Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


13. Chapter Twelve

Tom's P.o.V.
I hadn't actually thought Lucinda would join us. She was so clearly on the side of Good.  Who wouldn't have thought she could do a 180 and choose to become a Knight of Walpurgis? Putting part of my soul into her Dark Mark had been exhilerating. Exciting. But when she arrives outside of the classroom with Esmeralda in tow, I'm suprised by the cruel, wicked smile that appears on her face. I smile back, liking this side of Lucinda. 
"What's going on, Ladies?" I ask Lucinda. 
"Esmeralda wants to join us." 
"Do you?" I give Esmeralda a look. Her face is pulled into a shocking frown, and the look in her eyes says no.
"Only if I find out what it is first." 
"Ah, well, what if I were to tell you that your brother is already a member, and we're dedicated to saving our world?" I ask her.
"Then I'd like to join." 
"Good. After school. Meet us in front of the Forbidden forest." I say, then take Lucinda's hand and we walk inside the classroom, and take our seat, side by side. Lucinda sits with her hair drawn around her like a thick, heavy curtain. 
Potions class begins, and Lucinda seems to not be paying much attention to what the professor is explaining. But when the professor asks us questions, Lucinda answers quicker than I can even come up with the right answer.
"Well, well, Mr. Riddle. You're falling behind today, are you not?" The professor laughs. "Have no fear, beat Lucinda to the punch this time, please."
I only am able to get in one answer the whole class period. But Slytherin walks away with 200 points for the one class period. 
On our way to Transfiguration with Professor Dumbledore, I ask Lucinda "What the hell was that?" 
"What was what?" Lucinda gives me a small, private smile, and kisses me affectionately in the doorway for the classroom. Some of the Ravenclaw students crow with laughter, a few guys make cat calls at Lucinda, and I pull away, shooting a glare at the guys who had cat called. 
"You know what," I say, leading her to our seats. "Since when do you not even let me answer any questions?" 
"Since you weren't answering in time, and I wanted to make sure we get all of the class points for the day." Lucinda says, then kisses me again. Her lips are parts slightly, and when I feel her tongue against my lips, I open them and caress her tongue lightly. Her arms slide around my neck, and I nibble her lower lip gently. 
"Exuse me, may I start class, please, Mr. Riddle and Miss. Prewert." Professor Dumbledore asks. 
Lucinda and I pull away from each other, and I give the Professor a nod, but take Lucinda's hand, our fingers intertwinning slowly. 
Our classes pass rather quickly. By the time that Lucinda and I make it out to the Forbidden Forest, Esmeralda is already waiting, her white blonde hair twisted into a bun, her light, icy blue eyes glowing in the nearly complete darkness. I'll be so glad when spring arrives. 
"Come along, ladies." I say, and I wrap my arm around Lucinda's waist as the three of us walk into the Forbidden Forest.
"We're not supposed to be in here." Esmeralda mumbles.
"You're with two Prefects. You're not going to get into any trouble." I tell her.
Lucinda's eyes flash in the darkness, and the wicked smile returns. 
I have Esmeralda repeat the same oath that I had Lucinda take. The only problem is that Esmeralda screams when I burn the dark mark into her arm with my wand.
"Oh my god. You're the Heir of Slytherin." She hisses, backing away from me, staring at the Dark Mark on her arm. 
"Don't think of reporting me. You have now become a Knight of Walpurgis. You are bound to me, Esmeralda. Whether you want to be or not." I say.
"Lucinda, you knew about this? Why did you just let him do this to me?" Esmeralda demands.
"Esmeralda, it's okay." Lucinda says, smiling, "You accepted the oath, and this is our way of knowing who is a Knight. It lets the other Knight's know you're one of them." 
"Lucinda's right. Your one of us now." I tell her.
"Fine. What do I have you do?" Esmeralda asks.
"I'm glad you asked. I want you to get your brother and tell him to meet me out here later tonight, after patrols." I say.
"Fine." She says, and she runs out of the Forest quicker than I've seen her run before.
"That went better than I could have imagined." I tell Lucinda.
"Really?" She laughs. "I figured she'd freak out like that. I just really wanted to see it happen." Her eyes are laughing as much as mouth. I haven't seen her this happy since... well, ever.
"Everyday, you make me fall more and more in love with you." I tell Lucinda, wrapping my arms around her waist. 
"Oh yeah?" She asks, pushing me up against the closest tree. "Because I love you more and more every minute." She's looking me right in the eyes, and as I look down into her eyes, I've never wanted her more than I do now. I lower my face as she tilts hers up, and I kiss her full on the lips, my hands caressing her hips, my tongue seeking entrance to her mouth as much as her's is seeking entrance to mine. Her tongue caresses mine, quick, rough, and I like the fire igniting between us. Lucinda bites my tongue teasingly and I know if it weren't for my constant restraint around her, neither of us would be virgins anymore. 
Between kisses I say "Oh, yeah?" And slip my hands under her dress, pulling it up enough for me to caress her bare sides with my long fingers. I notice that even her panties are tiny and childlike, pink with small roses on them. Before I even realize it, her dress is completely off, and she's just in her bra and panties as well as her socks and the locket around her neck. I kiss her lips roughly, and when her fingers begin to undo the buttons on my shirt and pants I realize what is happening. But for some reason, I cannot stop. It seems that Lucinda cannot stop either, if she even wants to. Her small body is pressed to the ground, her long hair splayed out around her. She looks so pale, so vulnerable, yet so desirable that when I lay down on top of her, my clothes still on, and I kiss her, it seems as if the whole world comes spiralling to a stop. There's not a sound but her breathing and mine, mixing and mingling together. Her lips and tongue taste like strawberries, while her skin smells like freshly picked roses. Her hands finish unbuttoning my shirt, then she pulls it off while we continue to kiss. Her hands slide over my back, caressing the tight muscles and unblemished skin. My arms are wrapped aroung her waist, pressing our bodies tightly together, and I'm glad she had taken the doctor's advice when Abraxas had broken her arm. She's gained just enough weight that I'm not afraid I'll hurt her fragile body. I reach up, and remove the locket from her neck, knowing it'll just be in the way. But as soon as I remove the locket, Lucinda gasps loudly, and I feel her heart begin to race. She pushes at me, knocking me off of her not because she's strong, but because I realize that she doesn't want to have sex yet. She hadn't realized what was happening. Her mind had been elsewhere, and when I fall backwards, I immediately begin to apologize. But Lucinda doesn't even seem to hear the apologies. I notice roundish blue marks appearing on her sides, her belly, her neck, back, arms and legs. Did I do that to her? 
Lucinda doesn't even seem to remember I'm here, and when I crouch beside her, pulling her in close, a few tears run down her cheeks. "Shh. I'm so sorry, Lucinda. I wasn't thinking." I didn't think I would end up hurting her still. I thought that she'd gained enough weight that I wouldn't hurt her. I had been wrong. I pick up her clothes quickly, including the locket. "I'm sorry." I repeat, but again, she doesn't say anything. The cast on her arm stands out awkwardly, and I realize I could easily hurt her as much as Abraxas had. I don't want that. I wipe away the last of her tears. She looks up at me, then grabs for the locket that had previously been around her neck.
"Where is it?" She asks, sinking to the ground, looking for it in the cold leaves and dirt. "Where did it go?"
"Lucinda, stop. It's okay." 
"No, it's not. I can't find the locket. I need it." She says. 
"Lucinda." I hold out my hand, and she glances at it. She sees the locket and grabs it quickly out of my hand. She immediately fastens it around her neck, and her composure is regained. She seems to relax with it around her neck. "Lucinda, the locket isn't very important." 
"Yes, it is." Her voice is crumpled, and when I I touch her shoulder, she flinches. "You gave it to me, so yes, it is important." 
"It means that much to you?" I ask, surprised.
"You mean so much to me." When her voice cracks, it surprises me more. 
"I understand." I say, then pull her in close again. "Sorry about... you know." 
"No. Don't." She says, not pulling away from me. "I still want to..." Her fingers are on my chest. 
"Lucinda." I say, and she looks up at me. "Are you saying you would have had sex with me, right then, if it hadn't been for your worry over something happening to the locket?" 
"Yes." She says, "I just feel better when I have the locket. But yes, I want to." 
"Lucinda." I say again. "Look." I pull up the sleeve of her left arm, the one without the cast, the one with the Dark Mark on it. The bruises on her arm are scattered, but there are so many of them, all of them a dark blue, sharp and contrasting against the icy white pale color of her skin. 
"So." She says, pulling down the sleeve. "Accidents happen." Her fingers lightly rest on my cheek. "You know you want me." Her words are quiet, and they draw me in. 
"I do want you, Lucinda." I say, and she blinks, nodding. I press my lips to hers once again, and she's so pliable, so easily persuaded, just like I am. My hands slide again over her sides, her back, this time much more careful. Lucinda unbuttons my pants, and when I pull them off, I wrap my arms around her waist gently, then lower her and myself to the ground. Her legs twist around mine, and I kiss her still, loving the feel of her body against mine. 
Suddenly a big tree branch cracks, and then falls not a foot from where I'm laying with Lucinda. I give a loud shout, but Lucinda's eyes are just wide, and she sits up quickly, grabbing her clothes. I glance around and my eyes fall on Abraxas, standing about 15 to 20 feet away from us, his wand out, and his mouth is hanging open. His eyes are on Lucinda's dressing form, and I move forward to block her from his view. 
"Abraxas. I told your sister to tell you to come after we get done patrolling for the night." I say, just loud enough for him to hear me. I don't even think to put my shirt and pants back on.
Abraxas says "You made my sister a Knight, without telling me, and then you fuck the girl I love?" 
"Excuse me?" I demand, striding up to him. "The last I checked, you two were just friends. And we didn't have sex." I say.
"Could've fooled me." Abraxas mutters. His eyes are once again on Lucinda, who is struggling to button her dress with her one arm in a cast.
"Stop looking at her." I say. "Now." My eyes are borring into his, and he looks at me, shocked at the darkness and the depth of what I'm becoming. "She's mine, not yours. And you interrupted a private moment, and just about hit us with a tree branch you magicked to break. You'll be lucky if your still breathing when I'm finished with you Abraxas." 
"You were going to have sex with her, your a goddamn idiot, Tom." Abraxas says, suddenly getting angrier. "I love her. All you want is for her to help you win the war, then you'll dump her, and whatever magic you've got holding Lucinda under this spell will be gone, and what happens? You'll leave her just like your father left your mother. Your nothing more than a Muggle yourself." 
That was the last straw. I punch him and shove him to the ground, then begin to kick him. Lucinda sees this, and runs over, the front of her dress still unbuttoned and yells at me. "Stop it Tom! Stop now!" I don't stop.
"That's a low blow, Malfoy." I yell at him. "You're the one who hurt her repeatedly. You're the one who just wanted sex from her. I'll love Lucinda until the day I die, and maybe even after that." I kick him again.
"Stop it, Tom!" Lucinda yells again, this time grabbing my arm, hauling me back. "What the hell is wrong with you two!?" She demands. She kneels next to Abraxas, and he looks over at her, with wonder in his eyes. "Abraxas, you can't treat him like that. Just because you like me, doesn't mean you can have me. It's who I choose to be with." The scrapes and cuts and bruises on Abraxas are terrible, but as soon as Lucinda's hand touches his arm, they all heal up and fade, not a scar left behind to show what I had done." She stands up, and gives me a look that could kill a sheep and curdle a cows milk. "As for you, Tom, you know I love you. Why must you hurt him, don't you realize that it's wrong to hurt people?" 
"Luce, please. I'm sorry." I tell her, pulling her in close to me. I quickly button up her dress for her, and give her a gentle kiss. She pulls away, startling me.
"This ends now." She says, looking between Abraxas and me. "Tom, Abraxas, you're both amazing wizards, but you're also both idiots. Fighting over a girl who wants nothing more than to live a good life, to love whom she wants, and to find her place in this world. Abraxas, we're never going to be together, you must know that by now, but I know you don't want to believe it. Honestly, your love for me is a lost cause. Don't use Tom's parents against him. Not all of us have two perfect parents who love each other, and love their kids more than live itself. That would be like using my mother and father against me, knowing I accidently killed my mother, and that my father beat me every day for the mistake I'd made. Also, don't assume Tom is going to hurt me. Honestly, I've never been happier in my entire life, Abraxas. You did ruin the moment Tom and I were having. Whether Tom and I have sex or not, is none of your business. It might hurt you to think that I'm going to be with Tom...physically, it really isn't your business. If you don't like it, then there are other places for you to be. You don't have to be around us. Leave Tom alone, though. I'm his, and he's mine. I don't want to have to tell you again, and if i do have to, I wont be this nice, believe me on that." I smirk, and Lucinda glares at me. "As for you, Tom Marvolo Riddle, if you hurt Abraxas ever again, I will personally burn you at the stake, do you got that?" She says, and pushes me, "And if you think you're going to get off easy this time, think again, buddy. I may love you, but it doesn't condone the fact that you hit him and kicked him, and pushed him, and need I say it, taunted him. He may have used your family against you, but you could be the bigger person, but no, you have to prove your a hot shot, that your the best in the school, that you're the only person in the entire student body of the school that can preform curses and other shit that doesn't matter. Cause you're not the only student who can do that. I can too, in fact, I might even be stronger at magic than you are. Think before you act, Tom. And just because we love each other does not mean you can rub it in Abraxas' face. No, just don't do it." She shakes her head. "I shouldn't have to tell you that. For someone so smart, you act so freaking dumb, Tom. We may end up having sex, but that does not make you my boss, and it doesn't make you better than Abraxas. In fact, if you rub it in each others' faces, you're both dumb, and it makes all of the other guys at school better than both of you. You guys got that?" She asks.
I glance at Abraxas, who had remained quiet the entire time, to see him nodding. I reluctantly nod. It hurts that she sees through me so easily, and I wonder what she feels deep inside when I make plans to take over the world. Many times I have wondered if it's all worth it, when I know that it is, especially if it means I get to rule the world with Lucinda at my side. 
"Good. Now enough of this fighting." She says. She glances at Abraxas. "How do you feel?"
"Better." He admits. "How did you heal me? What spell was that?" 
"It wasn't a spell. It was just my magic aching to be let loose again." Lucinda says.
"She sometimes has to let loose her magic, and it seems that the best way for her to do that is by healing." 
"You've healed him before haven't you?" Abraxas says with a look of disgust on his face.
"Stop it. Now." Lucinda says. "Be nice. As for the question, yes. And I tried to heal you before..." She trails off, getting that look on her face as she thinks back to the night she found Abraxas in a pool of his own blood. 
"You did? After everything that happened?" He asks her.
"Abraxas, when I see someone hurt, I can't help but try to heal them. It's something in my blood, or in my magic. I can't not heal. It happens at the craziest of times." She says. "So don't flatter yourself." 
Abraxas blushes, and looks away. I probe his mind with Legilimency, and see that he is thinking about Lucinda undressed. 
"Hey, enough. Stopping thinking about my girl that way." I snap at Abraxas.
Abraxas looks shocked, and Lucinda gives me a sharp look. "Legilimency? How the hell do you know how to use Legilimency?" 
"The same way I know how to use it." Lucinda says. "Usually only a few people can do it. It's a rare gift. Something you obviously don't have." 
"It's rather easy to use if you have it." I smirk. "But that doesn't mean you should think about my girl like that." 
"Sorry." Abraxas' face turns a brighter red. If he blushes anymore, his heart might explode. 
"Something even better than having the gift of Legilimency is Occlumency, or closing your mind. But if you don't have one, you don't have either." Lucinda says, a look of happiness on her face. If she's an Legilmens, then she must also be an Occlumens. That would explain why I've never been able to read her mind. She seems proud that she can use Occlumency. I'm a powerful Occlumens myself, but for me to not be able to read her mind at all, or even sense her from long distances, then she must be a lot more powerful than I am. It makes me wonder what our kids would be like if we have them. Lucinda glances at me, and I see a small smile on her face. She must be thinking the same thing. Abraxas notices us watching each other, and sighs.
"I'm going to go. See you both later." He glances at Lucinda, and one more thought enters his mind. He seems to think we're going to end up having sex when he leaves, seeing as I'm still undressed, just in my boxers, though Lucinda is now dressed. Little does he know that the moment has passed. Lucinda must be very worn out from using her magic to heal Abraxas. He hurries away, and Lucinda glances at me.
"If your thinking what I'm thinking, we should just get back to the castle, and hurry up with patrol." Lucinda says.
"You're right." I kiss her. She kisses me back, and then pulls away.
"We'll have to continue this another time." She tells me, then hands me my clothes. I dress quicker than she had, and pull her in close. 
"Yes." I tell her. "We will." I take her hand and we walk back. Patrol doesn't take long. Everyone is in their rooms, either asleep, or getting ready for bed. Lucinda seems exhausted, and I slip into the room she shares with Esmeralda, and tuck her in, then slip out before anyone notices. Abraxas slips out of the dorm, and we meet in the Common Room. 
"What did you need?" He asks me, not standing close to me at all. He must be afraid that without Lucinda there, no one could protect him.
"Make sure your sister doesn't yell out tomorrow when Hagrid is being expelled. If the school knows I'm the Heir of Slytherin, all hell will break out. Only the Knights know about it. It must stay that way." I say.
"Of course." He inclines his head. When he looks back up, his face is pale as usual, but with the tops of his cheeks red. "Did you guys...?"
"No." I say. "Though, Lucinda was right when she said it's not your business." 
"Right. I apologize." Abraxas says. 
I nod. "Let's get back to the dorm. I'm exhausted." 
Lucinda's P.o.V.
I have a strange dream about the Knights of Walpurgis. A dream that seems so real that when I awaken, I'm disoriented, wondering where I am and what's going on. The Dark Mark on my arm is burning, and I sit up rather quickly. I climb out of bed, and hurry to change my clothes, then step out into the corridor outside of the dorm. I see Tom standing there, raising his voice at a 2nd year for nearly knocking him down, and he smiles when he sees me. 
I walk over to him, and he says "How did you sleep?"
"Alright." I say, "Had a weird dream though."
"It happens." Tom says, and we walk to breakfast together. "The reason I waited for you was because we need to have a discussion." 
"About?" I ask as we walk into the cafeteria. 
"That."Tom says, and I notice everyone whispering and looking at us, some of the younger students, 1st and 2nd years, pointing at us, some giggling.
Abraxas and Esmeralda are sitting together, and beside them is William Quinn. I notice the Dark Mark, freshly glittering on his arm. 
"What's going on?" I whisper to Tom.
"Someone else was in the Forbidden Forest last night. They told everyone that we.... you know. I'm not sure who, but whoever it was will pay greatly." Tom tells me. 
I don't respond to his last words. I know that he will make them pay. It's not something I can stop. Tom tells me to sit the Abraxas and Esmeralda, and he goes to get food for both of us. 
"Did you guys really have sex?" Esmeralda asks me, whispering. Abraxas is looking between his sister and me, and I look over at Abraxas.
"No." I say. "We didn't." 
"They were pretty close to it though." Abraxas mutters.
"You were there?" Esmeralda turns to face her brother with a look of surprise on her face.
I blush, and lower my face. 
"I might have been." Abraxas answers. 
I feel my anger build up inside of me, and I look up, glaring at him. "Shut up. Now." I tell him. "Or it's not going to be Tom who makes you pay." 
"Lucinda!" Esmeralda exclaims, surprised at how angry I'm getting. 
Abraxas' face is alight with anger and embarrassment. "Lucinda, you and I both know that if I wouldn't have showed up, you and Tom would have had sex, and that would be the biggest mistake of your life." He says.
"Abraxas." I warn. "Remember what I said last night." I lean forward, letting the venom in my words leak out. "If I have to put a curse on you to get you to leave me and Tom alone, I will."
His eyes grow wide, but I sit back, as if I did nothing wrong. "You've changed." He says, gulping in some air.
"So have you." I roll my eyes. Tom shows up with a plate of bacon and eggs for me, and I gladly take it and eat. 
Tom seems to notice something is wrong and asks "What happened?" 
"Nothing more than Abraxas being childish and jealous of you. Once again." I say, and Esmeralda looks shocked.
"So you guys were going to have sex." She says, unsure of whether she should say anything. "But Abraxas interrupted. You two weren't like, naked were you?"
"No." I say shaking my head. "Don't be ridiculous. But we both know Abraxas seemed to like what he did see. He's just jealous it wasn't him I was going to have sex with." 
"Lucinda." Tom says, giving me a look that silences me, shaking his head. "We're not talking about this. Especially not at breakfast." 
"Oh, come on. I bet you anything it was Abraxas who set the rumor going. All because he can't deal with the fact that I'm not in love with him, and was going to have sex with you." I say, then look over at Abraxas. The look on his face is, again, anger and embarrassment, along with jealousy, denial, and one last thing, guilt. "It was you." I glare.
"So what if it was? It'll make you think twice about having sex with him." Abraxas says. 
"That's it. Common Room. Now." I bark the order at him.
Abraxas complies, and the look on his face is fear. Tom grabs my arm, trying to make me stop, but I shake him off. Abraxas scurries off towards the Common Room, and as I step up to the portrait, I say "Pure Bloods," then walk inside. 
Abraxas is already inside, and he looks like a deer caught in headlights, his eyes wide and afraid, and I almost feel bad for him. I put a lock on the portrait, with my magic,  so that no one will be able to come inside. 
Abraxas looks also like a child. A very young one at that. "You seem to think that you can boss me around." I say. "Like you tried to do a few days ago. And if you think what Tom did to you was bad, you'll wish to God it were him here right now." 
"So you think you're strong enough to beat me up like your boyfriend did?" Abraxas asks, taunts even. "I'll believe it when I see it."
"Abraxas." I say. I lift a hand, and he begins to move upwards in the air, clutching his throat, which is being choked by my magic. "Like I need to be strong to hurt you. We both know that is not true. You know I have strong magic. I've actually been practicing, thanks to, as you say, my boyfriend. Really, it's your fault I've been practicing. I knew I'd need to teach you a lesson, Abraxas. Just because I love Tom doesn't give you the right to do as you please. No, especially not when it's directed at me or at Tom. I'm sure Tom will deal with you later. But right now, this is my turn." I toss him to the ground, and lacerations appear on his skin. Blood pours out, and appears to float in thin air, not touching the carpeting at all. "No, you seem to think that you can get back at me by making up rumors. Well, I no longer care what everyone thinks about me. Sure, they'll call me a whore, or a slut, or they'll whisper about how cool it makes me, to have sex in the Forbidden Forest. In a way, you just made everyone think I'm even cooler. Especially because I'm with Tom, when all of the other girls in the school think he's hot, or that they wish they had a chance with them. You never realized that I would become popular here, did you?" 
"No." Abraxas chokes out. I bend down close to him, so that we're face to face.
"You wish you could have me. The stuff you imagine doing to me, stuff you imagine doing with me. I never knew your mind was so cluttered with thoughts about little oh me. But then again, you've been obsessed with me since day one, have you not?" 
"Yes." He admits.
"Well, just remember that when you're burning in hell. You're as evil as Tom, and possibly even as evil as me. I've killed, even though it was on accident. You however, ah, yes. How many did you kill? Two? Three? I know Tom's killed three. So tell me, how many people have you killed so far? And how many more are you planning on killing?"
"I've killed one. I'm not going to kill anymore." Abraxas chokes out. 
"Lies. Keep telling yourself that, Abraxas, because you know, once you kill it's easy to hurt people more and more, and then to kill more and more." This time, I brush my hand over his arm, and all of his cuts heal, and with a toss of my hand, the blood goes straight into the fireplace, and burns into dust. 
Abraxas looks even more terrified than before. "Something is seriously wrong with you." His eyes fall on the locket thumping against my collarbone. "Did Tom give you that?" He asks, obviously trying to change the subject.
"So what if he did?" I ask, "There's nothing you can do about that. Oh, and here's this back. I don't need it after all." I take off the charm bracelet that had been identical to my mothers, the charm bracelet he'd bought me. 
"What am I supposed to do with it?" He asks me.
"You'll figure it out. Return it for all I care." I wave my hand over the portrait, unlocking it, then walk out. Tom is standing there. "He's been taken care of." I say, and, taking Tom's hand, I throw one look back over my shoulder at Abraxas, just to enjoy the look of turmoil written clearly all over his pale face. It gives me satisfaction to know that I finally knocked some sense into that thick skull of his. We return to the cafeteria and I finish eating, then we make our way to class. Esmeralda gives me a look.
"Don't worry, your brother is no worse for the wear. I even healed his cuts." I sit down, and my hair falls forward around me. "I might heal him once Tom also teaches him a lesson about spreading rumors that are obviously not true." I grin. I say just loud loud enough for Tom to hear, giving him a look, "Or not." 
He smirks, and kisses my forehead before the professor calls class to order. 
I feels so great to be loved.
Tom's P.o.V.
Abraxas looks as scared as prey looking into a predators eyes, knowing they don't have long to live. I decide to cut the guy a break, for now. One more slip up, though, and I'll also have to teach the boy a lesson, though it wont be anything like what Lucinda did, whatever that was. The flash of fire in Lucinda's eyes leaves me to believe that she is finally figuring out what her magic is strong enough to do. If we hadn't spent weeks practicing spells, defensive and offensive alike, she probably wouldn't have been able to terrify Abraxas. In a way, I like the fire I've been seeing in Lucinda lately. It's almost as if she's beginning to think like me. Darkness aside, Lucinda's got a lot more confident in the past few weeks. There's a spring in her step, and liveliness I hadn't seen before, and on top of it, her magic is much more ass kicking than it had been before. Watching her preform spells is an art all it's own. I love watching as her face lights up as she calls upon her magic. It's quite different since most of the time, she doesn't use her wand to preform the spells. By now, the whole school knows about her not having to use a wand to direct her spells. By far, she's more powerful than I am. No one else knows about her being a Parselmouth, though, unless Dumbledore knows. It's such a rare ability, about 1 in 1 million wizards or witches have it. It was passed down to me through Salthazar Slytherin's line, to my mother.  I honestly never expected to find out that Lucinda's a Parselmouth. She must have had someone in her family that was one as well. It's herditary, after all. The biggest thing, though, is the way everyone looks at Lucinda as we walk through the corridors and to our classes. Abraxas must have told everyone he lied, because everyone avoids him, but they still watch Lucinda. Obviously, they know that we must have been about to, if Abraxas knew about it. Which, their right about that. If Abraxas hadn't shown up last night, Lucinda and I both would have lost our virginity. At the time, it hadn't felt like that big of a deal, but now that I think about it, it kind of is. We had said we weren't going to. Somehow, as if there were some kind of spell, we had been drawn together, and I cannot deny Lucinda anything. All she has to do is fix me with her gaze, and I feel myself bend to her will. She is special, of course. Not just because she's so powerful, but because I love her. I don't love her because she's special. She's special because I love her. Making love to her doesn't seem so bad, but the fact that she's still underage, and that we're still in school, and that she's so fragile, those things make me wonder if I should make sure we wait. Esmeralda doesn't seem happy that her brother told a rumor that size to the whole school but also doesn't seem happy with Lucinda nor with me. Very well, though, because I'm in charge. Abraxas and Esmeralda are my followers. Lucinda is my second in command. She doesn't fall into the same category as the others. She's not a follower. She's...mine, just like I'm hers. We're one. 
Lucinda seems content, though. Which is a good thing, since I need her to be happy, even if I'm getting a 3rd year kicked out of school. The boy was snooping where he didn't belong. I pinned it on him. After all, I'm a Prefect. It's my duty to keep all students in line, and Dumbledore recognizes that I, for the most part, follow my duty well. Since Hagrid was snooping, he deserved to be kicked out as well as have the blame placed upon him.  Better him, than me.
Lucinda's hair is hiding her face from my view, currently, where we are sitting in Dumbledore's Transfiguration class. Whether she is paying attention or not, I do not know. She seems to be listening, but with Lucinda, you never know. Since Transfiguration is our last class of the day, I'm happy when the class ends. Not only because I'm getting honestly tired of Dumbledore's chatter, but because Hagrid is being expelled. Everyone goes outside, and Hagrid has a horrid expression on his face.
"I didn' do i', I swear." His words are as they always are, broken and jumbled. It's really annoying.
"Rubeus Hagrid, do you deny being inside the Chamber of Secrets?" Headmaster Dippet asks.
"No, sir." Hagrid says.
"Do you deny being the Heir of Slytherin?"
"Yes, O' course. I'm no Heir of Sly'erin." Hagrid says. "I swear 'o i'." 
"We're supposed to believe that story?" Dippet asks. 
"I's no s'ory." Hagrid says.
"Likely." Dippet rolls his eyes. "Mr. Riddle found you in the Chamber of Secrets." 
"I did." I speak up. "As a Prefect it is my job to look around the entire castle, making sure no students are having ill manners or getting into mischief. The only person who could open the Chamber of Secrets, as Headmaster Dippet and Professor Dumbledore have told me, is the Heir of Slytherin. I found Rubeus Hagrid there, in the time that the Basilisk had attacked a student, and Lucinda and Professor Dumbledore killed it." 
"Those are the facts." Professor Dumbledore says.
" 'heir wrong, I 'ell ya." Hagrid says. "I am no' 'he Heir o' Sly'rin, I 'ell ya." 
"I'm sorry, Rubeus, but we have reason to suspect you are." Dippet says, and says "Give me your wand." 
With no where to go, no place to turn, Hagrid gives a face of resignation, and hands over his wand to the Headmaster. Dippet snaps it in half, and I watch as Hagrid cringes, and gasps. 
"You are now expelled from Hogwarts. You are to leave the premisses." Dippet says.
"Wait. Let him stay and be the Gamekeeper." Dumbledore says, quickly. Damn it.
"Very well." Dippet rolls his eyes again. "Everyone get on to the Great Hall. It's dinner time. No dilly dallying." 
Everyone begins to go back inside, and Hagrid is watching Lucinda. She's not giving him the time of day, though, as she takes my hand, and we walk inside with the other students. 
"Wow, where do you think you're going, Mr. Riddle, Miss. Prewert?" Headmaster Dippet asks, stopping us. 
"Yes, Headmaster?" I ask, innocently.
"What's this about the two of you? Rumors are going around that you two..." He trails off, glancing at Dumbledore.
"What he means is, are you two intimately involved?" Dumbledore asks. 
"No, sir. We're not." I say innocently. "Abraxas Malfoy decided to get the rumor around that we have in fact had sex, when we haven't. He did it to get back at Lucinda and myself." 
"Good, good. Both of you are two young for that. Wait a few years before you two make that kind of decision." Dumbledore pats Lucinda on the back and walks inside, while Dippet gives Lucinda and myself a scrutinized look. 
"Inside with the two of you." Dippet says, still watching us. Lucinda gives him a look, her eyes squinted. Something in that look makes Dippet flinch, and I wonder why. And, of course, how. Lucinda turns, her hair bouncing as she walks, pulling me to a long stride with her. 
Abraxas' P.o.V.
I never thought I'd be afraid of Lucinda, as well as love her at the exact same time. She seems different than she did before the Christmas party. Much different. She's also a lot different than during winter break. She had been afraid of me then, now it's me whose afraid of her. I never thought I'd be afraid of a girl so small, but she's got fire, this one. Her cast is supposed to come off soon. Her magic is much stronger than it's ever been. And that locket around her neck intrigues me, as well as scares me. It has a snake on it, shaped like an S. The Slytherin locket. Only one person could have given it to her, Tom. But, it somehow seems to be a part of her. Like it should have always belonged to her.
Her weight has slightly increased, enough to make her curves look better, and make her look even more beautiful than before. I do notice, however, the bruises all over her, on her arm that isn't in the cast, her neck, her legs. When she'd just been in her bra and panties in the Forbidden Forest, I'd seen the bruises around her waist and belly. Tom had left those bruises on her body. It makes me wonder what I would have done to her if it had been me and her, instead of her and him. I'm bigger than Tom, though I'm shorter. Tom is very thin as well as very tall. I'm not overweight, but I'm at a healthy weight for someone my height and age. 
Lucinda doesn't seem to mind the bruises on her body. She seems much more at ease than I've ever seen her. Like I said, she also looks more beautiful than before. Her red lips are plushy, and her eyes are shining more than they ever have, though they are dark as ever, her skin has a slight rosy hue to it, and her weight, as I said, has increased, and she's even grown a few inches. Her hair is as long as before, perhaps even a tad longer, and it's curls are to die for. I'd love to bury my fingers in those curls. Tom, I've noticed, is finally starting to look like himself again. The effects of the Horcrux he'd made is wearing off. I wonder what the Horcrux was, what item he used to tuck his soul into. 
Esmeralda seems to notice the change in Lucinda as well. "She's so scary." Esmeralda had commented.
"You're telling me." I roll my eyes. "She's acting just like Tom. Their made for each other. Their both stupid and irritating and evil." 
"Brother, what does that make you and I?" Esmeralda had asked, her voice had shook.
"Nothing." I had replied.
"That locket she wears, it's like she's obsessed with it." 
"Her boyfriend gave it to her."
"What's the S on it stand for?" 
"Salthazar Slytherin."
"The Slytherin locket? But that means... Tom is the Heir of Slytherin." Her mind had connected the two. "Oh my god. He is evil."
"Yes. But so are we. And that means so is Lucinda."
Nothing seemed as it had been before. Lucinda now walks with a confidence that makes Esmeralda look like a shriveling wall flower now. Before, it had been my sister who was confident, radiant, and full of life. Now, my sister is drawn and tired all of the time, much like Lucinda had been when my sister and I had met her. 
The 180 degree turn that Lucinda has taken is frightening. Even more frightening is that she's almost as brutal and ferocious as Tom, if not more so. She's absolutely terrifying, but also terrifyingly beautiful. She's dangerous, which is much more of a turn on than the innocence she had once displayed. 

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