After the Battle of Hogwarts

Hogwarts wasn't the same as it was before the had very little students and hogwarts was destroyed.but in the Weasleys and potters eyes it still held magic everywhere especially in Rose Weasley's eyes she sees it every where except when draco's daughter Serena comes around and bullies her.Friendship will start. Enemies will begin and secrets will be told that may cost lives


2. The Ride to Hogwarts 9 3/4


Since no one commented i am just going to write what i think Rose's pet should be and Albus too.

Rose's Pov

Ok i am finally getting on the Hogwarts Express and i am so EXITED!!!But i am kinda sad i mean i will be leaving my parents for a long time but that wont stop me

5 minutes later

OMG the seats are so soft i could fall asleep on them but i don't think i can but still!I wonder who will sit with me it won't be Albus cause he is with his brother and my brother is to young so is Lily.Here someone comes calm Rose.Ok.

Third Person Pov

someone walks around the corner and opens the door"Hello my name is Demi may i sit with you all of the other places are full." "yeah sure i am a little lonely its my first year how about you."said Rose."i'm a first year too so... what house do you want to be in i want to be in Gryffindor"showing off her moms old Gryffindor robe."i really dont care but i would like to be in Gryffindor my mom and dad were in Gryffindor so was my aunt and uncle."she said smiling happily"oh look someone is coming down to are car"said Rose.another girl about the same age as them opens the door"Hi my name is Savanna and i was wondering if i could sit with you and make some friends its my first year how about yall"she said holding open the door"ME TOO"Demi and Rose said together they all started laughing and Savanna took a seat"what house do you want to be in Savanna" said Demi holding i her laughs from earlier"i want to be in Ravenclaw or Gryiffindor"still laughing"Hey who wants to see my pet" said Rose"ME"Savanna and Demi said togther.Rose digged through her bag for a second and pulled out the tiniest ferret you could ever see"His name is Pebbles"said Rose holding the ferret"OMG THAT FERRET IS SO CUTE" said Savanna"PEBBLES WHAT AND ADORIBLE NAME" said Demi.they  heard a bang on the door"what as that"said Savanna opening the door on the floor she spotted a person laying on the floor"ARE YOU OK OMG ARE YOU HURT"said Rose look forward to see what was there"Yeah just a bruise"said the girl as she stood up"thought there wasn't a door there and i walked straight into it i was wrong there was a door.Well hi my name is Jaida i am going to be a first year"Jaida said while rubbing her head.everyone stares at her then Demi stands up and bumps her"OUCH"she said rubbing her head"well everyones getting hurt now"after that everyone starts laughing and then the all fall on top of each other with laughter.A lady walks up and says"is everything alright were about to arrive and you all are not in your robes chop chop you must hurry"she walk to another cart "Lets show the rest of are pets later"said Rose they all nodded there heads.


well i have someone helping me her name is Demi and my name is Jaida and Savanna is a friend of ours she needed to be the story she likes harry potter too and i had to put us in the story.

what house should we all be in

don't forget to



and tell your friends

brought to you by Demi and Jaida

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