The story of you and me😍 L.H.❤️

Luke was living his life as a normal 17 year old, his bands career was starting to develop. He was happy, everything was going well then he met Jess she was a normal 17 year old girls from Sydney who moved to America then came back 13 years later..will they meet and fall in love?! READ TO FIND OUT!!�� #Jukeisreal #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford


8. 6: the date💪🏻

6: the date💪🏻


Jess's POV

The past three days have been amazing, I think I'm in love with Luke! It actually looks like we're together but were not..yet.

Luke and I walked to our last class. Math. It was kinda boring but oh well. We sat down next to each other like everyday.

He held my hand and led us to the desks. We always sat in the same 2 desks. They felt like our seats now. The class started and Luke had his arm around me and I was leaning into his chest with my head on his broad shoulder. He's so cuddly I love him.


Jess's POV

So I have my date with Luke in about 2 hours I'm so excited! He's so nice and cute and really really caring. We've spent the past days together and he's just so perfect, i can't wait to see him again.

I was laying on my bed texting Hailey and then I saw the time. "Fuckkkkk!" I mumered to myself. It's 5:30 and I haven't taken a shower yet. Luke texted me and said to wear something fancy, so I went into my big closet and pulled out a A black romper that was short and some black high heels that were cool and put them on my bed and went back to the bathroom to take a shower. I got in and washed my body and shaved making sure to do it gently to not miss any spots. I washed my hair then walked out. Wrapped myself in a towel and walked out to my bedroom.

I got to the bed and little V was laying there. "Hey V what's up baby!?" I said. She smiled "nwathing just mommy bwat me win hewr coz she walted to twake a shawa twoo!" She said giggling. I smiled "well you can watch me get ready if you'd like!" I offered. Her eyes lit up like Christmas trees. "Ywesssssss!!!" She smiled and I picked her up and put her on my hip and we walked to my bathroom and I sat her up on the counter next to all my makeup and she looked at me amused as I did my makeup. I finished. I went with a smokey eye and eyeliner and mascara. And pink pale lips. I then did my hair in loose curls, I think I look presentable. I then went over to my bed and grabbed my clothes and put them on. I was Carrying V around until I got to my bed and put her down. She Layed her head on a pillow from my perfectly made bed. Her light brown hair shined as the sun started to set.

I put my heels on and then some perfume and walked down the stairs carrying V. It was now 7:50pm, Luke would be here at 8 so I went to the couch and put V on the floor next to her toys. And then my mom walked downstairs, she only worked Tuesdays and Thursdays mainly because my dad didn't want her to work but she insisted. She looked at me and smiled. "Aww baby you look so cute!" She said to me I smiled and stood up and hugged her. Just then the doorbell rang and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I walked over to the door and opened it.

Luke was wearing a black button down shirt with his black skinnies and black boots. He looked like some Greek god or something. Amazing. My jaw instantly dropped and his did too. He had a bouquet of red roses for me and I took them and kissed his cheek and put them on the kitchen counter. "Bye mommmm!" I said to her. "Bye baby have funnn!" She replied as I closed the door.

Luke's POV

I rang the doorbell to her house. I was kinda nervous but at the same time I kept telling myself it was only Jess and not some other person.

She opened the door and my jaw dropped. She smiled and hers did too.

"Hey!" I said

"Hiii!" She replied a smile plastered on her face.

"You look beautiful!" I complemented her.

"Aww thanks you don't look too bad yourself!" She said smiling and smirking. I laughed and handed her the roses and she opened the door wider for me to walk in.

She put them on the countertop in the kitchen and then walked back to me and I interlocked our hands and walked outside to my car.

She looked absolutely stunning. Just when I thaught it couldn't get better.

She looked perfect.

I opened the door for her. "Ma lady" I said. She smiled and kissed my cheek. "Thankyouu!" She said happily. I closed the door and walked to my side and got in and turned on the car. I started driving and we sang along to the music from my phone that was connected to the car via Bluetooth. She smiled and we got to the fancy restaurant where I had made reservations.

"After you!" I said to her as I opened the door to the restaurant for her. We walked in and a waiter attended us.

"Reservations for Hemmings" I said to him. he smiled. "Right this way mr Hemmings!" He led us to a table for two in the restaurant near the window. It was so nice outside. The restaurant had lights hanging from the ceiling in a giant circle shaped things it looked really cool and the walls had a neutral color. I looked amazing.

I then turned to look at Jess. Her eyes glimmered with the light in the candle between us. She caught me staring and blushed. I smiled "it's so pretty here!" She said. I smiled. "Yeah it is" I said looking at the light on the ceiling. She smiled as a waitress came and took our orders for our drinks. "Just a water for me please!" She said to the the nice looking older lady in about her fifties. The lady smiled. "And for you darling?" She asked me. "A water for me too please!" I said nicely. She smiled and wrote it down on her note pad and left. Jess smiled at me.

Jess's POV

Luke looked like a fucking God. I couldn't fight the urge to stare at him, his features, his personality, his everything really.

"So tell me about you!" I said smiling at him.

He smiled back. "Well what do you wanna know!" He asked.

"Mmm everything!" I said giggling.

"Well, my full name is Luke Robert Hemmings, I'm Australian, I have 2 brothers, I have a dog named Molly, my favorite color is blue, and I like to cuddle!" He said happily the taking a sip of his water.

"K now you!" He said.

"Ok well my full name is Jessica Rose Bauer, I'm also Australian but I moved to America when I was little, I have 1 little sister, I don't have any pets at the moment but I really want a dog!, my favorite color is white, and I love a good adventure!" I said to him.

He smiled.

"So you don't like to cuddle?!" He asked sympathetically.

"Noooo I LOVEEE to cuddling! It's my favorite sport matter of factly!" I said smirking and laughed and he did too.

It was perfect he was perfect.

Then the waitress came and we ordered.

*skip to when they are leaving the restaurant*

"Best fancy pizza of all time!" Luke said laughing. I smiled "yeah it was so good!!" I said. We kept walking until we got to his car and he opened the door for me.

"THANKYOUUU!" I said dragging the word. He smiled. "Anytimeeee babezzz!" He said mocking me. I laughed and he got to his side and turned on the car.

"That was really wonderful thankyou is much!" I said, he smiled

"Again..anytime babezzz!" He said laughing. I laughed along and he started to pull out of the nice restaurant.

Luke's POV

I'm taking her to the cliff again and that's where I'm asking her to be my girlfriend!

"So where to now!?" She asked turning to look at me from looking out the window.

I looked both ways and then turned to her "It's a secret!" I said. "So shhh!" I whispered again.

She laughed "mmk lukey lets see!, I don't know anywhere else but the school, that restaurant, and a couple other places, and you want me to stay calm!" She said laughing and I laughed too.

"No silly! Here's a hint! It's somewhere you've been before but I can't tell you it though!" I said. She smiled. "Surprise me then!" She giggled covering her eyes.

"Ok hold tight!" I said to her. She smiled and nodded her head.

I started driving up the hill slowly so she wouldn't notice it, I hope those idiots did a good job or they're dead!

I got to the top and I think she noticed cuz she smiled. It was dark and there was no one there. Perfect.

I stopped the car and rolled down the windows and played soft music. I got out and went to her side and opened her door.

"I hope your not kidnapping me!" She said giggling. I smiled "never princess!" I said back. She blushed and smiled big. I kissed her cheek and undid her seatbelt again it was a little weird but whatever.

"Don't make me die!" She said laughing while I led her to the hood(wank) of the car.

I sat her down. "Don't open them ok?!" I said. "Ok dad!" She said back. I laughed and went to the trunk to get a blanket then went back to the hood and set it down and then sat myself down next to her.

"K open now!" I said. She smiled a genuine smile. I smiled back and she hugged me I hugged back and we stayed like that for a moment.

Then 'girls' by the 1975 started playing and she hummed along to it while we both scooted up to the front window (or whatever that's called) and leaned back I put my arm around her and she cuddled into my chest.

It was a nice moment and right there the urge to kiss her and the urge to know that she was mine wanted to take over, I was desperate to call her my girlfriend, I want people to know she's taken and I want to tell her exactly that.

"Hey Jess?" I said to her interrupting her from looking at the stars from the dark night sky.

"Yeah?" She said looking at me and smiling.

"I have a question!" I said.

"Shoot!" She replied smiling as always.

"So remember you said you lived here before!?" I asked her. She smiled.

"Yeah why?!" She asked smiling again.

"Well this is gonna sound kinda creepy but I guess you can say we already knew each other before all this!" I said to her she giggled.

"So I was right! Yesss!" She said out loud which I'm guessing she didn't mean.

She smiled at me, "what would you do if I told you I already knew that!?" She said looking at me hiding her face in my chest. I smiled.

"How did you know that!" I asked.

She giggled even more, "well I kept thinking about it cuz your face looked familiar!, and I went all the way back to kindergarten and thought of all the names and looked in our yearbook and there you where!" She said smiling at me, I smiled back and looked deep into her eyes.

"And I have another question now!" I said looking up at the dark sky smiling.

"Shoot..again!" She said giggling.

Her eyes sparkled with the light from the moon.

"Listen Jess I REALLY REALLY like you and want to let the world know you are mine and ONLY mine, I promise I will give my all into this relationship! So Jessica Rose Bauer will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend!?" I asked.

She smiled really big and hugged me really tight I returned the hug.

"I would be honored to be your girlfriend!" She replied locking our hands together.

I looked deep into her eyes and then down at her lips then back at her mesmerizing blue eyes.

"Just kiss me already!" She said giggling. I smiled. "Will do then!" I said and crashed our lips together.

Her arms slowly made there way around my neck and my hands made their way to her waist and held her close. She started shifting and now I was on top of her. She pulled the hair from the back of my neck and I fought the urge to moan, but instead smiled into the kiss. She smiled too. My left hand then moved to her butt, grabbing it, she moaned into my neck and kissed down my neck leaving love bites and a hickey at the end of my jawline. I smiled and grabbed her hips and pulled her over me so she was straddling me. She smiled.

I held her close by her hips, she smiled and then kissed my again. It was a rough passionate kiss that had lots of emotion and meaning, I smiled and she bit my lip asking for and entrance which I gladly excepted.

We continued kissing as our tongues fought for dominance, she then bit my lip where my lip ring is. I moaned and she smiled.

"Babyy!" I whispered in her ear.

She smiled and I pulled her face to mine. Caressing her cheek softly.

"Your so god damn beautiful!" I said to her, she smiled and blushed then looked into my eyes.

"And you!" She said poking my chest softly.

"Are a sneaky lil bishhhhh!" She said giggling.

I laughed with her then pulled her into my chest she was leaning on my chest, It felt perfect! I never felt this way towards a girl before, I felt like I belonged with her.

I smiled and kissed her hair she kissed my chest. I grabbed the blanket that was near us and pulled it over us. She smiled.

"I love you!" She said smiling.

"I love you too!" I said smiling caressing her arm slowly. She closed her eyes and I felt her steady breathing on my chest and neck, she was truly an amazing human being.

*20 mins later*

"Baby I hate to wake you by its 11pm and I think I should get you home before your mom gets worried!" I said to her. She smiled and nodded rubbing her eyes. Then hugging me close. I smiled and rubbed her back slowly.

"Cmon I'll carry you!" I said. She smiled and nodded nuzzling her face into the crook of my neck as I stood up and carried her lifting her from her bum, and placing her in the passenger seat well At least tried, she held onto my neck for dear life.

"Baby I have to get you home!" I said to her also not wanting to let go.

"I'm tiredddd!!" She whined and I smilied. "I know baby we'll be home in a few!" I said reassuringly. She smiled and gave in. I set her down and buckled her in. "We could play that game again!" She said giggling like she was drunk cuz she was so sleepy, flexing her abs and arching her back.

"Babe maybe tomorrow" I said to her. She pouted and I kissed her pouting lips softly, then went to my side of the car and drove to her house.

I pulled into her driveway and turned of the engine.

I went to her side and helped her out of the car.

"Thankyou sooooo much today was amazing!" She said kissing my cheek. I smiled and gripped her waist to kiss her lips she smiled into the kiss, then turned to open the door and then held it open for me to walk in after her.

"Come on innn!" She said happily.

I smiled.

"Pleaseee!!?? And can you tuck me in?!" She asked giving me the puppy dog eyes, how could I regret that!

"Ok Sure babe!" I said, she smiled and reached for my hand and interlocked them. I smiled. She's so cute

We walked up the stairs and into her bedroom.

"Sit!" she said while walking to her closet, but before going in she looked at me "stay!" She said before actually going in. "Woof!" I said and heard her laugh from inside her closet and did too.

She came out wearing nothing but an old band tee, and tbh she looked fucking hot! It went to her mid thigh and it showed just enough of her toned legs, when she walked her calf muscle showed and that turned me on.

"Take a picture it lasts longer!" She said while closing my mouth from infront of me. I laughed and smiled.

"Well now that your mine.." I said grabbing her waist and sitting her on my lap, "I can stare all I fucking want!" I said back, wiggling my eyebrows and smirking at her. She laughed.

"Well in that case..", "Why don't we play a little game huh!" She said standing up from my lap, well tried to I pulled her back down.

"Nope your not leaving!" I said. She giggled "k then how about this!" She said leaning in to kiss my neck kissing my jawline, then she stopped.

"Why'd you stoppp!?" I asked desperate for her touch.

"I wasn't done babe!" She said giggling and holding my hands behind my back so I couldn't move them.

"Don't move your hands k!?" She asked. "K" I said. She straddled me and I got hard and she laughed and whispered in my ear "we're not going there YET baby! We're just having a little fun!" She said seducivly. I smirked and let her do whatever she was gonna do to me.

She went and kissed EVERY INCH of my face pecking it with quick kisses, then went down to my neck and left hickeys and love bites, nibbled on my ear lob. I laughed and tried to move my face but she held me down. I'm disappointed in myself I thought I was stronger than this. Just then she started tickling me and I laughed and she smiled an evil grin.

I got ahold of her waist quickly and before she knew it I was on top of her kissing every inch of her face and then I kissed down her soft neck and left a hickey or two and then the good part, the tickling I have a feeling she's very ticklish.

"Luke don't you dare!" She said to me.

I laughed "nice try babe!", "your not going anywhereeee!!" I said she laughed and started squirming from under me but I sat down on her and she couldn't move anymore.

"Your lucky I like this.." she said eying me, "You would be crying in the corner if I didn't!" She said to me giggling. I laughed at her trying to get out.

"Nice try now what about that tucking you in part, I thought you were really tired and stuff!?" I said

She smiled "you can still do it!" She chirped happily.

"Go to bed thennn!!" I said to her she laughed and I got up so she could get up and under the covers.

But instead she crawled. This child.

She curled up under the covers and pulled them up to her nose, "night babygirl sweet dreams I wov youu!" I said to her kissing her temple. She giggled and blushed madly.

"Aww night Babe love ya tooo!" She said back I smiled and started to exit the room.

"Babe Waitttt!" She said.

"Can you stay with me please I don't like loneliness!?" She asked.

"Babe I think me staying the night after our first date isn't quite what your parents want to come home too!" I said very happy, "plus we can have a Netflix date next if you'd like and you can come over to mine and we can chill!" I said smirking at her she giggled and nodded "and also your mom said she should be getting home soon! But I love youuu!!" I said to her again. And kissed her cheek.

"K" she simply said from under the covers.

Just then we heard the door open and close.

"Jess are you home!?" Mrs. Bauer asked.

"Yeah mom in here!" She said back and we heard footsteps from the stairs coming up.

"Hey bab- oh hey sweetie! Luke right!?" She asked

"Yeah!" I replied with a smile. She hugged me and I hugged back. She was so kind and good hearted.

"You can call me Ann!" She said to me I smiled at her and she smiled at me. Jess sniffled and we turned to look at her.

She was fast asleep.

"You have an amazing daughter!" I whispered/said to her, she smiled big "thankyou sweetie, but you have to promise me you won't hurt my baby!" She said. "I pinky promise you I won't, and I also promise to always keep her safe!" I said to her. She smiled and hugged me again.

"Thankyou sweetie!, you make her really happy you know!" She said looking over at jess who was laying peacefully in her big white bed. I smiled again.

"Well I guess I should get going!" I said looking at the time from my phone.

"Yeah ok! Thankyou again Luke, and I'm glad we will be seeing lots of you now!" She said smiling. I smiled back.

She led me to the front doors, and I left and said bye to her before getting in my car and driving home.

"I have the most beautiful girlfriend ever! And she's all mine!" I said to myself in the car, pulling into my own driveway smiling like crazy.

I went up to my room and changed into sweats and no shirt, and then Layed on my beds and thought of Jess, she was so perfect. Almost like I didn't deserve her.


Jess's POV

I heard everything my mom said to Luke, it made me smile and think just how lucky I am to have this amazing boyfriend, and these amazing friends! We have plans with them tomorrow it's gonna be so fun!!


OMGGG GUYSSS!! I'm soooo sorry for not updating but like I said in my update I did earlier, life is hard school and shit yeah! I hope your enjoying it! I promise I'll update either later today or tomorrow! I'm in the process of writing the chapter so yeah! THANKS AGAINNNN!! LOVE YAA!!🙌🏻 -S💕

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