Of Queens and Kings

Evil Queens are just Princess who we never saved.
An Evil Queen is just a Queen with more power than the men surrounding her.
Since Queen Maria was a child many nations have wanted her country and her crown, Maria now must fight to protect her country and her crown.


4. Seeing the world outside those stone walls.

Maria was never one for doing as she was told, she was far too headstrong and determined for what she wanted to follow the rules of someone else. Maria always knew what she wanted for her Kingdom and she knew that what laid outside the cold stone walls that separated the people from Court was not what she wanted.

As the golden veins of the morning sun bleed into the grey night sky, Maria leant against the stable wall, coat hood drawn over her head which hung low to ensure no one would notice her. She wore a simple grey dress that she had made.  Aiden took Maria's hand from beside her, nearly causing her to scream with fright."Hey, it's me!" Aiden said grabbing Maria's other hand to stop her from slapping him, "You scared me half to death!" Maria snuffled pulling her arms away, "Come on let's go!" Aiden smiled intertwining their fingers. 

"Aiden I know the guards aren't the brightest but they will know it's me, how do you plan on getting us out of here?"

"You'll see" 

"Who goes there?!" Shouted a guard at the gates as they approached them, "Aiden Johnston and a servant girl from the kitchens." Aiden spoke back to the guard standing forward so he could be seen in the half-light from the lanterns, "Why is she leaving the kitchens?" the guard asked, "Her majesty Queen Maria has realised her, upon finding the girl stealing, she ordered that I take her back to the village so she may collect her stuff and move her along." Aiden said gruffly and pushing his pointer finger against his neck and sliding it from the left to the right, the guard chuckled and then opened the gate, Aiden took Maria's hand as they walked through the iron gates, "Good luck litl' lady" chuckled the guard and Maria had to hold back the desire to turn around and slap him. 

They wondered down a long road and down several small hills before reaching the village; Had the village always  been so far away. Maria asked herself.   by now the day had begun to break and men and women wondered around their homes preparing for the day ahead. Maria tangled her finger with Aiden's as they walked through the small streets. The young Queen gazed upon her people for the first time in ten years and she recognised some of the children that she had known all those years ago, she gave them large smiles and waved with hope in her eyes, but they gave her an odd look  and moved away from her, Maria looked at Aiden confused and concerned, "They don't remember me," she glanced up at him for a moment so terribly confused because she had remembered them for all those years. 

As they walked further through the village seeing both sides of the worlds that lived there Aiden began to realise that the others were right and that this was, in fact, a terrible idea. "We should go," Aiden said as he watched tears begin to well in Maria's eyes, "Aiden, they need me!" Maria began as her eyes fell upon a small boy, no older than five nursing a newborn baby umbilical cord still attached. "Maria I'm taking you home," Aiden said grabbing her by the waist and pulling her away, Maria's eyes never leaving the children. 

As Maria and Aiden approached the castle gates and the guard that had let them through earlier that morning stood confused at the gates, Maria stood still.

"I'm not going back in there, Aiden"
"Maria, do not be foolish, you can't protect them anymore out here than you can inside." "This world is cruel Aiden, and I will not stand by while incent people suffer while I stay locked away in my nice safe castle." 

And with those final words the young Queen began to move backwards keeping her eyes on the world she wanted so desperately to escape before she turned and ran down the hill towards the village with the sound of Aiden and many guards shouting her name and shouting back to the castle for horses and more men fading as the wind kissed her ears and pushed her hair back.




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