4. 6:43 pm

We are in the car going down the road and Tyera looked at me and said "Ok what do you want to eat?" We discussed it and we stopped and got Chick-Fil-A. Then Tyera gets our tickets out as we pull into the PNC Music Pavilion, where the concert is. We go around back like Ashton told us to before he left. He is waiting there and he kisses me and hugs me and the rest of the band were like Ashton do you have something to tell us and he say "Guys this is Stevie, from high school I convinced her to give me a second chance." Calum looks at me and says "Stevie, thank you now this boy can finally get some sleep he has been up for a week since he has saw that you were coming to this concert he has been practicing..." Ashton cuts him off and said "Well you should be getting in line and I will see after..." Tyera is pulling me away and I say bye and he waves as the rest of the band members pull him away. Tyera looked at me and said "Stevie did you see how HOT Michael looked tonight and do you think that you could I don't know like try to hook me and Michael up..." Since she is my best friend I would do anything for her and that's what I intended to do.

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