Why me...

She doesn't know where they're taking her..
She doesn't know why their doing it...
She doesn't know if she can love him...


8. Chp 7

Lukes POV:              

God Ashton's right.

How can we kidnap her?

She is innocent. She is pure. She is kind.

Now I remember the reason I need to kidnap her. 

Ashton's POV:

I awake.

Baily immediately floods into my mind.

I feel drawn to her!

Her beautiful face. Her bold expressions. Her soft flowy hair! ASHTON!!!!!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! I know but I just can't stop thinking about her... I decide to go make so Swedish pancakes I made extra for Bailey and the boys when they wake up. -----------------------

I flipped the last pancake. I piled some pancakes onto a plate. I filled a little cup with syrup and two others with powdered sugar and butter. I put the plate on a tray and walk over to the elevator. I still don't know why Calum wanted to put an elevator AND stairs in the house. I push the 4th floor button. -Ding- just as the doors open I see Luke push baily into his room. I set the tray down and sprint to his room.WARNING SEXUAL SCEAN----------------I open the door. Luke is ripping off her clothes. "LUKE!!!!WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!!" 

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