My Life in Orange Overalls



4. A.P.I - The First Day of a New Life.

I woke up, after what felt like two days of solid sleeping, only to see Gary asleep on the other side of the room. I estimated, by the amount of light there was in the corridor, that it was 8 o'clock, and the regime was breakfast at 8:30, so I had thirty minutes to burn. I decided to wake up Gary. Gary was my go-to person for info on this place (Since I only knew him and Jay on the inside, and Jay knew nothing really - how could he?)

Thirty minutes later, you could only hear clang clang clang as all the cell-doors opened to let the prisoners out for breakfast. I spotted Jay and we quickly converged, going down two flights of stairs to a vast room called the 'Canteen', where all the prisoners got served food, after they queued up.

Once I had got my food, I sat down at one of the tables, and was shortly joined by Jay and Gary. After breakfast, the first hour or so was yard time, then lunch, then lumber. We spoke about the causes of our jail time while we ate. Gary already knew what me and Jay had done, but he didn't want to tell us what he did. I thought that he must have been ashamed of what he did. After a few minutes of gobbling down breakfast, we were herded out into the yard, which had tables, a basketball court, stands and mean gangs, including this one guy who was a prisoner that you were meant to look up to, of course I didn't and instantly started insulting him (his name was Thumper).

I found that this wasn't the type of guy you should do that to in about five seconds flat. Within minutes, I found myself his enemy - thankfully, nothing major happened to me, him or anyone. Later, I found myself heading up towards my cell; however, we were suddenly being beaten up by Thumper with clown fish!

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