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“How may I help you Ms. Willows?” asked Coach Woyan.

“Um, nothing,” I finally said awkwardly after a long pause. “Emily just pushed me in here for completely no reason. And I’m just going to go now.”

Nodding as if he understood everything, Coach Woyan looked back down at the paperwork on his desk and continued as if I hadn't even interrupted anything. Face heating up from embarrassment, I turned around and hastily left the room and its awkward aura.

Coach Woyan had even gotten my name wrong. Who in the name of Merlin was Ms. Willow?

Other than Willow Forman from my maths class, I knew no other Willow, and Coach Woyan always called everyone by their last names.

Making sure that Emily was still inside the locker room, I ran all the way from the locker rooms, outside, and to the bleachers. School had already been out for more than two hours, so the bleachers were mostly empty as I ran up them back to my spot I had been earlier with Caroline. Wanting to hide far away from Emily, I laid down on the bleacher floor.

Looking up from her book, Caroline poked me in the stomach with her foot. “So, what happened?”

“Coach Woyan called me Ms. Willows and then everything just became silent for awhile. It was really awkward.” I sighed and rubbed my face.

“So, what are you doing down there?”

“Hiding from Emily. What else?” Staring up at the sky, my body began to cramp. Laying on the bleacher floor was not the most comfortable position. Especially with Caroline’s foot on my stomach.

“If Emily comes, don’t tell her I’m here,” I added.

Laughing, Caroline kicked me in the stomach one final time, which made me let out a gasp. Wrapping her arm around her legs, Caroline then continued to read her book.

After laying on the bleacher floor for how much time it took for my shoulder to began to ache very badly, Emily finally exited the school.

I regretted hiding on the bleacher floor when I could have just hidden underneath the bleachers.

Climbing up the bleacher stairs quite loudly, Emily stated. “Tomorrow, you’re talking to Coach Woyan before school. Whether you want to or not, you’ve been acting very strange the past two weeks.”

I knew that Emily would never give up, especially if it had to do with rounders, so I nodded although I was screaming 'NO!' on the inside.

Caroline always knew when to stop, but Emily was an entirely different story. Four years ago, our families had gone to an amusement park together. To me, barely anything about it was amusing.

Caroline and Emily had both pressured me to go on the big roller coasters, so when I finally agreed to ride one, they went ecstatic.

It was the worst decision of my life. And afterwards, whilst Caroline had stopped bothering me to go on other big roller coasters, Emily did the quite opposite.

Roller coaster after roller coaster, Emily asked me to ride it.

And roller coaster after roller coaster, I refused. My mother always joked how I would ride my broom all the way to the moon if I could, but not ride a single roller coaster.

Riding a broom was much different than a roller coaster mainly because I was in control.

No matter what situation, Emily never knew went to just stop. Nor did she understand the meaning of 'peer-pressure.'

This was why the very next day, I left the house five minutes before I usually did just so I could get to the Muggle school earlier than usual so I could have time to talk to Coach Woyan.

If Emily hadn’t followed me home, yesterday, just to talk to my mother and tell her that I needed to go to school earlier the next day, I would have probably still been at home waiting for the time to pass by.

Slowly pulling my way up to Caroline’s front porch, I rang the doorbell to Caroline’s house. Caroline opened the door almost immediately and bluntly said, “You’re late.”

I knew I was late because I had tried to walk the slowest speed I possibly could so that I would arrive at the school late. Then I wouldn't have enough time to run halfway across the school to get to my history class after I talk to Coach Woyan.

Emily had planned on having me leave the house at five past eight and then arrive at Caroline’s house by eight ten. And it was currently past eight ten.

Swinging her bag over her shoulder, Caroline yelled a goodbye at her mother and shut the door.

Because we were already behind schedule, Caroline walked faster than we usually did. When we got to the playground, Caroline walked past it, unlike all the other days when we would somehow get distracted by it and then barely make it to the school with two or three minutes to spare.

Without the distraction of the playground, Caroline and I arrived at the school much earlier than we usually did.

Emily wasn't confident that I was going to actually talk to Coach Woyan and run away again like I had done the previous day, which I was actually planning on doing, so she was already waiting at the entrance of the school to make sure I actually talked to Coach Woyan.

“She's yours now,” said Caroline as if I were some hyper pet that was being given to someone else.

Nodding, Emily grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside the school. Making sure that I wouldn't escape, Emily kept her hand locked around my wrist as we made our way towards Coach Woyan’s office.

Time seemed to slow down as Coach Woyan’s office got in sight.

Awkward memories of the previous day surfaced up in my mind and I began to become nervous. Would Coach Woyan judge me? He was the one who called me Ms. Willows, though.

Standing in front of Coach Woyan’s office I decided that I really didn't want to talk to him.

It would be weird and Coach Woyan will probably always think of me as the ‘desperate girl who wants to know why she didn't get onto the school rounders team’ afterwards.

I never really cared about my popularity, but I always cared about how others thought of me. It was always one of my flaws.

I only didn't care about how others thought of me if I was with my friends, and we were being stupid together. However, me alone, I would do nothing that would bring negative attention my way. In fact, I would barely even talk if I knew nobody.

“Come on,” said Emily as she pushed me aside so she could open up the door. “Coach Woyan, Sarah wants to talk to you because she wants to know why she didn't get onto the rounders team. I'll be right outside.”

Shoving me into the room, Emily shut the door.

For a few moments, I just stared at Coach Woyan, and he just stared back.

“So, Ms. Williams,” said Coach Woyan. “You probably want to know why you didn't get onto the school rounders team.”

“Yeah,” I said quietly. This time, Coach Woyan had gotten my name right.

Humming to himself, Coach Woyan stood up from his desk to get a file from the file cabinet in the corner of the room.

Sitting back down at his desk, Coach Woyan opened up the file and said, “Well, at the rounders tryout, you did quite well actually. But your catching skills weren't the best.”

I nodded at that fact. I already knew that.

Continuing, Coach Woyan said, “At our school, we find the best of the best, and you were so close, yet you were under that line between the best and the best of the best.”

This made me confused, and Coach Woyan seemed to be confused by his own words too. I had been one of the best during the rounders tryouts.

Yes, I ran slow, but I was one of the first eighteen girls to finish running.

Yes, I did have a really bad fumble with the second ball thrown at me, but I still managed to catch it, along with the four other balls.

And don't make me get started on the batting. It was quite obvious that I was the best and had done so quite effortlessly.

Noticing the confused look on my face, Coach Woyan scrunched his eyebrows together as if he were thinking hard.

Sighing, Coach Woyan finally said in a very small voice, “I am a very close friend of Albus Dumbledore.”

My eyes widened and I stopped breathing.

I did not expect that at all.

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