The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


8. Chapter Seven

Jung Kook dragged me to the kitchen table while his hand still was in the boxers and killing me from inside out. His other hand had been on my boob the whole time I washed up, and now he was ready to slain his dragon. His hands moved away from me only to take me face so he could kiss me. Hard. I had to take my hand up to his cheek so I could give it a soft touch. He lifted me up so I sad on the table and then separated my legs so he could stand as close it was humanly possible. He laid his arms around me and pushed me so close. I was so ready when the doorbell rang. It was not that loud and we could easily have misheard it but then the door opened. I moaned and he was just going to see if I would go out to watch. But I could not because he had locked me up in his arms. “Hey Honey are you awake?” my mother called through the apartment. I was so close to yell if she wanted me to have pups she had to leave when he called and said we were in the kitchen. He let me go but I kept sitting on the table as she came in.


“Oh Baby you are better than yesterday” She said and came to give me a hug. “I have some clothes to you so you do not have to wear this thing” She continued and came closer. “And I have some dirty lingerie in here too” I could not stop myself from laugh a little. “Mom if you want me to do the thing you have to let me do it my why” I said and made it sound like we actually did not mate yet and she was stunned. “But I thought that…” I could feel him try to hold in a laugh when my mother looked from him to me. “And if we had mom I would not tell you” I said to make her relax. She went totally serious for a sec. “I could smell it at the hospital, and I can smell now. It you have not made the mating completely you both are going to feel pain” she was really serious, maybe because she. “Mom do you really want to know?” I asked as I jumped down from the table. “Yes, Because if you have not done it that wolf who attached you could have been your mate now. It was an Alpha and as the doctor said to me it had done some terrible things to you. Maybe you even tried to bit it so get away…” I did not think she was so worried about me. “Mother relax, yes of course, I have done it with him. I had to be sure so no such things could ever happen” I said not only to make her stop worry but to make myself believe it was true. “And I did not bit that wolf. I went unconscious as he attached me, so it is impossible to have bit him” I now had taken my mother’s shoulders to make her feel it was alright even though I probably never would leave this house without Jung Kook by my side. I tried to tell her that with the look in my eyes, and maybe she understood it. She even looked to Jung Kook to make some kind of unspoken deal. Maybe that he would not ever leave me alone again.


When the serious things had ended, she asked us for dinner the next day and of course I wanted to come and Jung Kook was the one to take the offer. When she finally left, I stood in the door and looked after her. Maybe she really did care for me at all. Jung Kook stood there too and waved at my mother. “She really do love you, you know that baby girl?” he said and I could feel he looked at me. “I have never been sure about it until now” I turned my back to the door and looked at him. “Maybe she is just trying to say: ‘if you end up with only one pup I would love you’” I went inside it was hard for me to think that I might not carry any pups because of her genes. She had miscarried four pups before me and three after me. Maybe my odds was not that good. “Hey Alicia I promise you that pups you will get so many of as you want. Did I ever tell you I have 5 siblings?” He said and took my arms in his hands. “My mother miscarried seven pups. I have to be lucky to be here” I was about to cry and I did not know why. When I meet Jung Kook, I was not even thinking about getting pups.  “Alicia!” he said hard and looked me in my eyes. “She will love you because you are her only one! And you are an Alpha. You will be stronger than her” his grip in my arms had been harder to and I could feel he really meant what he said. Sometimes, I did not know if he really was a Beta because he stood up to me. He would always be the one to protect me even if it was from my own thoughts. I had to be better than this. It should be me protecting him. I was the daughter of the pack leader and I had to step in his footsteps one day. Now I was going to try not to cry over something as small as unborn pups. “You are right” I said and made him loose his grip on me. “I am a better version of my mother and I will be stronger” It made it more real when I said it aloud. Jung Kook took me in for a hug and I could feel my strengths flowed in him too.


“Now where we doing before your mother came?” He asked with a smirk. I could not stop myself from smiling. I closed the door behind us, and slowly went to the kitchen. “Well I remember I was doing the dishes and I do not think I got to finish it,” I said while going in just to check it. He came after me like a puppy. “Nope I am sure you finished it, but I remember standing here and you were sitting here,” He said and had taken me by the waist and lifted me to sit at the table. I laughed a little bit. “Well if that is right, Oppa then you actually was a little closer,” I said and took him by the pants line and dragged him closer to me. We stopped talking and I took his head down to min so I could get a kiss. His hands found the line of my boxers and put them down to my arse taking them off at the same time I pulled myself a little bit up. I do not know how I did it but I ended up standing on my knees on the table so I became higher then him still kissing him. Now I knew how he felt kissing me because I was that smaller. I took off his shirt. And kissed him again. It was hard to stop myself from kissing him, but I had to be dominant. “Pants off” I said while taking in some air. “As you want my Alpha,” He said with a smirk. I just looked at him with a strictly face. When he had finished his mission, I could not stop myself from smiling even if it was not the point. I laid my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me again. He slowly dragged me down from the table to make me sit on my arse again so I would be smaller than he would. His fingers played with the bottom of my shirt and I knew he would want it off so he could see all of me. The butterflies in my stomach was big and let my one hand relies his neck to guide his fingers. First under the shirt to my stomach then to my boob. From there on, I let him loose and moved my arm out and around his neck. He grabbed my boob hard and I groaned. I lifted my arms up in the air so he could pull the sweater of me. He did it. I pulled him so close to me that there would be no space between us. “This might hurt, but please do not hate me,” He said and I smiled against his lips. “I would never hate you.” His one arm was gone from my body but I could feel the bell at by vagina. He seemed to have a hard time getting it in but I could understand. I wanted to help, but only to help myself. I let my one hand follow the arm I could feel was not around me, still kissing him with closed eyes. I found his hand and the knot and guided him inside me. He was right it did hurt; however, I did not hate him. It was hard yes but we had actually never did it on the table before and I would not stop right now. He went slowly but maybe it was because I groaned more than usually. It was as if I was about to come faster this way. One of his arms were on my arse, which was almost falling down from the table. He took my arse with the other hand too and I pulled myself closer. My legs I swung around him and he moved from the table to the wall. This was easier for us both and I groaned a little less but it might have been so because he groaned more. I smiled against his lips and went to the place I had bit him for about weeks ago. I bided him again and slowly liked the blood away. It felt amazing. Maybe I really was about to be a vampire because that would explain a lot. He smiled at my neck. If we would look into a mirror, he had bitten me the same shoulder as I did to him. Something chanced in just a second, he hit the right spot, and I could not do anything. I came so hard that I screamed. I could feel he came afterwards. Now, I knew I would not be able to walk for days. If I was human. There would probably still go a day before I would want to move. He pulled himself out of me and was about to sit me down on my feet but I shook my head. “Did I hurt you?!” he asked and he seemed like he could feel my pain. “Nope I just know if I start to walk now I will hurt,” I said with my hands around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He let me take the kiss and it went a little deeper than intended to do in first place. “Well then I am going to put you back to bed again baby girl,” He said when he let go of my lips. “And maybe you need a bath too” I laughed. “Only if you are going to do it for me,” I said as sexy as I could. 

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