12. The Date :)

When the tour bus doors open there stands Ashton and Michael dressed up in tuxes. They tell us go get ready you have a big night ahead of both of yall. Me and Tyera hug them and kiss them on the check and run into the bathroom with our dress and hair and makeup things. While we are in the bathroom Michael asks Ashton "Do girls do everything together?" They laugh and then there jaws drop. Me and Tyera walk out of the bathroom. Tyera has her dress and heels on with her makeup and her hair is crimping. I have on my dress with my flats and my hair curled with a piece pulled back. They get up and Ashton walks over to me he pulls me closer and kisses me on the check and whispers in my ear "You look hot and I have a big surprise for you tonight." I look up at him and smile and kiss him Tyera and Michael are just making out like normal. We walk out the door and they tell us that we have to go eat on the pier first. We walk on the docks and go to our seats. Me and Ashton are sitting right by the water with a candle in the center of the table. Tyera and Michael are on down the pier. As I sit there I am thinking about how much I love Ashton then I turn my head and look in the water. I see Ashton messing with something in his pocket I thought it was his phone like Calum and Luke texting him or something and I look over at him and he is standing up and walking over to me. I was thinking since we already ate we were going to leave and walk over to Michael and Tyera. But we weren't he said come on we need to go on a walk I need to talk to you. As scared as I was I got up and put my arm around him and he put his arm around me. We walked over to the edge of the pier and he told me to sit down on the bench. I did. He got down on one knee and took out the box and I was on the verge of crying I was so happy.

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