood and the Longbottoms are pureblood, and what have we learned here?" Voldemort asked the main and most trusted Death Eaters which included Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy (he had silver-blonde hair and bleak, grey eyes), Bellatrix( who married Rodolphus but is secretly in love with Voldemort, first woman Death eater, she had long, curly, deranged hair, and black eyes), Rodolphus Lestrange (a man who was the first pureblood and supporter of Voldemort Bellatrix came across) along with Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus's brother, (both brothers also had black hair and very light eyes that looked like there was no color in them what so every), Barty Crouch Jr. (son of Barty Crouch who could be the Minister of Magic, he had brown eyes and hair), Fenrir Greyback (he was more wolf then man, his face had started to look like a werewolf's as his eyes had changed to a wolf yellow and his hair was thick and brown), Yaxley (a spy within the Ministry of Magic), Augustus Rookwood (also a spy in the Ministry of Magic), and shocking Peter Pettigrew (a mouse-like man who had lost a lot of his light brown, twine-like hair, also had had brown eyes), it was just surprising because he was a coward, no brawn in him, unlike what his Hogwarts house said about him.


Bellatrix answered first, "It has seemed to me, my Lord," She looked up at him with wide eyes and a pouty lip, "That the boys are alike, except for the Potters' boy, he's younger, and half-blood."


Tom Riddle smirked and patted her head, "Very good my pet," and Bellatrix's eyes light up and she smiled. "The Potters' boy is half-blood! And I am to mark my equal with a baby? Certainly not!" He and the Inner-Circle laughed, then he silenced them, "Since the Potter's found out about you, Pettigrew! Our plan failed. But to find the perfect date…"


"What about on July 31st?" Peter asked timidly, he wanted to please Voldemort again, rather than disappoint.


The Dark Lord looked at him, a sneer on his face as he answered coldly, "Pettigrew that is the most-" his voice changed as he realized what Peter had said, "-brilliant idea yet this evening. Well done, kill the 'equal' on its birthday. My faithful followers, we have a plan! Now, find out where they live!"


After they had been dismissed, Severus had pleated with Voldemort to not kill Lily, he had said he makes no promises. After that Severus had told Albus Dumbledore the new plan. To kill Harry on his second birthday.


Severus seemed to come back to life with someone screaming at him in a shrill and horse voice, "SEVERUS! SEVERUS SNAP OUT OF IT! WE NEED YOU HERE!"


The potions master jumped to his feet, and looked at Lily, who was crying distraughtly, her red hair was messed up and knotted, and her green eyes were blood shot. "What happened?"


"Re-Remus an-and Shane-" Lily sniffled and that was all she needed to say. Severus bolted for the door as he got his wand out of his pocket and started to cast spells to search for the four of them.


All four of them, was meaning Remus, Shane, James, and Sirius, although Severus had no idea of Sirius was actually here or not. Soon he had heard snarls of anger and pain and also the clop-clop-clop of hooves from James. Severus cast a disillusionment charm on himself as well as a silencing charm on his feet, as he was still running he found where Sirius and James were distracting Remus and Shane.


"Defodio," Severus muttered as he pointed his wand at the ground where the four animals were. The ground beneath Shane and Remus gave way as the spell dug out the dirt and made a hole too deep to escape from, or at least he thought so. "Cave Inimicum," a silver strand of magic reached the middle of the hole before expanding out and down in one swift motion and coving the hole with a bubble top.


Shane was sitting down wining with his furry, brown, right, front paw up; he glanced upwards towards Severus with big brown irises that covered his whole eyeball. Shane wined again with puppy dog eyes and then his wolf-features changed, he growled and barked ravenously at the professor which drew the attention of Remus, James, and Sirius. Remus's shadowed brown eyes narrowed with lifeless anger; he started to climb up the dirt walls, snapping out with white, pointed teeth clanging. Remus got to the top of the trance only to be thrown back down by the silver magic; it was a shielding spell, one where no one could get past, not even the person who spelled it. James and Sirius changed back into their human forms as they saw the two werewolves were unable to get past the enchantment.


Lily came running (as fast as a very pregnant woman could) "James! Are you okay?" Her husband nodded and raced over towards her, "Oh thank Merlin," the two embraced, and he kissed her lips quickly.


Sirius looked at the potions master, "So I heard you moved in with a daughter, I never knew you actually had a heart," his voice was monotone yet his eyes twinkled with laughter.


Severus rolled his eyes, "It's my fiancée's daughter."


"Oh, so not yours?" Sirius gave him a confused look, but Severus was already across the yard.


"I'll call for Poppy; Shane did something to his… himself. She'll know more than anyone," Severus called to the three adults.


Lily nodded as she bustled upstairs to check on the toddlers, Sirius and James stayed outside to keep an eye on the werewolves, and Severus flooed to Poppy Pomfrey's office; whom was startled.


"Severus?" Madam Pomfrey asked aloud in her nightgown, "What are you doing here?"


"Lupin, and his son Shane," Severus replied, "It's the full moon and they're locked up in the ground, with Potter and Black as well. Shane has done something to his paw, as a werewolf, we want to make sure he'll be okay as a human."


"Oh, yes, yes he'll be fine when he turns back to well, human," Poppy stated, "I can pop over tomorrow morning."


"Actually, that's quite okay, if something is wrong, or if Lupin wants him to be checked out, we'll come to you." No one was really supposed to know where the Potter's lived, however the group seemed to continue to grow, causing the Lupins, Snapes, and Potters to be on the move all the time, they hardly every stayed at one house for more than a month, yet, they had always found themselves returning to Godric Hallow a few times already.


The medicine nurse nodded and Severus pinched some green sand between his fingers, stepped into the fireplace and stated in a monotone voice "The Potter's."


"Oh!" Lily gasped, "It's just you, Sev, thank Merlin. Harry started crying because he doesn't know what's going on," Severus looked to see Lily bouncing her son on her hip and having Meadow in a baby swing who was also crying. "They're still at it back there. Remus must not be very happy about being stuck in there."


"Apparently not," Severus picked up his adopted daughter and started rocking her and running his hand over her hair. It had gotten quite long over the last two months, Meadow's pale blonde hair had grown down to her elbows now. Her eyes had gotten darker almost black, with yellow specks dancing a mist. Meadow had quieted down and Harry had also stopped wailing, Lily gave Severus a grateful look.


"You always seem to calm her down; I don't know how you do it."


Severus gave her a look which made the redhead laugh, the potions master rolled his eyes, "They might be hungry," he changed the subject.


"What? Oh," Lily nodded, and led them into the kitchen putting Harry on the table as she went and warmed up oatmeal. Apart from full moons, the three toddlers had been sleeping through the night.


"Well you do that I'm going to see if they turned back yet, it's getting light out," Severus muttered and set Meadow in her booster seat, with a kiss on her forehead, he was gone.



So end of chapter two! Obviously, I am better at moving up in each chapter, so Meadow was obviously now two years old.


The summary for anyone who did not want to read the whole shebang:


Severus, Lily and James Potter, and Albus Dumbledore met up for lunch, there was a big scene about James getting jealous about Severus naming the two year old, Meadow Lily-Beckard Snape, and with Severus moving in with the three. Duh, a Potter and a Snape are hardly likely to get along now, even if they live together. Meadow had taken to Harry right away, so the feud would not live on to the children.


After a month of Severus moving in, the five have Remus and his son, Shane, over for dinner where Severus finds out that both living Lupins have a werewolf problem, he decides to start looking at potions that could help ameliorate the pain of the transformations. Sophia, who was Remus's significant other, died when Shane was born. Remus was skeptical about Severus and decided to move in as well. However, the four adults decided to move houses instead of expand again.


Meadow had taken to potions as well, she would sit in when Severus was working on the wolfsbane potion for the Lupins. Severus tried the blood potion, however, when it came to adding the blood, he couldn't do it, he didn't want to hate Sadie or Meadow for not being his, so he vanished the potion. After the wolfsbane potion needed to rest, Severus and Meadow stepped out of the cellar, where Meadow raced over to Remus, James, Shane, and Harry. Severus also cast a tickling charm on the two adults. Lily took a picture of the moment to capture it.


And the next moment was not perfect as Severus's potion had not worked, and Remus and Shane had a rough transformation yet again, but Severus made the ground cave under the Lupin's feet and put a shield charm on top of the hole to keep the werewolves from coming out. Sirius arrived and brief words were exchanged before Severus went to check with Poppy that werewolves could not hurt their human form.


Meadow and Harry were throwing the largest tantrums because of the snarling that went on outside. Lily had also told them she was pregnant again, and was due in July. (it was December this chapter, only three months along, and was not showing very well)



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