11. The Flight

When Tyera and I get home we go to our closets and take out our suitcases. We pack for three months and then we put our dresses on the top and get hair and makeup and smell good stuff I need. We put the stuff in the back od=f the car and head to the airport. Once we get there we unload our stuff and start walking in. In our minds we thought that we were going to be flying coach. To our surprise we were flying first class. We head on to the plane, we take our seats they were right beside each other and we have our earbuds in knowing what each other is listening to we still ask, we were both listening to 5sos. Both of us laugh because we ask that every time even though we know exactly what the other is listening to. I soon fall asleep and Tyrea looks over and sees that. She being the kind person she takes the earbuds out of my ear and turns the iPhone music off. Before she could put the phone back in my bag she sees that Ashton is calling. She answers it and says "This is Tyera Stevie is asleep but we are on our way and will be there soon" he says "Ok, just tell her I called when she wakes up or don't I will surprise her when yall get here." Tyera is confused and says "What are you going to do?" He laughs a little and says "I guess it will be a surprise for you too."  Before she can respond he hangs up and she put the phone in my bag, When we landed I had just woke up and I had to wake Tyera up. She does a tired yawn and says "We here?" I nod and get my stuff and Tyera gets hers. We walk off the plane and to the bus. We put our stuff on the bus as the driver says were to and we say 5sos tour bus. He laughs and says "Ok but you two are not the first, I like to wait and see them get kicked off." We look at each other and laugh we gives us an evil glare. After we arrive we walk off and knock on the door of the tour bus. What comes to the door shocked both of us.

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