The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


7. Chapter Six

While I still laid in bed, he went out to make breakfast. It had been the best feeling ever because I could feel everything. Even after that, I would keep on going. My stomach did say otherwise and started to kill me. Jung Kook had started to laugh a little. Then, he understood maybe it was because I did not eat since that I woke up the day before. I was so confused because I wanted to have sex with him. On the other hand, I would not because it really did hurt much more than I had ever felt before. I got out of bed and took one of his big sweaters on and some of his boxers on. I could smell the meat from the room, and it made me smile. I went into the kitchen and saw him making the food. Even though my stomach hurt, I tried to hide it. “You know baby girl I can feel you are hurt right?” he said and softly laid an arm around me. I did kind of know because I could feel when he was in heat or just really horny. Even now, I could feel he was sad for me. “You have to stay with me now,” He said protective. I only nodded. What if that would happen, when I would be pregnant? The pup or pups might die. I would not want that to happen. Maybe I would not make it out alive. The thoughts made me hug Jung Kook tight. I did not want to leave him right away. He kissed my hair because I could feel he was scared about losing me and it made me try thinking about being without him.


When he finally finish the meat, he went to the table with it. Even when, I had found my mate I still wanted to travel the world. Maybe I could do it with him. I mean my family was wealthy and my mother did promise me that I would have the whole vacation. Maybe she would think it could be a good idea if Jung Kook went with me. She was this kind of woman that she had to have the idea before saying yes, and if I could make it look like hers idea, it might work. It had work ever since I went through my first heat. Now I had a boyfriend to help me throw it. “It looks delicious, Kookie” I said and tried not to kiss him. It would only make me want to skip breakfast even more than I already wanted to do it. “Baby girl you sure you are alright?” He asked worried. I did not know why he asked because I did not feel so bad other than my stomach. “I am fine. I am sure I just need to get some food,” I said with a gentle smile. I might have looked pale or something but I did not feel pale. I took some of the meat and started to eat. It was like heroin or something that gave me endorphins and maybe even more horny. I did not know how that could be but the pain disappeared as quickly as it had happen.


My energy was back and I really felt like I could take down a horse with my bare hands. I wonder it Jung Kook could feel it and that was why he laughed at me. “Baby girl do not do anything stupid,” he said with a smile when we were done eating. I just made a face saying I never did anything stupid. He just smiled at me. He had stand up to take our plates out and I went along with him. He was about to wash up and I really hoped he could feel the look I send his back. “Let me do that,” I said and took the brush. He led me do it, but he was so annoying because he stand behind me and let his arms around my body. “You look so tiny in my clothes,” He whispered in my ear. It was hard not to turn around and fuck him right in the kitchen, but I had to do this first so I did not had to wait for him to do it later. “.. And sexy” He continued and really slowly moved his hand down my body. I was about to bit my lip and did not do it because I tried to think of something else. Like soup in my mouth or just anything disgusting. He could probably feel I tried to fight my instincts. His hand had made its way to the boxers. I was almost finished we life and of cause the dishes. He did not ask for permission as he had the first time and he just let his hand go down. “Mine” he said harsh and sexy in my ear when I was finish. 

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