The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


6. Chapter Five

I was finally on my way home with Jung Kook. My leg was fully recover and only one of the doctors was surprised. She most also had been the one to push Jung Kook in the back ground the other day, because she did not understand the bund there was between mates. Even when he drove the car my hand was in his it made me feel safer. Those days I would have spent with my friends were gone. I was happy to be with Jung Kook, but my friends was also a big part of me. And I wanted them to meet my mate. “Baby girl?” Jung Kook asked seriously. I looked at him while he looked at the road. “Yeah Prince?” I asked. He looked at me for a sec. “Would you do me a big favour and call me Oppa?” I knew Jung Kook was from Korea, but I did not know what the word he said meant. “Why? I mean what does it mean to you?” I looked at him with big eyes. “It is something you call the older men. I mean those older then you if you are a girl” I smiled at the way he explained it. I understood why he would want it. I mean it must be hard for him to be only a Beta when I was an Alpha, and this would make him older. “Okay Oppa” I said. He took my hand up to his mouth and kissed it. “Thank you baby girl”


When we got home I would open the car door, but Jung Kook stopped me. I did not know why and waited till he came and did it. “Tonight you are going to be mine, baby girl,” He said as he took my out of the car, as I was a baby. And maybe I was. I laid good in his strong arms and cuddle myself close to him. It was the best feeling to lay so close to him after so long time without him by my side. He opened the door and took me inside and down to the bedroom, where he laid me in bed. I looked around the room and saw roses laid on the floor. It was really sweet of him. He had left the room and I put myself under the blanket and cuddle into the pillows. When he came back, he had two classes of champagne. “Oh you have changed I see” And acted like the princess my father always had meant I was. “You only deserve the best baby girl” He gave me the class with less champagne and I kind of understood why. It would look bad if I came back at the hospital because something had happened and then I was drunk. He came up beside me and took me in so we laid side by side. He turned the video film on and it started good. Then I forgot to watch because I just enjoy lying beside him. The champagne had been gone maybe a little too fast. It was as if it made me fall asleep.


When I woke up could feel it. My heat had begun and in some, way I wanted it but in another I did not. I watched Jung Kook who was still sleeping. I knew I wanted to be with Jung Kook forever so I would not mind to be his Alpha. His baby girl. He laid on his side so I just kissed him on his perfect lips. I did not have to hurry, but it made really horny seeing my mate lay there beside me. I cuddled myself into him and he may or may not have been awake when he hugged me. It did not really help me getting over myself, but I fell asleep again. When I woke second time, it was because he draw something with on finger on my stomach. I felt as if I was going to explode all over him, so much did this little thing turn me on. He slowly bit my neck not hard but enough to make it bleed. He liked the blood away and whispered in my ear; “Mine”. He could probably smell I was in heat because faster then I turned around by myself I was already turned. “You are pretty bad not waking me up earlier,” He whispered horny in my ear. “The most evil of them all” I whispered looking at his eyes with the most evil look I could manage. He took my right leg and laid it on top of him so he could he as close as possible through our clothes. I could feel it might have turned him on as soon as he woke and could smell me. I kissed him softly and laid my hand on his cheek. “If you want a taste you have to hurry before I really do get evil” I said and smirked against his lips. “What if I want to be evil to you,” He said. This was the moment I knew we would be perfect together. “I love you,” I moaned into his chest. I had to get some or I would go shower and instead of saying this to him just got evil. “I have to get a shower,” I said gave him a kiss and turned around to make my way to the bathroom, but I did luckily not make it that far. “Uhm no, no you are not” he said and took me close again. “I’m in control now” I smiled at him. “Oh so you really are in control huh?” I said and started to turn him around so he laid underneath me. His arms were on my back and pressed me down on his knot. I had to bit my lip just to control myself a little bit. “It you do bite your lip again I will make sure to punish you” he said with a smirk. I did exactly that just to irritate him. ¨


Fast as a panther I was on my back and he kissed my neck while he drove his knot against my vagina. I groaned at him and I could feel how wet it made me. His hand moved to my arse and made it all worse. “Are you going to be a good girl now?” he asked horny and sexy against my neck. I would have said no if he was not making me crazy with his knot at my soft spot. His hand massaged my arse at the same time and no matter how bad I wanted to be I could not fight him like this. I did not have power enough to fight him and my heat at the same time. “I will” I said and started to take off his shirt. I made it. “Now go to shower,” he said topless and released me. On my way I through my clothes towards him so I would stand totally naked in front of the door. “I am never going to be sweet against you again,” I said when I turned around and he was suddenly behind. Naked. His one arm was around my chest and the other around my stomach. “What did you say my sexy beast?” he said sexy in my ear and slowly drag me back to bed. He laid me on the bed and slowly came on top of me. “I said you are so evil towards me,” I whispered slowly against his lips there was so close to mine. I found his knot and started to jack it of on him. “I am not quiet sure about that” he groaned ad me. He gentle moved my hand to his neck, and placed the bell end just outside. “You are so sexy do you no that?” I asked to chance subject so he would not be evil. He smiled at me, kissed me and got inside me. He was still so big inside me and it was hard not to come so fast, but I really did hold myself back. He became faster and I could not hold my scream to myself. I really did hold myself to the moment he would come. Those moment we were so close I could not control myself as I would. I bit his lip just to tell him I was ready to let loose when I was. He came inside of me and I let loose. 

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