Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


18. Chapter Seventeen

Lucinda's P.o.V.
I wake up in Tom's arms, and as I gaze at his peaceful, serene sleeping face, everything rushes back to me. My body is very sore and stiff, my hair is tangled and the memory of everything that happened in the past 48 hours hits me like a load of bricks, making my skin burn. My belly churns and I gently wake Tom, and the slight red rings around his pupils are nearly gone. He smiles sleepily at me, holding me a bit tighter, my chest right up against his.
"Good morning, beautiful." He whispers to me, and he brushes a kiss across my lips.
"Good morning, Tom." I whisper back. "I should go back to my room to get my stuff ready for a shower and head to breakfast. It wouldn't be good if someone saw me leave your room."
"You're right." He kisses my cheek. "Meet me in the great hall for breakfast."
"Will do." I stand up, pulling the blanket off of me, and stepping away from Tom, who gasps, and stands up rather quickly, and is behind me in an instant. I look down at my body, blushing when I see how dark the bruises are all over my moonlight pale body. He seems hesitant to touch a bruise, but when his fingers brush against one, I realize it doesn't hurt that badly.
"We're going to be in so much trouble if anyone sees this, Lucinda." Tom says, his eyes searching all over my body, seeing the bruises on my inner thighs to the bruises around my neck and all over my belly, legs and arms.
"No one will see." I smirk at him. "And anyways, who cares?" I ask, reaching for my dress and robes, dressing slowly, and Tom buttons up the front of my dress for me. "Come with me after classes?" I indicate my cast. "Astral is taking me to get it off, and Professor Dumbledore is escorting us. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you came along."
He nods. "Of course." Tom tells me. "Now go get your shower, beautiful. I'll see you in the great hall."
"Mhmm." I leave the room, ending up in my room pretty quickly, and I see that Esmeralda and our two roommates are still asleep. I grab my clothes and my books for class, leaving the books in a chair in the bathroom, and I quickly shower, and comb my hair, then I head down to the great hall. I'm the only student there, and I set my books on the table, using my wand to levitate my food so that I wont need help carrying it, then take my seat. It's not long before Abraxas and Esmeralda wander in, and relief is shown clearly on Esmeralda's face. The two of them grab some breakfast and rush over.
"Where the heck were you!?" Esmeralda demands. "I waited up until after midnight, hoping you'd come back to the room, but you never did. I was kinda scared to sneak out of the room just in case you and Tom were still patrolling. Thought it'd be best if I didn't get into trouble for being out of the room at night."
"Good you stayed in the room. I sat down in the Common Room and fell asleep." I lie easily, and Esmeralda immediately believes it, but Abraxas catches the lie as easily as the lie I'd told. His eyes are on me, and to keep him from seeing the bruises on my neck, I lean forwards just enough for my hair to hide them. Abraxas catches the movement but doesn't get why I'm letting my hair cover my neck and part of my face. I eat some of the porridge and bacon and Esmeralda gives me a funny look.
"You don't look like you got much sleep. How late did you patrol?" She asks.
"After Tom went to bed at 12, I was up til 1, then I wandered around for a bit, then went to the Common Room to make sure it was clean. Fell asleep on the couch about 2 am?" I ask, and the lies come easily. I'm guessing that since I've been lying since I came here, lying is just becoming easier and easier. Too bad Abraxas is sticking his nose in where he doesn't belong. He seems suspicious and I glance at him, holding his gaze, trying to push my will on him. His face relaxes, and I realize it had worked. I relax a bit, and glance between Abraxas and Esmeralda who both eat their breakfast silently. I hear a small breath near the entrance of the great hall, and look up to see Tom bustling in. He places his books beside mine, kisses me, and then walks over to get some breakfast. I notice Abraxas looking at us when Tom had kissed me. I recognize the sadness on his face, and then he glances down at his arms, which are covered by his robes. I reach towards him, placing my hand on his forearm, right where his cuts had been. My fingers feel warm on top of his arm, and I look him in the eyes, giving him a small smile. "It's going to be alright." I whisper to him. He nods, and I move my hand away from his arm, going back to eating.
Esmeralda had watched the small exchange between us, but the look on her face isn't happiness that we're getting along, it's more like suspicion about what's going on with Abraxas and me. She doesn't say anything until Tom reaches the table, and she speaks to Tom in a calm deadly quiet, clear voice. "I think I've just about got the hang of the imperius curse."
Tom's calm collectedness fades, and his face is almost as mad as he'd been when he was drunk. "Not here. Not now. Do not speak of it." His voice is a growl, and Esmeralda's face crumples with fear, and Abraxas looks pissed.
"Anyone could hear you." I whisper. "Tom's right. Not here. Later." I tell her.
She nods. "Forgive me." She says.
Tom nods, and eats his breakfast. More students and the professors begin to pile into the room.
|Flashing Forward|

--Draco Malfoy's P.o.V.--
To be completely clear, I never planned on falling in love with Hermione Granger. Just like I never planned on my father ordering me to kill her. No matter what happens, I could never kill her. Biting her, well it may seem like a giant mistake, but since she doesn't regret it, I can live with what I've done. The fact that she's now a werewolf just like I am, well it's one of the best things that could happen, as well as one of the worst things. It means that she will always stay young like me, and she will live forever. I'll never have to see her die. I'll never have to lose her. It also means it puts her in more danger. My father will not be happy about this. If he tells Voldemort, my life could very well be over, just as Hermione's could be. I could very well be sentancing her to a death she doesn't deserve. Lucinda had changed so many things in the past that not only has Harry and Ron changed, by Hermione has changed a lot as well, more so than Harry and Ron. In a way, she's much more beautiful. She's a Slytherin. She's like I am. She struggles with her place in this world as much as I do. But it's where we both belong and we will find our place in it. She's much more quick minded and witty, and she can talk me out of my most dark and depressing moods. Just watching her sleep in my bed with me, it makes my heart beat wildly, not just because we've had sex, but because I feel so vulnerable around her. Her seeing me in a new light, and liking what she's seen. She doesn't hate me like I always thought she had. She actually loves me. As much as I love her. Her face is pale but her cheeks are rosy, her eyes are closed as she sleeps soundly. Her lips are a dark red, and I notice her breathing is much more even than it's ever been. Turning into a werewolf has changed her in a way that makes her even better. She's essentially a lot healthier. I hadn't been lying when I'd said that Weasley could throw a punch. It's hard to break the ribs of a werewolf. But, then, Ron Weasley isn't a normal guy. He's violent. He'd hurt Hermione and was going to rape her, almost taking her virginity. Though, I'd ended up being the one who'd taken her virginity, the same night. But she'd wanted me to. She hadn't wanted Ron. I'm just glad I got to her in time.
She must have heard my heart beat change, or my breathing quicken, because she wakes up, and even in the dark, I can clearly see the glow of her green eyes staring back at me. She hadn't slept very long, only 5 hours. I figure she'll want to talk a little bit, then go back to sleep. It's only 3 A.M., so we have a while before anyone notices we're gone.
"How are you feeling?" I whisper to her, pushing her hair away from her face gently.
"Better." She whispers back, her hand caressing my cheek before she presses her lips to mine. She looks incredibly beautiful even in the dark. "Everything is sharper and brighter." She says when she pulls back.
"All of your senses are heightened. Just wait until you're back in the castle. Everything is overwhelming at first, but I assure you it'll get better. You're going to be a lot healthier and stronger, and studies will become easier." I tell her, and she nods.
"Most of all..." She whispers. "I'll be much more like you. I'll be even more special, even though I'm a mudblood."
"You may be a muggle born, but you're not a mudblood. You've always been special, Hermione Granger. Someday, I'll prove it to you by giving you my last name." She gasps. "That is... if you'll ever agree to marry me."
"Draco..." She whispers.
"You're going to say no." I whisper. "I should have figured that."
"Shut up, Draco Malfoy and let me talk." Hermione says, and a whimper catches in my throat at her fierce tone. "I'll marry you." She says in a clear voice.
"You will?" I ask, shocked.
"If you ask me." Hermione says.
"Will you marry me when we graduate, Hermione Jean Granger?" I ask, "Um, I can get down on one knee if you'd like me to."
"Shut up. You don't have to get down on one knee. Of course I'll marry you." She kisses me and I pull her in close. "I love you, Draco."
"I love you too, Hermione." I tell her, smiling at her. "Get some more sleep. You'll feel even better when you wake up."
"G'night, Draco."
"G'night, soon to be, Mrs. Hermione Malfoy." I say, and smile. She giggles, and kisses me again before snuggling into my chest and falling back to sleep.
She agreed to marry me. I don't have anyone I could tell. I don't have anyone I'm close to. Just the fact that Hermione and I are here, together, is a miracle. I could say that I'd hoped for this, but in all reality, I'd never wanted her to be a werewolf. It's painful and a curse. I'd have been content just to watch after her, making sure nothing ever happened to her. But that'd also have been impossible. As soon as she got close to any other guy, I'd try to kill him. I'd gotten in fights multiple times with Weasley over the two of them dating. He'd never realized how lucky he was to even date her. I, however, know what a blessing it'd be to date her. If I let myself believe what she'd said about wanting to be with me, I'd consider ourselves dating. I'd also asked her to marry me. We're a year away from graduation, but before, I'd never thought I'd get this far with her. I didn't think I had any chance whatsoever with her. I'm not exactly a Pure Blood anymore. Not since I have werewolf blood coursing in my veins. I'm not even in the same league as she is. She may be a muggle born but I'm a werewolf, which is even less pure than being a muggle born. But somehow... she's chosen me.
Hermione's skin is cold against my warm skin, but her heartbeat is as even and loud as my own.
Gazing at her in the dark of the room, I think again about how mad everyone, my father, mother, Voldemort, and their followers are going to be, not to mention Weasley. The fact that I asked her to marry me, and she said yes... means we're engaged. Something like this rarely happens so quickly, especially in the wizarding world. The others will notice an immediate change in Hermione, but they wont know what it is. That is, until my father finds out, and then everything goes downhill. Especially because I'm a werewolf and any change that drastic in Hermione will be proof to my father, who already thinks I just have a 'school-boy crush' on her, when in fact, I'm so bloody in love with her, I cannot think straight when I'm around her. I'm so bloody in love with her, I bit her and changed her into a werewolf.
I look down at her neck, easily spotting the pure white bit mark. Only, now it's not a fresh bite. It looks as if it's been there a very long time. It's more like a very deep scar. The bite had been a lot deeper than mine. I have so little control when it comes to her. Now I wont have to be quite so careful around her. But I'll still be careful as possible. I decide to cuddle up closer to Hermione, happy for the warmth and solace I feel with her. I don't sleep anymore, though. I need less sleep than most people. Soon she too will need less sleep than everyone else. But since she just completed the change, she'll sleep late, and we'll probably be late to class. I can usually talk my way out of detention, and Hermione is one of the best students at Hogwarts, and can argue like no ones business. She can sway any professor at Hogwarts.
Eventually the sun rises in the sky, shining it's light on us. Hermione wakes up, and I notice how her green eyes glow brightly when she looks over at me. It makes my heart race when I feel my eyes begin to glow silver. She leans in closer, kissing me in a way that makes me breathless, and my hand shakes as I brush her hair out of her face, leaving my hand on her cheek. Kissing her is a little slice of heaven. When we both pull back, she whispers "What time is it?"
"Nearly 8." I tell her, not needing to glance at the time.
She nods. "I need to get changed into my robes. Should we go back up to the castle?"
"Yeah, we should." I kiss her cheek, then help her stand up. "Would you like to eat first? I can whip up something really quick." I tell her.
"Yes, please. I'm just going to use the restroom." She says, and kisses me quickly on the lips before rushing off to the bathroom. I go into the kitchen, pulling eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator and putting them in the pan to cook on top of the stove. A noise across the hall in the bathroom alerts me to a problem. I smell blood, and I rush to the bathroom door, knocking.
"Hermione, what's going on?" I ask, and I hear her voice shakily reply to me.
"It's nothing. Don't come in here." She says. I don't listen, I open the door, and Hermione's face is ashen pale. Blood is speckled on her lips. I see blood in the wastebasket, and I catch my breath.
"That's not nothing. It's a side effect from the change. Why didn't you tell me you felt this bad?" I ask, pulling her close to my body. I wipe the blood off of her lips.
"It's nothing." She repeats.
"Throwing up blood isn't nothing, Hermione." I tell her, giving her a hug. "I went through the same thing, and it hurts like hell."
"Yeah." She lowers her eyes. "It does."
"See, it's not nothing. What you need is food, and that will help with nearly all of the pain." I tell her, and when I lift her into my arms, she protests.
"Hey, I can walk perfectly fine!" She exclaims.
I just hold her close and whisper "Think of this as a pre-marriage kind of thing. Something you have to look forward to." I raise my eyebrows and she blushes, then I kiss her gently, still holding her. When I pull my lips back, she's still blushing. "You did say you'd marry me."
"I know. I love you." She whispers, sliding her hands up my chest to my neck, her fingers sliding into the hair on the back of my neck. Her touch is gentle but intoxicating, and I find myself wanting more.
"I love you too." I carry her into the kitchen, making her sit down in a chair as I check on the bacon and eggs, which are looking better by the minute. When it's finished, I put enough for her on a plate and hand her a fork after setting the plate down in front of her. She smiles at me and begins to eat, and I take my food, sitting down beside her, close enough that her side brushes against my own. My heart races and I notice that she's listening closely to it. I can clearly hear her heartbeat as well, and it's not hammering like it was the night before. Before it had been erratic. Now it's gentle, calm even. Maybe she was right. Maybe this WAS meant to happen. The thought makes me smile back at her, taking a bite of bacon, watching her as she watches me. I finally clear my throat after swallowing. "So, um... did you really mean it last night? When you said you'd marry me?" I know it's silly of me to ask, but she'd been in a lot of pain last night and it could have clouded her judgment.
"I meant it." Hermione murmurs. "Don't tell me you're going to go back on your word, Draco Malfoy." Her lips are pouty and I blush, thinking unseemly things about what else she could do with lips like that.
"I'm not going back on my word." I tell her. "I want to marry you as much now as I have the past few years." The words seem to startle her and the fork in her hand drops. I grab it quickly before it could hit the floor, handing it back to her. "Don't be so surprised, Hermione. You do know why I've always called you Granger, don't you?" I ask her.
"No." She shakes her head.
"I'll call you Granger until you become a Malfoy." I tell her and her cheeks turn scarlett, and she seems flustered, looking anywhere but at me. "Hermione..." I whisper.
She looks up, and says "But...you've called me just Granger since first year. You didn't become a werewolf until..." She trails off, doing the math. "Third year."
"You're right. But me becoming a werewolf didn't change how I felt about you. I've been in love with you since the moment we met." I admit, the first time I'd ever said it out loud.
"R-really?" She stammers, her eyes downcast.
"Really." I answer, setting my plate down, then sitting down in front of her chair, facing her. "I love you, Hermione Granger. I'd hidden it for so long, it physically hurts to know I could have been saying it this whole time."
"You're right." She whispers. "I could also have been saying it. I love you."
"So you'll marry me, after we graduate next year?" I ask her.
"Your parents are still a little problem, Draco. Do you think they'll let you marry me?" Her words strike my heart.
"Screw them. I'll still marry you. And I have money that's not connected to my parents at all. Enough money to live on forever. Much more money than my parents or the whole Malfoy line has even thought about having."
"How?" Hermione asks, surprised.
"I bought stocks in some big companies."
"How much have you made?" She asks, her eyebrows furrowed.
"3.5 Billion American dollars." I tell her.
Hermione's eyes are big. "How did you...?"
"Being a werewolf has made my mind sharper." I tell her. "Everyday I make more money. Someday I was hoping to go to America. I'd like for us to go together. You can still be an Auror or a healer, or anything you want, Hermione."
"You'd still let me work?" She asks.
"Only if you want to. If not, you don't have to." I tell her. "No one else has given you an opportunity like this, I know. I could even have your parents move to America with us, if they'd like. I wouldn't take you away from them. I know how much you love them."
"They've been wanting to move to America since I was a child." Hermione tells me. "We'd never had enough money though."
"Then consider it done. When we graduate, we'll all pack up and go to America."
"I was hoping we could wait for Lucinda to get back...if she chooses to." Hermione says.
"Why wouldn't she come back?" I ask.
"If she succeeds... then what happens to her. She clearly wasn't from our time. Maybe she'll have to stay in the past."
"I don't think that's how it works. She'd be able to come back, no matter what. If she does choose to. Which, I know she will. Her life was here. Her father is still here."
"But she wasn't close to him." Hermione tells me.
"Don't worry, everything will be fine. I promise you, she'll come back. You are her best friend. And who knows, maybe she'll bring good ol' Tom back with her." I say. "You realize that they'd become close."
We all know that there is history that was rewrote. Lucinda and Tom had indeed become close, and Hermione, Potter and Weasley had all been talking about how weird it is that the two of them had begun to date. Nothing is known, though, about what became of her. She's still in the past, and the present doesn't include her. Could it mean that she never comes back? I doubt it. I just think that she's not ready to come back yet. Her mission hasn't yet been completed, and she's still trying to prevent him from becoming Voldemort.
"Yeah. In a way, their more alike than they are with anyone else. They'd both had a dark childhood. Lucinda accidently killed her mother, Tom's mother died when he was born, and he eventually killed his father." Hermione shakes her head. "I wonder what year she's in right now. Or if it's the same as it is for us."
"I'm not sure. I have a feeling we'll know by graduation or a little bit after that." I say. "We're gonna stay at least that long. Maybe a while longer. It'll take a while to get everything ready anyways. Like I said, screw my parents. They're not going to like it, but what can I say? I feel as if I belong with you more than I ever did in that family."
Hermione watches me, her lips parted, tears in her eyes. "You'd sacrifice being a part of the Malfoy family for me?" She asks. "You do know what that'll mean, don't you? They'll disown you."
"I'd do that plus more for you, Hermione. I love you. I may be a Malfoy, but I don't fit in even in my own family. If they disown me, it'll be for the best. We can have a fresh start." I tell her. "Together."
"Together." She repeats, and I give her a small gentle kiss.
"Finish eating, and we can get to class." I stroke her cheek, pushing her hair out of her face, and then I get up, taking my seat, and I finish eating. Hermione finishes, and with her wand, she cleans our dishes. I put them away, and I say "There's something you'll have to see." I take her hand and she gives me a questioning look. "You wont believe me until you see it."
Outside in the Forbidden Forest, we take off running. Hermione lets go of my hand, feet flying on the ground, her eyes wide, her smile huge and happy. Running is always going to be fun for her now. We run as fast as the wind, and I grin at how easily this made her happy.
At the castle, we go inside, and I follow Hermione into the girls dormitory, and wait as she changes clothes. She grabs her supplies for class, and we go to my dorm, and I just grab my supplies, waving my wand so that I'm in my school clothes. We rush to class, but instead of holding hands when we go inside, we walk in side by side, so that the professor doesn't find it strange that we're holding hands, thinking we probably were off making out somewhere.
"Ah, Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger. Thank you for gracing us with your presence." Snape says, narrowing his eyes. "I could use an explanation, though, as to why you are both late."
"Sorry sir, you know how I am. I overslept." I say, making my way to the only empty seats in the room, avoiding Potter and Weasley's eyes.
"Yes, alright. Thank you, Mr. Malfoy. Ms. Granger. Enlighten me as to why you are late for my class. I expect better of you, young lady."
"Sorry sir. I'm not feeling well." Hermione says, her cheeks flushed. She takes the seat beside me, Potter catching her eye, and giving her a look. Weasley is watching us, but Hermione doesn't even look at him.
"If you feel ill, would you like to go to the nurse, Ms. Granger?" Snape asks her, and she shakes her head.
"No, sir. I feel quite alright now." Hermione responds, and Snape nods.
"Alright, class, if you'll read in your textbooks for the next chapter, two parchments by the end of class will do." Snape says, and taps his finger against the wall. He doesn't seem to be acting like he normally does, and he's fidgity. Hermione glances at him, as if sensing the way he nervously touches his desk, and holds onto his wand tightly. One of her eyebrows is arched upwards, and her eyes are calm and innocent. Snape catches her watching and seems shocked at her abrupt stare. He drops his wand, and everyone in the room glances at him uncertainly, even me. A couple of girls giggle, and Snape snaps "Enough. Get to work, children." His voice is choked and strained, but he sits down at his desk, acting like nothing is wrong. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong, to be honest, but it's something major. Glancing at Hermione, she smiles at me, her eyes glowing bright green. I smile back, hoping not everyone is paying attention to us. We do our work in silence, that is, until Weasley and Potter begin to whisper amongst themselves.
"I bet you he took advantage of her." Weasley whispers loudly to Potter, "Did you see them, the way they were looking at each other? Bloody Hell! She's mine!" He exclaims.
"I doubt he took advantage of her. If she had sex with him, that's their business, Ron. Not ours. And after what you were going to do to her, she's definitely not yours. You also happen to have a girlfriend, in case you forgot." Potter says.
"Luna broke up with me." Ron whispers back."And it's always been Hermione I've wanted."
"Maybe that's the problem." Harry whispers back. "You want her but you don't love her. You never have. Possession and obsession aren't the same thing as love."
"What would you know? Your probably already shagging my sister." Ron mutters, cross with not only Hermione and me, but with Harry as well.
"Bloody hell, what is the matter with you?"Harry demands. "I'd never."
"Then you should tell her that you'd never shag her. Or your just going to break her heart." Ron glares at Harry.
"I meant now. We're both still in school, and I wouldn't take advantage of her. If you don't know that, maybe you're not really my friend." Harry glares back.
"Maybe you should just be best buds with the guy who stole my girl then. Maybe you should join up with Voldemort. Or maybe you should drop dead." Ron says, raising his voice.
"Oh for heavens sake, shut up both of you." Hermione raises her voice at the two of them, and Snape stands up.
"What is going on here?" He asks, looking at Hermione. I can't see her face as she faces Snape, but the look on her face must be truly frightening because Snape takes a step back, and eyes eyes are wide.
"They won't be quiet, sir." She points at Potter and Weasley. "They're talking about sex and joining up with Voldemort and a lot more, sir." Her voice is loud and clear and rings out in the dead silent room. All of the students are looking at Potter and Weasley, and I glance over and see Potter looking shocked, and Weasley pissed off more than I'd ever seen him before.
Snape looks shocked, but he looks at Hermione, and his look of shock turns into something more like fear. He regains his composure a moment later, asking "Potter, Weasley, is this true?"
Potter nods, and appologizes. "I'm sorry sir. It wont happen again."
"Go to the headmasters office. And tell him everything the two of you were talking about. Especially about Voldemort. If I ever hear about either of you saying you're going to join Voldemort again, I will hex both of you. Is that clear?" Snape asks.
"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Potter says.
"Kiss ass." Weasley taunts Potter, and Hermione stands up. I grab her arm, but she shakes me off, easily.
"Go." She says, raising her wand. "Or you will be sorry, Ronald Weasley."
Fear replaces his taunting expression, and Weasley rushes out of the room, and Hermione stays standing. She gives Potter a look, and he scurries off.
"That will be all, Ms. Granger." Snape's face is pale, and I glance around, wondering if anyone else had noticed. No one has and Hermione sits down beside me, and continues doing her work. Class ends, and Snape asks "Please stay after, Ms. Granger."
"Yes, sir." She says, gathering her stuff.
"I'll see you in the hall." I say when everyone but Hermione and Snape has left the room. I give her a gentle kiss, and she kisses me back.
"Be there in a few." She tells me, and I make my way into the hallway.
Hermione's P.o.V.
"Did I do something wrong, sir?" I ask Professor Snape, and the look on his face is one I've never seen before.
"N-no Ms. Granger. You haven't." Snape says, his eyes wide.
"Then why...?" I ask, trailing off.
"The boy changed you didn't he?" Snape asks me.
"Draco?" I ask, "How do you know about that?"
"I know of what happened. It isn't a surprise to me. I know how Fenrir Greyback is." Snape says. "I'd always noticed that the two of you acted like you hated each other, but when he'd been changed by Greyback... I seen how his eyes glowed birghtly when he looked at you. I seen the same look in your eyes when you looked at Mr. Malfoy."
"Yes, he changed me." I murmur. "But it's not like it was his fault... we were...um.."I trail off and Snape nods.
"I figured as much. Potter and Weasley were talking about sex so I'm guessing they were talking about you and Mr. Malfoy."
"Yes. We, um..we did." I fidgit, and Snape clears his throat.
"It's quite alright. You are, of course, of age. And it's obvious you both care for each other. I heard what happened last night with Mr. Weasley." Snape says. "Are you okay at least?"
"Yes, I am. Thank you. Draco took care of me, pretty well actually. The two of them got in a fight for him hurting me."
"He's always been pretty protective of you. At least you had someone like him close by when that happened." Snape says.
"Yes. I'm very glad he was around." My cheeks flush, and I look away from him. "It didn't really hurt when Draco bit me. That is...until I felt as if my veins were on fire."
"Yeah, usually it doesn't hurt to be bit. There's a numbing agent in a werewolf's bite. The pain part is from the virus infecting the whole body through the veins, pumping through the heart, changing your very anatomy." Snape says.  "I'm sure Mr. Malfoy will teach you everything you need to know. For now, you'd best get to your next class."
"Yes, sir." I say, turning to leave, grabbing my stuff.
"Ms. Granger?" Snape asks.
"Yes?" I ask, turning back around.
"If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me." Snape says.
"Thank you." I excuse myself, and exit the classroom, and Draco gives me a small smile, taking my hand and we walk to our next class.
|Back In Time|

Lucinda's P.o.V.
Tom, Dumbledore, Astral and I Apparate to the doctor's office that night after classes. Astral seems to be very interested in watching Tom and myself closely, and Dumbledore gives Astral a look.
"Well, I'm going to get us a reservation for dinner, to celebrate, and then we can maybe go shopping for a little bit?" Dumbledore asks.
"That sounds lovely, Albus." Astral smiles, "Thank you, sir."
"You stay here with Tom and Lucinda, and I'll be back in a bit, my dear." Dumbledore pats her on the back and Astral nods.
Dumbledore leaves, and the three of us walk into the office, and the receptionist let's the nurse know, and we take a seat in the back, waiting for the doctor to come in.
"I bet you're just itching to have that cast off." Astral smiles, and I nod.
"You know, it's scary how much the two of you look alike." Tom says, calmly, tilting his head to the side.
"If you think we look alike, you should have met our mom. She was nearly as stunning as Lucinda. Lucinda just happens to be more fragile and soft than our mother was." I give her a look. "Not that it's a bad thing, Lucinda. You're just delicate and simply gorgeous. Elegant even." Astral says.
"She's right." Tom tells me, pulling me closer to him. I smile, blushing. "And that just makes you even better, darling." He says.
I kiss him even though I know Astral is watching. When we pull back, I notice Astral smiling. I blush brighter. The doctor comes into the room, and greets us. The nurse smiles at Astral.
"Hey, Astral." She says. "I didn't know this was your little sister."
"Yes, it's good to see you, Abigail." Astral says. "Lucinda," She tells me, when she sees me looking between them. "This is my sister in law, Abigail Black."
"We've met." I say.
"Yes, I was here when she had that cast put on." Abigail says, smiling. "So, the cast is ready to come off." She says, and asks me to get up on the table. Tom helps me up onto the table, and the nurse brings out the cast saw, slowly cutting off the cast. The air tingles my skin, and when the cast is completely off, my arm feels funny, but you can see clearly the break has healed. My arm feels a bit heavy, but I move it, happy that I can move it again. I smile and Abigail grins. "We'll have to do an X-ray to make sure its completely healed, but it looks pretty good."
20 minutes later the X-rays have been taken, and we're waiting in the room again. I rub my arm, looking at the pale skin, wondering if it'll ever be strong. It feels weak and heavy.
The doctor comes in. "The bone is fully healed. Just be sure to move it and be careful with it."
"We'll make sure she does." Tom says.
"Oh, and nothing really heavy. Nothing more that 5 lbs for about two weeks, then gradually increase the weight." The doctor tells us.
"Thank you, sir. We'll make sure she does everything she's been told." Tom tells him.
"Alright, well you guys are good to go then." Tom, Astral and I walk into the corridor and out to the waiting room. Dumbledoor was waiting for us and he stands up when we stride over to him.
"Excellent!" He exclaims when he sees my arm without the cast. I smile, and take Tom's hand as we walk outside and then Apparate to the restaraunt. The restaraunt isn't very crowded and we go inside, and tell them we have a reservation.
"Right this way, Gentlemen, and ladies." The host says, and we follow him to the table. He's not much older than Tom and myself, and the way he looks at me makes me uncomfortable, and I hope Tom hadn't noticed. But he seems preoccupied and doesn't notice. The four of us take our seats, and the waitress takes our orders. I pay for all of the stuff I get, and I actually eat quite a lot, compared to my normal amount of food.
After an hour and a half of eating and then we pay for our dinner, we walk around town, and go shopping. Astral picks out a few dresses for me, and I get a few things, such as pants and tee shirts for Tom, who argues and says I don't have to.
"Shut up." I say sweetly. "I love you and I want to buy you things to wear. I mean, come on. We're dating, Tom, you deserve to have anything you want."
"I have everything I want already." Tom says, pulling me in close. I hear giggling and chuckling coming from Astral and Dumbledore, and I kiss Tom passionately.
"Later on, you'll have everything you want." I tell him, and he knows I mean marriage and kids and a future we are both looking forward of having together.
"Mhmm." He says, and then he smiles at Dumbledore and Astral. "Would it be alright if we walked around by ourselves for a little bit?"
"Of course." The two of them say at once.
We thank them, and start walking around.
Astral's P.o.V.
I watch Tom and Lucinda walking away, and notice, instead of holding hands, his arm is wrapped tightly around her waist, and her head his against his arm. The two of them seem much more close than they had two weeks ago, that's for sure. I give Dumbledore a questioning look, and he shrugs.
"Their teenagers. What do you expect?"
"You don't think they'd be stupid enough to have sex at their age do you?" I ask, and he shrugs again.
"I've talked to her and told her she shouldn't, but if they have, that's their business. She's nearly of age, Astral. Her birthday is coming soon."
"She could get pregnant though." I point out. "She wouldn't be able to carry a baby."
"Probably not yet, but she's finally maturing, Astral. She's not a baby anymore, no matter how much you feel like she still is." Dumbledore tells me.
"I know. It's just that I hadn't seen her since she was two years old, so I somehow still feel like she's a little girl. And the way she looks at Tom, it's kind of reminds me of my parents, for some reason."
"Tom isn't exactly anything like your father, Astral." Dumbledore's voice is hesitant.
"I don't know that."I tell him. "I mean, sure, he seems to adore her, but he's not perfect. None of us are, Albus."
"I agree. But I have never seen him angry, especially not with her. Your father was many thing, but he was clearly always an angry man."
"If he weren't in another time, I'd kill him for hurting her the way he did." My voice is angry, and I know that while I may look similar to my mother, my anger is that of my father's.
"You do have a violent streak, much like your father. But you've never hurt your children, and you've never hurt anyone else. You can't always think the worst about everyone." Dumbledore tells me.
"I know, I know. It's just... Anything could have happened. They may seem really close, but we don't know everything that's happened with them. And who even broke her arm?" I ask.
"That was Abraxas Malfoy. The two of them dated briefly and it didn't end well. I doubt that Tom would hurt her. Tom is a good kid, Astral. And even if they've had sex, you have no business asking them about it. I have a feeling he'll propose to her at graduation."
"Their only in their fifth year." I point out.
"Soon they'll be in their sixth year." Dumbledore says. "In less than two months, summer vacation begins, then they start sixth year. Lucinda started school early, and is a year younger than the others of her year. But it's only because she is extremely smart. She knows more than you might think, Astral. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Tom will be nearly 19 when he graduates, and Lucinda will be 18. They know what their doing."
"Have you seen that mark on their arms? I've seen a lot of other students with those marks. What do they mean?"
"Oh, Tom says it's a study group. The younger and older kids are in it, so I'm assuming Lucinda and Tom are teaching the other kids a lot of neat things." Dumbledore tells me.
"That mark scares me." I tell him. "Haven't you noticed that a lot of the students are afraid of Lucinda and Tom?"
"Nonsense. The students love them. They respect them. Lucinda and Tom are very special, Astral. Everyone knows that." Dumbledore tells me.
"I've seen how the other students look at them, Albus. Actually, in a way, they kind of scare me too." I admit.
"Don't worry so much, Astral. It'll only make you miserable." Dumbledore tells me. His eyes are kind and I sigh.
"I was thinking... Maybe Tom and Lucinda can stay with me this summer. It would be nice for Lucinda to meet our grandparents and cousins,  aunts and uncles."
"That sounds wonderful to me." Dumbledore tells me.
"Thank you. I just thought she deserves to know who she is, where she's from." I tell him. "After all, she knows next to nothing about our parents, or about the rest of our family."
"You know, something has always striked me as odd, but Lucinda is nothing like your father at all." Dumbledore muses. "It would be worth looking into, but I have a feeling that you and your sister may uncover some very important things."
"Do you think my mother was having an affair?" I speak the words with a certain shocked air.
"It's...possible." Dumbledore replies. "Months before your mother found out she was pregnant...she was often going out on her own, and your father didn't seem to notice. But often, when she was pregnant with Lucinda, they were having a lot of arguments, and while he wasn't necessarily violent with her, he would get loud and your mother would cry a lot more. It's possible that Lucinda isn't your father's child, which would really explain why your father would beat her after she accidentily killed your mother."
I gasp. "Who...who do you think could be Lucinda's real father then?"
"I'm not sure. I can do some looking into it... just don't mention it to her yet."
"Of course. You know, i think perhaps it's a good thing that I'm only in contact with my mother's family and not my father's. You don't know how my father's family might react to Lucinda not being his child." I say.
"I agree. Lucinda is so much like your mother, though, it might startle her parents and cousins and sisters and brothers. Perhaps we ought to wait until we work some things out first." Dumbledore tells me.
"Sure. Like you said, it's not summer yet." I tell him. "There's still things I have to talk to Jonathan about, anyways. The house, of course, is big enough for Lucinda and Tom to stay with us."
"Of course." Dumbledore chuckles, glancing around our surroundings. "But knowing Jonathan, he'll want to go all out for the two of them, trying to make them feel at home."
"Yes, that's exactly what I meant." I laugh. "He's trying to redecorate the rooms in colors and furnishings that better match Lucinda's and Tom's tastes, personalities, those kind of the things. I thought it'd be a good idea. Lucinda has a bit of a dark, but elegent type of personality, while Tom's is more of a dark and simple personality."
"That's actually just how I'd describe them, not to mention both of them are very smart beyond their ages, and Tom is a leader, while Lucinda favors individuality." Dumbeldore says. "I'm sure you both will find the perfect things for Lucinda and Tom."
"I hope so." I say. "Oh, there they are. Just in time to head back to the castle too."
"Yes, Lucinda has an impecible sense of time." Dumbledore says, giving me a knowing look and we both burst out laughing. We join Tom and Lucinda and Apparate back to the Hogwarts grounds just as night falls.
Watching the two of them, the only thing I can think is "Ah, young love." But, my love wih Jonathan hadn't been anything like theirs. Jonathan and I aren't very much alike, but we make it work. Lucinda and Tom don't seem much alike at first, until you catch the details, such as their both dark and brooding, amazingly powerful, smart, and whimsical, and of cours, unique. And...the love they share is even more powerful than mine with Jonathan, and my parents love, and all of the other couples I've ever known, put together. The gravitate towards each other constantly, and just seem all together. Like they know what the future holds. That thought startles me, of course. No one can truely know the future, unless you count the Prophesy makers. And, of course, neither of them are anything like a Prophesy maker. Unless...
I shake my head and walk with them into the castle, trying not to think about it. It's impossible. Or is it? Could one of them have seen the future?

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