Of Queens and Kings

Evil Queens are just Princess who we never saved.
An Evil Queen is just a Queen with more power than the men surrounding her.
Since Queen Maria was a child many nations have wanted her country and her crown, Maria now must fight to protect her country and her crown.


2. Maria of the Rose

Many winters had passed over the land with Death in hand, but spring always brought with her Life and although this did not seem to change each year, for the Queen of Roses it would change the way she ruled her Kingdom.

Maria passed through the garden gazing upon the new buds eager to bloom. Her long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail tied within itself,her dress fit like a glove and was laced with pastel blues, pinks, and greens, the train of the dress with covered with roses, lilies and other delicate flowers and the back stringed with freshwater pearls found in the river beds throughout the countryside. beside Maraia walked a grey old Scottish hound, he walked close to Maria's side and her hand rested on the back of the dog's neck as they walked together as if to reassure him, she would not leave; or perhaps the other way around. 
A group of women, six altogether, followed closely behind Maria, walking in unions they were dressed in blues and pinks but simple dresses with no elaborate designs to them, with these six women, two armed men dressed in leather jackets and riding gear. Everyone's eyes were on the young Queen, who walked ahead aware of her shadows following behind.

"Why must everyone follow me constantly Harley?" Maria said to the hound as she tore a freshly bloomed rose bud off the shrub, turning sharply to stare upon the eight shadows that had followed her around the gardens for hours. "Maria, it's for your own safety!" commented one of the stern-voiced young men that stood amongst the ladies, he was tall with brown hair and golden eyes,  "These are dangerous times Maria," spoke one of the ladies she had blonde hair and was as fair as fresh snow, "We can't allow our friend and our Queen to be killed," said another lady she had hair as red as fire and freckles to match, "Then allow me my sword! I can protect myself! I don't need to be followed everywhere I go, I want to go out riding by myself, I want to walk amongst the people like we used to Aiden?" Maria looked with pleading eyes to the man that had not yet spoken, "It's not the same world outside these walls Maria," Aiden spoke gently as he moved towards her, Maria pushed past them all and walked quickly back towards the castle Harley trotting along behind her. 

"Maybe we should take her out," Aiden said as they re-grouped, "No Aiden, you have seen it out there, it will break her heart, don't take her out of these castle walls ever." Grace spoke, her red hair falling over her shoulder, "She's right Aiden, you know how she is," Olivia spoke her golden hair tied back with a pink ribbon, everyone nodded in silent agreements to this apart from Aiden, "If you won't help me show our Queen her Kingdom for what it truly is then I will do it by myself." Aiden stormed off towards the castle. 

"He's a fucking fool." the other guard, Lucas shook his head as he watched Aiden disappear behind closed doors. 

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