Under The Serpent's Skin- A Tom Riddle Fanfiction

A Tom Riddle Fanfiction
Description: She was just a witch girl with a gift. A gift that allowed her to travel backwards and forwards in time. When she first arrived at Hogwarts, she never thought that she would be the only person who could go back in time and prevent anything bad from happening. It was in her third year at Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore had found out about her gift. So he sends her back 50 years to stop the most powerful dark wizard from becoming Voldemort. But can she stop him? Or is he just too powerful, even for a girl that is the strongest witch of all time?


12. Chapter Eleven

Esmeralda's P.o.V.
Lucinda comes into the room we share, and the look on her face is confused and sad.
"What's going on?" I ask her, surprised that she looks confused.
"I have a sister." She says.
"Is that a bad thing?" I ask her, surprised still.
"No, it's a good thing, just a bit, I dunno, scary I guess?" She asks, shaking her head. "I never knew I had a sister."
"Who is she?"
"Her married name is Astral Black." Lucinda says. "She has three kids."
"Oh my god! You're related to the Astral Black? She's absolutely famous!" I exclaim. "She's not just a mother to three kids, she married the Jonathan Black, who is in charge of all of the magic schools in the whole wizarding community!"
"Seriously?" Lucinda asks, surprised. "I didn't know that."
"Yeah, and she's like, absolutely gorgeous, and her children are absolutely breath taking. Apparently a few months ago, she had another baby girl."
"Yeah, she's breath taking as well. My sister named her Celine, like my mother's name, but with a 'c' and an 'i' in it." Lcuinda tells me.
"Wow. I never thought about it, but other than the green eyes, you both look a lot alike, except for the fact that she's tall, and not exactly stick thin, but she's absolutely very much like a runway model."
"She got the green eyes from our father." Lucinda murmurs. "I look like my mom."
"Right. Sorry." I tell her, then give her a hug. "But you're an aunt, and your a sister. That gives you part of your family back. Plus more. I bet the kids absolutely love you already."
"Celine kept watching Tom and me." Lucinda says.
"Cute." I say. "Just wait til you and Tom get married and have kids. I bet they'll love you as much as everyone else does."
Lucinda blushes, and I know that she is thinking about being with Tom, intimately. The concept is foreign to her, since she's never been with anyone intimately before. The closest she's gotten to have someone touch her in that was was her making out with Tom, and she had told me that he kissed her body. That had been amazing to her, but I know she'll be even more amazed when they finally end up having sex.
She looks around the room, and I smile. "Trust me, everyone is drawn to you, Lucinda. It's why everyone likes you. When you have kids, they'll love you so much that the whole world will marvel at the love, they'll want that love. Your children will also be very powerfully, magically. Believe me, Lucinda, everything about you is truly special. I bet your family is happy to have you back, at least."
"Astral seemed happy." Lucinda says, "I have mixed feelings. I'm happy, but scared, and surprised, and some other stuff. I'm sad, cause mom's gone, and my dad just...he's not the dad he once was."
"Your mom would want to be here. I'm sure of that. But she's in a better place. This world is scary. But she would be proud of you and happy that your getting to know your sister. She would also be proud that you have fallen in love with Tom. He's an amazing guy, and you belong with each other." I tell her.
"Thanks, Esmeralda. I appreciate it." She hugs me back, smiling. "You really think Tom and I belong together?"
"Duh. Why wouldn't I? You love each other so much, it's obvious. Your mother would be happy you found your one true love. Your becoming such an amazing young woman, as well. You just need to realize how incredible you are, Lucinda." I tell her.
"Well, your incredible as well, Esmeralda." She tells me, nudging my arm.
"So, where's Tom?" I ask her.
"He wanted to check in with the guys." She tells me, rolling her eyes. "I think he's up to no good, but there's not much I can do. You know?"
"If he's up to no good, why don't you tell Dippet or Dumbledore? They can stop him." I say.
"He'd get expelled for sure." Lucinda shakes her head. "He can't get expelled. Plus, I'd be the only one who can stop him."
"Why would you think..." I trail off. "Because your magic is the only witch or wizards magic strong enough to stop Tom's, whose magic is also stronger than any other witch or wizards magic."
"Right." Lucinda says. "Hey, I'm going to go try to find him. I'll see you later, hopefully."
"Right. Your patrol starts in 20 minutes, so if you don't find him, just wait at the meeting spot, and he'll show up eventually." I give her advice.
"Thanks, Esmeralda." Lucinda says. "And I'd appreciate if you wouldn't tell anyone else about this."
"You know I wont." I give her a smile. "Oh and you look very pretty. Just thought I'd mention it."
Lucinda had taken off her robes when she had come into the room. The dress she's wearing is one that my father had ended up buying for her, and though it falls just below the knee, it makes her legs look great, and the locket around her neck, one that Tom had given her for Christmas, goes perfectly with the dress. Her long hair is tumbling around her, and her dark eyes are sparkling. There isn't a trace of makeup on her face, but she looks amazing nonetheless. Her green cast looks almost normal now that she's had it on for a month. Another month, and it'll be ready to be taken off.
"Thank you." Lucinda says, giving me a smile. I nod. She walks out of the room, her hair bounching, her dress shashaying, and her small, two inch heels clicking as she walks.
Lucinda's P.o.V.
I had just walked down the hallways, looking for Tom, but instead, there came a scream from the bathroom, and as a Prefect, I know I have to find out who is screaming, and why. I walk into the girls bathroom, and call out "Whose in here?", but there is no answer. I walk all of the way inside, and see a small form, crouched, laying on the floor, arms out as if to protect herself. I recognize her as a first year student. She is frozen stiff, and I look around, my eyes falling on a giant serpent, green, and terrifying. It stares me in the eyes, and before I can let out a scream, it opens its huge mouth, and it's forked tongue slithers out. It lets out a hiss, then something even more terrifying happens.
"Who are you?" It asks, it's voice a hiss. My eyes are wide, and my breathing feels as if it's being choked off.
"Y-you can talk...?" I trail off.
"Yesssssss. Of courssseeee I can. It'ssssss you who ssshouldn't be able to talk. You are Parsssseltongue, though. You musssst be a Pure-Blood. I do not harm Pure-Bloodssssss."
"She's...a Muggleborn?" I ask, looking at the girl on the floor.
"Yessssss. I kill all Mugglebornssssss in sssight." The Basilisk says.
I scream, backing away. I hear a sound out in the cooridor, and Dumbledore rushes in. He sees the Basilisk, and yells for me to pull out my wand, and we use a spell to kill the Basilisk. The Basilisk explodes, and guts and blood are all over. I sink to the floor, stiffling a sob. Tom rushes in, sees the blood and the guts, and bends over me to make sure I'm okay. He glances at Dumbledore, and Dumbledore is watching both of us. He kneels in front of the girl.
"She's petrified. Tom, hurry, go get the nurse and Headmaster Dippet. Hurry, M'boy!" Tom doesn't move at first, but then he gets up, leaving the bathroom with one last glance at me. "How did you come to be a part of this Lucinda?"
"I heard her scream." I say, then glance at the frozen form of the girl. "She's a Muggle-born." I say.
"And that was a Basilisk. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. The Heir of Slytherin is here." Dumbledore sighs. "What are we going to do!? This madness must come to an end."
I don't say anything.
"You were talking before I came in, who were you talking to?" Dumbledore asks me.
I look over at him, wrapping my arms around my knees. Dumbledore seems to know before I say it. He just nods. "I was talking to the Basilisk."
"Your a Parselmouth." He says. "I should have known. You're the most powerful of us all, of course you'd be a Parselmouth."
"I didn't even know." I mumble. "It asked me who I am."
"It's usually hereditary. You must have gotten it from Mildred Prewett, the original Parselmouth of your family. She was your father's great, great grandmother. She married your great, great grandfather, but before that, there wasn't a single Prewett who was a Parselmouth. To speak Parseltongue is a rare gift. Your grandfather was a Parselmouth as well. It skipped your father, and your sister, but it seems that you are a Parselmouth."
"Are you a Parselmouth?" I ask.
"Well, yes. I'm fluent in every spoken language." Dumbledore says.
"Oh." I nod. I know that Tom is a Parselmouth, all of Salthazar Slytherin's descendants, including Tom are Parsemouths. Tom is the Heir of Slytherin. He's the only one who could have opened the Chamber of Secrets.
Tom returns with the nurse and Dippet. Tom takes my hand, leading me away from the bathroom, and away from the adults.
"You opened the Chamber of Secrets." I hiss.
"You weren't supposed to be there. You were supposed to still be with your sister." Tom says. He pulls me in close. "You could have gotten hurt."
"No, I couldn't have. You sent it only after Muggle-borns. I'm not a Muggle-born. I'm a Pure-Blood, Tom." I hiss at him.
"How did you know I sent it after just the Muggle-borns?"
"It told me, Tom!" This time, I raise my voice, and he knows that I'm being serious. He pulls me along with him, until we reach the tower, and he makes me go up inside the tower with him.
"What do you mean, it told you?" Tom asks.
"It said that it is only to attack Muggle-borns." I say.
"You speak Parseltongue?" Tom asks me, surprised.
"Yes. I didn't know it, though. I'd never been around any snake in my life before now. At least, not that I can remember." I tell him. "What the hell is wrong with you, Tom? Are you really so freaking pissed off at Muggles? And why? Some of them are good!"
"No, their not. Do not raise your voice to me, Lucinda. Nothing is wrong with me. Muggles are useless. Worthless. You know that. I've told you that before." Tom says.
"Tom, think about this. You're half Muggle. Whether you like it or not. You're as much a part of the Muggle world as the Muggle-born witches and wizards. If you want to wipe them all out, your also saying that you want to wipe out the Half-Bloods. Including yourself. That should give you something to think about. When you figure out what side of the world you're on, come find me. Until then, leave me alone, because if you want to be the man I love, you first have to learn to love yourself." I say, then turn around, and run down the stairs.
I wait a while, then head to the Hospital Wing, and check on the petrified first year Muggle-Born.
"You had found her, yes?" The nurse asks.
"Yes. How is she?"
"She was peterified. She didn't make it..." She shakes her head. "Who would do this to a child?"
"A monster." I answer, then leave. The news is all over the school, and when I walk through, everyone seems to know I was there, and that I, along with Dumbledore, had killed a Basilisk. A Basilisk, along with Boggarts, are supposed to be impossible to kill. Because they both started out as neither alive nor dead. Esmeralda and Abraxas are in front of everyone else, suddenly, and when they hug me, I know I must look shocked.
I pull back, and give them a strange look. "What's going on?" I ask.
"Well, after you and Dumbledore killed the Basilisk, Tom found the Heir of Slytherin snooping around in the Chamber of Secrets. He's getting expelled." Esmeralda says.
"What?" I demand. "Who?"
"Rubeus Hagrid of Gryffindor house." Abraxas says, and I see the look on his face.
"No he's not!" I raise my voice.
"Well, Dumbledore seems to agree with Tom." Esmeralda says.
"Abraxas, may I have a word with you, alone please?" I ask him.
"I don't think that's a good idea." Abraxas says.
I give him a glare, grab his arm as tightly as possible, and drag him out of the cafeteria. We're suddenly alone with the Slytherin Common Room. "What the hell is wrong with you!? You know that Hagrid isn't the Heir of Slytherin."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Abraxas squirms under my scrutinizing eyes.
"Yes you do, damn it, Abraxas. Tom is the Heir of Slytherin, a you well know. What is wrong with you? Why would you let some innocent third year be blamed for this? I thought I knew you better than this."
"Listen, Lucinda. You don't know what you're talking about. Tom is protecting our world from the evil that is imposing itself on our world. You need to get get your head cleared out a bit."
"No, you need to get your priorities straight, Abraxas. If we're truly friends, you'll stop going along with Tom."
"Lucinda. My priorities are straight. I'm to protect you, but listen, you belong to Tom. That's how it is. I'm just an orderly. Just like the rest of Tom's followers. We're the Knights of Walpurgis. And we're just trying to rid the world of evil by eliminating Muggle-borns. The only problem is that you, for some odd reason, think it's okay to argue with the Dark Lord, and with me. That's a big problem Lucinda." Abraxas shakes his head, and for a moment, I see a bit of Tom in his smirk that is marking his face. The smirk is a cruel, evil smirk.

"No, the problem is that Tom is misguided, as are the rest of you." I tell him. I notice something dark on his left forearm. It's a glittering green skull with a snake protruding from it's mouth. Just seeing it nauseates me. The Dark Mark. "It's wrong to acuse Hagrid of something he didn't do."
"So, tell Dippet and Dumbledore it was Tom. Like anyone's going to believe you. You're just a girl, a whiny, annoying, untalented girl who shouldn't even be allowed to preform parlor tricks." Abraxas taunts me. In all honesty, the things  he says hurts.
I turn away, and walk quickly out of the Common Room. I'm not going to cry. Instead, I walk out of the castle, and make my way to the Forbidden Forest. I scream as loud as I can, sinking to the ground, and I take a deep breath. I had never thought Abraxas of all people would treat me so awfully. I know what and who Tom Riddle is. I also know that Abraxas is one of the Death Eaters later on in history. What I didn't know was that he had so easily became a Death Eater. The Dark Mark clearly proves that. Tom only gives them to people he considers his closest companions. That means Tom is getting closer and closer to becoming the Dark Lord, Voldemort. How had I not known he was getting so close to losing himself?
I hear him before I see him. I had grown quiet, and when I hear the crunch of a twig breaking off, I whip around, glaring, right into Tom's face.
"What are you doing out here?" He asks me, worriedly.
"Like it's any of your business." I snap, and begin to walk away from him.
"Hold on a minute."Tom grabs my arm. "Where do you think you're going, Lucinda?"
"As far away from you and your cohorts as possible." I say, pulling my arm out of his grasp.
"No, please Lucinda."
"You killed that poor first year girl, Tom." I yell at him. "And you're going to pin that on Rubeus Hagrid. That's not fair."
"Life isn't fair. He's a freak anyways. Who the hell wants a half wizard half giant freak at this school?" Tom asks.
"Me, and a whole lot of other people. You can't do this Tom."
"What's done, is done. Leave it as that, Lucinda."
"I can't do that, Tom. Just like I can't do this anymore. If you want to be this horrendous, dark lord, so be it. But you wont have me in your life. I already told you, decide which side you're on. But if you choose the wrong side, you choose not to have me."
"I thought we're going to be together forever?" Tom asks me, furrowing his brow, taking his arm, wrapping it around my waist, pulling me in closer. "What happened to forever?"
"That's what I'm wondering. But until you learn to love yourself, every part of yourself, even your Muggle part, you will not be the man for me, Tom." I say. "I can't be with you if you wont be the man I need you to be."
"What kind of man do you need me to be?" Tom asks.
"One who will be there for me no matter what. A man who cherishes me, and wants to grow old with me, have kids with me. Live a noble life with me. Tell me, are you ever going to be that man? Or are you really so focused on genicide that you can't ever be the man that I've fallen in love with?" I ask him.
Tom's eyes are dark as ever, but there's something else there. A spark. But, "Lucinda, I want to be with you. There's just a little matter I must attend to before that. Don't try to stop me, or you'll be in more trouble than you've ever been."
I glare at him. "You better not do anything else to any other Muggle-born. I swear, if I find out you do, I will turn you in Tom, whether I love you or not."
"We both know you wont. I've got to go now, Like I said, a little matter I must attend to. You'll see after classes tomorrow." Tom says, and then, he Apparates, and is gone.
Times like these, he really infuriates me, but I know that I love him despite the infuriation. Tom just needs his mind to be set on the right track. There's only one way to do that. I have to act as if I'm giving in. As if I'm joining him. After all, my magic is stronger than his. If he is going to hurt anyone with magic, I can block it without him ever knowing it.
"Tom!" I yell. "Tom, come back, please!"
At first I don't think it'll happen. But then, he's back. His pale face shines when he glances over at me. "Yes?"
"The only way your allowed to do anything like that is if I'm with you, Tom." I say.
"And why is that?" He asks me.
"Because I'm your Dark Lady, am I not?" I toss my hair, and Tom raises a perfectly arched eyebrow. "Tom, you know I love you. Please, if your going to do anything, let me help you. Please." I beg him. Tom loves when people grovel. "Do you want me down on my knees? Do you want me to beg your forgiveness? I will, Tom."
"I don't want you to beg me, Lucinda. All I need is your word that you'll do as I tell you. The Knights of Walpurgis all are sworn to me. Will you?" Tom asks me.
"Yes." I say. No hesitation. Never hesitate.
"Alright. Say 'I Lucinda Prewert',"
"I, Lucinda Prewert," I say.
"Solemnly swear"
"Solemnly swear," I choke.
"To keep the secret of the Knights of Walpurgis," Tom says.
"To keep the secret of the Knights of Walpurgis," I repeat.
"And to do everything in my power to stand by Tom Riddle and banish from our world," Tom says.
"And to do everything in my power to stand by Tom Riddle and banish from our world," I repeat.
"Those who are scum, who are the rot beneath the graves of those lost,"
"Those who are scum, who are the rot beneath the graves of those lost," I say.
"And keep from our world those who do not belong,"
"And keep from our world those who do not belong,"I repeat.
"To make our world as it should have been." Tom says.
"To make our world as it should have been." I repeat.
"Thank you, now may I see your arm please?" Tom asks me.
I nod, holding out my arm. I know what is going to happen. I can't stop it. Tom pushes the sleeve up gently, and his eyes fall on the scars that are scattered along my arm. His fingers brush over them again, and then he pulls out his wand. The pain is unbearable and the sting reminds me of the many years before, when I used to cut, but somehow I muster through it. The Dark Mark, the skull and the serpent. Now on my arm. In a way, it's beautiful. My skin is so pale that it stands out like a 3 dimensional art on my skin. My heart is racing, and when Tom brushes his fingers over the mark, I look up at him, once again, and it's like all of the fight has gone out of me. I relax enough that Tom senses that I'm no longer going to fight him. He pulls down my sleeve, then caresses my cheeks gently. He lowers his lips to mine, and when he kisses me, there is a need I hadn't felt before, not my need, but his.
"Lucinda," He says, breaking off the kiss, his voice shaking.
"Tom," I'm still looking up into his eyes, the dark orbs shining, and nearly as dark as my own. My lips tingle from his kiss, and my heart is still racing.
"You realize this now means we're bound together." Tom tells me.
I nod. I can feel the bond between us, stretching like a rubber band, but an unbreakable rubber band. I can feel what he is feeling. His need to consume me is so overpowering, but somehow, he keeps himself from forcing me to have sex with him right then and there. My emotions are running high, and I know he feels the anxiety, the fear, and the sorrow, as well as the anger that is burning bright and hot within me. But most of all, he finally can feel the love I have for him, the hope that he can change. He can't read my mind, though, and that I'm glad about.
"Does this bond scare you?" He asks me. I shake my head. I can feel how much he loves me, how much he needs me, how much he wants me. But I can also feel his reluctancy, because he knows that if I were to get pregnant, there would be all sorts of problems. There is a lot to consider. My health. The babies health. What people at the school would say. What the professors would think of us. It would prevent us from getting anywhere in this world.
It would prevent Tom from being able to take over the world when we graduate. He needs me at full strength to take over the world.
We stand there for a measurable amount of time, Tom watching me, and me watching him. his eyes fix on the locket around my neck. The locket of Salthazar Slytherin. the locket Tom had given me. His fingers touch the locket momentarily, then he touches my cheek.

"I promise, you wont regret your decision, Lucinda." Tom tells me in a hushed voice. I just nod. If I say I might, then he'll think I wasn't serious about the oath I had taken.
I take a deep breath and Tom tilts his head to the side. "You okay, Luce?" He asks me, pulling me in close. I look up at him, and I see the compassion in his eyes. I nod.
"I just feel...strange. Like I'm exhausted, but exhilerated." I say.
Tom nods, as if he understands. "Yeah, your feeling what I'm feeling. It's a big part of the bond."
"It takes a lot of energy to create the bond, doesn't it?" I ask him.
"Yes, it transfers a very small fraction of my soul into the mark, and that's why your feeling drawn to me, why you can feel my emotions." Tom tells me.
"Oh. Wow." I say. "So, can you feel what I'm feeling, then?"
Tom slowly shakes his head. "No more than usual."
"You mean you can usually feel some of what I'm feeling?"
"No, it's just every once in a while, when your emotions are running very high, that the emotions sometimes bleed out of you and everyone gets a sense of what you're feeling. It's just a huge part of who you are." Tom tells me.
"Oh, okay." I feel clear headed, and I say "I think I should get back to the castle."
"We can walk back together. The others need to see that you've come around, that you're now a Knights of Walpurgis." Tom takes my hand, and we walk back, and when Abraxas sees me, he seems infuriated.
"You let her become a Knight." He states.
"Abraxas Malfoy, I didn't let her bcome a Knight. She's always been a Knight, and always will be, whether you like it or not. As for the way you've treated her, I'll see to it that you'll be punished appropriately." Tom states.
At first, I don't know what he means by that, but by the next morning, when I walk into the cafeteria, I see that Abraxas is covered in scrapes, bruises and has a black eye. Tom, who is sitting beside him, smiles at me. "Good morning, beautiful. I got you some breakfast. Please, sit and we can partake in it together." My eyes burn when he says that, and I glance at the seat beside him before planting myself in the seat. Esmeralda seems to notice the change in me, and she glances between Tom, Abraxas and me. She must have asked her brother what had happened before I walked in, because Abraxas avoids his sisters eyes, as well as mine. I eat breakfast slowly, and on the way to class, Esmeralda grabs my arm, the one with the Dark Mark on it.
"What's going?" She asks me. "First you and Abraxas had disappeared, then he returned alone, and Tom showed up, asking where you were. Abraxas didn't want to tell him, and Tom asked him what he'd said to you. Abraxas told him, and Tom got really mad at him, then he disappeared. I didn't know where you had went, and you were already on patrol by the time that I went to bed."
"Nothing's going on. Everything is just fine." I smile at her.
"No, it's not. What happened to Abraxas?"
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"He's covered in scrapes, bruises and has a black eye." Esmeralda states.
"Well don't look at me. I'm just a little girl. I can't do anything like that to him."
"But Tom could." Esmeralda again states.
"Tom did say he'd pay. And after the stuff your brother said to me, he deserves it. In fact, perhaps he deserves more." I say, my aggitation increasing dramatically.
"Who the hell are you?" Esmeralda asks, "Because you're not acting like my best friend."
"I'm the same as I've always been." I say. "Perhaps you just didn't realize it. After all, your brother is the one who started me on this path. He's been so mean to me, and everyone just allows it. Tom's only protecting me."
"I thought you were worried that he'd turn into a Dark Wizard."
"That," I tsk. "Is not something that should be worried about."
My skin is pulsing as if my magic underneath it is trying to get out.
"What is that?" She asks me, watching my skin. I glance down, my magic is pulsing madly under my skin, bright, glowing.
"Nothing." I relax and it stops. "It's nothing."
"Lucinda, you're scaring me." Esmeralda whispers.
"Would you like to be more like me, like Tom, like your brother?" I ask.
"How do you mean?"
"You'll never have to worry about anything again. You'll get what you most desire. You will be beloved by all. You wont have to worry about not being good enough just because you're a female Malfoy." I state. "You know you want everyone to know who you are."
"What is wrong with you? Your being completely rude." Esmeralda says.
I raise an eyebrow, and give her a smile. "You know you want to be beloved by all. I can make that happen."
"How?" She asks.
"Come with me after class." I say, and take my seat, my hair falling into a curtain around me, the smile on my face wicked but hidden from her view.


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