2. I.

"Sibelina! Sit up straight, shoulders rolled back, stop slouching."

"Sibelina, quit touching your hair, you're going to destroy it."

"Sibelina, fix your teeth."

"Sibelina, come here so I can apply your mascara."

"You have a bloody pimple, ugh you disgusting nuisance, get out of my sight!"

"Don't eat that! Are you insane, you'll get fat!"

It was the same routine, wake up at 6:00 A.M., brush her hair, scrub her teeth, then sit for countless hours for her mother to make her "perfect". In her words, it meant that your face was caked in makeup, no sign of your natural face shown. Your teeth had to be bleached, hair had to be on point, skin perfect, and lips the precise tint.

Today was especially a rush, she cringed as strands of her light brown hair were tugged in each and every direction. The intoxicating scent of hairspray was prominent. She watched the numbers on the wall clock tick by, slowly it grew to 4:00, then it grew to 4:30, then eventually it struck 6:30.

After the last dab of powder on her cheeks, she was ushered out of the wooden chair and lead into a changing room, the baby blue vintage dress in her small arms.

"You have five minutes, hurry up! If we grow late this is all pinned on you!" Tears prickled behind her mascara clad lashes, though she forced the lump down her throat and stripped from her robe. It fell to the floor with a thud.

Her stomach was as thin as a pencil it seemed like, the structure perfect as well as the caramel skin that may or may not be falsely tanned. Her stomach growled slightly as she carefully unpackaged the dress from its protective plastic layer.

With a deep breath, she slid the dress over her small body, the bottom of the fabric sweeping the ground. Her fingers trembled as she unlocked the small metallic bar at the top of the solid cream door. Her mother whipped it open, an irritated expression on her face.

"You fool, you've taken three minutes! We have four minutes and thirty seconds left, hurry up and get these bloody heels on or I swear." The mother's voice thundered causing the frail girl to cringe in on herself.

She was pushed back into the changing room with a pair of tall white platforms, the heels looking dangerously tall. Without second guessing, she was quick to strap the leather wedges to her soft feet, the shininess of her perfectly groomed toenails showing in the dim light of the small area.

Not wasting any time, she exited the small room and threw on the jewelry her mother set out. The booming voice from downstairs sent chills throughout her spine.

"Sibelina! Get your bum down here, we're leaving now!" Her breath hitched as she rushed out of the dark room and hurdled down the stairs. Her mother was glaring at her with a disgusted look. Her father was paying no mind to her whatsoever as he was adjusting his slicked back hair in the vanity mirror. There was a horn outside, the family of three trailed through the grand doors to the door of the black limousine.

The driver opened the door, awaiting for them to climb in and then gently sealing it. The overwhelming stench of vanilla perfume and manly cologne encased the vehicle.

A frown was upon the young girl's face as the car swerved around corners, her eyes focused on the scenery outside the window.

Buildings were lit up, exposing the detailing of every landscape. The grass perfectly cut, sidewalks clear and perfect, no people were in view whatsoever. She jumped when her mother forcefully jerked her shoulder, causing her daughter's head to swivel.

"Wipe that look off your face and smile, we're here." The car halted, affirming their arrival. The driver opened the metal door, waiting for the family to exit. Her father was first to leave, then her mother. Before she exited the vehicle, she made sure her smile was the widest, exposing her pearly white teeth.

Immediately, people rushed to greet the family of three, compliments spilled from the ladies' cherry red lips. She was smiling brightly on the outside, though she was actually frowning.

"My, she looks gorgeous." One man gleams at Sibelina, her mother and father smile widely, nodding in agreement with the statement. It should have caused Sibelina's heart to swell, though she couldn't find herself doing that.

It's only because they can't see my actual face, if they did, they'd be telling me how hideous I am.

The thought caused tears to burn behind her eyes, though she quickly forced that urge away as she began to listen in on the conversation amongst the four in front of her. She tuned out when they started upon the topic of textures in silk.

Instead, her eyes took in the glorious scenery outside of a huge Victorian mansion, every little detail appearing as if it just hopped out of a fairytale. Every little spectacle was perfectly crafted; a masterpiece was what it was.

Sibelina was disrupted of her thoughts when her mother yanked her arm forcefully, glaring at her with cold eyes; practically like ice they were so cold. They started making their way into the entrance of the massive white stairway. Carefully, she climbed the step one by one, highly aware as to not to fall in her platforms; mother would be disappointed in her.

A man dressed in a crisp black suit opened the door, a tray of some type of refreshment drinks in the opposing hand. Sibelina's mum and father gladly took one, thanking the man before continuing to follow the Corrington's as they passed hundreds of people who chattered aimlessly over others. It was something out of a fantasy, there were so many people here, you'd actually think that the Gallow's (the hosts of the gathering) had absolutely no idea who half of these people are personally.

It wasn't anything particularly new or intriguing, no one bothered to get to know anyone personally, the main goal in this life was to find wealth and fame. Potentially find the "soulmate" that shared the birth mark on your wrist and get married then eventually have a family. There were no such things as refusing to do a specific command, everyone followed the rules, strict guidelines were published over the entire village. No one complained and no one dared to violate the terms of the agreement or else there would be great consequences that no one would ever dream of suffering from.

Children were raised with morals, high expectancy was shared among all authorities and parents. Children were not to tease others, if they were, they are ordered to the headmasters of the school and that was the worst place you could get yourself in if it wasn't in front of the chiefs of the village.

The main rules were that the females had to wear makeup and have their hair perfectly trimmed and styled, their bodies had to be maintained at a specific weight and they had to be supervised of the hobbies they enjoyed.

Mothers taught their daughters the basic ways of life and were required to show the ropes of house working. Every day,  the females of the village would do countless chores from sun up to sun down without complaints.

When the females strike 18 years of age, they are sent off to find their soulmate after being locked away from males their entire lives. Females attended different schools and learned different things. They were never eligible to cross paths with men, ever.

After daughters are forced to leave home, they are ordered to go and search for their soulmate, get married and create a family. The man of the family would get a job to provide for everyone and the wives  would do housework while the husbands were away at their employments. It was the way of life, and if anyone failed to follow the guidelines, they were doomed.

Her parents lead her to a vast room that was quieter, the classical track record no longer booming over the several voices, now it was just an echo through the floorboards. There was another group of people, not huge. About ten to twenty people possibly. It was no where near comparison to the large crowd beneath their feet.

One elder couple dismissed themselves from the room. Remaining were three to five families whom were conversing with each other.

Something- or rather someone, caught Sibelina's eye. Her gaze focused on the outline in her peripheral sight. Noticing her parents weren't paying any mind to her.

Reluctantly, she cocked her head to the side, breath hitching when seeing an attractive young man with the most stunning blue eyes; if not more blue than the sunny sky on a clear day. They were captivating, though she caught herself staring and quickly snapped her attention back to the conversation taking place.

Sibelina could have sworn she heard silent snickering, though just brushed it off thinking it was her imagination. Truth to be held, the man was laughing at her sudden curiosity.

After listening to the adults conversing for what seemed like hours, her parents were bidding farewell to the families as they announced their departure. Sibelina's mother jerked her arm, forcefully dragging her out of the room that they moments ago occupied.

The journey back home was tedious, everyone was silent. Though there was the thought of the boy lingering in her mind for some odd reason. Why though? She just happened to glance at the wrong timing, why should it cause any thoughts to consume her mind?

She was tugged from her daze as her parents exited the vehicle. Her cheeks flushed at the realization and quickly evacuated her seat as she climbed the stairs to the porch way. Her parents must have already been inside.

Her hand came in contact with the cool metal door handle. As she began to turn it, it wouldn't budge.

They locked her out.

The realization made her heart race, it wasn't the first time, but she cringed at the thought of needing to spend the night in the dusty old farm shed that was out back of their vast property line.

Though, as she attempted to jiggle the handle a few times, it didn't once move an inch. Tears burned behind her eyes as she trailed her way to the back yard. Everything was pitch black; you couldn't even see your own hand if you put it in front of your face.

With the fear of encountering some animal, she walked at a steady pace. The farm shed was not that far off from where she stood.

The tussling of the grass caused her to freeze, heart beginning to hammer in her chest as she felt her face grow hot.

After a moment, the noise stopped and she dismissed it as the wind; continuing on her path. As she was approximately five feet away from the shack, something dashed from the shadows, tacking the frail girl to the ground, sending her into a large fit of screams.

A large hand forcefully laid itself upon her mouth, tears flowed thickly out of her eyes. But, even through the thick darkness, she couldn't deny the fact that the familiar blue eyes shone through the darkness of the night.

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