6. 9:56 pm

The concert is over and me and Tyera are walking backstage to see Michael and Ashton when a security guard stops us. I looked at him because he looks very familiar. It turns out it was mine and Tyera's friend Trey. Tyera had not seen him since middle school and I leaned over and whispered in her ear "Say how's it going Trey" She looked at me and I gave her the look. She did it and he said "Well I heard yall two were hear and I figure your not here for me but since yall probably don't have passes here yall go on ahead." We gave him a hug and when we were walking off we held up our passes and then put the around our neck. He was just standing there giggling then once we rounded the corner he turned back around. Tyera and I felt like we were being watched as soon as we rounded that corner. Just as the hall was about to run out there is a door way. We have not got there yet but we could tell there was one there. As we approached it we felt weirder and then BAM, Ashton and Michael jump out at us. I give Ashton a playful punch on the shoulder and Tyera just stands there and gives Michael a hateful look. Michael walks over to Tyera and hugs her. Tyera is pretty short so her head is just below his shoulder. Ashton tells me he has to tell me something so we go inside the room. He looks at me and I say "What's wrong," he just stands there and looks at me and then he hugs me and kisses me on the forhead. Then with his arms extended and his hands on my shoulders he says "Stevie, I love you and I want to be with you forever but I am going away for a while and I don't know when I'll be back but I just want you to know I love you." I hug him and saying "Well where are you going?" it turns out that the whole band is going on a world wide tour. I say ok and he puts his arm around me and we walk out the door. When we get to the other hallway we see Tyera and Michael making out. He looks at me and we both start laughing. Then Me and Tyera say well I guess we have to go and then he looks at me and says yall could always spend the night on the tour bus with the band. We look at each other and in sink we both nod. 

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