The story of you and me😍 L.H.❤️

Luke was living his life as a normal 17 year old, his bands career was starting to develop. He was happy, everything was going well then he met Jess she was a normal 17 year old girls from Sydney who moved to America then came back 13 years later..will they meet and fall in love?! READ TO FIND OUT!!�� #Jukeisreal #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford


1. Intro I guess


OMG Hiii!! This is my first fanfic ever and I just wanted to say thanks for reading and yeah if you have any suggestions please leave them bellow in the comments like what you want me to do or how you want me to plot the story!! I am planning on basing it on Luke and Jess's life together, will they stay together?, with they fight?, will there be any extras? Idk read to find out!! There will be SMUT IN THIS so yeah idk, if you like that stuff then read😂 THANKS AGAIN!! -Samantha💕


Just so everyone can get an idea of what Jess looks like, she looks like Jess bauer (the youtuber),(go look her up)😍😍 if you don't like her face I guess then idk come up with something that you like.. So now we actually begin:

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