10. The Store...

Taking the gift cards and putting them in our wallets we walk to our closets and I get a pair of red skinny jeans and roll them up to times to wear they are at my ankles. Then I get a denim shirt and button it up. I get my nude shinny flats and put them on. Then I get a neckless and put the chain under the collar of my shirt. I walk out of my closet and Tyera has on a pair of black skinny jeans and a twenty-one pilots tee. We grab our purses and head out the door. Since, I am the only one that can drive I hop in the drivers seat of our red mustang and then I ask Tyera to get my lip gloss out of my purse and had it to me. At the next red light I put on my lip gloss. Then I turn left into the outlets. I park and then hop out of the car and Tyera and I start walking toward rue21. We get there and I find this amazing pair of gold glitter shoes. Tyera finds a pair of red slick heels. We walk the other side of the outlets after buying our shoes and head into Forever21. I find this amazing dress, it is tight and form flattering till the bottom of the ribs it is gold glittery and the it flares out into a flowy dress and ends right above the knees. I walk over to Tyera and show here the dress she says "Stevie that dress looks like you and it is going to look HOT in that dress." I look at her and laugh and then she shows me her dress and my mouth falls open. It is this black tight dress that is very form flattering. It goes down to mid thigh and I say "Tyera you look HOT and Michael will have you out of that dress in a minute." She looks at e a laughs and we get the dresses and leave the store. We go and get pizza in the food court. We are sitting there eating our pizza and our phones start ringing at the same time. We pick then up and say "Hello" in sink. We find that it is Calum and Luke and they say that Ashton and Michael miss us and that he has two plane tickets and we are going to be staying on the tour bus for the next three months and we are to bring what we bought with the gift cards. They said that we ned to be in the airport at 4am tomorrow morning. So we go get in the car and head home to pack.

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