1. Description & Other Information

A/N: Character portrayal as for Sibelina is Cara Delevingne, portrayal as for Augustus (the blue eyed boy) is Luke Hemmings. THIS IS NOT A FANFICTION! If you are looking for a fanfiction, this story isn't for you. This is an original story, but the people whom are set as the visual for the characters are Cara Delevingne and Luke Hemmings. Thank you.


She was forced to look like a real living doll, face clad in makeup, hair in perfect condition, lips perfect and on point, skin clear and perfect.

"Everything was fake, and all she needed was someone, anyone, to see through the lies. One day, he discovered the truth."

Through the course of time, she finds herself growing closer with the mysterious boy with glowing blue eyes, he causes her to feel... alive. What she doesn't know is his dark past. He, never able to trust someone again, which leaves her confused and yet wanting to find more. She vows to do whatever it takes to break down the boy's walls, even if the constant obstacles of her overprotective parents stand in the way. There's just too many problems, but there's one thing that prevents her from giving up.

He resembles the same mark on her wrist.

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