Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


21. Chapter Twenty

Lucinda's P.o.V.
Time seemed to suspend in the moment and when I glance over at that man that is truly my father, I see flashes of a hidden past that I hadn't even known existed. Me and my mother visiting Dimitri Prewett, my mother with her hair half way down her back, her dark eyes sparkling when she looked at him, sparkling more than they ever had looking at the man I had always thought was my father, James Prewett. Looking over at him, I see myself in his arms, when I had been crying and my mother had let him hold me, seeing if he could calm me down, which I had instantly done. Sleeping in his arms, even though he'd never known he was my father. Him and my mother, a gentle kiss between them while I was sleeping in his arms.
I speak in a quiet voice "She knew didn't she?"
"Hmm?" Dimitri Prewett, my father, asks.
"That James wasn't my father...that you are." I say and he gazes over at me, his grey eyes sparkling.
"I believe so. She must have, especially when she'd drawn away from him those last years before she'd gotten pregnant with you. I should have known. You weren't very much like James, though Astral is a lot like him. She constantly cried and got into everything when she was a baby and toddler. You however, only cried very rarely, and you never were the type to get into anything." Dimitri smiles. "You always were more like your mother than anyone else. You and your sister may look similar, but you have completely different temperments and personalities. I, however, know how you are."
"You mean my time traveling ability." I say, and he nods. "Tom doesn't know. Only Astral, her husband, and Professor Dumbledore know. And now you."
"The more you use it, the less time you spend in this dimension. When you were a baby, you barely grew at all, because you had constantly been in between the dimensions of time. Your mother was always afraid something would happen to you. I knew you'd be alright. There is no way you'd be able to get stuck in between time. You're in such good control of it, you'll be able to go anywhere in time." Dimitri says.
"I don't use it as much as I used to. I do sometimes speed up time a little bit, just for stuff to get over quicker...as well as sometimes slow time down so things will last longer." I whisper, smiling, my cheeks warm.
"I'm guessing you slow down time so you can spend more time with your boyfriend."  Dimitri smiles, nudging my arm.
"Yeah, I actually do." I murmur.
"It's probably not my business." He says. "But I have a few questions for you about you and your boyfriend."
"Go ahead." I nod, and lean back against the couch.
"Has he made a Horcrux? It seems like he has."
"Yes." I answer. "But, more than one."
"Have you made one?" Dimitri asks me.
"No. I was planning on it though."
"Don't... It'll be a regret." Dimtiri tells me. "You'll completely stop aging in a few years, so you really don't need to make a Horcrux."
"Do you regret it?"
"Well, it wasn't just a mouse I killed." Dimitri admits. "It was an Animagus who tried to kill me first. I killed him, and used it to become immortal. I've talked to Dumbledore about it. I'm not going to be sent to Azkaban for it, but I definitely have a lot to make up for. Especially with you."
"It's not your fault." I whisper. "At least I'll be able to get to know you now. Nothing else matters."
"If you're able to stop the Dark Wizard, will you be leaving?" He asks me.
I shrug."I never even knew I was from this time... I had a life in the future, a future I'd had to make for myself. If I do leave, I'll still be able to see you..won't I?"
"Of course. I'll live forever, so you'll be able to see me no matter what." Dimitri tells me. "If Tom doesn't know about you being a time traveler, how do you expect to be able to leave him if you do defeat the Dark Wizard?"
"Tom is the Dark Wizard." I tell him. "I haven't really thought about it." I rub my fingers across the Dark Mark. "I can't just leave him. I love him. I don't want to destroy him. If only I could just tell him.. If i could just make him stop. I could fix everything. I know I could."
"I had a feeling it was Tom." Dimitri says, turning to face me, grabbing my arm to look at the Dark Mark. "I knew that you must have had one. Salazar Slytherin definitely put a lot of thought into his testimonies. His heir was the one who was supposed to be able to control the Basilisk, as well compel others to follow him. I assume Tom Riddle is the heir."
"Yes." I nod, "Does it disappoint you that I got caught up in all of this?"
"Not really, Lucinda. You always were different. You've always been so special. It would take someone special for you to ever fall in love."
"Tom really is special." I whisper.
"Have you guys taken your relationship to the next level?" Dimitri asks, and I gaze into his grey eyes, and suddenly see images of him and my mom making out.
"Yeah." I whisper. "He's already proposed to me as well, even though he doesn't exactly have ring yet. Not that it matters, I'd marry him without a ring, or anything."
"You've made love to each other?" Dimitri asks, suprised.
I nod. "I don't regret it." I tell him, "Even though everyone is going to be mad if they find out."
Dimitri is watching me closely. "I'm not mad. I know your mom would have wanted you to wait, but if you feel that you were ready, I wouldn't stand in your way of that. Tom seems like a good kid, even though he's going down a dark path. If you can stop him, then I'm sure you'll both have a wonderful life together. Just don't give into the darkness."
"I haven't yet." I say. "I've felt so close to it, though." I hold the locket Tom had gave me close to my chest, wrapping my fingers around it, and tracing the large S on it.
"What's that?" Dimitri asks, reaching forwards to touch it. I let him, surprised. "The Slytherin Locket?" He asks, and when I nod, he says "I guess I should have known." He shakes his head.
"What?" I ask, surprised still.
"Tom put a fragment of his soul in it."
"You mean I'm wearing a Horcrux?" I demand.
"Yes." He nods.
"That explains my mood swings." I mutter, but I don't remove it.
"You love that locket, don't you?" Dimitri asks, and I nod. "Tom gave it to you?"
"Yes." I say. "It belonged to his mom. He gave it to me for Christmas."
"As long as you have that, you will be able to control him, Lucinda." Dimitri says.
"What?" I ask, shocked.
"He had you in mind when he made this Horcrux. I assume he'd already  gave it to you once, and took it, and put the Horcrux in it, then returned it to you before you had even noticed it was gone. How do you feel when you wear it?"
"I feel confident." I tell him. "Like nothing could hurt me. Like I really am worth more than what I've gotten all these years."
"You don't get mean like Tom?" Dimitri asks.
"Sometimes." I admit. "But I've been happier since he gave this to me."
"Then he can't be all bad." Dimitri smiles. "You love him?" He asks.
"Yes, I do love him." I say. "He wants to rule the world, but he also wants to give me the world. He wants me to have everything I never had when I was a kid."
"Do you want the world?"
I shake my head. "I just want love, and happiness. I want family." I glance up at him when I say this.
"You only ever had your mom and James." He nods. "I understand why you want me in your life. I'm happy you want me in your life. I'll do my best to make sure you're happy, Lucinda. I know you've never had a real father figure. I wish I'd been around for you, if I'd known you were my daughter, you'd never have had to live with James Prewett a day of your life, Lucinda."
"I might be able to fix that." I whisper.
"What?" He asks, surprised.
"When I'm finished stopping Tom, I'll go back in time, and fix it."
"How?" Dimitri asks.
"I'll have to go back, and tell you the truth, and that you have to get her away from him before it's too late." I tell him. "Don't worry about it, though. It's my job to fix things."
"Your mother would be so proud of you, Lucinda." Dimitri says. "if you can change it, I'll have been there for you, and your mother never would have died."
I nod. "If I hadn't been raised by James Prewett, I never would have hurt her." I whisper.
"It's really not your fault." Dimitri tells me, pulling me close so he can give me a hug. "Your mother shouldn't have been with him. Not after Astral grew up. James had become too violent. Your mother shouldn't have had to be with anyone that violent."
"If you had known I was your daughter, would you have made her leave him?" I murmur.
"Yes." Dimitri says. "I loved her. More than you could ever know, Lucinda. Your mother was an amazing woman."
"She really was." Tears prickle at the corners of my eyes. "Would you have married her?" I whisper.
"I would have." Dimitri answers. "She and James had been having problems for years. If only she'd left him, even though she had Astral. I would have raised her as if she was my daughter as well. James never knew just how good he had it."
"He took her for granted. I don't think she wanted to learn the Dark Arts." I tell him.
"I know she didn't, not at first. But once you get into it, it's hard to get out. I stopped. James never did, I suppose."
"No. Not even when she died." I murmur. "He hurt me, not just with his hands, but with magic." I whisper.
"He'll get what he deserves." Dimitri whispers. "I promise you that."
I nod, pulling away from my father, glancing around at the room. My magic is surging beneath my skin, wanting out, and I feel the time start to slip away. I grab the locket, wrapping my hand tightly around it, and it grounds me to this time. Dimitri is watching, and his mouth drops open.
"What?" I whisper.
"I've never seen your skin glow like that when you time travel." Dimitri tells me. "It's strange, but amazing.
"My skin glows?" I murmur, shocked.
"Silver. It's under-neath the skin." Dimitri tells me. "Almost like moonlight."
"Oh." I whisper, shocked still.
"Has your friends seen you time travel?"
"No, no. They know nothing about it." I say. "All they know is that I always know the time, and my magic sometimes gets hard for me to control."
"I wonder if they've even guessed what you can do. If not, they must think it's strange how strong your magic is." Dimitri says.
"Oh they do think it's strange. But I think mostly they love me for it." I say. "Especially Abraxas." I glance over at my father.
"You mean Abraxas Malfoy?" Dimitri's eyebrows raise.
"Yes." I whisper. "He, um, has a slight obsession with me." I admit.
"How could he not?" Dimitri shakes his head. "The Malfoy's aren't a good family to get involved in, Lucinda."
"I sort of dated him for a few weeks." I tell my father. "We work better as friends rather than a couple. Him and his twin sister, Esmeralda have been my best friends since I came back to this time. I guess it's wrong for me to still want him in my life, especially when we're not dating. But he is my best friend. I can't not be friends with him."
"I'm sort of glad you're no longer dating him." My father says, "Being friends is alright. I know Esmeralda. She's a sweet girl, and defintely a good friend."
"She really is." I say. "Abraxas isn't a bad guy, he just thinks he can have whatever- whoever- he wants. I think he's learned his lesson though."
"What did Tom do to him?"
"Just some Unforgivable curses on him. Nothing like what I did to him." I say.
Dimitri's eyebrows furrow. "What did you do?"
"I don't really know." I whisper. "It wasn't spells. Nothing like that. My magic lashed out, and I did heal everything I did to him, completely, nothing like the healing charms they teach us here. Nothing like them at all. It's not exactly just my magic that heals it."
"Healing?" He asks, "What else can you do?"
"Legilimency and Oclemency. But it's not like what the others can do. Tom, Dumbledore, none of them can even read my mind." I say. "Not until I drop the shield from my thoughts. I've only done that with Tom."
"What else can you do?" My father asks.
"Everyone usually listens to me, no matter what. My magic never tires me out, I can do spells and everything and never get tired. Um, I'm a Parseltonuge." I tell him.
"I should have known that. The Prewetts and Lovegoods have had a few Parseltongues in the past. I'm actually a Parselmouth, and so was your mother. James wasn't though, and neither is Astral. I guess you really are a lot like your mother. More than just looks."
I nod. "And of course, the Dark Arts come way too easily to me." I tell him.
"Because I had made a Horcrux, and your mother obviously was very interested in the Dark Arts." Dimitri says.
"Do you think she would have stopped if she wasn't with him?" I ask.
"She would have. He wasn't the best influence." Dimitri says. "I'd stopped, and if she'd been with me, we definitely wouldn't have done it, especially when she was pregnant with you."
"It didn't hurt me, but it had to have made me good at it." I say. "I would say I wish it hadn't happened, but the Dark Arts are as much a part of me as my hair or eyes."
"I know. You're also attracted to the Dark Arts because of me." Dimitri says. "But I wouldn't have it any other way, to be honest. I'd probably have been dead by now if I hadn't made the Horcrux. I'm happy I've finally got to know you're safe, and of course that you're my daughter." He strokes my hair then, and I know he must be thinking about my mom. "I really should have known."
"You couldn't have known." I say. "Um, my mom was pregnant when she died." I whisper.
"I should have known she'd probably fall back in love with him, even though he hurt her for years." Dimitri says, quietly. "Then again, he probably didn't know about our affair. He really would have gone off if he'd found out."
"I know." I whisper. "But we won't have to worry about that. I'm going to fix everything."
"Thank you, Lucinda." Dimitri says, gazing down at me. "Your mother did a good job at raising you. She really would be proud of who you've become. I think she even would have been shocked at how amazing you are, and hoe much you look like her."
"I don't even have many things from her." I say. "He never let me around her stuff after she died."
"I have photos of her, I can bring them for you if you'd like." My father says. I nod, and he smiles. "Well, it's getting near dinner time. Go ahead and get changed, and bring your friends, please."
I nod, give my father a hug, then rush from the room so I can get dressed up and talk to Tom and Abraxas and Esmeralda before we leave.


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