The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


3. Chapter two

I woke up what felt like hours later. I had in that time turned around and Jung Kook now laid behind me with both his arms around me. I felt completely safe, and I really hoped he did too. I turned slowly so I could look at my mate. The feeling of him near me was the best ever and I never thought I would stop being this nice. I knew he was awake because he squeezed me into himself. “You are very small even though you are the Alpha between us,” he moaned and I could not stop smiling. So little of my friends understood it, and I sort of did neither, but my mother had always said it was because I was a female Alpha and those were rare. “I can still take care of you” I said and smiled. He kissed my hair. It was hard to explain how I could love someone so much, even though we just meet and I truly understood what it meant to love someone so much you would throw yourself out in war just to take care of him or her. “I know you can my baby girl” The words felt my inside with butterflies. We just laid there for a couple of minutes without talking. Just him pulling me tighter as if he needed my body to survive. I knew I needed his because I was small but I had the strength between us and it would be the most powerful, I thought, if I only had him by my side.


My phone rang, and I totally forgot about my mother and that she was going to freak out because I was her only not miscarried child and even though she always had told me I was so weak after I was born. He could feel my panic for a sec because he let go of his grip in me and I had to run to my phone. “Hey Mom” I said and I heard relieves in her voice. “Where are you honey? shall I come pick you up? Are you hurt? Please tell me where you are, you should have been home from school 3 hours ago. I was so afraid you were dead when I could not get you the first 5 times I called” And she continued to tell me her worries. “Mom please relax I’m fine” Something chanced in her voice and it was as if she could hear the butterflies in my stomach or how relaxed I was but her worried tone chance to an attach. “Why?!” I felt like I was accused for selling my body on the street. She was always so over protective. Jung Kook must have seen how I turned from happy to shiver in only seconds. “Mom, I …. I ….” I could not finish that sentence and Jung Kook was quick beside me just to make sure I was okay. “You cannot have found your mate,” she told me and I was sure I had. Nothing had ever felt like this before and I knew it was true. “Mom please give me dad” I knew I would not tell her because she always had to ask everyone else to know if something I said was true. “What up princess” My father’s voice was so calm. “I found my mate” My father was quiet but I know he was happy. He knew how hard it would be for a girl to find her one and only, even harder because I was an Alpha. “I cannot describe how happy I am for you! Please do come home with pups someday, then you mother will calm down. I promise,” I laughed at him but mostly because Jung Kook heard every word and said in my other ear; “that does not sound so bad” His voice was a kind of dark and at the same time horny. “We will see later dad. Have to go. Bye, Love you dad” and then we hung up.


Jung Kook took me in for a hug. I had sad with my legs crossed and he had stand right behind me, probably ready to take me back to bed with him. “Baby girl you know I love you, right?” It was actually the first time any of us had said the words. “Well I kind of hoped you do,” I said turning around and kissed him. I could feel he was hard already and it made me laugh a little. “Heat?” I asked with a smile, and he nodded. “Well I have to take a bath so do you want to come?” His smile was big and I thought he knew what a mate was for to each other. They were to help through the heat. I did not know how I knew where the bathroom was, but I found it and when he came only seconds after, he had some clothes with him for us. I had only turned on the water when slowly helped me in the shower. I laughed. “my prince try to be gentle, I’m still a girl” I said when he pushed me op against the wall. He kissed me, and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I laid my hand around his neck and in his hair along with him placing one on my arse and the other between my legs. Even if I had asked him to be gentle, I would not be so cruel actually to keep it that way. I could feel the slime starting to fall down my leg, or maybe it was water, but I at lease knew he would not wait too much longer, and I did not what to either. My hand that had been in his hair landed around his neck and I tried to pull me up against him, even when it was me who was against the wall. He smiled against my lips. Both his hands ended on my arse and he helped me help him. He lifted me up against the wall and I laid my legs around him so he could place his penis inside me. It did not hurt as much this time but it did not ruined the experience of him inside me. No one might have believed me, when I would say he was my first however, he was. Some of the boys at school did have to bark of being my first but I actually never did it, before hours earlier. I did all the work this time, even if it was hard. He had to know I am the alpha. I groan into his lips as he did into mine. He might have helped me by lifting my arse up and down in tact with me. It was a little slow but I was actually doing the very best I could as fast I could without hurting myself. It felt like I was doing a good job, but he groan even more than when he had the control. I came before him this time, but my orgasm most have pushed him to the limit because he came right after. I teased him a little bit by moving my body against him. “You are way too sexy right now,” he said against my lips. He did try to step back but I could see in his eyes that it only made it worse. I laughed. I pulled him back and started from the beginning again.


We continued to do it almost everywhere in the house if we were not sleeping. In the end it was hard for me to walk, but it had been amazing every single time.

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