Two guys totally different who will she choose.


2. John

​John and his friends stepped out his moms car. They had on jersey's that said Straight Hoppers and man these two teams are going to be the main event you can already tell. John looked mad 😠 but nothing stopped these boys from playing and most of the time they put in 100% and that's on G. I waved at them with Issy. They waved back but John. John and Cameron walked over here at the same time. They glared at each other. It's history between the boys and I want to know it. John smiled at me and I looked at Issy. "Hey" Issy says while I just smile. "Y'all girls like basketball?" John asked and I nodded. "A little but Hailey here loves the game" Issy says and I look at her with a glare. "Cam" Brelyn calls and Cam runs over to them while I look at Issy. "Mom said we can only see the first three games but since she's in Georgia we can watch all the games" I whisper to her "Yes" Issy says cause she likes basketball but seeing boys all sweaty is cute to her and me. There was two courts. Cameron on one court and John on the other. It was great games but Street Hoopers was undefeated on there side while Straight Hoopers was undefeated on the other side.

​Street Hoopers vs Straight Hoopers and they both was good. Straight Hoopers was playing dirty tho and I didn't like that buy Street Hoopers was winning. At half me and Issy got up. We took off our tops showing out tank tops and we had on shorts with J's. Issy stood in front of me and I took a deep breath. I smirked as Issy moved left and the music started. As soon as the first beat hit we were on it. In the middle of the song I was holding my foot with my leg straight while Issy was still dancing. I left go and did a back flip with Issy. Timing was perfect as Issy did the splits and I kept dancing. Issy got up and we danced together then we posed. The crowd was cheering so loud for us and I was proud of Issy. She was killin it the whole time. I pulled Issy off the court and we took our seats. John kept trying to talk to me but I was tired asf.

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