Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


2. Chapter One

After I get shown around by the Head Boy and Girl, even though I know my way around, and then it's time for the sorting ceremony for the new students that have arrived mid-term. I am nervous about which house I will be put in this time around. I had been just as nervous during my first year at Hogwarts. But this time it is much different. I have a different purpose. Before, I knew I would fit in with at least someone at Hogwarts. Now, I am a girl from a different time and someone may suspect that I'm not what I seem. Walking down the hall, I begin heading to the cafeteria, since it is nearing dinner time, and I take a seat at the Slytherin table. I'm not sitting long before someone clears their voice. I look up to see a boy in Slytherin robes and with a small smirk on his lips.
"So your the newbie." He says, clearly not sure what to say, but ready to start crap.
"Yeah, what's it to you?" I ask.
"Word has it that your a 3rd year." He says.
"I am." I tell him. "You are being quite rude, so you had better watch what you say."
"And if I don't? Do you honestly think you can tell me what to do?" He asks, glaring.
"No. Just don't mess with me, because I'll have you know, I can and will protect myself."
"Whatever. Muggle." He saunters off, and I have a feeling he is going to be trouble.
Finally dinner is served and the sorting ceremony begins. When my name is called, the students react in shock. I take the seat, and the hat begins to murmur, then shouts "Slytherin!" And I take a seat at the Slytherin table, And when I glance around the table, I spot the boy who had been making trouble, and I give him a rude smirk before smiling at the girl beside me. She has a nice smile and she seems genuinely nice for a Slytherin. Her hair is icy blonde and her eyes are a light blue. Her skin is very light, though not as pale as mine. Next to her is a guy, also with icy blonde hair and light blue eyes. He looks a lot like Draco Malfoy.
"Hi, I'm Esmeralda Malfoy, and this is my brother, Abraxas Malfoy." She says, laying a hand in her brother's arm to get his attention. He turns around, a smile prepared in his lips, but his eyes take me in and his smile turns into a genuine smile, his eyes wide.
"Hi, I'm Abraxas Malfoy." He says, smiling, sticking his hand out to shake my own. I shake his hand, also smiling.
"I'm Lucinda Prewert." I tell them, and when I let go of his hand his sister grabs my hand and also shakes my hand.
"Wanna be friends?" She asks excitedly.
"Sure, I'd like that." I say honestly. Then I say "Everyone seems to be freaking out about me being a transfer. Is it really that big of a deal?"
"Not really. We get transfers every once in a while." She tells me. "It's cool."
Abraxas is still smiling, and he says "So, where did you transfer from?"
"Beauxbaton Academy." I stop smiling. I have to plan out what I say carefully. "It's where my dad wanted me to go. But when I was little, my mom always said Hogwarts is a better school. They both went here." I say.
"So you talked them into letting you come here?" Esmeralda asks.
"Um, no." I shake my head. "Actually, my mom died two years before I went to Beauxbaton. My dad died a little over a year ago. I thought it would be a good idea to come here." I say.
"I'm so sorry." The Malfoy's say together.
"Don't worry about it." A smile finds its way to my face. "Hogwarts seems a lot better than Beauxbaton, even though I haven't been here very long."
"Beauxbaton is an expensive school." Esmeralda says, "But Hogwarts is a lot better."
"So, are you guys -" they cut me off.
"Twins?" They ask together.
Then Abraxas says "Yeah, we are." He smiles.
"Oh, that's cool." I say. "So is there anyone you guys could give me a heads up about? Anyone mean or rude?"
"Goyle and Crabbe." Esmeralda points then out. Damn, they look so much like their grandchildren it's scary. They keep filling me in.
"What about him," I say pointing out the boy who was rude to me. "Who is he?" I ask.
"That's Tom Riddle!" Esmeralda whispers. "He's the worse of them all!"
"Did he bother you?" Abraxas asks.
"Yeah." I trail off, I had found Tom. I can't believe that is him. The pictures I had seen were later on. He looks as childlike as the rest of us. I glance over at him to find him staring at me. He looks away when our eyes meet. I look down at the table, and then over at the Malfoy twins. They are a lot nicer than Draco had ever been. I glance around the room, spotting some Gryffindor's that look similar to Ron and Harry. They glance up as if they felt my eyes on them. They smile, then get up and walk over to the table.
"Hi, I'm Charlus Potter."
"And I'm Septimus Weasley. You're a Prewert?" He asks.
"Yes, I believe the Potter's and The Weasley's are related to the Prewert's?"
"Yeah. That makes us cousins." Ron says, smiling.
"Cool." I say, smiling.
"Well, we're going to go back to our table." Charlus says, smiling. "See you around?" He asks polietly.
"Of course." I say, smiling back. They nod and head back to their table.
Abraxas doesn't seemed pleased with me talking to Charlus and Septimus, but he doesn't say anything about it. Esmeralda glances over at the Gryffindor's table, looking at one of them, but I'm not sure which. Did she have a crush on Charlus or Septimus? She glances at me, and smiles, then says "I wonder if we're rooming together."
"I'm not sure. Guess we'll find out when we go upstairs." I smile back.
"Why don't you tell me a little bit more about yourself?" She asks me. "Do you have any siblings?"
"Nope, I'm an only child." I say. "At my old school, my best friend was like a sister to me."
"I bet that was nice." She says, still smiling. "I just know we're also going to be the best of friends."
And she was right. For once, we are indeed roommates, and over the next couple of days, we do end up being close. I sit with Esmeralda and Abraxas in my classes, and while they seem so much different than Draco, I'm utterly surprised at how kind they are to me. Abraxas gives me so much attention, Esmeralda laughs about it, and whispers to me that he's crushing on me. I blush at that, though I don't say anything about it. Tom Riddle is still rude to me, mostly during classes and in the Slytherin Common Room, but I handle him very well, all things considered.
One day after dinner I had made myself comfortable in the Slytherin Common Room after dinner, and since Esmeralda and Abraxas usually study in their rooms, I am all alone in the Common Room when Mr. Riddle graces me with his presence. I had been hard at work on my assignment for Potions, two parchments, when I heard someone come into the room. I glance up, and my eyes meet those of Tom Riddle's.
At first he doesn't say anything, just takes a seat in the car beside me. I continue my work, writing as neatly as possible. Then Tom clears his throat.
I look up, and he asks "What is your blood status?"
"No hello, just a question about my blood status? How charming." I roll my eyes.
"Hello." Tom says, and I am taken aback by his seriousness.
"Hi. And I'm a Pure Blood, though I doubt that is any of your business." I say.
"Your right." He says, and glaces down at his robes.
"Everything okay?" I ask, knowing that it's not. I just don't know why.
"Sure, sure." He says.
"Seriously?" I ask. "What's up?"
"You're friends with the Malfoy twins." He says. His eyes dart back up to mine. I'm again surprised at how much of a child he looks, even though he is the same age I am, or maybe almost a year older. Well, in this time that is. In my time, he is 50 + years older than I am. We are both around the age of 13 and 14. While my face no longer looks as childish as it did two years ago, I am still small and thin, very short, and I do not look my age. But neither does Tom.
I nod, and say "Yeah, I am."
"Why?" He asks. "Abraxas just has a stupid crush on you, and Esmeralda thinks you're rich and that you are going to be one of the most popular girls here, so she wants to be considered in the 'in crowd.'" He says.
"You're wrong. As usual." I say, returning to my work.
"As usual? You've been here only a week. How would you know if I'm wrong a lot of the time?" He asks, glaring.
"Oh come off of it, Tom. You think you're so tough and smart. Why not go pick on someone who is weak minded." I say. "I have work to do."
"You know nothing about me." He says, standing up. He looks pissed off, and I stand up too, knowing that if I don't stand up to him, he will try to bully me like he does everyone else.
"No, you're right. I don't. Let me guess, you are the supreme leader of the Slytherins, you're the most popular guy here, everyone loves and adores you. Not. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Eventually, it will catch up to you, Tom Riddle." I say. Suddenly I realize that I'm being as mean to him as the kids at the orphanage probably are to him.
"Screw you, Prewert." He says. "You really know nothing about me. I bet you're not even a Pure Blood. I bet you're half Muggle. A half Blood." He glares.
"No, both of my parents were Witch and Warlock. They both went to this school." I say.
"Were?" He asks, and suddenly his face relaxes, and I know he is no longer as mad as a wet cat.
"Were." I say. "Their dead."
He looks guilty, and his face turns a slight pink color. "Sorry." He murmurs.
"It's fine." I say truthfully. "What about you?" I ask, leaning back in my chair.
"What about me?" He asks, his childish face dimming even more.
"What is your blood status?" I ask.
"I'm a Half Blood." He replies.
"Cool." I smile.
"Not really." He says. "Again, I'm sorry about your parents." His voice reflects the sorrow he is feeling, and his eyes don't have the cold glint that Voldemort's had always held.
"Thank you." I smile.
Tom Riddle didn't seem quite as bad, at least not yet. At first, that is. But over the next two years, I begin to notice the change in him. The two years seemed to go by quickly. Just like my first two years at Hogwarts. During the winter and summer breaks, Esmeralda and Abraxas invited me home with them, and explained to their parents that I'm an orphan. I roomed with Esmeralda, and it was fun. Like having a sister. Much like it was with Hermione.
In the two years I've spent in the past, Tom Riddle had begun to change very much.Tom and I had become sort of friends, I guess you could say. He still made rude remarks, and definitely did not want me to be friends with Abraxas and Esmeralda. He was mean to Abraxas, but completely ignored Esmeralda. Abraxas Malfoy obviously didn't like Tom Riddle, but he tolerated him. In a way, I kinda figured they wouldn't like each other. Abraxas obviously feared Tom, and I remember that in the years to come, Abraxas would be one of Voldemort's followers. A death eater. The thought is enough for me to shiver just thinking about it. I had watched as Tom began to look more and more like the man whom had become Voldemort. This face lost its fullness, his hair darkened a bit, and he began to grow much taller, reaching 6 feet tall when he was 16 years old and we had started our 5th year. Esmeralda became even more beautiful, her hair so white blonde that it it shimmered in high and low light. Abraxas' face thinned out, much like Tom's, though he didn't grow quite as tall. Winter break was just around the corner, it would take place right after Christmas this year. Tom watched from the corner of the Slytherin Common Room as Esmeralda gushed about Christmas break, and the Christmas Eve party that the school was hosting. Tom got up and left the room, looking not quite annoyed, but definitely not happy. Abraxas smiled over at me, and when his sister says that she's going to go finish her homework, we both tell her we'll see her later. In the years I had been friends with the Malfoy twins, I rarely spent time alone with Abraxas, not because he wasn't fun to hang out with, but because I had a mission and I didn't want to get distracted. And around Abraxas, it was very easy to get distracted. With their white blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin, he and his sister looked nothing like any of the other students at the school. They were an easy distracting for all of the other students as well. But when I'm alone with Abraxas, knowing what he will become if I'm unsuccessful in diverting Tom Riddle from his current path, it's kind of heartbreaking because, despite the fact that he is a Malfoy, he is the sweetest guy I've ever met, even sweeter than Ron and Harry, and I don't want him to become a death eater. I glance over at Abraxas when he clears his throat.
"Lucinda..." He says. "I wanted to ask you something."
"Really?" I ask, and when he nods, I smile. "Go ahead then."
"Um, I was wondering if you're going to the Christmas Eve part with anyone?" He asks.
"Not yet, I'm not." I say honestly.
"Would you consider going with me?" He asks, a hopeful, yet scared look on his face. He looks so much like a child then, that it warms my heart just a bit.
"I'd love to go with you." I answer, smiling. He seems a bit shocked, but he also looks happy.
"Alright, then." He says, smiling back. He gives me a small nudge, and when he speaks again, his voice is a lot more steady. "I'm going to head upstairs, are you coming yet, or do you need to finish anything up?" He asks.
"I'm finished already." I say, standing up, grabbing my parchments. "I was just checking it over for any spelling mistakes."
"Like you would make any spelling mistakes," He chuckles, and carries my book for me, even though I am quite capable of carrying it myself. We walk out into the hall together, and I stumble into Tom, whom had been standing there. He had a glare on his face, and he looked madder than I had ever seen him before.
"S-sorry." I say, stepping out of his way. "Were you-," I stop. "Were you eavesdropping?" I ask, suddenly angry.
"No." He says. "I forgot my book." He shoves past me to get into the room, and he walks over to the chair he had been sitting in before leaving, and grabs a book, and then rushes out of the room before we can move out of the way, and he runs into me as he rushes past, nearly knocking me down, and then he is gone, and I feel my heart beating extremely fast.
"Are you okay?" Abraxas asks, touching my arm gently. I am suddenly reminded of how Draco had come onto me in the hall, and even though it hasn't happened yet in this timeline, it feels like so long ago, yet so close. But, when Abraxas touches my arm, it's not in a sexual kind of way. It's comforting and my heart beat slows, and I nod.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just startled." I say.
"Yeah, Riddle will do that to everyone. Just kinda surprised he would do that to you, after all, you're the only one he is even remotely nice to." Abraxas says, moving his hand from my arm. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asks me, "You're even more pale than usual."
"Don't worry about." I say, giving him a small smile, hoping it is convincing, and thn tell him, "Tom must have been listening, otherwise he wouldn't be so mad. He just doesn't like you or Esmeralda. What an idiot."
"He's not an idiot. He's actually really smart, he just doesn't like me or my sister for some reason, that you are absolutely right about." Abraxas says, and starts walking slowly so that I don't have to run to keep up with him, something I always have to do around Tom because, with him being so tall, and how fast he walks, I can never keep up. Abraxas is about 5 ft 9 or 10 inches tall, and I'm about 5 ft 3 inches. His sister is 5 ft 5 inches. He always walks slow enough that we don't have to run to catch up.  Abraxas and I walk to the staircase and begin the slow ascent up the stairs. When we get to the girls dorm, he smiles. "Have a good evening, Lucinda." He gives me a small kiss on the cheek, and I smile back, and walk inside, go into my room and see Esmeralda sitting in her bed.
She sees the smile on my face, and asks "What's up?", in a curious voice.
"You're brother asked me to go as his date to the Christmas party." I say.
"Seriously!?" She exclaims, excited. Her blue eyes are wide, and her lips are turned up in a big smile. "Oh my god, you like him!" She exclaims again.
"Stop it. Please." I say. "Yes, I do like him." I blush. "He's always been really nice to me, and Tom even made a comment once about your brother having a crush on me. By the way, I said yes."
"Tom knew that Abraxas likes you?" She asks.
"Yeah, its actually pretty crazy, cause Tom had been standing outside the door to the Common Room, and he looked really mad. I think he was eavesdropping on your brother asking me to be his date for the party." I say.
"Do you think Tom might have a crush on you also?" Esmeralda asks. "I mean, it's extremely possible. You are very beautiful."
"Thanks, Esmeralda. But I doubt Tom can like anyone." I say.
"Why is that? Just because he seems cold and heartless doesn't mean he actually is." She says, and I glance over at her.
"Trust me, I know Tom, he is cold and heartless." I say.
"Then why are you friends with him." She asks, accussingly.
My breath catches in my throat, and I glance down at the bedspread on my bed that I had fallen back on. "I thought maybe I could change that about him." I admit. Maybe this is a hopeless mission.
"If you think you can change him, you are the only one who could. Can I just ask...You said you like my brother, but do you also like Tom?" Esmeralda asks.
"No." I say, truthfully. In fact, I'm terrified of him, and if I could get out of this mission, I would. But maybe, like Dumbledore, she is right. I might be the only chance this world has. "I want to be friends with him. I'm the only person he talks to with kindness, and even then it's like 1 out of 7 days, and not even for the whole day. But I really, really like Abraxas." I whisper. I blush even brighter.
"You really like him then." Esmeralda laughs. "Trust me, he really likes you too. Since the first day when you arrived."
"He told you that?" I ask, knowing my face is flaming red.
"No, I just know my brother really well. He's constantly staring at you. And I think it's really cute that you like him back. If you were to start dating him, you two would make the best couple. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, and your dark hair and dark eyes, you guys really compliment each other." Esmeralda tells me.
"Thanks." I say. "Um, he kissed my cheek outside the dorm."
"Aww!" She exclaims. "I wish I had been there to see that."
"I'm just surprised that the paintings didn't flip out start yelling at him." I laugh.
"No, the painting love it when the students fall for each other." She laughs too. "But really, I'm glad he asked you and you said yes. The only question is what in the world are you going to wear?" She asks, jumping up and opening my closet. It had been years since I had dressed up for a party, and with it being a Christmas party, it definitely had to be something nice I wear. She shuffles through and finds nothing close enough to work. "Maybe we can go shopping tomorrow in Hogsmeade?" She asks.
"Permission slip?" I ask, and she nods. Since I am my own guardian, I can sign my own permission slip. She hands me one along with a pen, and I sign it quickly. "Who am I supposed to turn it into?" I ask, unsure.
"Professor Dumbledore." She answers, and then says "We can send it with my owl, since I also need to turn in mine." She ties it to her owls foot, and looks at the owl. "Take this to Professor Dumbledore, Bonnie." The owl, a snowy owl, with a face that reminds me of Hedwig, Harry Potter's owl, hoots, and then takes off flying, and then she is gone.
"Thanks." I say. "Maybe we can buy you a dress also?"
"I haven't even been asked by anyone." She says. "And the party is like, three days away. I'm just glad that we only have two classes tomorrow, then theirs the weekend, and no classes Monday, since that's when we can leave for break."
"Me too." I say, honestly. School isn't that bad, but I really needed a break. "Hey, do you know who the new Prefects are going to be? Since the last male one resigned and the female one was expelled, how do they determine who is going to be the new ones?" I ask. The school Prefects, two from each house, one male, and one female, take care of social gatherings, and a lot of other stuff. They can take and give points to students of the houses, and give detentions. They have a lot of work to do, but they are very valuable, and are absolutely needed.
"Usually it's done by the highest ranking students in the classes, for each house. My bet is on you and Tom since you both do so well in class." Esmeralda says.
"I don't do that well."
"You do." She argues. "Like, you don't even study, and you always manage to get a O for Outstanding, on everything!" She exclaims.
"That's just because my parents taught me stuff at an early age."
"But, we don't even get our wands until we are about ready to go off to school." She says, taking a seat next to me. "How in the world did your parents teach you magic?"
"Honestly, it wasn't something they taught me at all. I just saw them doing stuff, and was playing at it, and somehow, without even using a wand, I perfectly mimiced their spell one day. They bought me this wand the next day," I say, pulling out my wand. It is 12 inches long, made of holly, two phoenix feathers at the core, and it is made from the same pheonix feather from Fawkes, Dumbledore's familiar, the same one that Harry's and Tom's wands are made of. Harry's and Tom's wands are 'brothers', does that make my wand the 'sister' of those wands? I have no clue, but I always felt more powerful with it. "I guess I'm just gifted." I say. "Although, I'm usually a lot stronger with my wand than without it."
"Wow. I've never heard of a witch or wizard preforming magic without a wand, much less at a young age, younger than 10 or 11." Esmeralda says. "You really must be powerful."
"I doubt that." I lay back on my bed. "What kind of magic does your parents like doing?"
"The do a lot of potions. My grandfather on my fathers side was really into dark magic, and my father must have picked it up, because he likes to practice dark spells." Esmeralda says.
"Really? My father and mother practiced dark spells. They realized how big of a mistake that was when I learned the Imperius curse and used it on my father." I say.
"Seriously? You're able to do dark magic? Without being trained? But- That's nearly impossible!"
"Nearly." I agree. "My parents then taught me a bunch of curses, and their reverse."
"Oh my god!" She starts giggling. "So you know the Cruciaus curse?" she asks, curious.
"Yeah. Trust me, it's a lot easier than it seems. My parents made me use it on them a few times, so that I would know how to do it...just in case..." I trail off.
"Just in case what?" She asks.
"It's a long story." I say. "And I'll save it for sometime in the future." I tell her.
"Tell me now, please!" She begs.
"Esmeralda, our room mates will be in shortly, I highly doubt they can keep any secret. As of right now, it's really not that big of a deal. How about we just get changed so that we can go to sleep? The sooner we go to sleep, the sooner we can go to Hogsmeade. And that means the dance will be here quicker also."
"Fine." She says. We get changed, wait for our roommates to arrive, get changed, and ready for bed, and then it's lights out.
The next morning we are up bright and early, rushing downstairs for breakfast. Abraxas greets me with a small side hug, and then the three of us sit down to eat breakfast. Hot cakes and porridge. Yum. I douse my porridge with maple syrup and brown sugar. "Sweet enough for you?" Abraxas teases, nudging me with his elbow. I nudge him back and grin.
"Never." I laugh. Sugar is one of my favorite things in the entire world. Esmeralda watches the exchange with a small smile.
"Going to Hogsmeade?" He asks me, smiling.
"Yeah, we should hang out some when we're there. Just not when I'm picking out my dress for the party." I say with a smile.
"Sounds good." he says, glancing at his sister.
"Don't worry. I know that you're going to the party together. I'll hang out with one of the other girls when you two go to hang out. I figure you guys will wanna be alone for a while." She gives us a wink, then says, "Speaking of alone, I've got to finish my homework." And she bounds off, once again leaving us alone. I blush, and look down at my food.
"Sorry about her." He says quietly. "I know she can be a bit.." He trails off. "What's the word?" He asks.
"Excitable." I say smiling over at him.
"Definitely." He says. His hair his combed neatly to the side, and his blue eyes seem to sparkle in the low lighting of the cafeteria. He looks great, and I think about how easy it would be to fall in love with him. But, I also know that we can't be together later on in the future. Not just because if I succeed in diverting Tom from his current path, I would have to go back home to my own time. But because Abraxas was meant to marry someone else, and he would have a son named Lucius who would in turn marry Narcissa Black, and they would have a son named Draco. But despite knowing this, I can't help but get involved with him. He looks into my eyes and gives me a small smile, which I return.
"Don't worry about it. I love her just the way she is. I wouldn't have her change who she is for the world." I say.
"I know. I wouldn't either." He replies, grinning. "Did you tell her I asked you out?" He asks, still teasing me.
"Yeah, she is, after all, my best friend." I tell him, and he nods.
"I don't mind. As long as neither of you say anything bad about me, I'm cool with you two talking about me." He says, honestly.
"Good, plus, it's not likely we'd say anything bad about you." I say, nudging him with my elbow, and giggle.
"You're just too adorable." He whispers to me.
"Right back at you." I whisper back. I break off when someone bumps into me, and I nearly fall off of the bench. Abraxas grabs my arm to keep me from falling, and I look up in shock at Tom, who is sneering down at me. "What the hell, Tom!?" I shout, realizing everyone, from all of the houses, are staring at us. "What is wrong with you?" I ask, noticing his eyes nearly black with anger.
"What is wrong with you?" He asks, "Do you honestly believe Malfoy loves you?"
"Stop it Tom. You are being childish." I say. "Back down."
"Right, I'm going to back down. Sure. That's like saying you actually have feelings for Malfoy. That's a total lie." Tom glares.
"Knock it off. You're causing a scene. I said back down. Do you really want your want broken in half? Do you want to be expelled? Because if you try anything, with all of these adult witches and wizards here, that's what going to happen. If you want to talk about this, we talk about it in private, and neither of us draws a wand, and neither of us makes crap up."
"I don't want to talk about anything. Muggle." He glares again.
"Is that the word your going to use everytime you're upset? Is it supposed to be some kind of threat, or is it supposed to make me feel insignificant, Tom, because we both know that I'm not going to take it as a threat, or sit up all night worrying about what you think about me.  Especially because we both know that I'm 100 % witch, a pure blood, while you're the one who is part muggle." I glare back at him and Abraxas tightens his grip on my arm to make me stop talking.
"Watch your mouth, Prewert." Tom says, and I narrow my eyes.
"You watch your mouth, Riddle." I grab my food, and toss it in the trash, then run from the room, not even stopping when Abraxas yells my name. I find myself in the library, not the newest one, but the oldest one, the one that is close to the tower where I have come to sit whenever I'm feeling stressed out. I start crying, wishing that it didn't have to be me that has to help Tom. I mean, sure, I never would have met Esmeralda or Abraxas, but their better off without me anyways.
"Luce?" I hear Abraxas say, but I don't turn.
"Go away." I say, trying to stop my voice from cracking, sobbing nearly hysterically.
"I'm not going anywhere." He says, and walks over to where I'm leaning against the wall. He tilts his head to the side when he sees me crying, and stretches his arms out in front of him, and he rubs the tops of my arms. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Surely, what Riddle said couldn't have gotten to you."
"I hate him." I say, trying to pull away from Abraxas, wanting to hide my tears.
"Luce, shh. It's okay." He says. He lets go of my arms, and holds his arms out again. This time, I walk forward, and he wraps his arms around me in a hug. I wrap my arms around his waist, the gesture oddly satisfying, and I keep crying, though I wish I wasn't. "Shh." He says again. He just stands there hugging me as I sob for quite some time. When my sobs turn into whimpers, then subside, he lets go of me, and dries my tears. "See, it's alright."
I nod, hanging my head, feeling embarrassed and stupid. "I'm sorry about what he said..." I trail off.
"Don't be. Riddle will say anything to get a rise our of people. He's never gotten to you before. Why now?" He asks.
"Because, I like you." I murmur, feeling stupid, once again. "And he made it seem like I didn't."
"I don't care what he says." Abraxas tells me. "He's not going to make me feel any different about you." He pulls me in for another hug, which I return, and am happy when his hands gently rub up and down my back, soothingly.  "I like you so much." He whispers in my ear. If this were in my time, and not his, things would have been taken to the next level, but since these are the times when men were supposed to be gentlemen, Abraxas just pulls back, kisses my forehead, then takes a step back, away from me.
I place my hand on his cheek, and lean forwards, my lips brushing gently against his. He gives me a small kiss on the lips, not wanting to push me. I open my lips just a little bit, and his tongue grazes my own, causing my heart to beat eratically. He gently presses me against the wall, kissing me in the way every girl wants to be kissed, not too gently, but not too rough. But, the kiss is over before I had wanted it to be, and Abraxas moves further away from me, not wanting things to get out of control. I blush, realizing how much I wanted his hands on me. I see his chest heaving, and he is as much out of breath as I am.
"I think maybe you should go check in with Esmeralda, so you two can get to class." He says, and I know he is taking in me breathing heavily, and my heart racing in my chest, making the vein in my neck throb. I nod, and take off running, wanting to stay as far away from him as possible. When I get up to the dorm, Esmeralda is finished with her assignment, and has her books all pack up and ready for class.
"Hey, I was wondering where you were at." She says, then she sees me breathing heavily, and my heart beating eratically, and she asks "What the hell happened?"
"Tom made a scene over your brother and me..." I trail off. "And I may have gotten upset and ran from the room..."
"And, then?" She asks, knowing there is more.
"Your brother came after me, to make sure I was okay, and it was in the old library, and..." I trail off again, unsure of how I should say this, or if I should even mention it.
"And?" She asks.
"Um, we may have kissed...then made out..."I trail off again, blushing like a feind, and I turn away from her.
"Shut up! No way!" She nearly screams. "Like, with tounge?" She asks.
"Yeah." I say, pursing my lips.
"From the looks of it, that's your first kiss wasn't it!?" She demands to know.
"Yes. Okay, it was." I say, and I shiver. I had just had my first kiss.
"How was it?" She asks. "Wait, don't answer that, you're blushing wildly, and from the look on your face you liked it. Wait, oh my god. Who kissed who first?" She demands to know,once again.
"I kissed him, and he may have continued it on..." I trail off.
"Oh my god, this is so great!" She exclaims, and then sombers. "We have two classes to get through, then you and him get to hang out at Hogsmeade for a while, then you and I get to go shopping!"
"Yeah." I say, still blushing, and wishing that I hadn't been so forward with him. Girls in the 1940's weren't supposed to act like this.
"Come on," She says, grabbing my books and shoving them into my arms.
We head to Potions, and sit through and we learn about how to make a sleeping potion though we don't test it out. After class, I spot Abraxas, and walk over to him, shyly, a small blush on my cheeks when he looks at me and smiles. "Ready?" He asks, crooking his arm so that I can place my hand on it. I smile back, and nod, taking his arms, and we walk over to the train that will be taking us to Hogsmeade. Esmeralda smiles and waves at us as she boards the trains with two other girls, and I realize they are from Ravenclaw. We take our seats on the train, and when Abraxas turns to smile at me, I smile back, again taken by how magnificent he looks. He leans in, brushing his lips against mine, then pulls back, but it's once again enough to leave me breathless. He relax on the way to Hogsmeade, and then when we get there, we walk around the shops, and when we go inside the jewelery store, and I marvel at a bracelet that looks so much like the one my mother owned, I pull out some money to pay for it, but Abraxas shakes his head, and lays some money on the counter, and says that he'll pay for it, making my breath catch in my throat, and when he takes my wrist, and easily wraps the bracelet around it, clicking the clasp, I am even more shocked. The bracelet fits perfectly, and when I look up at Abraxas, he is looking at me with awestruck eyes, and I wrap an arm around his neck in a hug, then kiss him when the hug is over. He seems shocked that I kiss him again, but he gently kisses me back, then we go over to a restaurant, and order lunch. When he pulls out more money to pay for lunch, I refuse, and pay for the whole check.
"It's only fair." I argue when he says I shouldn't have done that. "You bought me a bracelet that reminds me of the one that had belonged to my mother, and when she had died, my father had pawned it. Trust me on this one, it's only fair for me to buy you lunch."
"I love that you stand up for what you believe in," he says, wrapping an arm around my waist, pulling me in close. "Can I just ask a question...?"
"Anything." I say, wanting to kiss him again. His face is close to mine, and I can smell the strawberries that was on the desert we had shared.
"Was this morning your first kiss?" He asks me, looking me in the eyes.
"Is it that obvious?" I ask, looking down. I know my cheeks are scarlett, and I hope I don't sound pathetic.
"No." He whispers. "Look at me, Lucinda." He says, and when I glance up, he continues."I just want to make sure it was okay."
"It was better than okay." I tell him, and my hands slide up from his waist to his chest. "Sorry I've been so forward with you. I know I'm supposed to be a lady, but I like you, a lot." I whisper honestly.
"And I'm supposed to be a gentleman, but instead I've kissed you several times today, and I already want to kiss you again. None of us is perfect." He whispers, a chuckle escaping. "I'm just worried that something will get in the way of us maybe dating."
"I don't know about that." I say honestly, glancing at his lips. He glances at mine, then leans in and presses his lips to mine, and my hands slide up to rest on the back of his neck. The kiss is long and slow, and when I feel his tongue seaking entrance, I part my lips slightly, anticipating the feel of his tongue tracing mine. When it happens, I feel a slight jolt of electricity coursing through my body, making my heart race, and I know that if we were really alone, without the hundreds of people here at Hogsmeade, I would probably not stop this from going any further. But, when we both pull back, I know it's better to wait.
"Well, Esmeralda was watching that kiss." He says, chuckling once again.
"Seriously?" I ask, glancing around, then I spot her at the custom design store, waiting for me. She is grinning, and she gives me a thumbs up. "Crap, she really is excitable." I say.
"Don't worry about it." He kisses my cheek, and says "You go have fun picking out a dress. I'll see you later."
"Later." I reply, then scurry over to Esmeralda, grabbing her arm, and pulling her inside the store. "How dare you watch us like that! It was supposed to be a private moment!" I exclaim.
"I wasn't the only one watching. Riddle and some of the girls that like Abraxas were also watching." Esmeralda says. Then she sees the bracelet on my wrist. "Where did you get that?" She asks.
"Abraxas bought it for me." I blush when I say this. "It's just like the one my mother had. My father pawned it when she died."
"I'm sorry." she says. "But it was sweet of him to buy it for you."
"Yeah, it really was." I answer, and then ask "So ready to help me design a dress?"
"Way ready!" She exclaims, then we find a worker and ask for help designing the perfect dress. What a day this has been. And to top it off, Tom Riddle had been watching me kiss Abraxas.


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